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3501 SM021416 Prophecy:  The gods Of The Ancient World Were Called Demons And Geniis (Ancestor Worship)- There Is No Such Thing As “Demons”- Israel Was “Scattered” For Worshiping These Imaginary Beings

3502 SN021416 Statement Of Faith, Part 34:  Northern Israel Was Confused With A Mixture Of Assyrian Pagan Worship, Southern Israel (Judah) With The Word Twisted By The Pharisees- Women Pastors And Preachers Is A Confusion Of Tongues- Tongues Preach The Resurrection (The Gospel)

3503 WN021716 Inheritance:  Why Predestination Should Be Taught – It Is A Comfort To Believers

3504 SM022116 Prophecy:  gods of the Ancient World- Demons, Genies, Fairies, Vampires (Men Love Darkness Rather Than Light)- Back To Their Abode By Dawn- They Had A Common Beginning- Nimrod At Babylon- The gods Israel Served- Scattered

3505 SN022116 Statement Of Faith, Part 35:  Confusion Of Tongues- Preachers Are Blaspheming The Holy Ghost By Preaching Flattering Words

3506 SM022816 Prophecy:  Demons, Genies, Fairies Are All The Same- They Are the gods Israel Served Under Other Names (Baal, Grove, Chemosh, Molech, Etc.)- This Is The Reason God Scattered Israel- “Possessed With Devils (Daimonion)” Means To Be Insane

3507 SN022816 Statement Of Faith, Part 36:  There Is A “Confusion Of Tongues” In The Pulpits Because Preachers Are Too Lazy To Study- Blasphemy, Flattery And Froward- They Have No “Extra-Biblical Information”- Building Houses, Sheep, Pleiades And Orion

3508 WN030216 Predestination:  God Would Have “All Men” Be Saved – What This Means- “God Does Not Love Everybody”- Vessels Of Wrath Fitted To Destruction- “Born To Be Destroyed” In Hell

3509 SM030616 Prophecy:  Animism- The Study Of Light And Dark Fairies And Demons- The gods That Israel Served- “Enchanted Ladies” Eve And Lilith (Adam's 2nd Wife)- Moonstruck Vampires, Werewolves, Arthurian Legend (Sun And Tree)- This Kind- Prayer And Fasting

3510 SN030616 Statement Of Faith, Part 37:  Confusion Of Tongues Of Acts 2 And I Cor. 14- No Women Preachers- Divorce- Halakah, The Tradition Of The Pharisees- 'It Hath Been Said.. But I Say'

3511 WN030916 Predestination:  God Would Have “All Men” Be Saved (Part 2)- Jesus Is The Saviour Of “All Men”

3512 WN031616 Predestination:  God Would Have “All Men” Be Saved (Part 3)- “God Does Not Love Everybody”- The Gentile Church Is The “All Men”- The 3 Feasts- Tongues- 70 Weeks

3513 SM032016 Prophecy:  The Bible Is An Equation- “Casting Out Devils” By The Spirit, The Word- By The Finger Of God Written On Fleshy Tables Of The Heart- Demons Are Not Fallen Angels (Demons Series)

3514 WN032316 Inheritance:  Predestination- God's Holy Heresy (Horizo- Boundary)- Holy Heretic- “To Choose For Oneself” Is What It Meant 2,000 Years Ago

3515 SM032716 Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Mardi Gras – They Are Sun And Tree Worship, In Different Cultures- They Are Paganism- They Are The Same

3516 SN032716 Statement Of Faith, Part 38:  A Confusion Of Tongues- “Another Jesus” Is Satan – He Opposes The Real Jesus- Baptism, Confess Christ, Sinner's Prayer- Preachers Are Too Lazy To Study

3517 WN033016 Predestination:  God Would Have “All Men” Be Saved (Part 4)- The Gentile Church- “The Mystery”- From Darkness To Light- Resurrection, The Gospel

3518 SM040316 Prophecy:  There Is No Such Thing As “Demons”- Daimonion- Distribute Fortunes- Diabolos- Lead Astray- False Accuser- Demons Are “Self”- Man Of The Gadarenes- gods In The Ancient World

3519 SN040316 Statement Of Faith, Part 39:  Confusion Of Tongues- There Is No Such Thing As “Pentecostal” Tongues- The Historical And Grammatical Documentation Of Tongues- The Whole Story And What They Mean- Scattering Israel And The 3 Festivals (Pilgrimages)

3520 WN040616 Predestinated (Prohorizo) To Separate (Aphorizo) From The World

3521 SM041016 Cast Out Demons- The Mystery Religions- Demons Were god-men Ancestors- There Is No Such Thing As “Demons”- Writing On Fleshy Tables Of The Heart Casts Them Out, Then The Kingdom Comes In Us

3522 SN041016 Confusion Of Tongues, Part 6:  Preachers In America Preach A “Froward” Gospel- Twisted, Distorted, Perverted Words- No Definition

3523 WN041316 Predestination:  Jesus The Emperor (King) Issues “Imperative Commands”- No Choice Or Righteous Will Until After We Are Born Again- In The Day Of His Power- Inner And Outer Man

3524 SM041716 “Cast Out Devils” Means New Birth Into The Kingdom (New Birth)- Dry Places- The Scapegoat- Leaving Basic Principles- Faith Grows

3525 SN041716 Statement Of Faith, Part 41:  Studying Details In The Bible- Things Most People Are Unfamiliar With In The Word Of God

3526 SM042416 Casting Out The Strong Man (Demons), Self- “Bones” (Strength)- Walking In Dry Places (No Living Water, Holy Spirit)- 7 Times Worse- No Growth

3527 SN042416 Statement Of Faith, Part 42:  Bill Of Divorce And Remarriage- God's Approval- Halakah And Haggadah- Preachers Who Condemn Know Nothing

3528 WN042716 Predestination:  “Like Jesus” Chapters In The New Testament – Matthew 5, Romans 12, II Corinthians 4, Galatians 5, Philippians 2, Ephesians 4, Colossians 3

3529 SM050116 Sons Of God Marrying Daughters Of Men Is Not Fallen Angels- It Is Truth Marrying A Lie

3530 SN050116 Statement Of Faith, Part 43:  Defining All Words And The Culture Of The 1st Century- Prosper Is Not Money, It Is Tribulation- Health Is Not Physical, It Is The Uncorrupt Word Of God

3531 WN050416 Predestination:  Like Jesus- Salt- Sodium Chloride (NACI)- Add 7 To 1 Faith (Foundation)- Stabilize Election (Favored)- Science In The Bible- Do Not Oppress Poor In Spirit

3532 SM050816 America Is Insane – (Which Mother Do You Obey?)

3533 SN050816 Statement Of Faith, Part 44:  American Preachers Are Twisted, Like The Pharisees (Halakah/Traditions)

3534 SM051516 American Preachers Are “Insane”- They Are Irrational- No “Sound” Doctrine

3535 SN051516 Statement Of Faith, Part 45:  The Halakah Of The Pharisees Is The Same As Traditions Of Preachers In 21st Century America

3536 WN051816 Predestination, Faith, Daily Cross, The Narrow Way, Baptism, Tribulation And Self Denial Is The Only Way To Heaven

3537 SM052216 “Insane” Preachers In America Are Irrational And Cannot Analyze The Time Element Of The Rapture When The Bible Plainly States It (Last Trump)- Abomination Of Desolation

3538 SN052216 The Story Of How The Pharisees Came About From The Babylonian Synagogue, The Oral Law (Halakah), Written Commentary (Haggadah), Why Jesus Confronted Them, Why They Killed Him

3539 WN052516 Spiritual Sabbath Is Every Day- Resting In Everything That God Is Doing- Believing God (Part 1)

3540 SM052916 Casting Out Devils- The Finger Of God- The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like..- Mustard Seed

3541 SN052916 The Synagogue- The Doctrine- Perversion- Jesus And The Pharisees- Halakah

3542 WN060116 Spiritual Sabbath (Part 2)- God Is Working All Things (Good And Evil) For The Good Of The Elect- The Provocation In The Wilderness (Numbers)

3543 SM060516 Preachers In America (Billy Graham, Joel Osteen, Charles Stanley, Benny Hinn, Etc.) Are All Insane –  No Rational Thinking, No “Sound” Doctrine- Compromising For What Make Them Feel Good- They Are Deranged

3544 SN060516 Origin Of The Pharisees- The Rabbis Of The Babylonian Synagogue- The Verbal Law (Halakah) – Froward, Twisted, Distorted Doctrine (Just Like Preachers In The 21st Century)

3545 WN060816 Predestination:  When Faith Increases, Your Sabbath (Rest) Increases

3546 SM061216 The Story Of Demons – How They Are Cast Out- The End Result

3547 SN061216 Statement Of Faith:  How To Study The Bible- The Books And Subjects

3548 WN061516 Predestination:  The Provocation- Hebrews 3 & 4- The Wilderness (Numbers)- Romans 7 & 8- Groaning- The Inner And Outer Man- The Spiritual Sabbath

3549 SM061916 Things We Believe:  Predestination- Baptism

3550 SN061916 More Of What We Believe- Answers For Revelation Are Found In Old Testament- Throne Of God (Ark Of Covenant)- 7 Candlesticks- Eyes Of The Lord

3551 WN062216 Everything In The Bible Is About Predestination And The Sabbath

3552 SM062616 Spiritual Drunkenness- Insanity- Lukewarm Mingling With The World- Truth Marrying A Lie- Mixing Opinion With God's Word- Pure- Separating From People Who Walk Disorderly

3553 SN062616 Statement Of Faith:  We Believe The Word Of God- Definition- Halakah Of The Babylonian Rabbis- Perversion Of God's Word- Westcott & Hort Text- Preachers Twisting God's Word In America

3554 WN062916 Predestination:  Sabbath- The Old Testament Shadows (Rituals) Blotted Out- The New Testament Very Image Is The Real Thing

3555 SM070316 Truth About America- Democracy And Capitalism Are Evil- We Need The Theocracy- No Mixed Religion- 2nd Born Abel Gets The Inheritance- The King From Judah- Tamar Seduces Judah To Retain The Lineage

3556 SN070316 Statement Of Faith:  “The Tithe,” Part 1

3557 WN070616 Predestination:  Why You Cannot Pray A Sinner's Prayer Or Accept Christ Until After You Are Born Again By The Will Of God- Accepting All That God Is Doing (Which Is Everything) Leads To Rest In The Spiritual Sabbath

3558 SM071016 America Is Drunk And Insane- Sons Of God- Daughters Of Men- Truth Marries A Lie- Wines Of The Bible

3559 SN071016 Statement Of Faith:  “The Tithe,” Part 2- Seeing The Whole Picture Of The Bible

3560 WN071316 Predestination:  What You “Do” Is What You Believe- What You Believe Is What You “Do”

3561 SM071716 Spiritual Drunkenness Is Insanity- Preachers In America Are Insane With No Ability To Be Rational- Jehoshaphat And Ahab- Truth Marries A Lie Leads To The Apostasy In Israel

3562 SN071716 Statement Of Faith:  What We Believe- Preachers Are Blinded By Traditions In The Church- Baptism, Tongues, Christmas And Other Traditions

3563 WN072016 Predestination:  The Provocation- The Shadow Is Israel In The Wilderness- The Very Image Is The Church In The New Testament Age Undergoing Trials, Killing Off The Outer Man (Unbelief)

3564 SM072416 Demons And Geniis Are The Same As Vampires And Werewolves- Moonstruck- It All Began At Babylon- Man's Problem Is Himself (Sin), Not Imaginary Demons

3565 SN072416 Statement Of Faith:  The Tithe Is Carnal (I Cor. 9:9-14)- The Benevolent Chapters (II Cor. 8 & 9)- The Cheerful Giver To The Poor

3566 WN072716 Predestination:  Resting In All That God Is Doing- Israel And The Church

3567 SM073116 Thomas Jefferson Founded America On The Doctrine Of “Good” Demons (Eudaimonism)- Tutelary gods- Utilitarianism- “Happiness” For The Most People (Not The Few)

3568 SN073116 Statement Of Faith:  Mount Zion, Heavenly Jerusalem (The Church), Spiritual Israel, Coming Down From God Out Of Heaven- Predestination And Tithe

3569 WN080316 Predestination:  Mortify (Kill Off) The Outer Man, Put On (Sink Into Clothing) The New Man- Romans 7- II Corinthians 4- Colossians 3- Ephesians 4

3570 SM080716 Adam's Family Is Israel- Preachers Do Not Know What Things Mean In The Bible- No Greek Definition

3571 SN080716 Statement Of Faith:  Dispensationalism- 70 Weeks Of Daniel- Anointing The Most Holy- Last Trump

3572 WN081016 Predestination Is The Only Way To Heaven- Entering Into The Spiritual Sabbath Believing That God Is Doing Everything- Provoking God To Kill All Unbelief In Our Lives- Evil Men Are Swords- Numbers 11

3573 SM081416 One Truth Plus One Lie Equals “A Whole Lie”- It Makes A Believer Unclean

3574 SN081416 God Only Loves Israel And No One Else (Not Many Mighty)- The Base Thing – The World, The Poor And Crushed – Is Who Jesus Came To- Oppressing The Poor Stirs The Rage Of God

3575 WN081716 Predestination:  Every Word Of The Bible Is Tied To Every Other Word- Forgiveness, Light And Darkness, Prison- Christmas, Halloween, Easter And More

3576 SM082116 Preachers In America Are Spiritually Blind, Crazy, And Drunk- They Know Nothing About Spiritual Passover

3577 SN082116 Statement Of Faith:  What We Believe- Prove Scripture With Other Scripture- Uzza Touched The Ark- God Killed Him- Men Think The Laws Of God Are Not That Important – They Are Wrong

3578 WN082416 Predestination:  Resting In God's Sabbath In Tribulation, Trials, Persecution- God Is Leading- We Follow God Even When We Don't Know Where We Are Going

3579 SM082816 The Long Range Effect Of Evil Association (Mixing With A Lie)- Jehoshaphat And Ahab

3580 SN082816 Statement Of Faith:  We Do Not Believe Preterist Doctrine- 70 A.D. Has Nothing To Do With Christ's 2nd Coming

3581 WN083116 Predestination:  Jacob Is Israel- The Mystery Hidden Through The Ages- Gentile Elect- Fellow-heirs With The Jews And Of The Same Body (Church)

3582 SM090416 The Long Range Effect Of Evil Association (Part 2)- Not Keeping The Commandments Of God Results In Complete Destruction- Ahab, Jezebel, Athaliah, Jehoshaphat, Elijah, Etc.

3583 SN090416 Statement Of Faith:  We Believe The Church Is Spiritual Israel From The Foundation Of The World- Paul, Peter And James Call For The Ceasing Of Proselyte Water Washing And Circumcision

3584 WN090716 “Numbers” And Paul's Writings Say The Same Things- “Separating From Bodily Fluids”- Spittle (Spit) And Dirt Makes One To See

3585 SM091116 Israel Begins Marrying Truth With A Lie (Solomon And Ahab) Establishing Baal And Grove As The National god And goddess In Israel

3586 SN091116 Israel Is The Church- Jesus, The God Of The Old Testament Is King Of The Jews (The Church)

3587 WN091416 Predestination:  The Will Of God Is Being Done- He Doesn't Need Our Anger To Help With His Will- Rest In Everything

3588 SM091816 The Beast – Babylonian Lion, Persian Bear, Grecian Leopard, Roman Iron Teeth

3589 SN091816 Hebrews And Revelation- Jewish Books- Shadows And Images- The Church Is The 7 Jewish Candlesticks

3590 WN092116 Predestination:  God Arranges Every Man's “Thinking” – Good And Bad

3591 SM092516 A Good King (Jehoshaphat) Associating With An Unrighteous King (Ahab) Brought About The Downfall Of Israel For 2,600 Years (Watch Who You Run With)

3592 SN092516 Hebrews And Revelation Are Jewish Books- The 7 Churches Of Asia Are The 7 Jewish Candlesticks- The 7 Jewish Candlesticks Are The Eyes Of The Lord (Metaphoric Language)

3593 WN092816 Predestination:  Divorce Is Biblically Legal (Deut 24)- Faith (The Car), Love/Agape (The Motor)- Kosmos And Its Derivatives- Biblios (Writing) A Mistake Of The Translators (Apostasion)- “Long Hair”, Head Covering And Its Meaning (I Cor 11 – Adorn)

3594 SM100216 The Story Of Christmas And The History Of Israel Are One And The Same

3595 SN100216 Hebrews And Revelation:  The 7 Candlesticks- The Eyes Of The Lord- The 7 Churches- The Two Olive Trees- The Two Witnesses- The Priest And King (The Two Anointed Ones)- Fire From The Mouth Of The Two Witnesses Is The Word Of God

3596 WN100516 Predestination:  God Has Created All Sin, All Evil, All Righteousness To Happen With An Exact Timing, And God Is Righteous In Everything He Is Doing

3597 SM100916 Compromise Brings Long Range Bad Effects In Our Lives- Separating From The World Who Lives Wrong (Walking Disorderly)- Ahab Pays For Killing Naboth By A Calculus Equation That God Performs On The Battlefield

3598 SN100916 Hebrews And Revelation:  7 Candlesticks, The Eyes Of The Lord, The 7 Churches- The Olive Oil Is The Holy Spirit (7 Angels) In The Candlesticks- The Church Is The Candlesticks- “Wrath”- Different Words And Gender In I Thess. 5:9 And Rev. 16:1

3599 WN101216 Predestination:  Joseph In Egypt Accepts The Will Of God Without Question- Israel In The Wilderness Argues With God All The Way- The Unbelievers Die In The 40 Years- Our Outer Man Must Die (Sabbath)

3600 SM101616 Adam's Family Is Israel- God Fulfills “The Still Small Voice” In Hazael, Jehu And Elisha Destroying The Family Of Ahab, Jezebel And Athaliah

3601 SN101616 Biblical Science, Biology And Chemistry- The Eyes Of The Lord- 7 Candlesticks- 7 Churches- Structure Of The Human Eye- Chariot Wheels And The Iris Of The Eye

3602 WN101916 Predestination:  You Must Be Hated, Reproached (Infamous), Separate From The World, Bearing A Daily Cross, People Saying All Manner Of Evil Against You – All This In Order To Go To Heaven When You Die

3603 SM102316 “Separate” From Men Who Do Not Walk In God's Commandments- Jehoshaphat (Righteous) And Ahab (Unrighteous)

3604 SN102316 Hebrews And Revelation:  The 7 Candlesticks Are The 7 Churches- The 7 Trumpets Are The 7 Voices Announcing 7 Judgments- The 2 Olive Trees- The 2 Witnesses (Priest And King)- Testifying To The Destruction Of The Mountain Of Babylon Burning

3605 WN102616 The “Way” Through The Wilderness Is The “Narrow Way” – Tribulation Is A Necessity- No Way But Jesus- Murmuring About God's Instruction (His Way) Is Rebellion

3606 SM103016 The Boundary Of “The Beast”- Who You Worship Is Your God- The Beast (tō thērion) Is Neuter Gender- The Beast Is An “It”, Not A Man- 7 Heads- 7 Mountains (Capitol Cities)- One Is Wounded To Death And Is Healed

3607 SN103016 The 4 Judgments- The 4 Horsemen Of The Apokalupsis- 7 Stars In The Right Hand Is The Little Book- Written On Fleshy Tables Of The Heart- Hebrews 9:8, The Key To Understanding Hebrews

3608 WN110216 Predestination:  God Plans All Good And Evil- Unbelief Keeps Rebellion From “The Rest” Of God- God Gives Surviving Israel Laws To Keep Arriving In “The Land” (Numbers 15)- Presumptuous Sin, Sins Of Ignorance- Sweet Smelling Savour (Timothy And Epaphroditus)

3609 SM110616 The Young And Restless In Israel- God Kills Ahab- Athaliah Marries Jehoram (Son Of Jehoshaphat)- God Commissions Elijah (Elisha) To Anoint Jehu So He Can Kill The 70 Sons Of Ahab And Jezebel

3610 SN110616 Hebrews And Revelation:  Jewish Books- The 1st And 2nd Covenant- No Way Into Holiest While The 1st Was Standing- 7 Candlesticks (Rev. 1)- The Olive Tree- Priest And King, The Two Witnesses- 10 Horns- Strength Of The Beast Is Samaria (10 Northern Tribes)- Harlot Burned With Fire

3611 WN110916 Predestination:  God Has Ordained All Evil For Our Good- God Has Predetermined The Timing Of All Things- The Battle Is Not For The Strong- It Is Not Your Battle, But God's- Rest In All Things (II Chron. 20)

3612 SM111316 Prophecy:  All Are Part Of The Same Picture- Ahab And Jezebel- Christmas- 70 Weeks Of Daniel (Scattering Israel)- Tongues (Dialect And Glossa)- 3 Feasts- Pouring Spirit (Truth) To All Flesh (All Men/The Gentiles)

3613 SN111316 The Answer To The Book Of Revelation Is The Old Testament- Locusts Are Scorpions (False Teachers)- 7 Candlesticks Are The Eyes Of The Lord (7 Churches)- Bottomless Pit Is A Place Of No Knowledge, Etc.

3614 WN111616 Predestination:  The Battle Belongs To The Lord – Rest!

3615 SM112016 The Image Of Nebuchadnezzar Is The Same As The Beast- Legs Of Iron (Rome)- Iron Teeth- Scorpions With Breastplates Of Iron- Iron, The Strongest Metal

3616 SN112016 The Euphrates Drying Up Is Our Economy Drying Up At The End Of Time

3617 WN112316 Predestination:  American Thanksgiving Is From Pagan Origins- Believers Are To Be Thankful For Everything (Both Good And Evil) Every Day

3618 SM112716 Christmas Is Pagan- Constantine Brings It Into The Church

3619 SN112716 Drying Of The Euphrates- Collapse Of The Economy- Famine End Of Time (Part 2)

3620 WN113016 Purpose Of Repeating The Timeline Of Scripture – To Learn- Numbers 16- Korah, The Son Of Izhar- Judgment When Assuming To Rebel Against God's Instruction

3621 SM120416 The Timeline Of The Bible- The Way To Learn- Manasseh, The Most Evil King Of Israel- God Saves Him- Josiah, One Of The Most Righteous Kings- The Greatest Revival In The Bible

3622 SN120416 The Euphrates Dried Up- Famine- Economy- Cyrus Delivers Israel- Jesus Delivers The Christians

3623 WN120716 Predestination:  Water Baptism And Other Rituals Lead Into Captivity- Jesus Is Not Lord When You Follow Rituals- True Baptism Is Blood, Not Water

3624 SM121116 Predestination And Christmas- God Ordained Ahab, Jezebel, And Athaliah To Do Evil In Order To Bring Salvation To The Gentiles- God Creates Evil

3625 SN121116 The Coming Of The Lord- Eyes As A Flame Of Fire- Jesus Taking Vengeance- Destroying The Unbelieving World By The Brightness Of His Coming- Gog And Magog

3626 WN121416 The Only True Baptism Is Blood (Death To Self)- The Water Has Been Nailed To The Cross- We Are Sprinkled With Blood- The “Way” Into The Holiest

3627 SM121816 A Merry (Foolish, No Thinking) ChristMass (Cannibalism)- The Beast Rises Out Of The (Mediterranean) Sea- The Bottomless Pit (Abussos – Place Of No Knowledge)- The 10 Horns Are The 10 Northern Tribes

3628 SN121816 The 7 Candlesticks, The Church- 7 Stars, 7 Spirits, The Oil (Holy Spirit), 7 Angels (Messengers) Inside The Candlesticks, Two Witnesses, Bind And Loose, Priest And King, Two Olive Trees- “Ask” Is A Condition

3629 WN122116 Baptisms Of The Bible- The Only One Left Is Blood- Blot Out- Nailed To Cross- Light From The Ancient East

3630 SM122516 I Hate Christmas- I Love Jesus

3631 SN122516 Who Are The Two Witnesses? Who Are The 144,000? “They Are”...

3632 WN122816 The Gospel Is “The Way”- Baptism Of Repentance Is “The Way”- The Gentiles (Spirits In Prison) Coming From Darkness (Prison) To The Light- The One Baptism Is Spirit – No More Rituals

3633 SM010117 Signs Of The End Of Time

3634 SN010117 Two Witnesses- Conscience- Self Must Die- Bind And Loose- Westcott & Hort Verses The Textus Receptus

3635 WN010417 Predestination:  Faith Works (Galatians 5:6)

3636 SM010817 “As The World Turns” In Israel – Murder, Rape, Pillaging- That's Just David's Family- Then There Is Ahab And Jezebel, The Most Evil To Ever Invade Israel

3637 WN011117 Predestination:  What Is Faith And What Does It “Do”?

3638 SM011517 The Kings Of Israel, The Beginning Of Their Fall- Rehoboam Takes Bad Advice- Jeroboam Introduces Golden Calf To Israel

3639 SN011517 Why I Hate Pentecostalism And Charismatic Doctrine -- It Is A Worldwide Lie

3640 WN011817 Predestination:  Increasing Faith- Extolling Paul Instead Of Condemning Him- Adding To Faith- Fruit (Singular) Of The Spirit- Characteristics Of Agape (Charity)- (Faith Works By Love, Part 3)

3641 SM012217 History Of Israel:  What The Kings Of Israel Did During Their Kingdom Produced Pagan Christmas, The 70 Weeks Of Daniel, Tongues And The Wars With The Arab Nations- Independence War Of May 14, 1948 And The 1957 Sinai War

3642 SN012217 The 7 Candlesticks, The Two Witnesses, The Two Olive Trees, The Church- Removing Candlesticks- The Eyes Of The Lord- The Priest And King Binding And Loosing The Amazing Law Of Biblical Algebra

3643 WN012517 Predestination:  Faith Works- Faith Speaks- Faith Confesses (In Obedience)- The Character Of Agape

3644 SM012917 History:  Athaliah, The Daughter From Hell Made In The Image Of Her Mother, Jezebel- Treachery Incarnate

3645 SN012917 Two Witnesses:  Two Olive Trees- The Eyes Of The Lord And The Seven Churches Are The Seven Candlesticks- Structure Of The Human Eye- Add Seven To Stabilize  Faith And Salt- Seven Is Refinement

3646 WN020117 Faith (Death To Self) Worketh By Love (Part 3)- Love/Agape (Walking In God's Commandments) Edifies (Builds The House Of God)- We Are God's House

3647 SM020517 Bible History Is Prophecy

3648 SN020517 Two Witnesses:  The Church Is The Priest And King- It Is The Two Anointed Ones- False Witnesses Must Die- Righteous Men Can Have Evil Children- Aaron, Eli, Samuel

3649 WN020817 The Bible Teaches “Confess” Or “Deny” On Every Subject

3650 SM021217 History:  Valentine (Lupercalia) Is The Same As Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), Also Christmas, Easter And Halloween- Looking To The Big Dipper (Swastika) In Spring

3651 SN021217 The Two Witnesses Is The Inner Man And The Outer Man “Seeing Together” (Good Conscience) That Self Must Die Daily On A Cross, Proving That The Johannine Comma (1 John 5:7), The Trinity Is True

3652 WN021517 Predestinated To The “Narrow” Way

3653 SM021917 History:  Chart Of Old Testament- King Of Israel Actions Lead To Israel Carried Away By The Beast

3654 SN021917 How I Study- Textus Receptus Vs. Westcott & Hort Texts- Studying Church Fathers- Recommended Historians- “Calling Things That Be Not As Though They Were” Is Raising The Dead- The Charismatic- Repeated Words And Phrases

3655 WN022217 Predestination:  The Daily Cross, Persecution, Affliction And Tribulation Is The “Narrow Way” That Men Hate

3656 SM022617 End Of Time Signs:  Sword, Wars, Famine, Economy, Natural Disasters, Pestilence, Sickness, Beast Ruling World, Extinction In World Of Man

3657 SN022617 Revelation 11- Two Witnesses Is The Church- Fire From The Mouth- Bottomless Pit- Beast, Scorpions, Satan Bound- Two Witnesses Lie In Streets 3½ Days- Revelation 9, 11, 13

3658 SM030517 Sign Of The End – Apostasy (All Of The False Doctrines In Churches In America, e.g., Water Baptism, Faith Healing, Tongues, Accept Christ, Sinner's Prayer, Slain In The Spirit, Free Will, Pretrib Rapture, Millennium)

3659 SN030517 The Two Witnesses:  The Two Olive Trees, The Priest And King, The Church- The 7 Stars (Pleiades)- The 7 Angels- 7 Trumpets (Voices)- “Last Trump” (7th Trump), Then Judgment

3660 WN030817 Predestined To Self Denial, Persecution And A Daily Cross- “Why Do You Seek To Kill Me, A Man Who Told You The Truth”

3661 SM031217 History Of Israel & The End Of Time:  The 3 Festivals- All Males Coming Back To Jerusalem- Babylonian Synagogue- The Halakah And Haggadah- Twisting The Word Of God- Jesus Confronts The Pharisees/Rabbis In His First Message (Matthew 5)- “It Hath Been Said.. But I Say”- “Who Is My Neighbor”

3662 SN031217 Millennium- Satan Is Forbidden From Deceiving The Nations (Gentile Elect Church) For 2,000 Years

3663 WN031517 Predestination:  Why People Leave The Truth – They Hate The “Daily” Cross- Their God Is Their “Belly”

3664 SM031917 Halakah, The Verbal Law (Traditions) Of The Pharisees- The “Get”, The Divorce Decree- A Woman Can Remarry After Divorce- A Mistake Of The Translators In The KJV

3665 SN031917 The Millennium- Binding (Forbidding) Satan For 2,000 Years From Deceiving The “Gentiles” (Nations/The Church) During These Last Days- Thousand (Chilia) Is A Noun, Not An Adjective

3666 WN032217 History:  A Review Of Torah (Genesis-Deuteronomy)- Tithe Is Still Here (Part 1)

3667 SM032617 The Pharisees Twisting The Word Of God- The “Halakah”- Perverting God's Word Like The Baptists, Pentecostals, Church Of Christ, Catholics, Etc.

3668 SN032617 “Binding Satan” Is God's Work During The Last 2,000 Years Of Time- It Is The Same As Matthew 12:28, Luke 11:20, Revelation 20:1,2- The Kingdom Of God (The Church) Is Here Now

3669 WN032917 Resting In The Spiritual Sabbath

3670 SM040217 Halakah, Tongues, Baptism And Christmas Are All Tradition (Adding To The Word Of God)

3671 SN040217The Two Witnesses Are The Two Olive Trees, The Two Anointed, The Priest And King (The Church)- They Will Be Killed During The End Of The Tribulation – 1,260 Days, 42 Months, A Time, Times And ½ Of Times, The Last 3½ Years Of The 70th Week Of Daniel

3672 SM040917 Origins Of The Halakah During The 2nd Temple Period- “It Hath Been Said... But I Say”- Jesus Confronts The Scribes And Pharisees On Divorce And Remarriage

3673 SN040917 Binding Satan- Forbidding The Devil From Deceiving The Gentile Church (Rev. 20)- No Pretrib Rapture- 7 Trumpets- Last Trump- No Millennium- End Of 2,000 Years- The Church Attacked In Satan's Little Season At The End Of Time

3674 WN041217 The Tithe Is A New Testament Teaching- The Levites And The Preachers

3675 SM041617 Easter, Christmas, Halloween And Mardi Gras Are All The Same Thing In The Ancient World

3676 SN041617 7 Candlesticks Are The Church- 7 Stars Are The Holy Spirit In The Church- Heavenly Jerusalem- The New Heavens And New Earth

3677 SM042317 Halakah- Can A Man Or Woman Marry After Divorce? – Absolutely, God Said So (Deut. 24:1-3)- Error In A King James Translation That Has Broken Many Hearts- “Bill” Of Divorce

3678 SN042317 The Church Is The Temple Of God- The Layout, Articles And Furniture Of The Temple- They Are The Type (Shadow) Of The Church, God's Spiritual Temple (Revelation And Hebrews)- Throne, Glassy Sea, Etc.

3679 WN042617 Predestination:  It's In The Bible – Believe It

3680 SM043017 The 70 Weeks Of Daniel Is About The Sabbatical Years Of Israel Which They Would Not Keep- Understanding Old Testament In Order To Understand The Bible

3681 SN043017 Difficult Verses- 70 Weeks- “Spirits In Prison”- A Sin Unto Death

3682 WN050317 Predestination:  Why People Do Not Believe It – God Has Not Revealed To Them Their Wicked, Evil Hearts- They Do Not Know Who God Is

3683 SM050717 Predestination:  Every Believer Must Go The Narrow (Tribulation) Way- It's The Only Way To Heaven

3684 SN050717 Revelation:  The 7 Candlesticks- The Church- The 7 Angels- The Preacher (Olive Oil)- Shadows Of The Old Testament, Very Image Of The New

3685 SM051417 Who Is Your Mother – Babylon Or Jerusalem?  It All Depends On The Instructions You Obey- The Tree Of Life Is Mother To Those Who Do The Will Of The Father

3686 SN051417 Revelation 5 & 6- The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Began Riding In The Garden Of Eden- Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast (The 4 Judgments Of God)- The Little Book- 7 Stars- 7 Spirits (Messengers)- Law Written On Our Hearts- The 4 Beasts (Living Creatures)

3687 SM052117 Predestination:  No One Is Going To Heaven Without It- Conforming To His Likeness- Holy, Without Blame, Love (Agape)

3688 SN052117 The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Have Been Riding Since The Garden Of Eden- Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast- There Is No Answer (Part 2)

3689 SM052817 Predestination:  God Creates Evil For Our Good- The Only One That Man Can Correct Is Himself- The Fault Is Mine- Israel Eats Their Children

3690 SN052817 Revelation:  Four Horsemen (Part 2)- Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast In The Garden- 4 And 7 (And 12)- Mountains- Horns And Heavens- How To Study Looking At Signs (Pointers) In Revelation- Idioms, Metaphors And Figures Of Speech

3691 WN053117 History:  So You Think You Know Everything I Teach- You Accuse Me Of Repeating Myself- Old Testament Questions And Answers- Let's See How Much You Know

3692 SM060417 Predestination:  God Brings Evil Upon Us For Our Good (God Creates Evil Series, Part 2)

3693 SN060417 Revelation:  7 Stars Are 7 Angels Sounding 7 Trumpets (Voices)- 7 Trumpets Of The New Moon Feasts- Rituals Will Lead You Into Captivity (Last Trumpet Series, Part 1)

3694 WN060717 History:  So You Think You Know Everything I Teach, Part 2- Let's See What You Know About The 70 Weeks Of Daniel

3695 SM061117 Predestination:  God Creates Evil To Bring About Righteousness In Our Lives- God Meant The Evil For Good In Joseph's Life (Questions And Answers)- “All Things For Good” By Thomas Watson

3696 SN061117 Revelation:  The Beast Is Not A Man, It Is A World Ruling System- Babylonian Lion, Persian Bear, Grecian Leopard, Roman Beast With Iron Teeth- Legs Of Iron, Teeth Of Iron, Scorpions' Breastplates Of Iron- Daniel 7 And Revelation 13

3697 WN061417 History:  So You Think You Know Everything I Teach, Part 3- Predestination And The 70 Weeks- Questions And Answers On The 4 Decrees

3698 SM061817 Shocking Truths Of Grace & Truth Ministries, Part 1- Predestination And Christmas

3699 SN061817 Shocking Truths Of Grace & Truth Ministries, Part 2- Communion And Baptism, Not Crackers And Grape Juice Or Water

3700 SM062517 Predestination:  “Agonizing” Over Sin Is A Command From God To All The Elect Who Have Ears To Hear

3701 SN062517 Revelation:  The 7 Trumpets- No Pretribulation Rapture- “The Last Trump” (Rev. 10:7)- After The Tribulation Of Those Days (Matt. 24:29-31) – Shout! (1 Thess. 4:16)

3702 WN062817 History:  Learning To Synthesize The Old And New Testaments- Leviticus Chapters 10-19- The Day Of Atonement, Chapter 16- The Stronger Man (Jesus) Casting Out The Strong Man (Self)- Dry Places- No Living Water (Truth)- 7 Times Worse- Crucify Christ Afresh- Open Shame

3703 SM070217 Predestination:  Like Jesus- Grief And Sorrow Without Fire And Trials, You Are Reprobate

3704 WN070517 History:  The King And His Prophet- Hezekiah And Isaiah- God Kills 185,000 Assyrian Soldiers

3705 SM070917 Predestination:  Reprobate (Living Without Fire And Trials), Part 2- Taking No Stand

3706 SN070917 Revelation:  The 7 Stars In The Right Hand Of Christ Are The 7 Angels Of The 7 Churches- Message Equals The Oil In The Candlesticks Which Is The Message From The Mouth Of The Church- 7 Messengers Throughout The Book Of Revelation

3707 WN071217 History:  The Sign Of The End Of Time- The Apostasy- The 4 Wars At The End- Israel's Regathering After 2,600 Years Of Captivity

3708 SM071617 Preachers Do Not Know Biblical Meanings Of Words- Reprobate (Part 3)

3709 SN071617 Revelation/Hebrews:  The Way Into The Holiest, The House Of God- Keeping The Temple Clean- Robes Of White In The Blood- Clothes Burned

3710 WN071917 History:  How To Study The Bible- Phrases And Words That Mean The Same Thing- Daily Cross, Death To Self, Drink The Cup, Self Denial, Blood Baptism- All Flesh, All Men, Gentile Elect- Scatter, Remove, Beast- Scorpions, Locusts- Judgment, Spirit, Truth- Book Of Joel

3711 SM072317 Predestination:  “To Be Like Jesus”- You Must “Separate” From People Who Cuss, Drink, Sleep Around, Smoke Pot, Etc.- Stay Away From Preachers And People Who Teach False Doctrine (Rituals, Etc.)- Believers Must Clean Up Their Mouths And Friendships (Lives)

3712 SN072317 Revelation:  How To Study Throughout The Bible- The Beast (Babylon) Rises Out Of The (Mediterranean) Sea And Is “Cast Into The Sea” When It Is Destroyed

3713 WN072617 Pentecostal Tongues Is A Lie- Gifts Of An Apostle Is Not True Today- People Hate Me For Revealing These Things- Tongues, Healing, Snake Handling, Raising The Dead

3714 SM073017 Predestination:  God Is Creating All The Evil To Cause His Children To Behave And Do Right

3715 WN080217 Kingdom Of God- All Flesh, All Men- The Earth Shall Be Full Of His Knowledge And Glory As Waters That Cover The Sea- God Would Have All Men Be Saved, But Not Every Individual (Synecdoche)

3716 SM080617 Predestination Is Baptism

3717 SN080617 Revelation:  Idioms And Metaphors, Signs And Pointers- Revelation 7 Is An Incorrect Numbering For Israel- When You Define Words, It's Not Hard At All

3718 WN080917 The Signs Of The End- Extinction Of Humanity- It May Be Upon Us- “Self” Esteem- “Self” Gratification

3719 SM081317 Predestination Is Baptism, Part 2- No More Proselyte Circumcision Or Baptism

3720 SN081317 Revelation:  Sins Of The 7 Churches- Ephesus Had Several False Teachers- The Eternal Flame Of Pergamos- The Olympic Torch

3721 WN081617 The Old Testament And New Testament Shadows Of The Preachers (Priests) Of Leviticus 21- Touching Dead Bodies (Whited Sepulchres) Makes The Believers Unclean- The 2nd Passover Within The Year

3722 SM082017 Predestination Is Baptism, Part 3- Predestination Is Repentance

3723 SN082017 How To Study Details In Scripture- Parts Of Speech- John 3:16 And A Thousand Years

3724 WN082317 History:  Moses According To The Bible And Josephus- Moses The General And Prince Of Egypt Married The Ethiopian Princess

3725 SM082717 Predestination Is Baptism, Part 4- The Word Of Reconciliation- We Baptize With Words From Our Mouths

3726 SN082717 Revelation:  “Millennium” Is Not A Thousand Years- Context Determines 2,000 Years- 70th Week Split Into 2 Parts (3½ Years, 1,260 Days, 42 Months, 3½ Days, Time, Times And Half A Time)

3727 WN083017 Moses:  400 Years In Egypt- Forbidden To Go Into The Promised Land- The Death Of Moses

3728 SM090317 We Are Saved From Ourselves

3729 SN090317 Keys To The Kingdom

3730 WN090617 Sin Is Transgression (Anomia) Of The Law- Unlawful Food For Sheep

3731 SM091017 Predestination:  The “Natural” Man “Receiveth” Not Spiritual Things- You Cannot Accept Christ Until After You Are Born Again

3732 SN091017 Clothed In Blood Baptism- “Put On”, Sink Into Clothing- Watch, Stay Awake Or Clothing Will Be Burned

3733 WN091317 Doing And Eating (The Same Thing)- Law (Nomos), Spiritual Food- Watch What You Eat (Do), You Can Cause Others To Stumble

3734 SM091717 Predestination:  Sheep Are Sheep, Goats Are Goats From The Foundation Of The World- Sheep Were Lost Till Jesus Found All Of Them

3735 SN091717 Thousand Years:  The 70th Week Of Daniel- 3½ Years, 1,260 Days, 42 Months- Israel's Judgments Because Of Disobedience- Satan Bound For 2,000 Years Forbidden From Deceiving The Gentile Elect Church

3736 WN092017 Shadows And Very Image- Can Divorced Preachers Pastor A Flock – Absolutely!- Jesus Divorced His Wife, Israel And Judah (Jeremiah 3)

3737 SM092417 Predestination:  God Is Not Willing That One Of These Little Ones (Sheep) Should Perish- Sheep From The Foundation Of The World

3738 SN092417 Revelation:  70 Weeks, The Decrees, Ezra And Nehemiah- The Last Week- 3½ Years, 1,260 Days- ½ Of 7 Years Of A 360 Day Jewish Calendar- The 70th Week Comes At The End Of Time

3739 WN092717 Studying The Bible, Connecting The Dots- Hitler And Christmas Symbols- No Baptism (Water)- Circumcision- “That Prophet”

3740 SM100117 America Is Living In “Fairyland”- Imagination

3741 SN100117 70 Weeks Of Daniel:  Jeremiah, Daniel And Ezekiel- 4 Decrees- 70th Week At The End Of Time

3742 WN100417 What You Eat Is What You Do- Doing Is Confessing (Titus 1:16)- When You Eat (Do) Unlawful (Iniquity) You Cause Your Brothers To Stumble (Pagis, Skandalon, Proskomma)

3743 SM100817 The Swastika Is The Reason For The Season

3744 SN100817 Revelation And The 70 Weeks- Genesis 1 Is Not What Preachers Say- It Did Not Rain For 1,656 Years From Adam To Noah- Daniel 9- 6 Things Must Come About To Fulfill The 70th Week

3745 WN101117 Obey, Do, Eat, Law, Truth, Faith Are All Obeying God- 3 Definitions For Sin- No Obedience, No Salvation- Saved By A Working Faith

3746 SM101517 What We Believe And What We Do Not Believe- We Do Not Believe In Christmas, Pentecostal Tongues Or Any Of The Charismatic Doctrines

3747 SN101517 How To Study Word Definitions- Doubt/Stagger- Diakrino- Calling Things That Be, “Positive Confession”, Faith Healing And The Rest Of Pentecostal/Charismatic Doctrines Are Hell's Gospel Corrupting All The World

3748 WN101817 Hard-Hitting Verses- Peter's Ups And Downs (A Study Of The Life Of Peter)

3749 SM102217 Christmas And The Big Dipper

3750 SN102217 The 70 Weeks:  The 1st 2 Decrees (Ezra 1 And Ezra 6)- Tatnai- God's Enemy- Daniel And Lion's Den- The Law Of Medes And Persians Alters Not

3751 WN102517 Confessing And Denying Are Complete Opposites- (A Study Of The Life Of Peter, Part 2)

3752 SM102917 Pagan Christmas Fights Truth- Among Other Facts, Charles Dickens Who Wrote “A Christmas Carol” Was A Racist- He Hated The Great Puritan Ebenezer Erskine- He Wanted To Annihilate All Minorities

3753 SN102917 The 70 Weeks Of Daniel Began With The Commandment To Restore And Rebuild Jerusalem- Only Artaxerxes Gave That Commandment In Nehemiah The 2nd Chapter- The Third Decree Was About Supplying The Temple

3754 SM110517 Living For Jesus And Repenting – It's Hard!  You Have To Tell Truth And Be Hated For It

3755 SN110517 Israel's History:  The Complete Introduction To Beginning The 70 Weeks Of Daniel

3756 SM111917 Introduction To Channukak Through The Narrow Way- Antiochus Epiphanes Defiles The Temple

3757 SN111917 70 Weeks Of Daniel:  The Going Forth Of The Commandment To Rebuild Jerusalem- Beginning Of 70 Weeks In Nehemiah Chapter 2- 4th Decree

3758 SM112617 Christmas, Tongues, 70 Weeks, Spirits In Prison, Light And Dark, Predestination, Hannakuk Are All Part Of The Same Picture (All Flesh, All Men, Etc.)

3759 SN112617 70 Weeks Of Daniel:  The Laws Of The Medes And Persians Altereth Not- Haman Attacks Israel- Daniel In The Lion's Den- 6 Points Of Daniel 9:24- Anoint The Most Holy

3760 SM120317 Christmas And Related Subjects

3761 SM121017 Confessing (Agreeing With) Christ Is Doing Truth- Denying (Contradicting) Is Antichrist

3762 SM121717 Christmas Is The Sons Of God Marrying The Daughters Of Men (Truth Marrying A Lie)- It Is Everywhere In The World Today

3763 SM122417 Christmas Is Marrying Truth To A Lie (Part 2)

3764 SM123117 Christmas:  The Parallel Jesus- The Other Jesus- The Evil Jesus

3765 SM010718 Evil Communications Corrupt Good Manners (Ethics)- What's Wrong With Keeping Pagan Customs?- Ahab And Jezebel- Jehoram Marries Their Daughter, Athaliah, Bringing All Of Israel Into Christmass (Fire And Tree) Worship

3766 SM011418 Sons Of God- Daughters Of Men- Truth Marries A Lie At The End Of Time- The Apostasy- Believers Get Dirty When They Run With The Wrong People- Haggai 2

3767 SM012118 In Order To Be A Christian You Must Be Hated- If The World Likes You, You Are God's Enemy- To Witness Means To Die- A Cry Of Damnation To All Who Are “Popular” In The World

3768 SM012818 Predestination:  Forgiveness Is Not Free- Groaning As God Eliminates The Outer Man

3769 SM020418 Predestination: Forgiveness, Part 2- If You Do Not Forgive, God Will Not Forgive You- If Men Will Not Repent, Withdraw From Them- Halakah And Other Associated Subjects- God Is Doing Everything

3770 SM021118 American Preachers Are Preaching “Halakah” And They Don't Even Know It

3771 SM021818 Predestination:  “Orge”- The Nature Of Man

3772 SM022518 Billy Graham, The World's Most Famous Liar In The Last 2,000 Years- If Your God Is Your Belly, You Hate The Daily Cross (#1 Lying Series)

3773 SM030418 Billy Graham The World's Most Famous Lying False Teacher.. The World Loved Him (#2 Lying Series)

3774 SM031118 Billy Graham's Biggest Lies:  The Sinner's Prayer For Salvation, Accept Christ As Your Personal Saviour, Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart (#3 Lying Series)

3775 SM031818 Billy Graham Did Not Preach The Gospel Which Is The Blood Baptism Of Repentance, Death To Self, Daily Cross, Self Denial, The Narrow (Tribulation) Way With Groaning (#4 Lying Series)

3776 SM032518 Most People Are Going To Hell When They Die- Billy Graham Did Not Preach The Gospel, The Narrow Way Or Death To Self (#5 Lying Series)

3777 SM040118 Billy Graham Did Not Tell The Truth About Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day Or Mardi Gras – They Are All Paganism In Origin (#6 Lying Series)

3778 SM040818 Billy Graham Did Not Preach The True Gospel- He Was Satan's Apostle Transforming (Disguising) Himself As An Apostle Of Christ – He Was Evil (#7 Lying Series)

3779 SM041518 The Narrow Way- Ye Do Err (Out Of The “Way”) Not Knowing Truth- Pentecostals, Baptists And Others Are Deceived About Tongues And Baptism (#8 Lying Series)

3780 SM042218 John The Baptist Preached The Narrow (Tribulation) “Way”, Pressing Into It- Billy Graham Did Not Preach This (#9 Lying Series)

3781 SM050618 The Gospel (Resurrection) Preached To Abraham (2,000 B.C.) “Calling Things That Be Not” (Raising The Dead)

3782 SM051318 Mother's Day Message:  Our Mother Is Heavenly Jerusalem (The Church)- She Is The Tree Of Life- She Is A Wholesome Tongue Who Overcomes (Faith/Victory) Receives The Tree Of Life

3783 SM052018 The “Perfect” Is Agape

3784 WN052318 The Life Of Peter:  Why The Pharisees Hated Northern Israel (Samaria, Galilee, Joseph, Ephraim)- Assyria Polluted It When They Carried It Away (Peter's Home)

3785 SM052718 Americans Do Not Know The Truth About American History Or The Bible- Obedience To God

3786 SN052718 Why We Do Not Believe In A Millennium Or A Pretrib Rapture- Last Trump Eliminates Both

3787 WN053018 The Life Of Peter, Part 2:  Synthesizing The 4 Gospels

3788 SM060318 Strife, Anger, Wrath (Orge) Is Not “Like Jesus”- We Are Not To Fight One Another As Believers

3789 SN060318 “Thousand” Is A Noun- 1,260 Days Is A Verb- ½ Of The 7 Years Of The 70th Week Of Daniel- Satan Is Forbidden From Deceiving The “Gentile” Church For The Last 2,000 Years Of Time

3790 WN060618 Simon Peter:  The Keys To The Kingdom To All Believers- Binding And Loosing- Judging Righteous Judgment

3791 SM061018 “Envy” Killed Jesus And Paul- It Eventually Killed King Saul

3792 SN061018 Way To Study- Idioms, Metaphors, Figures Of Speech- Mountains, Horns, Heaven All Have The Same Symbolic Meaning- “Ruling Government”

3793 WN061318 The Apostle Peter:  Denies Jesus Three Time- Jesus Asks Do You Love Me 3 Times- Love (Affection – Phileo) Is Conditional

3794 SM061718 Basic Beliefs Of Grace & Truth Ministries, A Summary- Predestination, Baptism, Daily Cross, Narrow Way, Self Denial (Picnic Message From 2018)

3795 SN061718 Sovereignty Of God In Numbers Of Scripture- 11 And 2, 7 And 4, Fellowship (1071 = 7 x 153)

3796 WN062018 Life Of Peter:  Intro To Book Of Acts- Restore The Kingdom- Ephraim Did Not Return- Judas Went To Hell- Simon (Judas's Father) At The Washing Of Jesus's Feet Did Not Believe- 7 Devils- Mary Magdalene

3797 SM062418 Joseph- Envy Is Not Like Jesus- It Will, However, Perform The Will Of God

3798 SN062418 Last Days- Last 2,000 Years Of Time

3799 WN062718 Tongues Is Dialects And Glossa According To The Compendia And Samuel Angus- Jews Of The Diaspora (Part 1)

3800 SM070118 You Are Where You Are Supposed To Be In Life- You Are Not Supposed To Stay There- Saul Was The Anointed Of God- His Envy Of David Did Not Advance His Position- It Ended With His Death

3801 SN070118 Studying The Bible- Parts Of Speech (Grammar) Is Everything (Adverbs, Adjectives, Nouns, Pronouns, Etc.)- The Prophets Of Old Testament Speak Of The Gentile Church Coming To Light

3802 SM070818 “David And Goliath”- Don't Blame The Preacher For The Sovereign Will Of God In Your Life (Like Saul Did David)

3803 SN070818 Prophecy:  True Believers Are Spiritual Jews- We Are Heavenly Jerusalem, The Church

3804 WN071118 How To Study The Bible- Various Helps- “The Diaspora”- Tongues (Dialects And Glossa) Of Scattered Israel- The 3 Feasts Of Israel- All Males Required To Attend Either With A Lamb Or ½ Shekel- How Here We Every Man In Our Own “Dialect” Wherein We Were Born

3805 SM071518 Definition Of Words That Work Together – Vengeance, Wrath (Orge), Justify, Righteous, Anger, Tribulation- Saul Pursues David- Saul Has Slain His Thousands, And David His Ten Thousands- Saul Plans The Killing Of David

3806 SN071518 Prophecy:  All Old Testament Prophets Foretell The New Testament (Spiritual) Church- Isaiah, Zechariah

3807 WN071818 Pentecostalism- Tongues, Faith Healing And Slain In The Spirit Are All “Lies”- Tongues Are Glossa (Foreign Languages) And Dialects (Of Greek)- Jews From Every Nation- The Truth About Acts 2

3808 SM072218 Envy Will Destroy Your Life- Saul Begins To Pursue David To Kill Him In I Samuel 19-31- Saul Murders 85 Priests Of God- David Seeks Refuge With Achish The Philistine King Of Gad- Everyone Is Familiar With The Song “Saul Has Slain His Thousands, And David His Ten Thousands”

3809 SN072218 Prophecy:  Solomon Causes The Split Of Israel Into Two Nations Allowing His Pagan Wives To Keep Their gods- The Two Nations Are Brought Together Into One At The End Of Time- Ephraim (Joseph) And Judah in Isaiah 11

3810 WN072518 Tongues, Resurrection, Spirits In Prison, Gentiles – What They All Have In Common- The Only Sign To The Unbeliever Is The Sign Of The Prophet Jonah

3811 SM072918 Old Testament Timeline With Characters And Events From Adam To Saul Seeking To Kill David- The Envy Of Saul

3812 SN072918 Prophecy:  Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21- Signs Of The End Of Time- Love Waxing Cold Is The Apostasy (Changing Word Meanings)- Jews Falling By The Edge Of The Sword- Ezekiel 37- The Valley Of Dry Bones- Israel Coming Back Into One Nation

3813 WN080118 Tongues- There Is No 2nd Work Of Grace But A Continuing Work- The Man Who Speaks In An Unknown Tongue Edifies Himself Seeking His Own Glory- Tongues Cease When The Perfect Is Come

3814 SM080518 David And Saul- David Spares Saul's Life Because He Was God's Anointed (I Samuel 24)- Saul In His Anger, Jealousy And Greed Continues To Seek To Kill David

3815 WN080818 Tongues, Christmas, 70 Weeks Of Daniel- The Map Of Christmas

3816 SM081218 Saul And David- “Orge” (Revenge) Is Saul's Problem- The 2nd Time Saul Is At David's Mercy

3817 SN081218 The Table Of Nations- Genesis 10- At The End Of Time The Nations Around Israel Will Attack Under Their Ancient Names- “Gog And Magog”

3818 WN081518 Tongues:  Pouring Out Of God's Spirit (Truth) On All Flesh (Gentiles – Red, Yellow, White, Black And Brown Flesh) As Opposed To One Flesh (Jewish) By Dialects And Glossa To The Spirits In Prison

3819 SM081918 Saul And David- The “Orge” (Rage Of Man's Covetousness)

3820 SN081918 Prophecy:  “The Love Of Many Shall Wax Cold”- Preachers Have Changed The Definitions Of Words- This Is A Sign Of The End Of Time

3821 WN082218 “Whosoever Will” Is Not In The Bible

3822 SM082618 David And Saul- God Hath Not Appointed Us To Wrath (Orge) But To Obtain (Wrap Around) Salvation

3823 SN082618 Prophecy:  The Beast (Babylon) Will Attack The Church (Spiritual Israel) And Israel- The End Of Time

3824 WN082918 “So” Is An Adverb In John 3:16 (Referring To Numbers 21)- “Whosoever” Is Not In The Original Text- God Is Not Willing That Any Of “Us” Should Perish- God Reveals Himself To The Predestinated Elect – That's All!

3825 SM090218 Saul And David- Saul Was Full Of Rage Before David Was Appointed King- Saul Ignored God's Instructions Concerning Gilgal- Saul's Hypocrisy Wants To Kill His Son Jonathan For Breaking A Decree Concerning A Battle That Jonathan Won- Eating Honey

3826 SN090218 Prophecy:  Anointing The Most Holy- The Last Sheep Into The Fold- Mystery Of God (The Church) Is Finished (Complete)

3827 WN090518 The “Light”- Predestination (Horizon)- Prison, Forgiveness, Tongues, Utterance, Gentiles To The Light, Spirits In Prison, Repentance, Turned From Darkness To Light, Christmas, gods Of Darkness, Truth, The Word

3828 SM090918 David And Saul- How To Respond When Someone Is Trying To Destroy You- What Love (Agape) Actually Means (Not What You Think)- Love Your Enemies- Pray For Them- Do Good To Them (Not What You Think)

3829 SN090918 Ezekiel 38 And 39- Israel Attacked By The Nations Around Them- The Church (Spiritual Israel) Attacked By The World Around Them- The End Of Time

3830 SM091618 A Soap Opera In Israel- Understanding Books Of The Kings Through Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes- Saul Was A Mean Man

3831 SN091618 The Sword Strikes Israel Down Till The 6 Day War Of 1967

3832 WN091918 The Gospel, Resurrection, Blood Baptism Is Being Preached In Dialektos And Glossa (Tongues, Not Gibberish) In Acts 2

3833 SM092318 David And Saul- How We Are Supposed To Treat People Who Are Trying To Destroy Us (Believers)

3834 SN092318 Prophecy:  What It's All About- The History Of Israel- The 70 Weeks Of Daniel

3835 WN092618 Baptism Is “Blood” (Death To Self), Not Water (H2O)

3836 SM093018 Predestined To Be “Like” Jesus- Gentle, Meek, Poor In Spirit, Easy Yoke- The Righteous Are Scarcely Saved

3837 SN093018 A Summary Of The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- Time, And Times And Half A Time, 1,260 Days, 42 Months- Nehemiah 2 Till Luke 19- The Prince- 69 Weeks Complete (483 Years)- 70th Week End Of Time (Part 1)

3838 WN100318 Baptism (Part 2)

3839 SM100718 Apostasy:  Things That Are In The Bible That Most “Christians” Are Unfamiliar With (Chili Cookout Message)

3840 SN100718 Apostasy:  More Bible Things That People Know Nothing About- The “Halakah” Of The Pharisees

3841 WN101018 Baptism And The Spiritual Passover- Last Will And “Testament” (Part 3)

3842 SM101418 History:  Let Me Introduce You To David's Family –  Joab (Nephew) Kills Uriah, Abner, Absalom And Amasa- Abishai (Nephew) Kills Abner, Willing To Kill King Saul, Amasa And Shimei- Absalom (Son) Kills Amnon, His Older Brother – A Family Of Killers

3843 SM102118 Questions And Answers About David's Family- Ark Is Taken By Philistines Because Of The Wickedness Of Eli's (High Priest) Sons, Hophni And Phinehas, And Brought Back To Israel On A New Cart- Uzza Touches Ark And Dies

3844 SN102118 Thousand Years:  70 Weeks Of Daniel- The 70th Week- Two Witnesses (Priest And King) Put To Death 3½ Days, 1,260 Days, 42 Months

3845 WN102418 True Baptism Is Jesus Sprinkling Our Hearts With His Own Blood (Death To Self)

3846 SM102818 God Kills And Makes Alive – Those Who Ignore His Commandments – Nadab And Abihu (Sons Of Aaron) And Korah- The Young Man Who Gathered Sticks On The Sabbath- Uzza Touching The Ark

3847 SN102818 The 4 Wars Of Israel – War Of Independence (1948), Sinai War (1957), Six-Day War (1967) And Yom Kippur (1973)- God Must Have Reserved Some Of Literal Israel As His Predestinated Elect

3848 SM110418 Joab And Shimei – Payday!!

3849 SM112518 God Became David's Satan (Opponent) When David Numbered Israel- The Battle Belongs To The Lord

3850 WN112818 Baptize Is A Verbal Noun (Infinitive), Not A Verb Implying Motion- Go Into All The World Baptizing With Blood (From Our Mouths), Not With Water- Paul: Christ Sent Me Not To Baptize (Proselyte) With Water But To Preach The Gospel Which Is The “Narrow Way”, The Baptism Of Repentance

3851 SM120218 The Battle Belongs To The Lord (Part 2)- Jehoshaphat Conquers Insurmountable Odds- The King Of Assyria Attacks Hezekiah And Isaiah – Wrong Thing To Do!

3852 SN120218 Prophecy:  The End Of Time- The Coming Economic Collapse- The Burning Mountain Of Babylon

3853 WN120518 Algebra “Baptism”- Things Equal To The Same Thing- If Equals Are Substituted For Equals- Baptism Of Repentance Equals The Gospel- The Gospel Equals The Narrow (Tribulation) Way- The Veil Equals The Flesh (The Bread, The Truth), Etc.

3854 SM120918 The Reason For The Season- The Swastika Is The Big Dipper In Its Four Phases- Crops In The Spring- Constantine Bringing The Christmas Lie Into The Church

3855 SN120918 Prophecy:  The End Of Time- No One Knows The Day Nor The Hour But You Will Know The Season- Word By Word Study Of Matthew 24

3856 WN121218 “Baptism Doth Also Now Save Us”- Faith Is A Daily Cross- A Daily Cross Is A “Blood Baptism”

3857 SM121618 Christmas Is Evil- Jesus Was God In The Flesh- He Died To Save His Predestinated Elect Family- The Big Dipper Is The Swastika In The Stars, The Real Reason For The Season

3858 SM122318 What's So Bad About Christmas?.. It Is A Mixed Religion- Giving In Marriage- It Makes The Believer Spiritually Drunk

3859 SN122318 Prophecy:  The Key To The 70 Weeks Of Daniel Is The Sabbatical Year In Leviticus 25

3860 WN122618 Baptism Is About Being Predestined To Obtain (Peripoiesis) Salvation

3861 SN123018 The Bible Is The Story Of One Family Through One Bloodline From Adam Through The 70th Week Of Daniel At The End Of Time

3862 WN010219 Baptism:  Blotting Out The Handwriting Of Ordinances Written On Tables Of Stone- The Handwriting Is Now Spiritual On Tables Of Our Hearts- The Jew Is Now Spiritual

3863 SM010619 Christmas- A Gift Blinds The Eyes And Perverts The Words Of The Wise

3864 SN010619 Prophecy:  At The End- Stars Fall To Earth (Preaching Judgment) Sun Turns To Darkness (No Truth)- The Moon Turns To Blood (Dies)- Mountains Moved Out Of Their Places (Governments Fall)- “Say Unto This Mountain”- Rev. 6:12-14

3865 WN010919 Saved By Baptism Which Is Blood- Regeneration (Not Water)

3866 SM011319 Christmas And Demons Go Together- The Wheel Of The Year, The Big Dipper, The Swastika, The Harvest Clock- Insanity

3867 SN011319 Prophecy:  The 1,260 Days, 42 Months- The Priest And King (Two Witnesses), The Two Olive Trees- Seven Stars (Messengers)- Dead 3½ Days (Last Half Of 70th Week- Eyes As A Flame Of Fire

3868 SM012019 Christmas And Demons:  Definition- How To Understand The Bible- Define Words That You Think You Know

3869 WN012319 “Baptism” Review:  Washed In The Blood Of Christ Means Death To Self- Two Handwritings – On Tables Of Stone And Fleshy Tables Of The Heart- One Is Blotted Out By A Nail

3870 SM012719 America Is “Crazy”

3871 SN012719 The End Of Time:  The Earth Is Heating Up- Fish In The Sea Are Dying- The Church Is Under Attack- There Will Be Tribulation Like We Have Never Seen On Earth

3872 SM020319 Israel Celebrated Christmas By Another Name In The Old Testament- Fire (Baal) And Tree (Grove) Worship- The Militant Roman Catholic Church And The Inquisition

3873 SN020319 In The Last Days- Distress Of Nations With “Perplexity” (No Answer), No Way Out- Perilous Times- Trump's Fence- Migrants With No Way Out- No Cure

3874 WN020619 Handwriting Of Ordinances:  The Spirit And Letter Of The Law- The Letter (Ritual) Only Way Blotted Out- The Tithe Is Still In Effect- No Ritual To The Tithe

3875 SM021019 Preachers In America Are Preaching “Another” Jesus, The Easy Jesus – No Daily Cross, No Suffering For Christ- Without A Daily Cross, You Are Not Going To Heaven When You Die
3876 SN021019 The End Of Time:  Perplexity (No Answer)- Weather, Global Warming, Pollution Of The Air And Waters (Part 2)

3877 WN021319 Melchizedek And The Tithe

3878 SM021719 Jim Brown: The Only Preacher “Trying” To Tell “All” Truth- The Holy Spirit Will Guide You Into All Truth

3879 SM022419 Preachers Are Not Telling Truth- They Are Angry At Definitions- They Gossip Without Cause (For No Reason)- They Hate Truth- David's Nephew And Sons Hate Him Without Cause

3880 SN022419 Jim Brown Is A Doomsday Prophet- God Will Not Hear The Prayers Of America- There Is A Global Warming, The Air And Seas Are Polluted – It Is Man's Fault- It Is “The Love Of Money”- Greed Is The Problem

3881 WN022719 God Has Ordained Everything Including Numbers And Colors- 11 And 2- 7 And 4- Red Plus Yellow

3882 WN040319 Greek And English Parts Of Speech In The Bible- “To Be”- “To Exist”- Jehovah- Being Verbs- Action Verbs- Possessive Pronouns- “My Sheep”- “His People” Not Willing That Any Of “Us” Should Perish- Infinitives- The Beast (Neuter Gender)- The Babylonian Lion, Persian Bear, Grecian Leopard, Rome Beast With Iron Teeth- A Ruling System, Not A Man

3883 SM040719 Revenge (Making Things Right) Is God's Business, Not Man's- Orge- The Wrath Of Getting Even Breeds Gossip, Talebearing And Whispering- All Believers Should Stop Doing These Things

3884 WN041019 Predestination:  Infinitives, Participles And Conjunctions- The Flesh (Outer Man) And The Spirit (Inner Man)- Our Inner Man Conformed To Christ's Likeness- Outer Man Crucified Over Time (Romans Chapters 6-8)

3885 SM041419 Last Will And “Testament” (Diatheke)- An Example (Hupolimpano – To “Bequeath”) After Dying- To “Drink The Cup” (Taste Death Daily)- Spiritual Passover

3886 WN041719 Baptism Was Originally A “Verbal Noun” (Infinitive)- The Translators Said, “We Will Make It Into A Verb”... Wrong!- Paul Was Thankful He Did Not Wash People In Water

3887 SM042119 Easter, The Goddess Of Spring Is In The Top Right Hand Corner Of The Swastika (Or Suvasti - “It Is Good”), The Big Dipper, The Wheel Of The Year

3888 WN042419 Baptism, Reconciliation And Regeneration Are All The Same- A Washing With Blood- God Kept Us Safe Till Faith Came In Our Lives

3889 SM042819 Easter And Christmas- Northern Israel (Samaria), The Ten Northern Tribes Give Their Ten Horns (Powers) To The Beast By Disobeying God

3890 WN050119 Man Cannot Go To Hell By His Own Will- Everyone That Goes There Will Be By The Will Of God- God Hates All That He Puts In Hell With His Sovereign Will

3891 SM050519 May 14, 1948- Israel's Six-Day War Of 1967- The Apostasy (Preachers Insanity)- Proof That We Are Approaching The End Of Time- Israel Is Now One Nation Again After 2,600 Years

3892 WN050819 Why People Do Not Believe In Predestination- They Do Not Know How Wicked They Are- God Has Not Revealed To Them The Darkness Of Their Own Heart- This Is A Must To Every Believer

3893 SM051219 Who Is Your Mother?- The True Story Of Mother's Day

3894 WN051519 If You Do Not Believe That God Hates, You Do Not Believe In The God Of The Bible- God Loved Jacob And Hated Esau 'Before They Were Born Before Either Had Done Any Good Or Evil' (Part 2)

3895 SM051919 Mothers Are A Tree Of Life That Teach Sound Doctrine- 7 Candlesticks- Eyes Of The Lord- The Apple (Pupil) Of God's Eye Is The Church- And A Whole Lot More!

3896 WN052219 Why People Do Not Believe Predestination- They Do Not Believe In Conforming To The Likeness Of Jesus (Part 3)

3897 SM052619 All The Preachers In America Are Teaching Lies – Positive Confession, Faith Healing, Pentecostal Tongues, Accept Christ, Sinner's Prayer For Salvation, ChristMass And Much More!

3898 SM060219 Apostate Doctrines That All Preachers Are Currently Preaching- Correcting Them We Look Like “Fools”- The Salt Losing Its Savour- Sodium Chloride Adding 7 Electrons Of Chlorine To 1 Electron Of Sodium (Foundation) Stabilizes Our Faith

3899 WN060519  – Faith Works! –

3900 SM060919 Revelation 4:  The 24 Elders, Golden Crowns And Glassy Sea- 4 Cherubim (Eagle, Lion, Ox And Man) – What These All Mean- It Is From The Old Testament

3901 WN061219 “Justified” By Faith That Works

3902 SM061619 The Answer To Revelation Is In The Old Testament (Part 2) – The Cherubim, The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (Sword, Famine, Pestilence And Beast)

3903 WN061919 “ASK” – What Does It Mean? Not What Most Preachers And People Think

3904 SM062319 Revelation:  A Book Of Pointers (Signs)- 7 Stars (Messengers), 7 Candlesticks (Refined Church), 24 Elders, Glassy Sea, 4 Beasts (Zoon), Crowns Cast At Jesus's Feet (Part 3)

3905 WN062619 Ask, Seek And Knock – Conditional Legal Terms (Part 2)

3906 SM063019 Things We Believe And Do Not Believe- Predestination- John 3:16 Does Not Say God Loves Everybody- “So” Is The Key Word- Baptism Is Blood- No PreTrib Rapture- Changed At “Last” Trump- No Millennium- Time Is No More At 7th Trump (2019 Picnic Message)

3907 WN070319 Things We Believe And Do Not Believe (Part 2)- No Pentecostal Tongues- 3 Festivals- No Faith Healing – Pentecostalism Is A Lie!- None Seek After God- Christmas Is The Mass- Eating Human Flesh- Constantine Brings ChristMass Into The Church

3908 SM072119 Things We Believe And Do Not Believe (Part 3)- Judging Righteously By Viewing The World Through God's Eyeglasses- Demons Are Self- They Are Man's Imagination

3909 WN072419 Things We Believe And Do Not Believe (Part 4)- Looking At The Bible Through God's Bifocals- Errors In The King James Bible- “Little Words”

3910 SM072819 The Covenant, 4 Beasts (Lion, Ox, Eagle, Man)- Cherubim- Genesis 1, Genesis 9, Revelation 7, Ezekiel 1- Ezekiel Equals Revelation

3911 WN073119 Why People Do Not Believe Truth- “Another Gospel” Is Easy- Departing From Faith Is Leaving Behind Everything That Faith Is And Does- Departing Is Leaving Off Doing, Obedience, Understanding And The List Goes On And On

3912 SM080419 The Eagle, Ox, Lion, Man- The Cherubim- Chariots Attack Israel in Ezekiel 1- Eating The Word In Ezekiel 2 And Revelation 8- Dwelling Among Scorpions (False Teachers) Not Afraid Of Their Words (Ezekiel 2 And Revelation 9)

3913 WN080719 Capitalism Is Eudaimonism (Good Demons)- Genies, Fairies, Guardians, Genius, Totems, Vampires, Familiar Spirits

3914 SM081119 Covenant- The Sphinx- The Body Of A Lion, The Body Of An Ox, The Head Of A Man, The Head And Wings Of An Eagle- Ox, Eagle, Lion, Man- New Heavens (Heavenly Jerusalem, The Church) And New Earth (The Ruled)

3915 WN081419 How To Witness- Jim's Personal Testimonies- From The Beginning- Since The World Began- From The Foundation Of The World- Verses And Greek Words

3916 SM081819 Ezekiel 9 Equals Revelation 7- The Mark (Stake) Of The Beast And Seal (Signature) Of God On The Believer (The Mystery)- Visions Of Ezekiel- Man With The Inkhorn

3917 WN082119 Predestination:  Does God Create Evil For Our Good?

3918 SM082519 Revelation 7- Levi Was Numbered With Israel- They Received The Tithe- They Received No Inheritance- Who Are The 144,000?- They Are The FirstFruits, The Redeemed That Follow Christ In The Narrow Way (Revelation 14)

3919 SM090119 The Levites Ministered Around The Altar (Numbers 18) And Received The Tithe- In Like Fashion, They That Preach The Gospel Should Live Of The Gospel (1 Cor. 9:13-14) And Receive The Tithe – Reason: The Levites Receive No Inheritance

3920 SM090819 Demons (Self) Is In Opposition To The Daily Cross (Death To Self)- The Scapegoat Is Self Being Driven Into The Desert (Leviticus 16 And Luke 11)- Cast Out Devils

3921 WN091119 The Tithe Belongs To Melchisedec (An Office)- There Has Been A Transfer From Levi To Judah (Hebrews 7)- Jesus, The High Priest

3922 SM091519 The High Priest, Aaron, Replaced By Melchisedec- The Levites’ Tithe And Sacrifices Transferred To Church- The 24 Elders (High Priests) Cast Gold Crowns To Jesus Submitting To His Authority As High Priest Over The Spiritual Temple, Which Temple We Are (Part 3)

3923 SM092219 American Baptist (As Well As Pentecostal, Charismatic, Church Of Christ, Etc.) Preachers Are Insane- They Are Irrational

3924 SM092919 Charismatic And Pentecostal Preachers Are Insane (Irrational)- Part 2 Of Baptist Preachers Are Insane (Crazy)

3925 WN100219 Reformers And Calvinists Do Not Fully Believe In Predestination And The Sovereignty Of God- God Sends Men To Hell On Purpose- Babies Do Not Go To Hell- There Is Error They Will Not Give Up

3926 SM100619 The Charismatics Are Crazy- “Calling Things That Be Not” Is Resurrection- It Is Raising Isaac From The Dead Loins Of Abraham And The Dead Womb Of Sarah

3927 WN100919 Predestination:  The Firstborn- Priest, King, Inheritance- Reigning With Christ (Present Tense) In The Kingdom (Spiritual Israel), The Church

3928 SM101319 Pentecostals And Charismatics Are Lying False Teachers – No Tongues, No Faith Healing- Doubt, Waver, Stagger Are Unbelief

3929 WN101619 Predestination:  Firstborn- Priest And King = Two Olive Trees = Two Witnesses = Inner And Outer Man = Inheritance = Church Of Firstborn, Etc.- Biblical Algebra

3930 SM102019 Charismatic Lies- Faith's Definition- Faith Does Not Get The Things And Money You Want- Faith Is A Daily Cross, It Is Death To Self

3931 WN102319 Predestination:  Spirits In Prison (Part 2)- Gentiles- Nations- Prison (Light And Dark)- Olive Trees- Blood Baptism- Christmas- Scattering And Binding Israel- Pro'orizo- Gentiles To The Light, Etc.

3932 SM102719 How To Properly Study The Bible- The Charismatic Lies About Faith- The Man Borne Of Four- Jesus Proves Who He Is To The Scribes

3933 WN103019 The Spirits In Prison Are The “All Men” “All Flesh” Gentiles- God Opened Their Eyes And Brought Them To The Light Because Israel Celebrated Christmas Under Another Name 4,000 Years Ago Resulting In Tongues To The Gentiles

3934 SM110319 Charismatic Lies- Wrenching And Torturing The Scriptures- They Are Hucksters (Con Men)- Copeland, Dollar, Jakes, Duplantis, Meyer, Price, Hinn, Etc.

3935 WN110619 Spirits In Prison: The Earth Shall Be Full Of His Knowledge And Glory As Waters That Cover The Sea- The Gentiles (Spirits In Prison #2)

3936 SM111019 Crazy Charismatics- Prosper Is The “Well Way”- Notes On “The Way”

3937 WN111319 Spirits In Prison:  Prison, The Division Of Day And Night And Light And Darkness (Spirits In Prison #3)

3938 SM111719 “Ask” Is A Legal Term, “Prayer” Is Bowing To The Will Of God, “Believe” Is Death To Self (Daily Cross)

3939 SM112419 Christmas Is Cannibalism- It Is Roman Catholicism- "Eat Flesh And Drink Blood" – What It Really Means

3940 WN112719 God Is Not “Quid Pro Quo”- You Cannot Give To Get From God- Charismatics Say That They Can Say With Their Lips And Give To God And He Is Obligated To Give Back To Them- They Have Added To God's Word- Charismatics, Christmas, Tongues, Demons Are All Adding To His Word

3941 SM120119 Christmas Is The Swastika (The Big Dipper) In 4 Phases, It Is Roman Catholicism- The Swastika Is The Sun Wheel Or Thor's Hammer

3942 WN120419 God Does Not “Quid Pro Quo” (Give Something For Something) Because He Owns All Things- You Cannot Counsel (Advise) God- He Has Declared All Things- The Hundredfold Blessing And Word Of Faith – What They Really Mean (Not Charismatic Teaching)- (Part 2)

3943 SM120819 ChristMass- Priests Of Baal Wore Tall White Pointed Hats And White Sheets And Carried A Flaming Cross Like The KKK- Israel Celebrates Christmas Under Another Name – Baal (Sun) And Grove (Tree) Worship- Israel Scattered For 2600 Years Till May 14, 1948 And Six-Day War Of 1967

3944 WN121119 Predestination:  Man's Evil Heart- Prohorizo- Boundary Of Light (Horizon)- Forgiveness- Pardon And Release From Prison- How It Comes About- Jesus Calls Down Pharisees For Their Verbal Law (Halakah)- American Preachers Are Preaching Halakah (Perversion)

3945 SM121519 The 70 Weeks Of Daniel Is The “Cure For Christmas”

3946 SM122219 Christmas Is The Most Evil Sin In The Bible Or In The History Of The World- It Is Israel Going After Other gods

3947 SM122919 “Merry Christmas” Translates As “Foolish No-Thinking Cannibalism (Eating Human Flesh)”- Christmas Entered Israel By Ahab's Evil Association With Jezebel (The Most Evil Person In The Bible) Bringing In Baal And Grove Worship (Ancient Name For Christmas)

3948 WN010120 Predestination:  Every Event, Both Good And Evil, Is The Will Of God- God Arranged The Timing Of Everything That Has And Will Happen- “God Loveth A Cheerful Giver” Is About Money For The Poor- The Tithe Has Been Transferred To The Preacher Of The Gospel

3949 SM010520 Christmas: Jezebel, The Most Evil Woman In The Bible, Brings This Into Israel 3,000 Years Ago Under Another Name (Baal And Grove Worship)- The Daughter From Hell, Athaliah, Takes It Into Southern Israel (Judah)- God Commissions Jehu To Kill The Sons Of Ahab- It All Happened Because Of Evil Communications

3950 WN010820 Charismatics- Two Jesus In The Bible- American Preachers Serve The “Other” Jesus Who Is Satan Disguised As The True Jesus

3951 SM011220 Swastika- The Big Dipper- ChristMass- Israel Eats Their Children- Their Penalty For Celebrating Christmas 3,000 Years Ago- They Became Cannibals

3952 WN011520 How To Study The Bible By Word Definition- Define, Deny, Negative, Meaning- Love (Agape), Know, Good Receiveth Reproach, Signify- the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (Rev. 6)- Locusts And Scorpions (Rev. 9) – What They Really Mean

3953 SM011920 God's Revenge- The Mass- A Scientist Looks At Santa Claus- Strychnine In The Wafer- Jezebel Signs Her Own Death Warrant- Elijah Runs From Jezebel- Gives Up- Tired Of Living- Elijah Tells Ahab You Will Die- The Dogs Will Lick Your Blood- The Dogs Will Eat Jezebel

3954 WN012220 Biblical Algebra Is Like A “Seesaw”- The Gospel Is The Way, Blood Baptism Is The Way- They Both Equal The Narrow Way As Isaiah Said (Part 1)

3955 SM012620 Christmas- God Has Jehu Kill The 70 Sons Of Ahab- He Executes Jezebel For Murdering Righteous Naboth And For Bringing Christmas (Baal And The Grove) Into Israel- Jezebel's Daughter From Hell (Athaliah) Kills All The Seed Royal- Joash Ascends The Throne- Athaliah Is Killed, Crying Treason

3956 WN012920 Biblical Algebra, Part 2- Jesus = The Bread = The Flesh = The Truth = The Word = The Holy Spirit, Etc.- Things Equal To The Same Thing Are Equal To Each Other

3957 SM020220 The Story Of Israel And Christmas- The Penalty For This Sin Was The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- The 4 Decrees By Persian/Mede Kings- The Reason They Were Scattered For 2,600 Years- Christmas Under Another Name

3958 WN020520 Biblical Algebra, Part 3- Axiom- If Equals Are Added To Equals The Results Are Equal- The Handwriting On Tables Of Stone Are Equal To Handwriting On Fleshy Tables Of Our Heart- The Old Testament Temple Is Equal To Us Believers, The Spiritual Temple

3959 SM020920 Israel Carried Into Captivity For 2,600 Years- They Are No Longer Captive- This Is A Sign Of The End- The Islamic People Believe They Own The Land Of Israel And The Israelis Believe It Is Theirs- There Is No Answer, No Remedy

3960 WN021220 The Pagan Origins Of Valentine's Day Is The Same As Christmas, Mardi Gras And Easter- The 24 Elders Of Revelation 4 Are The 24 Sons Of Aaron, The High Priests- They Submit Their Gold Crowns To Jesus, The True High Priest

3961 SM021620 Israel Worshipped The Same gods That Constantine Brought Into The Church And Renamed ChristMass- Good And Evil Kings- Jeroboam The Son Of Nebat- Asa Prays “Let Not Man Prevail Against Thee”- Then He Failed In Old Age

3962 WN021920 How To Study The Greek- Compound Words- Kingdom Of God- Revelation 1 And 4- The 7 Stars = The 7 Angels (Messengers) = The 7 Churches = The 7 Candlesticks = The 2 Anointed Ones = Priest And King = The 2 Witnesses = Church

3963 SM022320 How To Study The Kings Of The Bible (The Nation Of Israel)- Uzziah Believed God When Young- When He Was Old He Was Ornery- The Assyrian Kings Threaten Southern Judah- God Has The Death Angel Kill 185,000 Of The Assyrian Army

3964 WN022620 How To Study The Bible, Part 2- The, And, In- Baptized “In”- Baptize Was Originally An Infinitive (Verbal Noun)- It Does Not Mean To “Dip” Into Or Sprinkle Water

3965 SM030120 Kings Of Israel, Part 2:  Hezekiah Did Not Ask For More Time When He Was Sick- Prayer Does Not Change Things- It Bows To The Will Of God- Hannah Did Not Ask For A Son In Samuel- Manasseh, The Most Wicked King- The Prayers Of Asa And Jehoshaphat- God Fights Our Battles When We Get Rid Of Our Idolatry

3966 SM030820 A Brief History Of Israel- Timeline From Adam To Jacob (Israel)- 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (Rev 6) – Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast- No Answer To These Dark Sentences

3967 WN031120 Learning The Bible- Definition, Gender And Tense Are Absolutely Necessary In Understanding The Defined Truth- Adverbs And Adjectives Are Essential

3968 SM031520 The Last King Of Israel- Manasseh, Josiah, His Children- The End Of Israel's History When They Are Carried Away Into Captivity For 2,600 Years- II Kings 25 And II Chronicles 36

3969 SM032220 The Reason For The Corona Virus Is False Doctrine

3970 WN032520 Predestinated To The Light (Horizon) Which Is Truth

3971 SM032920 Corona Virus Message, Part 2:  The Four Judgments Of God- Jeremiah, The Last Major Prophet During Israel's Destruction- The Sword, Famine, Pestilence And The Beast

3972 WN040120 Predestination (Predetermined For Light) And Spirits In Prison (Predetermined For Light)- Light, The Word, Spirit, The Truth Are All Equal- This Is Systematic Theology (Part 2)

3973 SM040520 The Preachers' False Doctrine Is The Reason For The Corona Virus- They Twist And Pervert The Word Of God- Covid-19 Is A Pestilence

3974 WN040820 Predestination And The Spirits In Prison (Part 3)

3975 SM041220 Easter And The Rest Of The Unholy Pagan Days Are The Reason For The Corona Virus

3976 WN041520 Predestination And The Spirits In Prison (Part 4)- All Men, All Flesh- Synecdoche

3977 SM041920 “Tolerance”- The Reason For The Corona Virus

3978 WN042220 Predestined For The “Light” (The Horizon)- Gentile Spirits In Prison

3979 SM042620 The Reason For Corona Virus – Tolerance (Part 2)- Preachers Are Froward Ignoring The Defined Truth

3980 WN042920 Predestination And Prayer

3981 SM050320 The Reason For Corona Virus Is Halakah (Opinion)

3982 WN050620 Predestination, Prayer And The Sabbath (Part 2)

3983 SM051020 The Reason For Corona Virus:  Preachers In America Are Pharisees Adding To The Word Of God- Halakah- Can A Person Remarry After Divorce – Absolutely!

3984 WN051320 Predestination, Prayer And The Sabbath (Part 3)

3985 SM051720 The Reason For Corona Virus:  The Pharisees And The Charismatics Practiced The Same False Doctrine

3986 WN052020 Predestination, Prayer And The Sabbath (Part 4)- Blotting Out The Handwriting Of Ordinances (Rituals, Letter Of Law)- “To Be Conformed”

3987 SM052420 I Hate “Accept Christ As Your Personal Saviour” And “Sinner's Prayer” For Salvation- Faith, Or Believe, Is The Method Of Salvation

3988 WN052720 Predestination:  Nothing Good In Man That Can Cooperate With God

3989 SM053120 Corona Virus Is A Curse From God Because Of All The Hypocrisy In The Pulpits Of America

3990 WN060320 Predestination:  Israel Moved The Bound (Horizo) Worshiping To gods Of The Pagans (ChristMass)- Swearing An Oath To God (To 7 Oneself)- Adding 7 To 1 (Salt)

3991 SM060720 American Preachers – Baptists, Pentecostals, Charismatics, Methodists, Roman Catholics, Etc. – Are Lying- All The Way Back To Ancient Israel- The Reason For Corona Virus

3992 WN061020 Predestination And Atonement:  No Participation In Our Salvation- John 17- Jesus Prayed For All Those Predestinated Elect Who Are Given To Him – No One Else

3993 SM061420 Charismatics Change The Word Of God- “Spiritual Warfare” – What It Actually Means- Israel Ceases To Be The Heavens Conquering Their Enemies

3994 WN061720 The Comfort In Believing Predestination And The Sovereignty Of God- To Be, Am, Will – Jehovah

3995 SM062120 The Corona Virus Is A Pestilence Caused By Preachers When They ReDefine God's Word- Demons- Baptism

3996 WN062420 Where Is Satan, The Opponent Of God?- He Is In “Your Flesh” (The Outer Man)

3997 SM062820 Corona Virus:  Another Reason- Meddle Not With Them That Are Given To Change (Mutate Or Duplicate)- The Preachers Have Changed The Passover Into Crackers And Grape Juice Like Everything Else

3998 WN070120 All Men (All Flesh) = The Earth Shall Be Full Of His Knowledge And Glory = Limited Atonement- Jesus Died For His Wife The Church And Gave Himself For Her

3999 SM070520 Corona Virus Series:  Christ Sent Me Not To Baptize- Why Did Paul Say That?- Halakah Preachers Are Adding To The Word Of God

4000 WN070820 Predestination: “To Be Conformed” (Infinitive, Verbal Noun)- “To Be Baptized” (Infinitive, Verbal Noun)- Overcoming The Outer Man With Fire, Trials, Tribulation, Persecutions, Etc.- A Good Conscience

4001 SM071220 Corona Virus Is Here Because Preachers Have Preached Lies For 4,000 Years- “Accept Christ” Is Roman Catholicism- Billy Graham Propagated This Doctrine To The World More Than Any Other Preacher- It Is Hell's Doctrine- It Is The Mass

4002 WN071520 Predestination:  We Are God's Spiritual Robots

4003 SM071920 Corona Virus And Other Diseases Began With Israel 3,000 Years Ago And Has Continued To The Present Day Due To The False Preachers

4004 WN072220 Obedience Or Disobedience- Predestination, Faith (No Faith), Sabbath, Prayer, Confess (Do), Daily Cross, Self, Suffering For Righteousness Sake, Tribulation, Prophecy, Christmas And Holidays, Infamous (Reproach), Baptism, Drink Cup, Love, Evil, Truth, 70 Weeks, Reprobate

4005 SM072620 Corona Virus:  Billy Graham Was An Illusionist Convincing America Of His Inherited Lies

4006 WN072920 Sovereignty (Predestination) And The Sabbath

4007 SM080220 The Reason For Corona Virus Is Men Like Billy Graham (Part 2)

4008 WN080520 Corona Virus Results:  America's Hearts Are "Hardened" By The "Winds Of Doctrine"- Most Preachers Are Lying

4009 SM080920 Billy Graham:  The Most Beloved, Popular False Teacher In America's History- He Has Blindsided The World With His “Nice” Guy Personality

4010 WN081220 Predestination Is About The “Spiritual Sabbath”- God Has Ordained Everything Including Evil- Sabbath Means Rest- We Can Rest In Everything Including The “Bad”- Consideration For Animals

4011 SM081620 The Pope And Billy Graham

4012 WN081920 Predestination:  Sabbath- Rest- Faith, Fight, Tribulation- Overcome (War), Victory- Insurmountable Odds

4013 SM082320 The Sinner's Prayer (Romans 10:13) Is Not True- Belief (Faith) Is Placed In The Heart By God

4014 WN082620 Faith (Believing) Is The Sabbath- Provoking God (Rebellion) Is Unbelief

4015 SM083020 Corona Virus:  Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast (World Order)- Judgments Of God- There Is No Separation Of The Four- There Is No Answer (No Cure)

4016 WN09022 Old Testament Equals New Testament- Temple In OT Equals NT Believer- Hebrews 3 And 4 Equals Numbers 13 And 14- Provoking God Is Unbelief- Believing God Is Spiritual Sabbath Every Day God Fights Our Battles

4017 SM090620 The Four Judgments Of God- The Beast, The Final- Israel Coming Back Into One Nation- Isaiah 11- Luke 21:24- Covid-19 And Other Diseases Along With The Sword (War) And Pestilence (Disease)- The End Is Not Far Away

4018 WN090920 Predestined To Christ’s Likeness- Obedience To Death Of “Daily Cross” Then Resurrection- Death To Self Is Resurrection- New Life Daily

4019 SM091320 Signs Of The End Of time- Wars And Rumours Of Wars- Israel Split Into Two Nations- Joseph (Ephraim) And Judah- At The End Of Time Reunited Into One Nation- May 14, 1948 Along With Six-Day War Of 1967- Sword (War), Famine, Pestilence (Disease), And Beast (World Order) Are Signs Of The End

4020 WN091620 Predestination:  The Sabbath (Rest) Is Now Spiritual- The Sabbath Is Every Day

4021 SM092020 Signs Of The End Of Time: Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast (World Ruling System)- After Israel Is Back They Will Be Attacked By Gog The Land Of Magog

4022 WN092320 Another Biblical Algebra Message- Unbelief (Apistis) Equals Provoking God Equals No Spiritual Sabbath Equals Staggering (Diakrino) Equals Doubt Equals No Faith, No Understanding Equals No Discipline Equals No Daily Cross Equals Sin

4023 SM092720 The End Of Time Is Near- Christmas Is The Reason For God's 4 Judgments Including Sword (Wars), Famine (Worldwide Food Shortage), Pestilence (Disease, Bubonic Plague, Polio, Aids, Ebola, Corona Virus And Coming Plagues), The Beast (Israel At War In The Middle East)

4024 WN093020 Predestined To The “Spiritual” Sabbath- Provoking God Is Unbelief- Moses Is Forbidden From Going Into The Promised Land

4025 SM100420 Why There Is An End Of Time- It Is The Final Dealings With God's People

4026 WN100720 Sabbath Series- Unbelief- All That It Means- Provoking God- Stagger- Doubt- Respect Of Persons- (Partial) Difference- All Are “Diakrino”- To Discriminate- Goliath, David's Giant To Conquer Through Obedience

4027 SM101120 A Sign Of The End Of Time- The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- The Land Must Enjoy Her Sabbaths- Jerusalem Falling By The Sword Until…

4028 WN101420 Predestination Is The Most Comforting Doctrine In The Bible- When You Embrace It, You Are Comforted In God's “Spiritual Sabbath” Of Rest

4029 SM101820 70 Weeks- The Empires (Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome) That Ruled Israel And The Nations That Ruled Them For 2,600 Years From 586 BC To May 14, 1948 And June 5-10, 1967- The Most Important Prophecy Of The End Of Time

4030 WN102120 Studies Of Unbelief- No Faith, No Agape, No Understanding, No Disciples, No Daily Cross, Etc.

4031 SM102520 Israel's 4 End Time Wars- Complete Victory For Israel- Attacked At The End Of Time By Gog (Man Of Sin) And His Coalition (Ezekiel 38)

4032 WN102820 Three Stages Of Faith- No Faith (Apistis)- Little/Puny Faith (Oligos Pistis)- Increasing (Auxano) Faith- Faith Grows- God Kills Miriam And Aaron (Numbers 20) And Forbids Moses From Entering Canaan For Little Faith

4033 SM110120 Israel Celebrated Christmas Under Another Name (Fire And Tree Worship) 3,000 Years Ago- Constantine Simply Changed The Saturnalia Into Christmas- The System (Baal And Grove) That Brought Judgment On Israel Is The Same That Constantine Brought Into The Church- This Is Why The World Trade Center Came Down- This Is The Reason For Covid-19 And All Plagues

4034 WN110420 The Mathematical Structure Of Scripture- Numbers And Gematria- The Spiritual Sabbath- Ceasing From Our Own Works (Sin)

4035 SM110820 What Is The Mass?- The True Partaking Of The Body Of Christ- It Isn't The "Roman Catholic Mass" (Eating Human Flesh - Cannibalism)- A Message To John MacArthur

4036 WN111120 The Spiritual Sabbath (Rest)- Entering Into Rest By Ceasing The Works Of The Flesh (Sin)- Galatians 5:19

4037 SM111520 Christmas Is Not “Literal” Eating Human Flesh- It Is Partaking Of “The Body” Of Christ- What This Really Means

4038 WN111820 Ceasing The Works Of The Flesh (Sin) Which Is The Exact Opposite Of The Fruit Of The Spirit (The True Sabbath)

4039 SM112220 How I Learned That Christmas Was Paganism- The Earth In Its Path Around The Sun- The Dark Time Of The Year From The Fall Equinox Until The Spring Equinox- Paul Told The Gentile Churches “Ye Were Darkness, Now Ye Are Light”

4040 WN112520 Works Of The Flesh (Sin)- The Glory And Sin Of Man Must Cease Before Entering Into The Spiritual Sabbath- The Fruit Of The Spirit- Romans 1- Changing The Truth Of God Into A Lie

4041 SM112920 Celebrating Christmas Is Like Trying To Clean Up Filth- “Who Can Bring A Clean Thing Out Of Unclean”?

4042 WN120220 Sabbath Series:  Satan, The Adversary (Opponent) Of God Is Our Flesh (The Carnal Man) The Outer Man- Origin Of The Outer Man In Genesis 1:1-2

4043 WN120920 The Outer Man- He's Drawn Away By His Own Lust And Enticed- He Originated In Genesis 1:1-2 (Part 2)

4044 SM121320 Christmas Is A Perversion- The Roman Catholics Have Changed The Passover Into “The Mass”- The Baptists And Protestants Have Changed It Into “Crackers And Grape Juice”

4045 WN121620 Sabbath Is Resting In Predestination- Genesis 1:2 Satan Corrupts Our Universe- Adam Had To Sin- He Was Made Of Corrupt Dust- 4 Judgments Are In The Garden- Cain, The Illegitimate Son Of Adam, Had No Inheritance

4046 SM122020 How Do We “Eat Flesh” And “Drink The Blood” Of Christ? – It Is Not “The Mass”- We “Eat” Of The Body (The Church) And “Drink” Of Truth

4047 WN122320 Sabbath Is Ceasing Own “Works” (Sin)- Cain The Illegitimate (Bastard) Son Of Adam And Eve Offered The “Works” Of His Hands- He Had No Inheritance

4048 SM122720 Christmas Is The Reason For Disease- The Mass Is Eating Human Flesh- The Twisting Of Passover Which Is Now Spiritual- 1 Cor 11- Partaking Unworthily Is Fellowshipping With Whited Sepulchres (Dead Bodies) In The Agape Love Feast

4049 WN123020 Cain And Abel – 1st Born And 2nd Born- Cain Was Illegitimate – No Inheritance (Part 2)

4050 SM010321 The Passover Has Been Twisted Into Christmas And Crackers And Grape Juice- The Shadow And The Very Image (Spiritual)- The Law Is Still In Effect- Blotting Out Ordinances (Rituals)

4051 WN010621 Sabbath- Work For Good And Cease From Sin (Resting) Or Work For Self In Sin- Employed Or Idle- Inner And Outer Man- Greek Morphemes With Related Meanings – Love, Need, Useful, Anoint, Easy, Busybody, Idle, Lazy, Truth

4052 SM011021 Jewish Idioms And Metaphors- “Eat Flesh And Drink Blood”- Everything Preachers Are Preaching Is False Doctrine

4053 WN011321 “Put On” – Imperative Mood (A Command)- Enduo (Sink Into Clothing)- Washed Us In His Own Blood- Sin Versus Righteousness- Inner Man/Outer Man (Sabbath Series)

4054 SM011721 Covenant And Testament Are The Same Greek Word- The Same Definition Has Agape (Love)- A Law For A Command To Obedience (No Choice)- God Does Not Say “It Is My Way Or The Highway”- He Says “It Is My Way, There Is No Highway”- No Pretrib, No Millennium, Last Trump- Time Is No More

4055 WN012021 Sabbath/Inner And Outer Man Series- Living Deliciously (In A Strain) Is In Opposition To Rest And Believing God In Everything- Predestination Is In The Image (Likeness) Of Jesus Crucifying The Outer Man

4056 SM012421 Last Will And Testament/Covenant (Diatheke)- Inheritance, Adoption, Blood Baptism, Drinking Of A Cup, Daily Cross, Death To Self (The Outer Man)- Leaving Us An Example, Like Jesus

4057 WN012721 Predestined To Rest (Sabbath) In Christ- To Cease Our Sin (Work) To Stop “Contention And Strife”- Slowly Killing Off The Outer Man- God's Tribulation And Fire In Time Will Accomplish This

4058 SM013121 Covenant (Diatheke) Is A Promise (Epaggelia) About Dying (The Church)- Partake Of A Covenant You Eat (Partake) Of The One Body (The Church) By Drinking The Cup (Taste Death)

4059 WN020321 Faith (Pistis)- Believe (Pisteuo)- Little Faith (Oligos Pistis)- Add To Your Faith- Faith Must Grow- Spiritual Sabbath Series

4060 SM020721 Covenant/Testament- Predestination- Separation- Choose (Chosen)- Drink Cup- Baptism- Obedience- Synonyms (Words With Like Meanings)

4061 WN021021 Faith:  What It Is And What It Is Not- Faith Increases The Sabbath In Our Lives

4062 SM021421 Covenant/Testament- Covenant Is A Two-Way Street- Book Of Judges

4063 SM022121 God's Judgments Are The Same From Genesis To Revelation -- Sword, Famine (Economy), Pestilence, Beast- Judges -- Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar, Deborah, Gideon, Tola, Jair, Jephthah, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon, Samson, Samuel (13)

4064 WN022421 Faith – Believe – Predestination

4065 SM022821 God's Warning To Israel And The Church- Keep My Commandment- Do Not Intermarry With The World- Judgment Will Come- Israel 400 Years In Egypt- 400 Years Of Arab Rule (1517-1917)- Deborah, Barak, Sisera And Jael- Judgment!

4066 WN030321 Faith (What It Is And What It Does) Works By Love (What It Is And What It Does)

4067 SM030721 Marrying Truth To A Lie- Sons Of God Marrying Daughters Of Men- Deuteronomy 28, Leviticus 26, Exodus 15

4068 WN031021 Faith Worketh By Love (Part 2)

4069 SM031421 Marrying Truth To A Lie- The End Of Time (Part 2)

4070 WN031721 Faith – Believe – Little Faith – No Faith

4071 SM032121 The Reason For So Much Disease, Famine (Economy), Wars And Political Problems In The World Is A Lack Of Truth Coming From The Pulpits

4072 WN032421 Easter And Christmas- God Is Angry When We Partake Of The Pagan Rituals

4073 SM032821 What Is "The Sons Of God Marrying The Daughters Of Men" At The End Of Time- Perversion Of Scripture- Preachers Lying For Money

4074 WN033121 23-1/2 Degrees Is The Reason For The Seasons- Easter, Christmas, Valentines, Mardi Gras, Halloween

4075 SM040421 All Holidays Come Out Of Babylon- Easter Is The Resurrection Of Tammuz In Mythology

4076 WN040721 How To Study The Interlinear Bible With The Strong's Concordance And An Analytical Lexicon (Part 1)

4077 WN041421 Part 2 Of How To Study The Interlinear Bible With The Strong's Concordance And An Analytical Lexicon

4078 SM041821 Part 3 Of How To Study The Interlinear Bible With The Strong's Concordance And An Analytical Lexicon- The Beast Is A System, Not A Man

4079 WN042121 Part 4 Of How To Study The Concordance- Greek Alphabet- Gender Of Words- The “Orge”- What Paul Meant When He Said, “I Thank God That I Baptized None Of You..”- The Halakah (Traditionary Law)

4080 SM042521 Part 5 Of How To Study The Concordance- Greek Parts Of Speech- Errors In The King James Version Due To Roman Catholic Translators- The TR Is The Correct Text- “Whosoever” Is Not A Greek Word

4081 WN042821 Preachers Of The 21st Century Are Like The Pharisees Of The 1st Century- They Take The Word And Put Their Opinion To It

4082 SM050221 The Halakah- The Doctrine Of The Pharisees- The Halakah Was A Perversion Of God's Truth

4083 SM050921 Part 2 Of False Doctrine Of American Preachers Is The Same As The Pharisees 2,000 Years Ago- Men Hate The Daily Cross Because They Like Dirt

4084 WN051221 Preachers Have Changed The Truth Of God Into A Lie

4085 SM051621 Documentation Where The Doctrine Of Demons Began- Demons Are A Myth- The Pharisees Started This Teaching In Their Halakah

4086 WN051921 Documentation For The Origin Of Demons, Genies, Fairies, Guardian Angels, Genius And Totems- They Are All Man's Imagination In Different Cultures Of The Ancient World

4087 SM052321 Part 3 Of Documentation That Demons, Genies, Fairies, Guardian Angels, Genius And Totems Are All The Same Thing In The Ancient World- Fairyland Is Worshiping The Easy Jesus (Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel)

4088 WN070721 Documentation Of The Truth About Demons, Part 1:  Things To Remember – 1) Theos And Daimonion Were Interchangeable Among The Pagans, 2) Deified Ancestors, 3) Apportion Or “Distribute Fortunes”, 4) Fairy Tales Are Demons, Genii, 5) Guardian Spirits, 6) This Is All Myth (Muthos – Fables)

4089 SM071821 How I Think Over The Years- "Living Water, Pure Water"

4090 SM072521 Demons Are Our Flesh- Solomon And The Demons, Part 2

4091 SM080121 The Throne Was Passed Down Through Jehoiachin (Jechonias) Not Zedekiah, A Correction Of English Israelism, A Ridiculous Doctrine- Ezekiel's Temple Is Literal

4092 WN080421 Demons (Self)- The Inner Man Is Jesus, The Outer Man Is Self (The Demon), Part 3

4093 SM080821 Man Has Invented Demons So That He Doesn't Have To Repent Of Himself- Demons Are “Self”

4094 WN081121 Put Off The Old Man Put On (Enduo) The New Man Is About Demons And Righteousness

4095 SM081521 The Inner Man Is Christ (Born Again-New Birth) The Outer Man Is Self (The Demon-Distribute Fortunes)

4096 WN081821 Another Jesus Is Satan Transformed (Disguised) As An Angel Of Light Preaching False Doctrine

4097 SM082221 Christmas (Under Its Ancient Name) Is The Reason For Disease (Pestilence, Corona Virus, AIDS, Ebola, 1918 Flu, Smallpox, Bubonic Plague) And All Other Plagues

4098 WN082521 God Versus The Demon (Self)- The Inner Man Versus The Outer Man- Putting On The New Man- Putting Off The Old Man

4099 WN092221 Signs Of The End Of Time- The Beginning Of The 70 Weeks Of Daniel

4100 SM092621 Signs Of The End Of Time, Part 2- The Continuation Of The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- The Nations That Ruled Israel For 2,600 Years

4101 SM100321 God's Reason For The 70 Weeks Of Daniel To Take Us To The End Of Time – It's Close!

4102 WN100621 The End Of Time Has To Do With The 70 Weeks Of Daniel And Every Upheaval In Governments In The World- Ezekiel 38 Is The Final Showdown Of The 70 Weeks

4103 SM101021 The History Of The 70 Weeks Of Daniel And God's Reason Behind It (End Of Time Series)

4104 WN101321 Israel's Return And The End Of Time- The 4 Wars – Independence May 14, 1948- Sinai War 1956-57- 6 Day War June 5-10, 1967- Yom Kippur War 1973- This Generation Shall Not Pass Till All Be Fulfilled (70 Weeks Series)

4105 SM101721 The 70 Weeks- God's Judgment On Israel- The Law Of The Medes And Persians Altereth Not

4106 WN102021 The 70 Weeks Of Daniel Is The Time Period Of The Scourge That God Uses To Cause Israel To Perform The 6 Points Of Daniel 9:24 And Repent- The 1st 2 Decrees

4107 SM102421 The 4th Decree Is The Beginning Of The 70 Weeks Introducing Nehemiah's Enemy Sanballat, Tobiah And The Arabian

4108 WN102721 The 70 Weeks- From The Going Forth Of The Commandment To Restore And Rebuild Jerusalem Until The Messiah (Jesus) Shall Be 69 Weeks Or 483 Years

4109 SM103121 The 70 Weeks Of Daniel, Christmas, Pentecostal Tongues, And Demons Are All Related

4110 WN110321 The 70th Week Of Daniel Comes At The Time Of The Two Witnesses (At The End Of Time)- Separated From The 69 Weeks, At The Time Of Changing Times And Laws

4111 SM110721 The Last Week Of Daniel's 70 Weeks Comes At The End- 1,260 Days, 3½ Years, A Time Times And ½ Time- 42 Months

4112 WN111021 The 70th Week Of Daniel 9:27- 3½ Years, 1,260 Days, A Time Times And ½ Time- 42 Months- The End Of Time (Part 2)- Definitions And Revelation- Throne, 24 Elders, Gold Crowns, New Heavens, New Earth

4113 SM111421 The 70th Week- 1,260 Days, 42 Months Brings Israel's Repentance- Revelation 12- Michael Casts Out Satan- Genesis 1- Satan's Character- Christmas Is The Saturnalia- The Deadly Wound Is Healed

4114 WN111721 What These Have In Common – The 70th Week – Daniel 9:27 Midst Of Week, Daniel 7:24,25 TT½T, Daniel 12:7 TT½T, Rev 11:2,3 42 Mos 1260 Days, Rev 12:6,14 1260 Days TT½T, Rev 13:5 42 Mos- Infinitive Noun Verbal Character- The Beast Is At War With Israel, The Church

4115 SM112121 The Old Testament Is Equal To The New Testament- He Has Chosen Us Just Like He Chose Israel

4116 WN112421 The Reason For The 70 Weeks Of Daniel Is Israel Kept The Customs Of Christmas And Easter Under Its Ancient Pagan Name “Baal And Grove” Worship- December 25th Was The Birthday Of Mithra In The Ancient World

4117 SM112821 When People Say “Merry Christmas” They Do Not Know What They Are Saying- Christmas Is The “Mass” Of Roman Catholicism- Merry Is An Empty Word

4118 WN120121 Christmas Is Paganism Documentation- Jim's Papers

4119 SM120521 Jezebel Brings Christmas Into Israel- Jim's Christmas Song

4120 WN120821 Channuk Is Throwing Christmas Out Of The Temple- Predestination Is Getting Rid Of The god Of Self Out Of The Temple Of God (Which Temple Ye Are)

4121 SM121221 The Man Of Sin, Part 2

4122 WN121521 Christmas And The End Of Time: All These Are Related – Israel's Apostasy, Scattering By The Beast, Tongues, 70 Weeks Of Daniel, Christmas, Easter, 2,600 Years Of Captivity, Prophecy, Apostasy (Positive Confession, Faith Healing, Tongues, Accept Christ, Sinner's Prayer)

4123 SM121921 Christmas Is Witchcraft- Good Words And Fair Speeches- Flattery

4124 SM122621 Major Points About Christmas – What It Is And What It Is Not

4125 WN122921 Why The Puritans Outlawed Christmas And Easter 300 Years Ago In America- St. Nicholas Is A Dead Roman Catholic Bishop Of The 4th Century

4126 SM010222 The Feast Of Saturn Is Still The Saturnalia Under Any Other Name, Like Christmas- The Puritans Outlawed Christmas (Part 2)- “Fatima”

4127 WN010522 Christmas:  Evil Communications Corrupt Good Morals

4128 SM010922 What's So Bad About Christmas?- Jim's 2nd Paper On Christmas- The Two Chapters Men Use To Justify Celebrating Christmas – Romans 14 And Colossians 2

4129 WN011222 The Christmas Lie Is Flattery- No Daily Cross, No Self Denial, No Persecution, No Tribulation

4130 WN011922 Christmas Under Its Ancient Name Is The Reason That God Created Evil Against Israel (Part 1)

4131 SM012322 God Has Predestined Us To Groan At The Hands Of Evil Men To Conform Us To His Likeness- God Creates Evil (Part 2)

4132 WN012622 God Creates Evil Upon Ahab (1 Kings 21:21) And Jezebel- They Brought Idolatry Into Israel And Murdered Naboth (Part 3)

4133 SM013022 God Brings Evil Upon David's House Because Of Murder And Adultery- David's Sons And Nephews- God Creates Evil (Part 4)

4134 WN020222 Evil That God Brings On David's Family For His Sin Of Adultery (Bathsheba) And Murder (Uriah)- God Creates Evil (Part 5)

4135 SM020622 God Creates Evil (Part 6)- David's “Friends”- Ishbosheth And Mephibosheth Were Not As Important As They Appeared

4136 WN020922 God Creates Evil On David's House- The Sword Of Evil Family Members (Part 7)

4137 SM021322 God Creates Evil (Part 8)- Predestined To Be Conformed By The Evil God Brings (Groaning)- Looking At The End Of David's Life- Final Retribution On His Enemies By Solomon

4138 WN021622 God Creates Evil So The Inner Man Will Conquer The Outer Man- Predestined To Conform To The Image Of Christ (Part 9)

4139 SM022022 God Creates Evil (Part 10)- Jim's Paper On “God Creates Evil”, Part 1

4140 WN022322 God Creates Evil (Part 11)- Job, Nehemiah And Jeremiah- Jim's Paper On “God Creates Evil”, Part 2

4141 SM022722 God Creates Evil (Part 12) For Our Good- The Same Way He Did For Israel- God's Program- Wicked King Jehoiakim Burns The Book Of Jeremiah- Jim's Paper On “God Creates Evil”, Part 3

4142 WN030222 Q&A Section + God Creates Evil (Part 13) (Incomplete Message Interrupted Due To Power Outage)

4143 SM030622 God Creates Evil (Part 14)- Jeremiah Is Hung In The Mire By The Princes Of Israel- Nebuzaradan Sets Jeremiah Free- The Beginning Of Christianity

4144 WN030922 God Creates Evil (Part 15)- High Points Of Jeremiah- Israel Wanted To Kill Him

4145 SM031322 God Creates Evil (Part 16)- High Points Of Jeremiah, Part 3- Jeremiah, A Prophet Of Doom- People Of Israel Wanted To Kill Him- God Said “Pray Not For This People, I Will Not Hear”

4146 WN031622 God Creates Evil (Part 17)- Jeremiah Brought Out The 70 Years (Chapter 25 And Chapter 29) Before Daniel Talked Of The 70 Weeks- The Evil Sons Of Josiah

4147 SM032022 God Creates Evil (Part 18) Because Of Disobedience- God's Razor Strap- Jeremiah 32

4148 WN032322 God Creates Evil (Part 19)- God Calls Israel Back Into One Nation At The End Of Time (Jeremiah 33, Isaiah 11, Ezekiel 37) – It's Here!

4149 SM032722 God Creates Evil (Part 20)- Jeremiah 34:18-20 – Covenant Equals Testament- Cutting The Calf In Twain, Passing Between The Pieces- Mediator (Go-Between)- Lawyer- Death Of The Testator- Inherit- What Jesus Left Us Is His Last Will And Testament

4150 WN040622 God Creates Evil (Part 21)- In Every Believer's Life – Moses, Job, Paul, As Well As Jeremiah – It Is The Scourge Of Evil Men Sent By God

4151 SM041022 God Creates Evil (Part 22)- God Is Against All Nations That Have Corrupted Israel With Sun And Tree Worship (Baal And The Grove)- Tyre, Sidon, Moab, Ammon, Egypt, Syria, Etc.

4152 WN041322 Easter, Christmas, Valentine's, Halloween, And Mardi Gras Are All The Same Thing (Sun And Tree Worship) In Different Societies In The Ancient World

4153 SM041722 Resurrection Is Coming To Life After Dying- Blood Baptism Is Daily Death To Self- Prepare Ye The “Way” Is Baptism And The Gospel

4154 WN042022 The Gospel- Blood Baptism- The Way- “Christ Sent Me Not To Baptize”- John The Baptist Message (Part 2)

4155 SM042422 Romans 8:29- Predestination – Its True Meaning Is About The “Strait” Gate And The “Narrow” Way- The Inner Man And The Outer Man

4156 WN042722 The “Way” To Heaven Is Narrow- Few Will Find It- The Strait Gate Causes The “Groaning” Of The Believer- This Conforms The Believer To The Image Of Jesus

4157 SM050122 The Strait Gate, The Narrow Way- Blood Baptism, Drink The Cup, Daily Cross, Self Denial, The Gospel, Faith, Confessing Christ Is Death To Self – These All Mean The Same Thing

4158 WN050422 Take Your Cross And Die Daily (Faith Definition) Or You Are Not Going To Heaven When You Die- Death To Self

4159 SM050822 How Do You Obey The Gospel?- Jesus Is Coming Back In Flaming Fire Taking Vengeance On Those That Know Not God, And That Obey Not The Gospel (2 Thes 1:8)

4160 WN051122 The Gospel Equals The Strait Gate And The Narrow Way- How Do You Obey The Gospel? (Part 2)

4161 SM051522 The Two Natures Of The Child Of God- Romans 6, 7, 8

4162 WN051822 If We Are Not Spiritual Israel, Why Are We Involved In Spiritual Circumcision, Spiritual Passover, Spiritual Day Of Atonement, The Cutting Off Of The Outer Man

4163 SM052222 God Circumcises Our Hearts Over Time In Cutting Off Of Sin Of The Outer Man (Spiritual Israel Series)

4164 SM052922 If We Are Not Spiritual Israel, Why Are We Keeping The Spiritual Passover, Pentecost And Day Of Atonement- Idioms, Metaphors, Figures Of Speech, Etc. (Part 3)

4165 WN060122 If The Church Is Not Spiritual Israel, Why Did God Use A Spiritual Jewish Passover Lamb (Jesus) To Die For His Church- Why A Spiritual Jewish Pentecost To Birth His Church (Wife)- A Spiritual Jewish Day Of Atonement To Baptize His Bride (Church)

4166 SM060522 If We Are Not Spiritual Israel, Why Did God Use Spiritual Passover, Pentecost And Day Of Atonement To Birth The Gentile Church

4167 WN060822 As Many As Walk According To The Rule Of A New Creation Is God's Israel

4168 SM061222 Spiritual Israel Is The Gentile Church- Spiritual Circumcision Is Blood Baptism Or Cutting Off The Outer Man

4169 WN061522 God Calls The Church Citizens Of Israel

4170 SM061922 The Scapegoat Is Cutting Off Sin (Spiritual Circumcision) By A Blood Baptism In The Life Of Every Believer- It Takes Years To Get Rid Of Self

4171 WN062222 God's Sovereign Pinwheel- Everything Is Increasing And Decreasing For Our Good- Christ (The Inner Man) Is Increasing, Self (The Outer Man) Is Decreasing- All Is The Will Of God

4172 SM062622 God's Sovereign Pinwheel, Part 2- Everything Is God's Will That The Outer Man Die In The Believer's Life- Faith Worketh By Love (Agape)

4173 WN062922 God's Sovereign Pinwheel, Part 3- Death To Self (Outer Man)- Drink Cup- Faith- Inheritance- Last Will And Testament

4174 SM070322 God's Sovereign Pinwheel, Part 4: The Kingdom Of God Is Not The Millennium, The Kingdom Of God Is In You

4175 WN070622 God's Sovereign Pinwheel, Part 5: There Is No Millennium Or Tribulation After The Seventh (Last) Trump- The End Is Here

4176 SM071022 There Is No Millennium (1,000 Years)- The Kingdom Of God Is The Church

4177 WN071322 The Kingdom Of God Is Here – The Church- No Millennium (Thousand Years)- The Origin Of Zero

4178 SM071722 The Kingdom Of God – The Church- We Rule With A Sceptre Of Righteousness- Babylon, A Burning Mountain Always Cast Into The Sea

4179 WN072022 Accept Christ And Sinner's Prayer – The Baptist Lie- Babylon “Let Us Make Us A Name” Doctrine A Burning Mountain Cast Into The Sea- Demons Into Sea- Preachers Are Insane

4180 SM072422 Pentecostal And Charismatic Lies- “Let Us Make Us A Name”- Babylon Consumed By Fire- Cast Into Sea

4181 WN072722 Predestination:  Blood Baptism And Drinking The Cup Is Spiritual Circumcision- Cutting Off The Outer Man

4182 SM073122 God's Orderly Arrangement Of Everything Good And Evil

4183 WN080322 Saved By Blood Baptism (Death To Self)- Circumcision Of The Outer Man

4184 SM080722 Babylon And The Flesh- Let Us “Make Us A Name”- “The Love Of Money”- The Destruction Of Babylon!- Sennacherib Attacks Righteous Hezekiah And Isaiah In Judah

4185 WN081022 Babylon- Self- The Outer Man- Sin- Covetous- Idolatry- The Mark Of The Beast In The Garden- All In The World- Dirt- Lust- Groaning (Stenazō)- Predestination

4186 SM081422 The Complete Destruction Of Babylon- The American Way Of Life- Preachers Have Made Themselves A Name, Another Doctrine- Revelation 18

4187 WN081722 The End Of Time In The Bible- Babylon's Destruction

4188 SM082122 Armageddon – Rendezvous In The Mountain- Euphrates River Dried Up- Confederacy Of Arab Nations Attack Israel At End Of Time

4189 WN082422 Babylon And The Man Of Sin At War With The Church And Israel At The End Of Time- It Looks Like It Is Near

4190 SM082822 II Thessalonians 2:3- The Apostasy- The End Of Time

4191 WN083122 The Man Of Sin- The Head Of The Fire And Tree Worship (Christmas)- America Is A Roman Catholic Nation By Its Tolerance- Changing Times And Laws- We Are Headed For Trouble With God

4192 SM090422 Teaching The Truth About The Bible Is Like Learning Another Language- My 15-Year-Old Grandson Christopher's Comment About This Message On Predestination, Tongues, Christmas, Sinner's Prayer, Accept Christ And “Let Us Make Us A Name”

4193 WN090722 The Eternal Fire Of Rome- From Babylon To Tyre To Israel (Valley Of Tophet)- From Babylon To Pergamos To Rome To John Kennedy's Grave (The Roman Catholic Eternal Flame)

4194 SM091122 Revelation 4:  The Spiritual Temple, The Church- Transferring The Priesthood From Aaron To Melchisedec- Transferring The Tithe From The Priest To The Preacher Of The Gospel

4195 WN091422 God's Word Is A Fire From The Ark Of The Covenant (Our Hearts)- Living Water (Holy Spirit) From The Throne (Our Hearts) Of God

4196 SM091822 The Beast With 7 Heads- The Deadly Wound Healed- What It Has To Do With Pergamos (The 3rd Church Of Asia – Revelation 2) (Part 1)

4197 WN092122 The Dragon- One Head Is Wounded To Death (Part 2)

4198 SM092522 The Head Wounded To Death Coming Back To Life Is The Roman Catholic Church- Emperor Gratian (Part 3)

4199 WN092822 Shadows = Image- Euphrates Dried Up (Isa 44, Rev 16)- New Heavens- Ruling Government- Church- Cyrus, Anointed, To Liberate Jews- Jesus Liberates His Believers At His Coming- Ten Horns (10 Northern Tribes) Destroy The Harlot Of Babylon

4200 SM100222 America Is Roman Catholic- Political Correctness- Ecumenicalism- Toleration- Flattery- These Are All The Same Thing

4201 WN100522 America Is Roman Catholic (Part 2)- Adding And Subtracting From The Word Of God- Ecumenicalism, Tolerance, Political Correctness, Flattery

4202 SM100922 America Is Roman Catholic (Part 3)- Edict Of Toleration Started In The Garden- Marry Truth To A Lie- 2 Doctrines (Instructions)- Water Baptism Began With The Pharisees- Halakah

4203 WN101222 America Is Roman Catholic (Part 4)- Demons Were The Temptation Of The Tree In The Garden- Satan's Doctrine- The Mark- Addition To The Word Of God- Blood Baptism In The Garden- SFPB

4204 SM101622 America Is Roman Catholic (Part 5)- Tolerance Is Adding To The Word Of God

4205 WN101922 The World Is Roman Catholic (Part 6)- Let Everyone Believe What They Want – Otherwise, We Will Torture And Kill You

4206 SM102322 The Big Picture – What The Bible Is About

4207 SM103022 The Big Picture (Part 2)- A Walk Through The Bible

4208 WN110222 The Big Picture (Part 3)- Judges- The Orderly Arrangement

4209 SM110622 The Roman Catholics And The Charismatics Are Seducing The World With No Rebuke For Sin

4210 WN110922 Christmas Is About The Earth In Orbit Around The Sun- It Is Not About Jesus

4211 SM111322 Christmas Is Christ “Mass”- It Is Roman Catholicism- I Am Not A Roman Catholic

4212 WN111622 How I Came To Realize That Christmas Is Pagan – Reading The Bible

4213 SM112022 How I Learned That Christmas Is Pagan – Reading The Bible, Looking Up Greek Words (Part 2)

4214 WN112322 What Did Jesus Mean When He Said Except You Eat My Flesh And Drink My Blood You Have No Life In You?- Eating Of The “Body” Of Christ Is Not The Mass (Christmass)

4215 SM112722 Christmas Is About The Earth's Axis Tilting 23-1/2 Degrees As It Orbits The Sun- It Has Nothing To Do With Jesus- It Is The Mass Of Roman Catholicism- Jesus Was Born Of A Virgin- He Died To Save His Elect Bride- Christ Mass Is Pagan

4216 WN113022 Christmas Is Adding To The Word Of God Along With Easter, Halloween, Mardi Gras, Valentine's And All The Other False Doctrines Of Roman Catholicism- America Was Founded On A Roman Catholic Concept – “The Doctrine Of Discovery”

4217 SM120422 Christmas Is Adding To The Word Of God Along With All Other Pagan Holidays In America- America Was Founded On Roman Catholicism By Roman Catholics – “The Doctrine Of Discovery” (Part 2)

4218 WN120722 Doctrine Of Discovery – Manifest Destiny Or Kill The Native American And Take His Land

4219 SM121122 Adding To The Word Of God Is Evil

4220 WN121422 Christmas Is The Reason For The End Of Time- Christmas Is Adding To The Word

4221 SM121822 Major Things That Are Wrong About Christmas- It Twists The Word Of God

4222 WN122122 Christmas Is The Reason This Happened To Israel

4223 SM122522 Christmas Day 2022:  It Is Still Pagan- It Is Still Roman Catholicism

4224 WN122822 “Good Tidings Of Great Joy” Is “NOT” Christmas- It Is The Gospel, The Narrow Way, Blood Baptism

4225 SM010123 Christmas:  The Traditions Of The Pharisees

4226 WN010423 Christmas And The Traditions Of The Pharisees:  “It Hath Been Said,” And Water Baptism Will Lead You Astray

4227 SM010823 The Traditionary Law Of The Pharisees Will Lead You Astray (Water Baptism)- You Will Ignore The Blood Baptism (Death To Self)- Jesus Is Not Your Lord By These Traditions

4228 WN011123 Tradition Of The Pharisees That Lead Into Captivity:  “Water Baptism And Circumcision” – These Are No More

4229 SM011523 True Baptism Is Being Washed In The Blood Of Christ (Not Water)- It Is Being Placed In The “Narrow Way”- It Is Death To Self- Water Baptism Was An Invention Of The Pharisees (Part 2)

4230 WN011823 True Baptism, Anoint, Love Shed Abroad, Pour Out Of Spirit, Write On Tables Of Our Hearts – These Are The Same Things

4231 SM012223 Baptism Is What God Does To Our Heart – Anoint It With Truth, Write Upon It And Dye It, Shed Abroad Upon It- It Is Spiritual, Not Literal- It Is Atonement, Redemption And Ransom

4232 WN012523 How Predestination And Blood Baptism Are Related

4233 SM012923 Predestined To Be Conformed By Death To Self, Fiery Trials, “Blood Baptism” And Daily Cross- Elect To “Obedience” And “Sprinkling” (Rhantizó – Asperse) Of Blood

4234 WN020123 Preach The Gospel, Blood Baptism, Ransom, Redemption, Redeem Are All Associated In Meaning And Purpose

4235 SM020523 The Absolute Necessity For Predestination:  A “Blood Baptism” That Causes Us To Be Like Jesus (Responsible And Accountable)

4236 WN020823 Preachers In America Are Perverting The Word Of God- Baptism Is Blood, Not Water

4237 SM021223 We Are Bought By The Blood Of Christ, The One True Baptism- It Brings The Narrow Way To Our Life

4238 WN02152 Idiomatic And Metaphoric Language – Spiritual Water- Living Water Is The Holy Spirit- It Is Truth- It Is Pure Water- It Is Running Water In Underground Rivers- It Is Blood- It Comes Out Of The Throne Of God (Our Hearts)- It Issues Out Of The House Of God (Whose House Are We)- It Is Cold Water

4239 SM021923 The Beginning (Archē) Of The Gospel – The Blood Baptism- The Narrow Way

4240 WN022223 The Beginning Of The Gospel Is Prepare Ye The “Way”- The Blood Baptism Is Prepare Ye The “Way”, Part 2

4241 WN030123 Blood Baptism Is The Only True Baptism

4242 SM030523 Predestination: The Gospel, Narrow Way, Blood Baptism And Groaning Are All Equal

4243 WN030823 Baptism Is Our Clothing- It Is The Blood Of Jesus, Not Water (H2O)

4244 SM031223 “Put On”- Enduo- “Sink Into Clothing”- The One True Baptism- The Inner Man Conquers The Outer Man In God's Time

4245 WN031523 Baptism Is Our Clothing- It Is Not Something We Do, It Is Something God Does To Us Conforming Us To His Image (Likeness)

4246 SM031923  Baptism Is Putting On The Clothes Of God

4247 WN032223 Baptism And Seven

4248 SM032623 A Blood Baptism (In The Name) Is In Opposition To The “Mark Of The Beast” (In The Name)- The Inner Man Opposes The Outer Man

4249 WN032923 The “Mark” Of The Beast Has Always Been Its “Character”- The Serpent Enchants In The Garden, The Dragon Fascinates In Revelation – It's Always Deception With Good Words And Fair Speeches

4250 SM040223 Easter Is Not In The Bible, Part 1- Jesus Died On A Friday- The Swastika Is The Big Dipper- It's About “Holidays”

4251 WN040523 Easter Is False Doctrine- Jesus Died On Friday, Was Resurrected The 3rd Day Which Was The 1st Day Of The Week- Resurrection Is Feminine Gender- Die Daily

4252 SM040923 Easter, Christmas, Mardi Gras, Valentine's, Halloween Are All The Same Thing In Different Cultures Of The Ancient World- There Is No Daily Cross, Self Denial Or Tribulation In These Pagan Holidays

4253 WN041223 Easter, Christmas, Valentine's, Halloween, Mardi Gras Are All Adding To The Word Of God, Part 2- “The Green Knight”

4254 SM041623 Most People In America Are Living In A “Fairyland” (Make Believe)- The Entire Nation Is Dysfunctional (Insane)

4255 SM042323 America Is Living In A Fairy Tale, Part 2- The Churches Have Made Up A New Doctrine- That Is Their “Imagination”- It Is A “Myth”

4256 WN042623 American Fantasy And Fairy Tales, Part 3- A Vivid Imagination- When Believers Fellowship With These People, God Will Wreak Havoc On Your Life – I Should Know!

4257 SM043023 Fairy Tales Of The American Church, Part 4- “Fables & Myths”

4258 WN050323 “Calling Things That Be Not As Though They Were” (Continued) And Other Myths Of The American Church (Part 5)

4259 SM050723 Fairy Tales And Myths Of The Charismatics, Pentecostals, Baptists, Church Of Christ, Etc. (Part 6)- They Have Changed “Faith” Into “Wish”- The Preachers Are Froward (Twisted)

4260 WN051023 Preachers Are Living In And Preaching A Fairy Tale Twisted Jesus- They Have Perverted The Gospel (Part 7)

4261 SM051423 Do You Know Who Your Mother Is?- There Are Two Mothers In The Bible – Babylon, The Mother Of Idolatry And Jerusalem, The Church, The Mother Of All Believers