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Sun, Apr 17, 2022
Series: Easter
Duration: 2 hrs 18 mins 27 secs
4153 SM041722 Resurrection Is Coming To Life After Dying- Blood Baptism Is Daily Death To Self- Prepare Ye The “Way” Is Baptism And The Gospel
Sun, Jan 09, 2022
Series: Christmas
Duration: 2 hrs 27 mins 49 secs
4128 SM010922 What's So Bad About Christmas?- Jim's 2nd Paper On Christmas- The Two Chapters Men Use To Justify Celebrating Christmas – Romans 14 And Colossians 2
Sun, Dec 12, 2021
Series: Prophecy
Duration: 2 hrs 24 mins 13 secs
4121 SM121221 The Man Of Sin, Part 2
Wed, Nov 24, 2021
Series: 70 Weeks
Duration: 2 hrs 34 mins 56 secs
4116 WN112421 The Reason For The 70 Weeks Of Daniel Is Israel Kept The Customs Of Christmas And Easter Under Its Ancient Pagan Name “Baal And Grove” Worship- December 25th Was The Birthday Of Mithra In The Ancient World
Sun, Apr 04, 2021
Series: Easter
Duration: 2 hrs 26 mins 48 secs
4075 SM040421 All Holidays Come Out Of Babylon- Easter Is The Resurrection Of Tammuz In Mythology
Wed, Mar 24, 2021
Series: Easter
Duration: 2 hrs 27 mins 35 secs
4072 WN032421 Easter And Christmas- God Is Angry When We Partake Of The Pagan Rituals
Sun, Mar 08, 2020
Duration: 1 hr 36 mins 51 secs
3966 SM030820 A Brief History Of Israel- Timeline From Adam To Jacob (Israel)- 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (Rev 6) – Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast- No Answer To These Dark Sentences
Sun, Feb 02, 2020
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 41 mins 54 secs
3957 SM020220 The Story Of Israel And Christmas- The Penalty For This Sin Was The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- The 4 Decrees By Persian/Mede Kings- The Reason They Were Scattered For 2,600 Years- Christmas Under Another Name
Sun, Jan 26, 2020
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 39 mins 41 secs
3955 SM012620 Christmas- God Has Jehu Kill The 70 Sons Of Ahab- He Executes Jezebel For Murdering Righteous Naboth And For Bringing Christmas (Baal And The Grove) Into Israel- Jezebel's Daughter From Hell (Athaliah) Kills All The Seed Royal- Joash Ascends The Throne- Athaliah Is Killed, Crying Treason
Sun, Jan 05, 2020
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 39 mins 59 secs
3949 SM010520 Christmas: Jezebel, The Most Evil Woman In The Bible, Brings This Into Israel 3,000 Years Ago Under Another Name (Baal And Grove Worship)- The Daughter From Hell, Athaliah, Takes It Into Southern Israel (Judah)- God Commissions Jehu To Kill The Sons Of Ahab- It All Happened Because Of Evil Communications
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