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Sun, Jan 09, 2022
Series: Christmas
Duration: 2 hrs 27 mins 49 secs
4128 SM010922 What's So Bad About Christmas?- Jim's 2nd Paper On Christmas- The Two Chapters Men Use To Justify Celebrating Christmas – Romans 14 And Colossians 2
Wed, Dec 15, 2021
Series: Christmas
Duration: 2 hrs 29 mins 39 secs
4122 WN121521 Christmas And The End Of Time: All These Are Related – Israel's Apostasy, Scattering By The Beast, Tongues, 70 Weeks Of Daniel, Christmas, Easter, 2,600 Years Of Captivity, Prophecy, Apostasy (Positive Confession, Faith Healing, Tongues, Accept Christ, Sinner's Prayer)
Sun, Dec 08, 2019
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 37 mins 21 secs
3943 SM120819 ChristMass- Priests Of Baal Wore Tall White Pointed Hats And White Sheets And Carried A Flaming Cross Like The KKK- Israel Celebrates Christmas Under Another Name – Baal (Sun) And Grove (Tree) Worship- Israel Scattered For 2600 Years Till May 14, 1948 And Six-Day War Of 1967
Sun, Jan 06, 2019
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 39 mins 6 secs
3863 SM010619 Christmas- A Gift Blinds The Eyes And Perverts The Words Of The Wise
Sun, May 13, 2018
Duration: 1 hr 40 mins 16 secs
3782 SM051318 Mother's Day Message: Our Mother Is Heavenly Jerusalem (The Church)- She Is The Tree Of Life- She Is A Wholesome Tongue Who Overcomes (Faith/Victory) Receives The Tree Of Life
Sun, Jun 29, 2014
Duration: 1 hr 39 mins 19 secs
3263 SN062914 Doctrine Of Devils:  All That Is In The World- Eve And The Tree- Demons Are Fairies And Geniis- How Demons (Self) Are Cast Out
Sun, Jan 03, 1999
Series: Christmas
Duration: 1 hr 46 mins 34 secs
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