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Wed, Dec 16, 2020
Series: Sabbath
Duration: 2 hrs 6 mins 20 secs
4045 WN121620 Sabbath Is Resting In Predestination- Genesis 1:2 Satan Corrupts Our Universe- Adam Had To Sin- He Was Made Of Corrupt Dust- 4 Judgments Are In The Garden- Cain, The Illegitimate Son Of Adam, Had No Inheritance
Sun, Nov 15, 2020
Series: Christmas
Duration: 2 hrs 14 mins 25 secs
4037 SM111520 Christmas Is Not “Literal” Eating Human Flesh- It Is Partaking Of “The Body” Of Christ- What This Really Means
Sun, Nov 01, 2020
Series: Prophecy
Duration: 2 hrs 20 mins 45 secs
4033 SM110120 Israel Celebrated Christmas Under Another Name (Fire And Tree Worship) 3,000 Years Ago- Constantine Simply Changed The Saturnalia Into Christmas- The System (Baal And Grove) That Brought Judgment On Israel Is The Same That Constantine Brought Into The Church- This Is Why The World Trade Center Came Down- This Is The Reason For Covid-19 And All Plagues
Sun, Oct 04, 2020
Series: Prophecy
Duration: 2 hrs 6 mins
4025 SM100420 Why There Is An End Of Time- It Is The Final Dealings With God's People
Sun, Sep 13, 2020
Series: Prophecy
Duration: 2 hrs 12 mins 35 secs
4019 SM091320 Signs Of The End Of time- Wars And Rumours Of Wars- Israel Split Into Two Nations- Joseph (Ephraim) And Judah- At The End Of Time Reunited Into One Nation- May 14, 1948 Along With Six-Day War Of 1967- Sword (War), Famine, Pestilence (Disease), And Beast (World Order) Are Signs Of The End
Sun, Mar 08, 2020
Duration: 1 hr 36 mins 51 secs
3966 SM030820 A Brief History Of Israel- Timeline From Adam To Jacob (Israel)- 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (Rev 6) – Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast- No Answer To These Dark Sentences
Wed, Jan 15, 2020
Duration: 1 hr 38 mins 17 secs
3952 WN011520 How To Study The Bible By Word Definition- Define, Deny, Negative, Meaning- Love (Agape), Know, Good Receiveth Reproach, Signify- the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (Rev. 6)- Locusts And Scorpions (Rev. 9) – What They Really Mean
Sun, Jun 16, 2019
Series: Revelation
Duration: 1 hr 35 mins 1 sec
3902 SM061619 The Answer To Revelation Is In The Old Testament (Part 2) – The Cherubim, The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (Sword, Famine, Pestilence And Beast)
Sun, Feb 24, 2019
Series: Prophecy
Duration: 1 hr 44 mins 10 secs
3880 SN022419 Jim Brown Is A Doomsday Prophet- God Will Not Hear The Prayers Of America- There Is A Global Warming, The Air And Seas Are Polluted – It Is Man's Fault- It Is “The Love Of Money”- Greed Is The Problem
Sun, Aug 13, 2017
Series: Revelation
Duration: 1 hr 43 mins
3720 SN081317 Revelation: Sins Of The 7 Churches- Ephesus Had Several False Teachers- The Eternal Flame Of Pergamos- The Olympic Torch
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