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Sun, Feb 14, 2016
Duration: 1 hr 42 mins 6 secs
3502 SN021416 Statement Of Faith, Part 34: Northern Israel Was Confused With A Mixture Of Assyrian Pagan Worship, Southern Israel (Judah) With The Word Twisted By The Pharisees- Women Pastors And Preachers Is A Confusion Of Tongues- Tongues Preach The Resurrection (The Gospel)
Sun, Feb 07, 2016
Duration: 1 hr 43 mins 27 secs
3499 SN020716 Statement Of Faith, Part 33: The Doctrines I Do Not Believe- I Hate These The Most, “Accept Christ As Your Personal Saviour”, “Git Saved”, “Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart”, “Sinner's Prayer For Salvation”- Believe (A Verb Showing Action) Is God's Method Of Salvation (Confusion Of Tongues Series)
Sun, Dec 27, 2015
Duration: 1 hr 35 mins 33 secs
3483 SN122715 Statement Of Faith, Part 28: Instruction By Definition- Tongues In Acts 2 And I Cor. 14- Tongues Are For A Sign To The Unbelieving Elect- Peter Preached At Pentecost The Sign Of Jonah- Resurrection (The Gospel)
Sun, Dec 06, 2015
Duration: 1 hr 39 mins 18 secs
3475 SN120615 Statement Of Faith, Part 25: Tongues- When The “Perfect” Is Come, “Signs Of An Apostle” Will Pass Away
Sun, Nov 22, 2015
Duration: 1 hr 40 mins 51 secs
3469 SN112215 Statement Of Faith, Part 23: Confusion Of Tongues- Preachers Hate Adjectives And Adverbs- God “Does Not” Love Everybody (John 3:16 And 2 Peter 3:9)
Sun, Nov 01, 2015
Duration: 1 hr 38 mins 57 secs
3461 SN110115 Statement Of Faith, Part 20: American Preachers: Confusion Of Tongues- They Do Not Understand The English Bible- They Have No Definition Or Meaning- What Does “Confess” Christ Mean?
Sun, Sep 20, 2015
Duration: 1 hr 36 mins 2 secs
3443 SN092015 Statement Of Faith, Part 14: All Things For Good- God Creates Evil For Our Good- English Is A Confusion Of Tongues
Sun, Sep 13, 2015
Duration: 1 hr 35 mins 3 secs
3440 SN091315 Statement Of Faith, Part 13: Lazarus, An Example Of The Predestinated Elect, Made Alive By God's Will- Tongues Will Cease When The Church Is Mature
Sun, Aug 30, 2015
Duration: 1 hr 39 mins 46 secs
3434 SN083015 Statement Of Faith, Part 11: We Do Not Believe In Freewill, Demons, Water Baptism Or Christmas- We Do Believe That All Right Turns Are Ordained By God
Sun, Aug 16, 2015
Duration: 1 hr 35 mins 44 secs
3428 SN081615 Statement Of Faith, Part 9: Why “Predestination” Is An Absolute Necessity – You Cannot Go To Heaven Without It- We Do Not Believe In “Pentecostal” Tongues- “Utterance” – Its Definition And Derivatives
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