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Sun, Jan 17, 2021
Series: Covenant
Duration: 2 hrs 23 mins 20 secs
4054 SM011721 Covenant And Testament Are The Same Greek Word- The Same Definition Has Agape (Love)- A Law For A Command To Obedience (No Choice)- God Does Not Say “It Is My Way Or The Highway”- He Says “It Is My Way, There Is No Highway”- No Pretrib, No Millennium, Last Trump- Time Is No More
Sun, Jan 03, 2021
Duration: 2 hrs 43 mins 50 secs
4050 SM010321 The Passover Has Been Twisted Into Christmas And Crackers And Grape Juice- The Shadow And The Very Image (Spiritual)- The Law Is Still In Effect- Blotting Out Ordinances (Rituals)
Wed, Jul 01, 2015
Duration: 1 hr 36 mins 32 secs
3408 WN070115 Charismatics Oppose The “Cup”- The Lord's Passover Is The Lord's Supper- 1st Day Of The Week (I Cor 11)
Wed, Dec 26, 2001
Duration: 1 hr 42 mins 40 secs
1395 WN122601 Predestination: Conforming To The Likeness Of Jesus- Forbearing (Putting Up With) One Another (The Failings Of The Fellow Believer)
Sun, Dec 24, 2000
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 43 mins 21 secs
1245 SM122400 Christmas-The Fowls Of The Earth Gather At The Table Of The Lord To Eat Flesh And Drink Blood (Ezek.39:17-20; Matt.24:28; Rev.18:2; Rev.19:17-18)- Israel Continues Through Their History To Go After Baal, The Tyrian Hercules Whose Birthday Is Dec.25th
Wed, May 29, 1996
Duration: 1 hr 33 mins 2 secs
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