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Wed, Jan 05, 2022
Series: Christmas
Duration: 2 hrs 30 mins 9 secs
4127 WN010522 Christmas: Evil Communications Corrupt Good Morals
Sun, Dec 26, 2021
Series: Christmas
Duration: 2 hrs 56 mins 20 secs
4124 SM122621 Major Points About Christmas – What It Is And What It Is Not
Wed, Mar 31, 2021
Series: Easter
Duration: 3 hrs 5 mins 17 secs
4074 WN033121 23-1/2 Degrees Is The Reason For The Seasons- Easter, Christmas, Valentines, Mardi Gras, Halloween
Sun, Jan 26, 2020
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 39 mins 41 secs
3955 SM012620 Christmas- God Has Jehu Kill The 70 Sons Of Ahab- He Executes Jezebel For Murdering Righteous Naboth And For Bringing Christmas (Baal And The Grove) Into Israel- Jezebel's Daughter From Hell (Athaliah) Kills All The Seed Royal- Joash Ascends The Throne- Athaliah Is Killed, Crying Treason
Sun, Feb 03, 2019
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 44 mins 8 secs
3872 SM020319 Israel Celebrated Christmas By Another Name In The Old Testament- Fire (Baal) And Tree (Grove) Worship- The Militant Roman Catholic Church And The Inquisition
Sun, Dec 21, 2014
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 39 mins 40 secs
3332 SM122114 Christmas:  About Its Pagan Origins- Timeline With Dates- Light And Dark- Solstice And Equinox
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