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Sun, Feb 10, 2019
Duration: 1 hr 36 mins 36 secs
3875 SM021019 Preachers In America Are Preaching “Another” Jesus, The Easy Jesus – No Daily Cross, No Suffering For Christ- Without A Daily Cross, You Are Not Going To Heaven When You Die
Sun, Jan 28, 2018
Duration: 1 hr 36 mins 47 secs
3768 SM012817 Predestination: Forgiveness Is Not Free- Groaning As God Eliminates The Outer Man
Sun, Nov 05, 2017
Duration: 1 hr 35 mins 14 secs
3754 SM110517 Living For Jesus And Repenting – It's Hard! You Have To Tell Truth And Be Hated For It
Sun, Jul 09, 2017
Duration: 1 hr 36 mins 10 secs
3705 SM070917 Predestination: Reprobate (Living Without Fire And Trials), Part 2- Taking No Stand
Wed, Mar 15, 2017
Duration: 1 hr 37 mins 29 secs
3663 WN031517 Predestination: Why People Leave The Truth – They Hate The “Daily” Cross- Their God Is Their “Belly”
Wed, Feb 22, 2017
Duration: 1 hr 38 mins 33 secs
3655 WN022217 Predestination: The Daily Cross, Persecution, Affliction And Tribulation Is The “Narrow Way” That Men Hate
Wed, Oct 19, 2016
Duration: 1 hr 37 mins 38 secs
3602 WN101916 Predestination: You Must Be Hated, Reproached (Infamous), Separate From The World, Bearing A Daily Cross, People Saying All Manner Of Evil Against You – All This In Order To Go To Heaven When You Die
Sun, Sep 28, 2014
Duration: 1 hr 37 mins 57 secs
3299 SN092814 Doctrine Of The Devil Is Apostasy- Distributing Fortunes, No Truth, No Daily Cross, Being Popular, Enemy Of God, Millennium Is Not 1,000 Years- Kingdom Is Now (Church)- Satan Bound
Wed, Oct 18, 2000
Duration: 1 hr 53 mins 11 secs
1220 WN101800 Predestination: No Accept Christ, No Sinners Prayer For Salvation- If You're Not Denying Self And Taking Your Cross Daily, You're Not Going To Heaven- A Collection Of Scriptures On The Sovereignty Of God And Predestination
Sun, Sep 03, 2000
Duration: 1 hr 40 mins 14 secs
1200 SM090300 Troubled And Distressed By Self Denial And The Daily Cross Is Showing Mercy (An Aching In The Bowels) To The Believers Who Are Suffering- Giving Up Self Possessions And Whatever Else The Suffering Believer Is In Need Of
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