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Sunday, 23 February 2014
3211 SM022314 Hell Is Forever
Wednesday, 19 February 2014
3210 WN021914 History: Hexagons- Candlesticks- Eyes- Bees- Word- Honeycomb- Snowflakes- The Four Deportations Of Israel- II Kings 24
Sunday, 16 February 2014
3209 SN021614 Doctrine Of The Devil: Believers Should Never Deceive One Another, Beguiling And Manipulating For Gain And Attention- Deception- II Peter 2- Dogs Returning To Their Own Vomit
Sunday, 16 February 2014
3208 SM021614 Hell: Its Definition- Place Of The Unseen- The Four Chambers Of Hades- I Know Whom I Have Believed
Sunday, 09 February 2014
3207 SN020914 Doctrine Of The Devil: The Terminology Is The Same – It Is The Wrong Jesus- American Preachers Have Changed The Truth Of God Into A Lie- Romans 7 – Changing Verb Tenses Is Antichrist
Sunday, 09 February 2014
3206 SM020914 Predestination: Add To Your Faith- The Grammatical Force Of The Text- It Takes Years For Faith To Increase- Perfection Is Maturity
Wednesday, 05 February 2014
3205 WN020514 History: Ezekiel's Vision Of Israel- Final Destruction In 586 B.C.- (Ezek 1 – Ezek 8)
Sunday, 02 February 2014
3204 SN020214 Doctrine Of The Devil: Deceived Changes The Truth Of God Into A Lie- There Is Payday Someday
Sunday, 02 February 2014
3203 SM020214 Predestination: Overall Picture Of What It Means- Growing And Increasing In Faith And Love- God Is Causing It To Happen – You Are Not- Lots Of Definitions
Wednesday, 29 January 2014
3202 WN012914 History: Eyes Of The Lord- 7 Candlesticks- The Four Of The Covenant – The Fowl (Eagle), The Cattle (Ox), The Beast (Lion) And Man, The Four Faced Cherubim
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