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Sun, Apr 10, 2022
Duration: 2 hrs 43 mins 13 secs
4151 SM041022 God Creates Evil (Part 22)- God Is Against All Nations That Have Corrupted Israel With Sun And Tree Worship (Baal And The Grove)- Tyre, Sidon, Moab, Ammon, Egypt, Syria, Etc.
Wed, Nov 24, 2021
Series: 70 Weeks
Duration: 2 hrs 34 mins 56 secs
4116 WN112421 The Reason For The 70 Weeks Of Daniel Is Israel Kept The Customs Of Christmas And Easter Under Its Ancient Pagan Name “Baal And Grove” Worship- December 25th Was The Birthday Of Mithra In The Ancient World
Sun, Oct 31, 2021
Series: Prophecy
Duration: 2 hrs 2 mins 54 secs
4109 SM103121 The 70 Weeks Of Daniel, Christmas, Pentecostal Tongues, And Demons Are All Related
Sun, Aug 22, 2021
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 41 mins 1 sec
4097 SM082221 Christmas (Under Its Ancient Name) Is The Reason For Disease (Pestilence, Corona Virus, AIDS, Ebola, 1918 Flu, Smallpox, Bubonic Plague) And All Other Plagues
Wed, Jun 03, 2020
Duration: 2 hrs 5 mins 54 secs
3990 WN060320 Predestination: Israel Moved The Bound (Horizo) Worshiping To gods Of The Pagans (ChristMass)- Swearing An Oath To God (To 7 Oneself)- Adding 7 To 1 (Salt)
Sun, Feb 02, 2020
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 41 mins 54 secs
3957 SM020220 The Story Of Israel And Christmas- The Penalty For This Sin Was The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- The 4 Decrees By Persian/Mede Kings- The Reason They Were Scattered For 2,600 Years- Christmas Under Another Name
Sun, Jan 26, 2020
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 39 mins 41 secs
3955 SM012620 Christmas- God Has Jehu Kill The 70 Sons Of Ahab- He Executes Jezebel For Murdering Righteous Naboth And For Bringing Christmas (Baal And The Grove) Into Israel- Jezebel's Daughter From Hell (Athaliah) Kills All The Seed Royal- Joash Ascends The Throne- Athaliah Is Killed, Crying Treason
Sun, Dec 22, 2019
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 38 mins 30 secs
3946 SM122219 Christmas Is The Most Evil Sin In The Bible Or In The History Of The World- It Is Israel Going After Other gods
Sun, Dec 31, 2017
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 40 mins 32 secs
3764 SM123117 Christmas: The Parallel Jesus- The Other Jesus- The Evil Jesus
Sun, Dec 17, 2017
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 41 mins 5 secs
3762 SM121717 Christmas Is The Sons Of God Marrying The Daughters Of Men (Truth Marrying A Lie)- It Is Everywhere In The World Today
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