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Messages Upon Request 3001-3500

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3001 WN101012 Predestination – Atonement – Baptism: The Dos And Don'ts Of God

3002 SM101412 Revelation Is Abstract, Not Concrete- It Is Metaphor And Idioms (Figures Of Speech)- The City Is 4 Cornered (Throughout The 4 Corners Of The Earth)- 12 Stones In The Foundation Of The Apostles- 12 Stones In Breastplates

3003 SN101412 Doctrine Of The Devil: Love (Walking In God's Commandments) Is Spread Abroad In Our Hearts By God's Will (Not Ours)- Led Astray And Deceived By Sin – It's Everywhere In Our Society

3004 WN101712 History In Exodus: Literal Passover Is Now Spiritual- Eating The Body (The Bread) Is Partaking Of The Church (I Cor 12)- One Body- Drinking The Cup Is Death To Self- The New Testament- Death Of The Testator (Mediator)

3005 SM102112 Revelation: New Heavens (Church) The Former Things Forgotten- Jesus Is The “I Am” Sitting On The Throne (Ark, Our Hearts)

3006 SN102112 Doctrine Of The Devil: “Preachers Have Created God In Their Image” – They Do Not Like The God Of The Bible- Jehovah Is A Cruel And Terrible God

3007 WN102412 Predestination: Words And Subjects That Come To Mind When Teaching This – Elect, Quickened, Chosen- Fruit Of The Spirit Is Singular- Add To Faith

3008 SM102812 Christmas And The Beast

3009 SN102812 Demons Are "Self"

3010 WN103112 Passover: The 10th Plague -- Death Of The Firstborn- Testament, Bequeath, Inheritance- Death Of The Testator- Jesus Had To Die Before His New Testament Was In Force

3011 SM110412 Revelation: The Beast And The Man Of Sin (His Various Titles)- Antiochus Epiphanes- Old Testament Picture Of This Man- Chanukah- Dec. 25 Throwing Christmas Out Of The Temple

3012 SN110412 Doctrine Of The Devil: The Conservative Bible Believing Evangelicals In America Are Lying- They Are Perverting The Word Of God (Like The Pharisees)

3013 WN110712 Predestination: How You “Know” You Are Saved- Believers Are Supposed To Be Depressed, Like Paul (Do's And Don'ts Series)

3014 SM111112 America Is Sinking- National Debt In Prophecy- Famine- Economy- Mark Of The Beast- No Remedy, No Way Out- King Of Fierce Countenance- Understand Dark Sentences

3015 SN111112 Doctrine Of The Devil: America Is Brainwashed (Mass Mind Control)- “Accept Christ” Is The Roman Catholic Mass- Pentecostal Tongues Is Emotional Imagination

3016 WN111412 The Roman Catholic Sacrament Of The Mass- The Baptist And Church Of Christ Communion -- Where Did It Originate?- Cyprian, 3rd Century Bishop Of Carthage (Spiritual Passover Series)

3017 SM111812 When Is Jesus Coming Back – When These Things Begin – Know That It Is Near, Even At The Doors

3018 SN111812 Preachers In America Are Twisted (Doctrine Of The Devil Series)

3019 WN112112 Predestination Turns Your World Upside Down- Spelled Out In Scripture Like The Nose On Your Face- Answering Questions About John 3:16 and 2 Pet. 3:9

3020 SM112512 Revelation: The Final Showdown- Gog And Magog- Ezekiel 38 – The End Of Time

3021 SN112512 Doctrine Of The Devil: Favorite Verses Of The Charismatics And How They Pervert Them- Twisted History

3022 WN112812 Spiritual Passover: "One Baptism"- It Is Blood, Not Water -- Blood Is The Clothing Of The Testament (Contract) -- Why Was Jesus Washed In Water?

3023 SM120212 Revelation: Christmas And Prophecy

3024 SN120212 Doctrine Of The Devil: The Preachers In America Have Altered The Bible Through Years Of Mind Control Apostasy- The Preachers Are Lying To The Flock

3025 WN120512 Predestination: All Action Proceeds From God -- Good And Evil – God Meant It For Good

3026 SM120912 Christmas: It Is Every god And Idol Of The Old Testament- Sun & Tree Worship- The Truth About Charles Dickens

3027 SN120912 Doctrine Of The Devil: Coercive Persuasion Is Mass Mind Control- The Doctrines In All The Churches Are Perverted- No Faith Healing- Rich Oppress The Poor (James 1-5)

3028 WN121212 The Spiritual Passover: Jesus Died On Friday And Resurrected Sunday Morning (1st Day Of The Week) -- This Is Why The Agape Love Feast Was Set On That Day- Crackers And Grape Juice Is A Corruption Of The Love Feast (Not The Passover)

3029 SM121612 Christmas: The Winter Solstice, The Big Dipper, The Swastika, Wheel Of The Year Are All The Reason For The Season – Jesus Is Not! -- The Path Of Baal And Grove From Israel To Babylon To Pergamos To Rome, To America

3030 SN121612 Doctrine Of The Devil: Demons Are Self, Demons Are Genies, Demons Are Fairies, Demons Are Guardian Angels, Demons Are Totems- Self Is Man's Only Problem

3031 WN121912 Predestined To Jesus Who Is The Way, The Truth, The Life – Chosen To Be Born Again By The Will Of God, Predestined To Faith (Believe) And And A Daily Cross – The Hidden Mystery Revealed

3032 SM122312 Christmas Is Ridiculous

3033 SN122312 Doctrine Of The Devil: America Is Being Manipulated By The Powers That Be – Fulfilling Self, The Demon

3034 WN122612 The Spiritual Passover – God's Last Will & Testament To The Sheep – It Is Not “Communion” of “Crackers And Grape Juice”

3035 SM123012 The Family Bloodline Of Israel- Going After Baal And The Grove- Christmas Under Another Name

3036 SN123012 Doctrine Of The Devil: Jim Says "Don't Listen To American Con"- Smooth Talk- Twisting Truth- Accept The World To Be What God Says They Are

3037 WN010213 Predestination: God Creates Everything! - Including Sin And Evil

3038 SM010613 Prophecy- “The Bible”- An Overall Picture – Israel Goes Into Captivity For Worship Of Idols – 70 Weeks Of Daniel

3039 SN010613 Doctrine Of The Devil: Judges Unrighteously- It Seeks To Fulfill Self – Satan's Deception Twists God's Words- Another Jesus

3040 WN010913 Spiritual Passover: The Cup Is the New “Last Will And Testament” – It Is The Inheritance, Inherit, Heir, Bequeath

3041 SM011313 Prophecy: Israel, The Kingdom- Idolatry- Jehu Kills Jezebel And 70 Sons Of Ahab- Manasseh The Wickedest King Of Israel- The Last Straw- God Says, “I Will Wipe Jerusalem Clean

3042 SN011313 Doctrine Of The Devil: What We've Learned About Demons- Distribute Fortunes- Ancestor gods- How They Were Cast Out- Jesus Said They Were “Self”

3043 WN011613 Predestined To The Narrow Way To Heaven – Full Of Tribulation And Fiery Trials- Conforming Us To Christ's Likeness- Reaching Out For The Poor, Needy, Brokenhearted And Bruised

3044 SM012013 Prophecy:  “Jeremiah” – His Place In Prophecy- Warning Israel Judgment Is Coming- Rebukes Israel For Baal Worship

3045 SN012013 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Deceived (Seduced) By Real Nice People- When Something Looks Too Good To Be True – It Is!- Larry Jones And Other Not-So-Charitable Charities- America Is Being Seduced

3046 WN012313 Spiritual Passover:  This Is The Testament – “Old And New”- Partaking Unworthily- Whited Sepulchres Are Hypocrites – Don't Run With Them

3047 SM012713 Prophecy:  Jeremiah- Nebuchadnezzar Scatters Israel – Nebuzaradan Sets Jeremiah Free- End Of Judah (Southern Israel)- Zedekiah The Last King

3048 SN012713 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Preachers In America Have Twisted The Truth Throughout The Bible – America Serves “Another Jesus”

3049 WN013013 Predestination:  Love, Prayer, Compassion And Forgiving- How Believers Should Treat One Another

3050 SM020313 Prophecy:  The Last Kings Of Israel – Hezekiah Through Zedekiah- Josiah's Great Revival – Killing Priests Of Baal

3051 SN020313 Doctrine Of The Devil:  “Accept Christ” And “Sinner's Prayer” Is The Most Corrupt Doctrine In The Church- Idolatry Is Alive And Well In America

3052 WN020613 History:  Israel Literal And Spiritual- 2nd Born (Birth)- Passover Lamb Substitute For 1st Born- 2nd Passover- Whited Sepulchres- Partaking Unworthily

3053 SM021013 The Entire History Of The Old Testament In One Lesson- God’s Predestinated Elect Family/Nation

3054 SN021013 The Doctrine Of The Devil Is Easy On The Flesh- Sinners Cannot Pray When They Are Dead In Sin (No Sinner’s Prayer)- Accept Christ Is The Same As Christmass (Roman Catholic)- Jesus Is Difficult, Satan Is An Easy Jesus

3055 WN021313 Predestination:  Funeral Message – God Ordains All Deaths- Saul Killed Himself And Went To Heaven

3056 SM021713 The Picture Of The Old Testament In Its Entirety (In A Nutshell)- The Kings And Prophets

3057 SN021713 Doctrine Of The Devil:  The Whole World Is “Accepting Christ” – It Is The Wrong Jesus

3058 WN022013 Spiritual Passover:  “Handwriting” Nailed To Cross -- A Legal Term Concerning Debt- No More Rituals

3059 SM022413 Prophecy: Israel Is A Kingdom And A Family- The Kings Of The Family And Their Prophets

3060 SN022413 Doctrine Of The Devil: Charismatics Twist The Word- “Say To This Mountain”- “Calling Things That Be Not”

3061 WN022713 Predestination: How Believers Are To Treat One Another – With Compassion, Soft Answers, Admonishing (Gentle Rebuke), Never Defending Self – “Like Jesus”

3062 SM030313 Prophecy:  Solomon Turns To Idol gods- Why And How Israel Became Two Nations- At The End Of Time They Become One Again

3063 SN030313 Doctrine Of The Devil:  There Was No Truth In The World When Jesus Was Born- Jesus Starts His Ministry By Attacking The Pharisees Twisted Doctrine – The Halakah

3064 WN030613 History:  Bitter Herbs Of The Spiritual Passover Is “Wormwood”, The Fire And Trials Of Life That Matures The Church (Spiritual Israel)

3065 SM031013 Prophecy:  Introduction To The 70 Weeks Of Daniel

3066 SN031013 Doctrine Of The Devil:  The Deception Of Eve- Twisting The Word Of God- Job's Friends Are Froward And Misapply God's Words, Judging Unrighteously

3067 WN031313 Predestination Is About Sons, Inheritance And Obeying God

3068 SM031713 Prophecy:  “Tongues” – What They Really Mean – The Whole Story – Israel's Captivity – Not Pentecostalism!!

3069 SN031713 The Doctrine Of The Devil Is A “Confusion Of Tongues”

3070 WN032013 History:  “The 144,000” – Firstborn/Firstfruits – The Church – 12,000 Out Of 12 Tribes – Spiritual Israel- (Passover Series)

3071 SM032413 Prophecy:  Israel's Captivity Results In “Tongues” – Dialects And Glossa- When The Perfect Is Come Tongues Shall Cease

3072 SN032413 Doctrine Of The Devil:  The Pharisees (Rabbis Of The Babylonian Synagogue) Pervert The Word Of God In The Halakah (Moses's Traditionary Law) And Haggadah- The Talmud

3073 WN032713 Predestination Is About Adopted Children (Sons) “Inheriting” Their Father's Last Will And Testament- Hidden Mystery (The Church) Revealed

3074 SM033113 Easter Is Not Christianity- It Is Not The Resurrection Of Jesus- It Is The Resurrection Of Tammuz, The God Of The Underworld

3075 SN033113 Doctrine Of The Devil Feels Good, It Fulfills The Flesh- The Pharisees Distort God's Word- Halakah- Haggadah- Talmud

3076 WN040313 Spiritual Passover:  Last Will And Testament = Drinking The Cup = Death To Self = Daily Cross = Bequeath = No Sin = No Guile = Etc.

3077 SM040713 Tongues (Glossa) Speaks Of The Resurrection, The Only Sign To The Unbeliever

3078 SN040713 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Pharisees Distort The Word Of God- Halakah And Haggadah Is Babylonian Synagogue False Doctrine- The Sabbath Can Not Be Observed In The Synagogue

3079 WN041013 Predestination:  Sons “Inherit” The Kingdom Of God By Adoption- The Church Is Israel, The Kingdom Of God – It's Here Now

3080 SM041413 Prophecy:  “Tongues”, The Result Of Israel's Apostasy- Joel- All Flesh- All Men- The Gentiles- Resurrection- Sign Of Jonah- Famine- Locusts

3081 SN041413 Doctrine Of The Devil:  “Ancestor Worship”- The Pharisees Worshiped The Twisted Doctrine Of Distorted Rabbis Of The Wicked Babylonian Synagogue, Halakah And Haggadah

3082 WN041713 History:  “The Firstborn”- The Substitute Was The Passover Lamb- Levites Instead Of Firstborn- Levi Not Numbered With Israel- Whom He Did Foreknow, Predestined To Be Firstborn

3083 SM042113 Prophecy:  “Tongues” – Their Meaning And Purpose- They Ceased When The Perfect Was Come, Which Is The Mature Church- They Are A Clear Precise Sound, Not Pentecostalism

3084 SN042113 Doctrine Of The Devil:  The Law Is In Opposition To The “Traditionary” Law- The Synagogue Is A Perversion Of Truth- Paul Did Not Go To The Synagogue To Worship On Sabbath- He Went To Preach Truth And Be Persecuted For It

3085 WN042413 History:  Israel Prepares To Leave Egypt After 400 Years In Bondage- Exodus 13

3086 SM042813 Prophecy:  “Tongues” Is The Means By Which Jesus Will Preach The Resurrection (Gospel) To The Spirits In Prison,

the Gentiles (The All Men, The All Flesh)

3087 SN042813 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Speaking Lies- Conscience Seared- Paul Goes To The Synagogue On The Sabbath- The Jews (Pharisees) Try To Kill Him

3088 WN050113 History:  Israel Prepares To Leave Egypt- The Red Sea- Pharaoh's Armies- “Stand Still”

3089 SM050513 Prophecy:  Tongues For A Sign- Jonah's Sign- Resurrection- Peter Preaches The Gospel In Other Tongues (Other Foreign Languages)

3090 SN050513 Doctrine Of The Devil:  The Spiritual Sabbath Is Every Day By Believing God- Paul Preached To Pharisees On The 7th Day- Every Day Is The Sabbath (Halakah Series)

3091 WN050813 History:  “The Provocation”- Israel Rebels Against God- Pharaoh's Armies Got Drownded, Oh Mary Don'cha Weep

3092 SM051213 Prophecy:  Who Is Our Mother? – Those Who Do The Will Of The Father, Jerusalem The Church, Tree Of Life, A Wholesome Tongue- The “Tongues” To The Gentiles

3093 SN051213 Doctrine Of The Devil:  The Pharisees / Rabbis Of The Babylon Synagogue- Oppression Of The Poor- A Corruption Of “Gleanings”- Halakah

3094 WN051513 History:  “The Battle Belongs To The Lord”- Moses And Pharaoh- Jehoshaphat Battles Ammon And Moab

3095 SM051913 Prophecy:  With Men Of Other “Tongues” Will I Speak Unto This People- The Assyrian War Chariots Are The Precept Upon Precept, Line Upon Line, Here A Little Scourging, There A Little Razor Strap

3096 SN051913 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Jesus Did Not Tolerate A Twisted Gospel – Especially The Tradition (Halakah) Of The Pharisees- Synagogue Polluted The Sabbath

3097 WN052213 History:  Leaving Egypt- The Other Side Of The Red Sea- The Bitter And Sweet Word- Israel's Encampments (Numbers 33)- Jesus Is The Manna From Heaven, The True Bread

3098 SM052613 Prophecy:  “Whosoever” Is The “All Men”, The Gentile Church, The Predestinated Elect- Easy “Ten-Dollar” Words Are A Confusion Of Tongues

3099 SN052613 Doctrine Of The Devil:  The Pharisees, Baptists, Charismatics, Pentecostals, Etc. Twist And Distort The Word Of God- They Are Froward- They Are Perverted

3100 WN052913 History:  7 And 4- Manna In The Ark Of Testimony (Jesus In Our Hearts)- Exodus Chapters 16 And 17, Hebrews Chapters 8 And 9- Spiritual Israel- Water From The Rock, Jesus

3101 SM060213 Prophecy:  “Tongues”- The Gifts Of An Apostle – Cast Out Devils, New Tongues, Take Up Serpents, Drink Deadly Things, Lay Hands On The Sick, Raise The Dead – They Have Ceased- Textus Receptus Vs. Westcott & Hort- Baptized To Be Saved

3102 SN060213 Doctrine Of The Devil Is Opposite To Doctrine Of Christ- Preachers, Like Pharisees, Pervert The Word Of God And Rule Like Tyrants Over The Common People

3103 WN060513 History:  Old Testament And The Book Of Hebrews- The Prophets (Angels) Spoke To The Fathers, Jesus Speaks To The Church

3104 SM060913 Prophecy:  “Tongues”- God Is Not Confusion- God Creates Evil- If You Contradict Predestination, You Are “Antichrist” – Do Not Argue With God!

3105 SN060913 Doctrine Of The Devil Is Froward, Distorted, Twisted Words- It Is Smooth Words That Appeal To The Flesh

3106 WN061213 History:  Moses And The Rock, Which Is Christ- Forbidden To Go Into The Promised Land

3107 SM061613 Prophecy:  God Creates Evil – If You Don't Believe That, You Are Antichrist

3108 SN061613 Doctrine Of The Devil:  A Parallel Doctrine- Smooth Easy Words- “Accept Christ”, “Sinner's Prayer”

3109 WN061913 History:  Jesus Is God And He Kills People

3110 SM062313 Prophecy:  God Is The Author Of Evil- Why We Suffer In The Flesh – To Get Rid Of The Outer Man

3111 SN062313 Doctrine Of The Devil:  It Is A “Con”, Manipulating People To Take Advantage- The Man Whom All The World Speaks Well Of Is Evil

3112 WN062613 History:  Jesus Is God, The Holy One- Joshua And Caleb Enter Canaan, No One Else Over 20- Every Man Suffering For His Own Sin- Original Sin

3113 SM063013 The Things That We Believe

3114 SN063013 Demons/False Doctrine:  Jesus Addresses The Pharisees Twisted Words And The Superstitions Of The People

3115 WN070313 History:  70 Elders- The Sanhedrin Corrupted By The Pharisees

3116 SM070713 Prophecy:  “Women Preachers”- Does God Create Evil? – Certainly!

3117 SN070713 Doctrine Of The Devil:  False Teachers At Ephesus And Crete- Jesus And Paul Call Down Pharisees- Synagogue And Its Doctrine Is Evil

3118 WN071013 History:  How To Remember The Bible In Sequence- Moses Comes To The Mountain Of God Trembling, Frightened Out Of His Wits (Ex. 19, Heb. 12:21)- We Are God's Jewels, A Peculiar People

3119 SM071413 Prophecy:  God Ordains All Right Turns- Jeremiah Says God Frames Evil (Shapes Like A Potter) And Causes Wicked Men To Perform It Against Israel, For Their Good

3120 SN071413 Devil Doctrine:  Why Jesus Called Down The Pharisees And Why The Pharisees Wanted To Kill Him- The Synagogue And The Traditional Law Of Moses Are Evil

3121 WN071713 History:  Moses Comes To The Mount Of God- A Particular People- God's Jewels- No Other Gods- Taking God's Name In Vain

3122 SM072113 Predestination:  God Places Wrath Upon Man For His Glory- The Wrath (Anger, Revenge) Of Man Comes From God (God Creates Evil)

3123 SN072113 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Westcott & Hort Vs Textus Receptus- False Doctrine Is Tradition- Jesus And Paul Confront The Pharisees In The Synagogue On The Sabbath (Halakah)

3124 WN072413 History:  Exodus 20- “Love Thy Neighbour” Fulfills All The Law In The Ten Commandments (Gal. 5:14)- The Spirit And Letter Of The Law

3125 SM072813 Predestination:  Man's Desire For Revenge Comes Upon Man From God – It Is Called “The Orge”- An Evil Spirit From The Lord”- I Sam. 16:14

3126 SN072813 The Doctrine Of The Devil In America:  Sinner's Prayer, Accept Christ, Prosperity Gospel, Christmas, Freewill, No Predestination, Demons, The World's Spin On Accept Christ, Faith Healing, Etc.

3127 WN073113 History:  The 10 Commandments (Exo. 20, Deu. 5)- I Believe In Predestination- I Am Not A Calvinist- Babies Do Not Go To Hell

3128 SN080413 Predestination:  God Is In Charge Of Everything In The Universe – All Good And Evil- He Has Ordered All Of Man's Revenge, Fury And Rage (The Orge)

3129 SN080413 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Demons Began In Babylon, They Were Born On Dec. 25- The Preachers Are Preaching False Doctrine In America- Speak Truth In Love

3130 WN080713 History:  The Liars And Lies They Told That Are In The Bible- Studying The Bible In Its Character And Light- 10 Commandments Broken And Restored

3131 SM081113 Predestination:  The Wrath Of Man (Orge) Is Ordained By God- What Brings It In The Life Of A Believer And What Removes It

3132 SN081113 Doctrine Of The Devil Is Redefining Biblical Terminology, Twisting Word Meanings- The Pharisees Did This With The Halakah Doctrine Of The Synagogue- The Church Is Doing It Now

3133 WN081413 History:  Israel Worships Noah, Ephod And Brazen Serpent- Sabbath (Spiritual) Rest- The Tithe Is Carnal, Still In Effect

3134 SM081813 Predestination:  God Creates Vengeance In All Men And Requires Believers To Come Out Of It- Errors In The King James Translation Verified In The Textus Receptus

3135 SN081813 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Origin Of The Pharisees And Their Synagogue Traditions (Halakah)

3136 WN082113 History:  “The Trinity”

3137 SM082513 Sovereignty:  Predestination- God Has Ordained All Things – Good, Evil And Man's Wrath- The Promise And Inheritance- Not Believing These Things, You Are Arguing With God

3138 SN082513 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Israel Goes After Other gods And Is Scattered- It Results In Christmas, Tongues, 70 Weeks Of Daniel, Baptism- Babylonian Synagogue- Pharisees/Rabbis

3139 WN082813 History:  Old Testament Shadow Equals The New Testament Very Image- The Law “Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder”- Capital Crimes (Sins) Of The Old Testament – God Planned Everything

3140 SM090113 Predestination:  God Creates Wrath In All Men- “Vengeance Is Mine”, Saith The Lord

3141 SN090113 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Departing From Faith- The Rabbis Of Babylon- The Pharisees – Peter Deals With Them And Their Halakah

3142 WN090413 History:  Genesis 1- The Earth Is A Type Of The Elect Believer- “Let There Be Light”- Review Genesis

3143 SM090813 Predestination:  God Is Doing Everything

3144 SN090813 Doctrine Of The Devil:  The Synagogue Pharisees (Rabbis) And Halakah Was The Result Of Israel’s Sun Worship

3145 WN091113 History:  “His Blood Be Upon Us” Means We Are Guilty Of Murder, Killing Jesus, An Innocent Man – God Ordained It

3146 SM091513 Predestination:  Grace- Elect- All The Things Of All Events And Actions Of Man Good And Evil Are Arranged By God- Stewardship, Edify, Inheritance, Purpose, Counsel, Will…

3147 SN091513 Why We Do Not Believe In Demons

3148 WN091813 History:  Slaves Servants, Prisoners, Stewards- Year Of Jubilee- The Acceptance Year Of The Lord- Bore Ear Through With An Aul- Servants Forever Exodus 21

3149 SM092213 Predestination:  Add To Faith, Increase Faith, Decrease Orge (Vengeance)- Inheritance Being Predestined- Drink The Cup

3150 SN092213 Why We Do Not Believe In Demons, Part 2- Why Fallen Angels Are Not Demons- “Legends Of The Jews”- Sons Of God, Daughters Of Men

3151 WN092513 History:  Exodus 21- Daily Laws Of The Jews Apply To How We Should Live Our Lives- How To Treat One Another

3152 SM092913 Predestination:  Conformed To Full Age (Maturity) Which Is Perfection- Two Men In Each Believer – One Sins, The Other Does Not

3153 SN092913 Why We Do Not Believe In Demons, Part 3- Demons Are A Myth – The Same As Fairies, Genii, Guardian Angels, Totems, Genius

3154 WN100213 History:  Conservative And Liberal- Politics And The Bible- God's Treatment Of Animals – An Example Of How We Need To Have Compassion

3155 SM100613 Predestination:  “Perfecting The Saints”- Believers Must Mature To Full Age, Become “Grown Ups”, Conforming To Jesus Likeness- Babes Are Carnal (Fleshly)

3156 SN100613 Why We Do Not Believe In Demons, Part 4- Demons Are Imagination- Ancestor Worship, Eudaimonism, Utilitarianism, Mythology

3157 WN100913 History:  Exodus 23- Thou Shall Not Follow A Multitude To Do Evil- Twisting God's Judgment Oppressing The Poor- Respecting Persons For Bribes (Money And Favors Of Any Kind)

3158 SM101313 Predestination:  The Creature Groans Entering The Strait Gate- God Intercedes- All Things For Good- Romans 8:29 Points Back To Romans 7 And This Points Back To Romans 6 How God Is Conforming Us

3159 SN101313 Why We Do Not Believe In Demons, Part 5- Why We Do Not Believe That Fallen Angels Are Sons Of God- Intermarriage Of Truth And A Lie

3160 WN101613 History:  Exodus 23- The Angel Of The Lord Throughout The Old Testament Is Jesus Preincarnate- Jesus Presented Himself Physically To The Patriarchs

3161 SM102013 Predestination:  Without It No One Is Going To Heaven- It Is The Perfecting Of The Saints, Maturing Of Believers

3162 SN102013 Why We Do Not Believe In Demons, Part 6- Demons Are Idols, The gods Of The Gentiles- Sons Of God, Daughters Of Men- Separating From Brothers Who Walk Disorderly

3163 WN102313 History:  Boundaries Of Israel Are The Borders Of Eden- Shadows And Images, Old Testament And New Testament- Handwriting- Temple Patterns

3164 SM102713 Predestination:  God Performing And Finishing His Work In Our Lives Causing Us To Grow Up

3165 SN102713 The Doctrine Of The Devil Is Mixing Biblical Terminology With An Easy Jesus, A Perverted Gospel –  It's Smooth And Deceptive To The Innocent

3166 WN103013 History:  Exodus 25- The Importance Of Rings And Staves In The Sides Of The Ark- The Kohathites- Aaron's Sons, The Priesthood- Korah Opposes Moses And Is Destroyed

3167 SM110313 Predestination:  The Teacher (The Perfect) And The Scholar (The Learner – Mathetes)- Like Jesus- The Perfect Work Of God On His People

3168 SN110313 Devil's Doctrine:  Christmas And Other Mixtures Of False Doctrine

3169 WN110613 History:  Ark Of The Covenant – Borne By Staves, Taken By Philistines, Returned On A New Cart- Uzzah's Breach- He Dies

3170 SM111013 Predestination:  Spiritual Schizophrenia- Perfect (Teleios) Is Eliminating The Outer Man (In Time) Through Tribulation, Fire And Trials- The Mature Man Offends Not In Word- Big Words

3171 SN111013 Why We Do Not Believe In Demons- Solomon And The Demons, Solomon And The Genies- Tyre, Babylon, Pergamos And America- Eternal Flame- Christmas

3172 SM111713 Predestination:  How To Study Greek Words- “Perfect”- Necessary Tools For Learning

3173 SN111713 Doctrine Of Devils:  Fairies And Other Related “gods”- Sons Of God Are Believers- Daughters Of Men (Gentiles) Are Unbelievers- Truth Marries A Lie Is The Reason For The Flood- “As The Days Of Noah” Will Be At The End Of Time- “Give In Marriage”

3174 WN112013 History:  Exodus 25- Shadows And Image- The Tabernacle, The Temple, Melchizedek- The Holy Of Holies, House Of God- The Ark (Our Hearts)- Veil, Flesh, Bread, Body, Church (Hebrews 8-10)

3175 SM112413 Predestination:  Faith Must Increase, Self Must Decrease- Perfection, Maturity

3176 SN112413 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Demons Are gods From Mount Olympus- Giants Of Genesis 6 Are Apostate Believers (Bullies)

3177 WN112713 History:  Exodus 26- Significance Of Colours And Numbers – Blue, Purple, Scarlet, 28 (4x7)- Candlesticks- Eyes- Pupil

3178 SM120113 Predestination:  Carnal Christians Are Filled With Envy, Strife And Contention – They Are Babes And Must Grow Up And Mature (Proverbs)

3179 SN120113 Doctrine Of The Devil Is The Exact Opposite Of The Doctrine Of Christ- The Instruction (Doctrine) Of God (Proverbs)

3180 WN120413 History:  Exodus 25- The Seven Candlesticks Are The Refined Church- The Seven Candlesticks Are The Eyes Of The Lord- Israel Is The Pupil Of God's Eye- Being “Sevened”

3181 SM120813 Christmas Is Pagan- Puritans- The Big Dipper (Swastika) Is The Reason For The Season- Tilt Of The Earth Axis Is The Seasons- Queen Of Heaven, Wheel Of The Year- The World Loves It, God Hates It

3182 SN120813 Doctrines Of Demons:  Sons Of God Are God's Children, Daughters Of Men Do The Will Of Satan- Marry Truth To A Lie- Separating From The World

3183 WN121113 History:  The Two Witnesses Of Revelation 11 Are The Two Olive Trees Of Zech. 4- The Priest And King Give Oil (The Holy Spirit) To The 7 Candlesticks (The Church, The Eyes Of The Lord)

3184 SM121513 Christmas:  The Orbit Of The Earth Around The Sun- Dec. 21, Winter Solstice- Dec. 25, Rebirth Of The Sun- Tilt Of Earth Axis- Israel Follows This In Baal And Grove- Scattered 2600 Years- Mideast Conflict

3185 SN121513 Doctrine Of Demons:  Departing From Faith Is Decreasing Faith And Increasing Self- Love (Agape) And Faith- Without Hypocrisy, You Can't Fake It

3186 WN121813 History:  Shadow/Image – The Altar- The Cross- House- God's Building- Mercy Seat- Propitiation

3187 SM122213 Christmas:  “Eat Flesh And Drink Blood” Is Not The “Roman Catholic Mass”

3188 SN122213 Doctrine Of Demons:  Demons Are Mythical gods (Hercules, Adonis, Venus, Etc.) – They Are Not Real- The Demon Of Self Will Make You Sick- Man Of The Gadarenes Was Insane

3189 SM122913 America Is Apathetic, They Seem To Be Blind To The Truth- Christmas, Easter Definition- American Indian, Founding Fathers

3190 SN122913 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Satan And Eve In The Garden- Quoting The Bible Verbatim Out Of Context Is The Devil's Doctrine- Flattering Words Twist God's Words- Satan And Kenneth Copeland, Same Message

3191 WN010114 History:  Seven Candlesticks- Two Olive Trees- Two Witnesses- Priests And Kings- Eyes Of The Lord- Star Of David- Menorah- Rainbow (Iris)- Whirlwind- Chariots- Wheel In A Wheel

3192 SM010514 Predestination:  Increase Faith- “As A Grain Of Mustard Seed”- Jesus Kills The Fig Tree- “Say To This Mountain”

3193 SN010514 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Faith Decreasing- What Seduces And Leads One Away From Faith

3194 WN010814 History:  The 7 Candlesticks- The Church- The Human Eye- Babylonian War Chariot Wheels All Have The Same Design- Chariots Are Whirlwinds, Ezekiel 1- Babylon Attacks Jerusalem

3195 SM011214 Predestination:  Lexical Intrusion (Definition) And Grammatical Force (Linguistic Syntax)- Parts Of Speech And Sentence Structure- “Aorist” Tense And Being Verbs- “So” Is An Adverb In John 3:16- “Us” Is The Antecedent Of Any In II Peter 3:9

3196 SN011214 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Consequences Of Being Led Away Deceived, Seduced (Planao) Is Decreasing Faith

3197 SM011914 Predestination:  “Little Faith”- When Your Faith Is Increased You Will Extol Me (II Cor 10:15)

3198 SN011914 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Depart From Faith- Decrease Faith- How Believers Are Deceived By Impostors- How Believers Are Affected

3199 WN012214 History:  Eyes Of The Lord- 7 Candlesticks (Hexagon Shaped)- The Eye (Hexagon Cones)- Deborah- The Bee- The Word (Honeycomb, Hexagons)- Protoplasm (Honeycomb Reticulum)

3200 SM012614 Predestination:  Why Is It Necessary?- A Man Is Willing When God Makes Him Willing- Growing Spiritually- Carnal Baby Believers Are Filled With Envy, Contention And Strife

3201 SN012614 Doctrine Of the Devil:  Leaving Faith To Fulfill Self Which Cannot Be Done- What Seduces And Lead Men Away From Faith

3202 WN012914 History:  Eyes Of The Lord- 7 Candlesticks- The Four Of The Covenant – The Fowl (Eagle), The Cattle (Ox), The Beast (Lion) And Man, The Four Faced Cherubim

3203 SM020214 Predestination:  Overall Picture Of What It Means- Growing And Increasing In Faith And Love- God Is Causing It To Happen – You Are Not- Lots Of Definitions

3204 SN020214 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Deceived Changes The Truth Of God Into A Lie- There Is Payday Someday

3205 WN020514 History:  Ezekiel's Vision Of Israel- Final Destruction In 586 B.C.- (Ezek 1 – Ezek 8)

3206 SM020914 Predestination:  Add To Your Faith- The Grammatical Force Of The Text- It Takes Years For Faith To Increase- Perfection Is Maturity

3207 SN020914 Doctrine Of The Devil:  The Terminology Is The Same – It Is The Wrong Jesus- American Preachers Have Changed The Truth Of God Into A Lie- Romans 7 – Changing Verb Tenses Is Antichrist

3208 SM021614 Hell:  Its Definition- Place Of The Unseen- The Four Chambers Of Hades- I Know Whom I Have Believed

3209 SN021614 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Believers Should Never Deceive One Another, Beguiling And Manipulating For Gain And Attention- Deception- II Peter 2- Dogs Returning To Their Own Vomit

3210 WN021914 History:  Hexagons- Candlesticks- Eyes- Bees- Word- Honeycomb- Snowflakes- The Four Deportations Of Israel- II Kings 24

3211 SM022314 Hell Is Forever

3212 SN022314 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Deceivers- Antichrist- Deny (Contradict)- Confessing Is Doing

3213 WN022614 History:  Ezekiel- Vision Of The Destruction Of Judah (Southern Israel) And Jerusalem- The Remnant, The Poor, The Few, Marked And Sealed By The Man With The Writer's Inkhorn Marking Them On The Forehead, Same As The Sealed In Rev. 7- The 144,000

3214 WN030514 History:  Shadows And Images- 7 Candlesticks, 7 Stars- 7 Eyes Of The Lord- The Church- The Temple- Ark, Bread, Incense, Sea, Altar- Ezekiel 9 Equals Revelation 7- Mark, Seal

3215 SM030914 Predestination:  No Correction, No Affection

3216 WN031214 History:  Sealed By God’s Mark- Ezekiel And Revelation

3217 SM031614 Why Unbelievers Hate Predestination – Why We Love It- Predestined To Be Perfect (Mature, Grown Up), Man Who Does Not Offend In Word- The Tongue Is Set On Fire Of Hell

3218 SN031614 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Seduced From The Astonishing Shocking Different Doctrines Of Christ To The Fluffy Cotton Candy Perverted Gospel Of The Other Jesus- The Fire That Is No Stranger

3219 WN031914 History:  Shadows And Images- Locusts And Scorpions- The First Sunrise Service- The Judgment Of God On Judah- Rituals Blotted Out- Law Still Here

3220 SM032314 Predestination:  “Whom” Are Those That Love God, The Called- God Chooses Us, We Don't Choose Him- Urim And Thummim- Mature (Complete) Illumination

3221 SN032314 Doctrine Of The Devil:  John Wesley, False Teacher- Women Keep Silent In Church- Holy Hands- Adam Was Not Deceived- Parable Of Sower- Seed

3222 WN032614 History:  Old Testament Shadows Point To New Testament Very Image- The Seal Of God On The Saints- The Mark Of The Beast On Vessels Of Wrath

3223 SM033014 Predestination:  Learning To Be Like Jesus Through Fire, Trials And Tribulation- A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven

3224 SN033014 Doctrine Of The Devil:  The Conservative Bible Believing Evangelicals Serve The Wrong Jesus- Parable Of The Sower- How To Identify A False Prophet

3225 WN040214 History:  Shadows And Images Of The Temple- The Bread Is The Body Of Christ, The Church

3226 SM040614 Predestined To Adoption- Obtain Inheritance (Assigns)- New Birth Is By The Will Of God

3227 SN040614 The Doctrine Of The Devil Is A Delusion

3228 WN040914 History:  Priesthood (Levi), King (Judah), Inheritance (Joseph)- 24 Families Of Priesthood- Zadok And Ahimelech- Sons Of Eleazar And Ithamar

3229 SM041314 Predestination:  Anger Should Be An Alien Characteristic To The Believer

3230 SN041314 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Man's Opinion That Appeals To The Flesh- Parable Of The Sower

3231 WN041614 History:  The Altar And Its Horns- Sanctuary- Solomon, Joab And Adonijah

3232 SM042014 The True Story Of Easter And The Resurrection

3233 SN042014 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Good Words And Fair Speeches Deceives- Flattery

3234 WN042314 History:  The Ancestry Of Christ The King From The Tribe Of “Judah”- The Law Of The Surviving Brother (Deut 25:5-6)

3235 SM042714 Predestination:  Why Preach The Gospel, If Predestination Is True?

3236 SN042714 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Rotting One’s Thinking With Imagination- Inserting Opinion- Deceiving Self By Convincing Self- “I Want My Way”- Double Minded Man Is Unstable

3237 WN043014 History:  11 and 2- New Heavens Is The Church, Heavenly Jerusalem- The 12 Tribes, Stones On The Breastplate Equal The 12 Apostles And Gemstones Of The New Jerusalem

3238 SM050414 Predestination:  God Is Prejudiced (Prejudging His Elect – Innocent)- God Is A Racist (He Loves Only Israel, Spiritual Jews, Circumcised Of The Heart)

3239 SN050414 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Seduces The Innocent, Unlearned- The Winds Of Doctrine Deceive

3240 WN050714 History:  Chronology Of The High Priest- Melchizedek And The Aaronic Priesthood

3241 SM051114 Predestination And Mother's Day:  Honoring The Mother Of The gods, The Queen Of Heaven, goddess of Spring (Christmas, Halloween, Mardi Gras, Easter)

3242 SN051114 Doctrine Of The Devil:  How To Tell True Doctrine- Winds Of Doctrine Darken Understanding, Alienate From God Because Of Ignorance And Results In Blindness (Stupidity), Produce Apathy Resulting In Lascivious Living

3243 WN051414 History:  Specific High Priests In Israel's History- Phinehas (Good), Eli And Phinehas (The Bad)- End Of Eli's Priesthood In Abiathar

3244 SM051814 Predestination:  You Have Not Chosen Me, I Have Chosen You- Man Does Not Seek God Or Choose Him

3245 SN051814 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Children (Immature) Listen To Winds Of Doctrine- They Become Apathetic As They Pursue The Wickedest Sin- They Are Filled With Greed- Their Thinking Becomes Perverted

3246 WN052114 History:  The Temple, The Building Of God Is Us- Old Testament Shadow, New Testament Very Image

3247 SM052514 Predestination:  If Your Faith Never Increases, You Have None, And You Are An Unbeliever- Prayer Bows To The Will Of God That Is Being Done

3248 SN052514 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Deceitful Lusts- David And Bath-sheba- Solomon And His Pagan Wives- Samson Loves Philistine Women

3249 WN052814 History:  Melchisedec Priesthood Is An Order- Jesus Is The High Priest After The Order, A Succession Of Priests – Abel, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Jacob, Etc.- Aaron, The Shadow- Jesus, The Very Image

3250 SM060114 Predestination:  Faith Is The Substance (Hupostasis), The Foundation (Understanding) Upon Which Faith Grows And Increases

3251 SN060114 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Samson Loves Philistine Women- Intermarrying Truth With A Lie- Deceitful Lusts

3252 WN060414 History:  How To Study Old Testament- Shadows And Images- The Temple Is Us, The Church- The High Priest Is The Office Of Melchisedec (Jesus In New Testament)

3253 SM060814 Predestination:  The Doctrine Of Christ Has Definition- It Is Pure And Precise- Every Word Has Meaning In The Original Greek Text

3254 SN060814 Doctrine Of The Devil:  No Definition, Not Precise- Everything Is Fuzzy With The Same Terminology- It Fools Uneducated Simple Minded People, Deceiving Them- Repent- Think Differently

3255 WN061114 History:  Ransomed, Redeemed, Kinsman Are One And The Same- Boaz And Ruth In The Lineage Of Jesus

3256 SM061514 Predestination:  God So Loved- Jacob Have I Loved- Whom He Loves He Chastens And Scourges- Imagination Is Opinion

3257 SN061514 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Good Words And Fair Speech- Con Artists Preach Convincing Words To The Unlearned- The Charismatics

3258 WN061814 History:  One Of My Airhooks- The Measurement Of Temple Furniture- Table Of The Lord- Uzziah And Nehemiah

3259 SM062214 Predestination:  Faith Must Increase And Grow In Every Believer, Or Else You Are Not A Believer

3260 SN062214 Doctrine Of The Devil:  “Depart” From Faith Is The “Apostasy”- Take Your Cross, Deny Self, The Narrow Way Is The Only Way To Heaven- God Sends Strong Delusion- No Faith Is Sin

3261 WN062514 History:  Ancient Israel Military Age Of 20 Years Old- David's Prowess When He Killed The Champion Of The Philistines- God Kills Men 20 Years Old And Upward In The Wilderness

3262 SM062914 Predestination:  Preachers Are Lying To The American Public, Perverting Truth Like The Pharisees- Tongues- Accept Christ And Sinners Prayer And More

3263 SN062914 Doctrine Of Devils:  All That Is In The World- Eve And The Tree- Demons Are Fairies And Geniis- How Demons (Self) Are Cast Out

3264 WN070214 History:  Shadows And Images, Tribute/Laver/Brazen Sea, Wash Hands And Feet, Halakah, Anoint With Oil/Truth- Exact Formula

3265 SM070614 Predestination:  God Reveals Himself To Whomsoever He Will- Men Who Are Dead In Sin Cannot Seek God

3266 SN070614 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Demons, gods, Ancestor Worship Is The Same As Christmas

3267 WN070914 History:  Holy Spirit In The Old Testament- The Spiritual Sabbath In The New

3268 SM071314 Predestination:  Quit Arguing With God- He Is Doing Everything, The Good And The Evil – Rest!

3269 SN071314 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Sin Deceives- Transgression Of The Law- Bragging About Self- Forcing Your Beliefs On Others (Harassing Them) Is Sin- Separate From Believers Who Play In Truth

3270 WN071614 History:  Sabbath, A Sign- Signs (Tokens) To Israel- The Jews Seek A Sign- No Sign But Sign Of Jonah- Resurrection (Part 1)

3271 SM072014 Predestination:  What It Means- Adoption, Inheritance, Hidden Mystery, The Church- Testament

3272 SN072014 Doctrine Of The Devil:  The Astonishing (Shocking) Instruction Of God Opposes The Smooth, Easy Instruction Of The Devil

3273 WN072314 History:  “Signs” In Israel- Jonathan And His Armour Bearer- Hezekiah And Isaiah- 2nd Miracle Of Jesus Is “Resurrection” (Part 2)

3274 SM072714 Predestined “From The Womb”

3275 SN072714 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Smooth Words Deceive The Unlearned Innocent- Original Sin- Innocent Babies

3276 WN073014 History:  Signs And Miracles (Part 3)

3277 SM080314 Predestination Is The Only Way To Heaven, The Only Truth- Faith Must Increase, And The Elect Must Mature In Order To Stop Complaining And Gossiping

3278 SN080314 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Distribute Fortunes, Darkness- Doctrine Of God: Predestination, Light- We Hear And Obey, Oppressed By Evil Men- Deceive- Old Testament

3279 WN080614 History:  A Summary Of The Bible- History And Prophecy A Sign From Heaven- “A Voice From Heaven”- Bath Kol

3280 SM081014 Predestination:  God Does Not Love Everybody- Agape And Phileo

3281 SN081014 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Babylon Is The Mother Of All Idolatry And False Doctrine

3282 WN081314 History:  A Summary Of The Old Testament From Genesis To Malachi

3283 SM081714 Predestination:  Love (Agape), Covenant, Perfection, Obedience

3284 SN081714 Doctrine Of The Devil:  False Teachers Must Die- Jeremiah And Hananiah- 70 Years In Babylon

3285 WN082014 History:  Signs- Textual Criticism And Westcott & Hort Texts- The Last 12 Verses Of Mark 16

3286 SM082414 Predestination Is About Love (Agape), Obedience To The Commandments- Perfecting Love (1 John 4)

3287 SN082414 Doctrine Of Devils:  The Apostasy- Dispensationalism- False Doctrine- Rapture- Last Trump- Man Of Sin- The Apostasy Is Smooth, Flattering Words- Easy Jesus, Easy Gospel – It's Here!

3288 WN090314 History:  The Signs Of An Apostle Will Cease When The Perfect Is Come (The Agape – Walking In God's Commandments)

3289 SM090714 Predestination:  Philokalia- Affection For The Beautiful- How Christians Should Live To Be Like Jesus

3290 SN090714 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Cast Out Devils And The Kingdom Of God, Spiritual Israel- King Of The Jews

3291 WN091014 History:  “Signs” Of An Apostle Is Not Positive Confession- The Fig Tree- Mark 11:23

3292 SM091414 Predestination Is Not A Part Time Job, Conforming To The Likeness Of Jesus On Good Days- Joseph- All Things Work For Good

3293 SN091414 Doctrine Of The Devil:  The Apostasy- Remove Daily Cross Men Hate- Their God Is Their Belly- Changed At The Last Trump- Conquer Last Enemy (Death) At 7th Trump- No Pre-Trib Rapture

3294 WM091714 History:  “Signs”- Pentecostal/Charismatic View Of Apostles' Signs Is A Lie- Cast Out Devils, Tongues, Drink Deadly Poison- Take Up Serpents – What It Really Means

3295 SM092114 Predestination:  Agape, Perfect- Maturing In The Walk Of Christ- The Character Of Agape “Suffereth Long And Is Kind”

3296 SN092114 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Cast Out Devils By Spirit, Kingdom Of God, Bind Strong Man, No Millennium, Satan Bound (Forbidden) From Deceiving Gentile Church (All Men, All Flesh) For 2,000 Years

3297 WN092414 History:  The Charismatics Are Polluting The “Signs” Of God To Positive Confession (Name It And Claim It)- Prosper, Be In Health, Faith Healing

3298 SM092814 Predestination:  “Give Us More Fire”- Agape, Walking In God's Commandments

3299 SN092814 Doctrine Of The Devil Is Apostasy- Distributing Fortunes, No Truth, No Daily Cross, Being Popular, Enemy Of God, Millennium Is Not 1,000 Years- Kingdom Is Now (Church)- Satan Bound

3300 WN100114 History:  The Charismatic “Prosper And Be In Health” Origin- The Oral Roberts Lie- Word Of Faith – What It Really Means- The “Way”

3301 SM100514 Predestination:  Sanctify, Love Perfected, Maturity- Paul, One In A Million; Peter, The Every Day Christian

3302 SN100514 Doctrine Of The Devil:  Cast Out Devils, Kingdom Of God Is In You- Reigning Now As Kings- No Millennium

3303 WN100814 Charismatic False Doctrine:  Say To This Mountain- Say To This Sycamine Tree- Faith As A Mustard Seed Grows- Increasing Faith

3304 SM101214 Predestination:  “God Does Not Love Everybody”- God Would Have “All Men” Be Saved- Spirits In Prison, Gentiles, Church (Part 1)

3305 SN101214 Cast Out Devils- Kingdom Of God- Spirits In Prison- Bind Satan, Bind Strong Man- The “All Men” Is The Church In The 2,000 Years (Not A Millennium) (Part 2)

3306 WN101514 The Charismatic “Whoopee” Gospel

3307 SM101914 Demons Are gods, Geniis, Fairies, Guardian Angels, Familiar Spirits- Jesus Said They Are “Self”- Man Of The Gadarenes- Cast Out Devils- Binding The Strong Man Is Binding Satan- Millennium Is Kingdom – 2,000 Years

3308 SN101914 Predestination:  Synecdoche, All Men, A Part Is The Whole- Jesus Died On Friday, A Part Is The Whole- “The Preparation”- Eve (Mother) Of The Sabbath

3309 WN102214 More Charismatic False Doctrine- The Leper And The Centurion (Matthew 8)- Man Borne Of Four (Mark 2)- Holy Hands (1 Tim 2, Acts 17)- Power To Get Wealth (Deut. 8)

3310 SM102614 Cast Out Devils:  The Kingdom Comes- Dispensationalism Is False Doctrine- No Pretrib Rapture, No Millennium, A Group Of Gentiles (The Church) Not Deceived Over 2,000 Years- Changed At Last Trump

3311 SN102614 Predestination:  God Does Not Love Everybody- He Did Not Love Pharaoh's Son, He Did Not Love Job's Enemies Or The Amalakites (Saul)- God Shakes Job To Pieces- The Weather Belongs To God

3312 WN102914 Charismatic Perversion Of Scripture- Prosperity- Binding And Loosing

3313 SM110214 Cast Out Devils, Kingdom Of God, Spirit, Finger Of God, Restore Kingdom, Kingdom In You- 2,000 Years Satan Is Forbidden (Bound) From Deceiving The Gentile (Nations) Church, Spiritual Israel

3314 SN110214 Predestination:  A Time To Die- God Ordains All Things- All Evil Men Work For Our Good

3315 WN110514 Charismatic Lies- Judging Righteous Judgment- Calling Names Of Lying False Teachers And Rebuking Them- “Wealth Of Sinner Laid Up For The Just”

3316 SM110914 Demons And Other False Doctrines The Preachers Are Preaching In America- “Casting Out Devils”

3317 SN110914 Predestination:  John 3:16 Does Not Say God Loves Everybody, Because He Does Not- What It Says In The Original Greek Text

3318 WN111214 Another Charismatic Lie – “Giving To Get” (1 Cor. 4:7, Rom. 11:34-36, Lk. 6:38)- You Cannot Give To False Teachers In Order To “Git” From God – God Owes You Nothing!

3319 SM111614 Cast Out Devils Bind The Strong Man- The Kingdom Of God Is The Church, The Gentiles (Elect) During The 2,000 Year Period- God's Gentile Spiritual Israel

3320 SN111614 Predestination:  Synecdoche (All Men)- Jesus Died On Friday (The Preparation)- God Is Not Willing That Any Of Us (The Sheep) Should Perish

3321 WN111914 The Charismatic Outrageous Twisting Of Scripture:  Jesus And The Apostles Were Rich, Jesus Had A Large Home In Bethabara, Jesus Wore Designer Clothes, The Apostles’ Money Bag Proves They Were Rich- Tongues- Faith Healing

3322 SM112314 Cast Out Devils:  Kingdom Of God, Spirits In Prison, Light And Darkness, Gentile Spiritual Israel, The Church

3323 SN112314 Predestinated To The Image Of Christ- Chosen To Be Holy And Without Blame- Elected To Obedience And Sprinkling Of Blood (Blood Baptism)

3324 SM113014 Cast Out Devils- Spirits In Prison- Gentiles- Light- Darkness- Prison- Isaiah, The Old Testament Paul – Paul, The New Testament Isaiah

3325 SN113014 Predestination:  The Likeness Of Jesus- Holy And Blameless- Justified (Innocent)- Obedience, Sprinkling Blood- Jesus Was Compassionate, So Should We Be

3326 WN120414 Charismatic Greed:  Lies About Being Rich- Rich In Righteousness, Faith, Mercy, Peace, Etc.- II Cor 8 And 9, The Benevolent Chapters- Titus- Offerings For Jerusalem

3327 SM120714 Christmas:  The Big Dipper, Swastika, Yin And Yang, Light And Darkness, Prison

3328 SN120714 Predestination:  God Has Purposed And Determined Everything In Our Lives, Good And Bad- We Are To Accept Everything Since God Has Ordained It – No Fighting, No Worry

3329 WN121014 Charismatic Twisting Of God's Word- “Binding And Loosing”- Two Witnesses- Keys To The Kingdom (Part 1)

3330 SM121414 Christmas:  Constantine- The Barbarians- Saving The Empire- The Roman Church

3331 SN121414 Predestination:  God Is Doing Everything – Accept It (And You Will Eventually)- No Fighting And Arguing

3332 SM122114 Christmas:  About Its Pagan Origins- Timeline With Dates- Light And Dark- Solstice And Equinox

3333 SN122114 Predestination:  Temperance- Self Control- Not Controlling Others' Vengeance, Etc.

3334 WN122414 The Truth About Charismatic False Doctrine- “Binding And Loosing”- Judging Righteous Judgment- “Guilty Or Innocent”- Lawful Or Unlawful- Condemning Positive Confession (Part 2)

3335 SM122814 How I Learned That Christmas Is Pagan- It Started When I Was A Little Boy In Texas- It Came To My Full Understanding Through Years Of Study In The Old Testament (Gen. 1-25)

3336 SN122814 Predestination:  Like Jesus- Orge (Anger), Envy And Revenge- Rage Is Not Like Him- Believers Shouldn't Be Doing That

3337 WN123114 Charismatic Perversion:  Binding And Loosing- Judging Righteously- Lawful Or Unlawful- 1 Cor 5 And 6- Judging Angels Inside The Church

3338 SM010415 How I Learned That Christmas Is Pagan, Part 2- Studying The History Of God's Family, Israel, Through The Old Testament- Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph Now Is Spiritual Israel (Gen. 26-50)

3339 SN010415 Predestination:  “Tulip”- Elect And Chosen

3340 SM011115 Demons:  gods Of The Ancient World- Hercules, Venus, Baal, Grove, Etc.- Fire god And Tree goddess- The Reasons For Christmas- Israel's Idolatry- Marrying The Pagans And Serving Their gods

3341 SN011115 Predestination:  Friends (Philos)- Brotherly Kindness- “Philadelphia”- Kindly Affectioned To One Another- Be Friends With Believers- Separate From Rebellion And Unbelief

3342 WN011415 The True Prosperity Gospel:  Jesus, The Narrow Way = The Gospel = The Resurrection = Baptism Of Repentance = “Prepare Ye The Way” – They Are All The “Well Way”

3343 SM011815 Israel- The Four Judgments Of God (Ezek. 14)- Israel Scattered- How I Learned That Christmas Is Pagan (Part 3)

3344 SN011815 Predestination Is About The Inner Man Overcoming The Outer Man Through Years Of Fire, Trials And Tribulation

3345 WN012115 The Protestant Churches In America Are Roman Catholic- “Let Us Make Us A Name”- Edict of Toleration- Political Correctness

3346 SM012515 Cast Out Devils Bind, (Forbid) Satan- The Reason For 2,000 Years (Not Millennium)- The Beast – The Means Of Scattering Israel Gentiles (Locusts) Evil Spirit, Scorpions

3347 SN012515 Predestination:  Election And The Elect

3348 WN012815 Charismatics:  Where They Come From- Pulling Down Strongholds And Every Imagination- Exalting Oneself Against The Knowledge Of God

3349 SM020115 The Story Of Israel Throughout The Old Testament

3350 SN020115 Predestination:  Pro'orizo And Horizon- How To Show Compassion- The Likeness Of Jesus

3351 WN020415 Charismatic Doctrines:  Bind And Loose- Judging With The Sceptre, The Rabdos- The Shepherd's Staff, The Rod Of The Shepherd, A Measuring Line (Bind And Loose Series)

3352 SM020815 Israel's History From Adam To Jacob (Israel)- The Judges From Joshua To Samuel- Israel Continually Turns From God Following The gods Of The Heathen (Baal, Grove, Etc.)

3353 SN020815 Predestination:  God Has Declared Everything, The Good, The Evil, Sin- Making Adam Of Corrupt Dust, Putting The Tree In The Garden, Creating A Law, Thus Creating Sin

3354 WN021115 Charismatic Theology:  How Hardly Shall A Rich Man Enter The Kingdom- The Rich Young Ruler- What God Says About Men Who Seek Riches

3355 SM021515 History:  Israel Is “Scattered”- The 4th Judgment

3356 SN021515 Predestination:  The Likeness Of Jesus Is To Be “Gentle”, Easily Approachable

3357 SM022215 Prophecy:  Old Testament Israel Actions- The End Of Time- War In Israel- Falling By The Sword, Led Away Captive Till Times Of Gentiles Are Fulfilled- High Points Of Idolatry In Israel

3358 SN022215 Predestined To Be Like Jesus- Being Gentle, No Fighting Or Striving (Macho) Or Wrangling (Eris)

3359 WN022515 Charismatics Know Nothing About Grace (Charis) Or The Favor That God Has Granted (Charizomai) Or God Speed (Chairo) Or Joy (Chara) – They Preach A Money Gospel- God's Tithe To Preacher Of Truth

3360 SM030115 History And Prophecy:  The Sabbatical Years- “The Beast” Scatters Northern Israel (II Kings 17)

3361 SN030115 Predestination:  What Jesus Is Like And What He Is Not Like- Wrath (Orge), Contention, Strife, Etc.

3362 SM031515 Prophecy:  70 Weeks Of Daniel- 70 Years In Babylon- The Covenant- Crops, Storehouses- Sabbatical Years Violation- (Beginning Study)

3363 SN031515 Predestination Is About The Things We Should And Should Not Do- “Give Place To Wrath”, Put Up With Evil- Never Fight Or Seek Revenge- Be Like Jesus, Let It Happen, Leave It Alone

3364 SM032215 Prophecy:  70 Weeks Of Daniel (Dan 9:24-27) = Covenant Bloodline- Adam To Jacob (Israel)- Twelve Sons- 500 Years, Kings- Idol Worship- Captivity- Beast- Outline 70 Years In Babylon- 4 Decrees With Dates (2nd in 70 Weeks Series)

3365 SN032215 Predestination:  God Is Our Potter Conforming Us To Christ’s Likeness- No Strife- Eritheia – Plotting, Intrigue, Secret, Underhanded, Trick, Group Working In A Common Cause Against The Main Body (Church)- Homosexuals And Lesbians In The Church At Rome

3366 WN032515 Charismatic False Doctrine:  “The Word Of Faith” Is Confessing With The Mouth What Has Been Written In Our Hearts And Doing It

3367 SM032915 Prophecy:  70 Weeks- Daniel’s Repentance (Dan. 9)- Gabriel Gives The 70 Weeks- 6 points Of Dan. 9:24- The Reason For The 70 Weeks Of Daniel (Part 3)

3368 SN032915 Predestination:  What Jesus Was Like And What He Was Not Like (Part 2)- The Character Of Christ- Sins In The Church (Romans 1)

3369 WN040115 Charismatic Distortion:  “Hucksters” Wrench And Torture The Scripture- Positive Confession, “Say To This Mountain”, “Scorpions”, And More

3370 SM040515 Prophecy:  Easter, Mardi Gras, Halloween And Christmas- The Reason For The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- Resurrection Is Daily- Baptized For The Dead Elect

3371 SN040515 Predestination:  The Likeness Of Jesus Is Not Fighting, Being Underhanded, Plotting Against The Main Body- The Servant Of God Does Not Fight

3372 WN040815 The Charismatic False Doctrine Of “King's Kids” Deserving Money, Things & Stuff (Kingdom Of God Is Spiritual)- Predestined To Inherit Promises, Adoption, Sons, Testament, Drinking The Cup

3373 SM041215 Prophecy:  The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- The First Two Decrees- The Law Of The Medes And Persians Altereth Not

3374 SN041215 Predestination:  Not Like Jesus- Eritheia- Intrigue- Plotting And Scheming Against The Church- Diotrephes Was Fond Of Being First – He Was Ambitious

3375 WN041515 Charismatic Doctrine On “King's Kids” (Part 2)- Inheritance, Predestination, Adoption, Sons, Promise, Seed, Testament, Drinking Of The Cup

3376 SM041915 Prophecy:  The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- II Kings 23 And 24- The Last 5 Kings Of Israel- The King Comes From Jehoiachin (Jechonias)- No British Israelism- The Destruction Of Southern Judah (II Kings 25)- Do Not Go To Egypt (Jer. 27)

3377 SN041915 Predestination:  What Jesus Was Not Like- He Wasn't Macho, He Did Not Fight, He Had No Orge (Covetous Wrath), He Did Not Seek Vengeance, He Was Not Underhanded And Plotting

3378 WN042215 Charismatic And Other False Doctrine- Children Of God, Heirs Of The Kingdom, Predestination- Our Last Will And Testament Is Drinking The Cup

3379 SM042615 Prophecy:  70 Weeks Of Daniel- Summary Of Israel's History

3380 SN042615 Predestination:  It Is About Groaning, Strait Gate, Narrow Way All Working Together For Good In Order To Conform Us To Christ's Image (Likeness)

3381 WN042915 Charismatics And Other False Teachers Are Wolves In Sheep's Clothing (In Disguise)- The Parable Of The Good Shepherd

3382 SM050315 Prophecy:  70 Weeks Of Daniel- 6 Points Of Daniel 9:24- Abomination That Makes Desolate- No Literal Temple In Jerusalem- Jesus, The One Sacrifice- Israel Attacks Jeremiah- Pray Not For This People

3383 SN050315 Predestination:  Jesus Was Not Like Man's Jealousy And Rage- Getting Rid Of Anger

3384 WN050615 Charismatic And Catholic Doctrine Of Tolerance- Our Predestinated Inheritance Is Drinking The Cup In The Spiritual Passover

3385 SM051015 Mother's Day And The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- Honour Father God And Mother Jerusalem (Tree Of Life)- Length Of Days- Long Life- Mother Of The Spring (The goddesses)

3386 SN051015 Predestination:  Unto Repentance, Forgiveness, Ashamed, Instructed, Humiliation And Willingness To Take The Blame

3387 WN051315 Charismatic False Doctrine:  Our Inheritance Is Not Money And Things- It Is Drinking The Cup Of The Spiritual Passover And Eating The Bread Which Is The Body, The Church

3388 SM051715 Prophecy:  70 Weeks Of Daniel- 2,600 Years In Captivity- The Middle East Conflict Is Concerning Israel's Apostasy From I Samuel Through II Chronicles- Jeremiah's Rebuke Of Israel

3389 SN051715 Predestination:  The Will Of God Is Being Done

3390 WN052015 The Charismatic Lie:  Our Inheritance Is Not Money, It Is The Passover- Drinking The Cup (Daily Dying), Eating The Bread (The Body, The Church)

3391 SM052415 Prophecy:  70 Weeks- Israel's “gods” Results In 70x7 Beginning In Nehemiah 2- Judgment For Going After Other gods

3392 SN052415 Predestination:  “Plainness Of Speech”

3393 WN052715 The Leaven Of The Spiritual Passover- Separating From Brothers Who Walk Disorderly

3394 SM053115 Prophecy:  70 Weeks Of Daniel- The Sabbatical Years 70x7- How The 70 Weeks Are Measured Out And Why Seven Weeks Threescore And Two Weeks- The Jews Blinded

3395 SN053115 Predestination:  Faith Works By Love (Agape)- If Predestination Is Not True, No One Is Coming To Christ Because “None Seeketh After God”- “There Is None Good”

3396 WN060315 The Inheritance Of God's People Is Drinking The Cup Which Means “To Taste Of Death” (Die Daily)- Where Did The Bread And Wine Originate? The New Testament Because Of Force Upon The Death Of Jesus (Passover Series)

3397 SM060715 Prophecy:  70 Weeks Of Daniel- Great Tribulation Such As Was Not From The Beginning, No, Nor Ever Shall Be- Isis, Terrorism- The Beginning Of 70 Weeks In Nehemiah 2

3398 SN060715 Predestined To Increase Faith And Conform To Christ's Image- Youth With “Little Faith” Wants To Take Over And Run The Show- Never Disrespect The Grey-haired Wise Old Men (Proverbs 16:31)

3399 WN061015 “Drinking The Cup” (Death To Self) Is The Antithesis To Charismatic Doctrine Of Fulfill Self- The Cup Is God's Judgment For Doing Evil, And Evil Men's Judgment Upon The Righteous For Doing Good

3400 SM061415 Prophecy:  The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- The End Of Time- The 70th Week- Signs Of The End

3401 SN061415 Predestination:  The “Daily” Cross- Save Your Life Or Lose It

3402 WN061715 Prosperity Gospel (Money & Stuff) Opposes The True Gospel- The Cup- Finger Of God- Blotting Out “Handwriting”- Nailed To Cross- No Rituals

3403 SM062115 Ecuador Missionary Update

3404 SN062115 Statement Of Faith, Part 1:  What We Believe And What We Do Not Believe

3405 WN062415 Baptism- The Mystery Of Christ (The Church)- Twin Sisters, Ephesians 2 And Colossians 2- Proselyte Baptism

3406 SM062815 Prophecy:  70 Weeks- The Jews Shall Fall By The Sword Till The Times Of The Gentiles Be Fulfilled- The Full Story Of Israel's Destruction From Jesus Till The End (70th Week)

3407 SN062815 Statement Of Faith, Part 2:  We Believe That God Creates All Things Including Good And Evil- Job And Joseph

3408 WN070115 Charismatics Oppose The “Cup”- The Lord's Passover Is The Lord's Supper- 1st Day Of The Week (I Cor 11)

3409 SM070515 Prophecy:  The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- Looking To The End Of The 70th Week, The End Of Time- Man Of Sin (The Prince) Shall Cause The Sacrifice And Oblation To Cease

3410 SN070515 Statement Of Faith, Part 3:  What We Believe And What We Do Not Believe- Predestination, God Creates Sin And Evil, No Faith Healing, No Pentecostal Tongues, No Freewill- You Cannot Stop The Will Of God

3411 WN070815 Drinking The Cup (Our Inheritance) Is Death To Self- Faith, Daily Cross, Ask, Prayer, Blood Baptism- To Be Baptized (Infinitive) “In”- All Ordinances Nailed To The Cross

3412 SM071215 Prophecy:  The 70th Week- 3½ Years, Time Times And ½ Times, 42 Months, 1,260 Days- The End Of All Things- The Beast At War With The Church

3413 SN071215 Statement Of Faith, Part 4:  We Believe Everything Is Of God- Spiritual Sabbath- Method Of Salvation Is Faith (Believe)- No Sinner's Prayer, No Accept Christ, No One-Time Walk Down The Aisle To Confess Christ

3414 WN071515 Baptism (Death To Self) Is Our Inheritance- To “Sink Into Clothing”- Washed In The Blood

3415 SM071915 Prophecy:  The 70 Weeks Is Upon Daniel's People And The Holy City- Heavenly Jerusalem, The Church- “Gog And Magog” Attack The Beloved City- Caucasus- “White People”

3416 SN071915 Statement Of Faith, Part 5:  What We Do Not Believe- “Pentecostal” Tongues – Where It Started And Its Corruption

3417 WN072215 Our Inheritance – Death To Self (Daily Cross)- Biblical Algebra- How I Think When I Study

3418 SM072615 Prophecy:  70 Weeks Of Daniel- The Last 7 Years Of Time Divided In Half (3 ½ Years Or One Thousand Two Hundred And Threescore Days)- Thousand Is A Noun Unless Preceded By A Determiner- It Will Be Singular Or Plural Depending On The Context

3419 SN072615 Statement Of Faith, Part 6:  Things We Do Not Believe (And Why)- (“Pentecostal” Tongues, Part 1)

3420 WN072915 Our Inheritance Is “Objective Truth” Resulting In “Death To Self” Through Persecution- The “Subjective Opinion” Is Popular Belief (Political Correctness) And Ends In Destruction

3421 SM080215 Prophecy:  The 70th Week- 1260 Days- No Millennium- Thousand Is A Noun, Not A Number- Time Is No More At The Last Trump- God Destroys All Enemies- Death Last


3422 SN080215 Statement Of Faith, Part 7:  We Do Not Believe In Freewill- Everything That Happens Is The Will Of God Including Good And Evil- “The Wrath Of Man Shall Praise Thee”

3423 WN080515 Our Inheritance Is Death To The Outer Man

3424 SM080915 Prophecy:  The 70th Week- 3½ Years, 1,260 Days- Context- No Pretrib Rapture, No Thousand Year Reign- God Conquers All Enemies- Death Last Enemy- Last Trump

3425 SN080915 Statement Of Faith, Part 8:  What We Do Not Believe And Why- Positive Confession, Prosperity Gospel, “Pentecostal” Tongues- The Real Is Dialects, Glossa, Tongues Of Fire (Preach Truth)- (“Pentecostal” Tongues, Part 2)

3426 WN081215 Inheritance:  The Cup, Daily Cross- A Look At The Spiritual Passover In I Corinthians- The Leaven, Cup Of Blessing, Members Of The Body- In Particular

3427 SM081615 Prophecy:  The Story Of The 70 Weeks Ends With The Man Of Sin (Gog) Attacking The Church- The Two Witnesses (Church) Of Revelation 11 Are Killed, Lie In The Streets 3½ Days (Half A Week)

3428 SN081615 Statement Of Faith, Part 9:  Why “Predestination” Is An Absolute Necessity – You Cannot Go To Heaven Without It- We Do Not Believe In “Pentecostal” Tongues- “Utterance” – Its Definition And Derivatives

3429 WN081915 Inheritance:  The Covenant (Last Will And Testament) Started In Genesis 1:1- Cain, The Bastard Son Of Adam And Eve (Origin Of The False Virgin Births)

3430 SM082315 Prophecy:  70 Weeks- The Two Horned Goat (Persians And Medes)- The King Of Fierce Countenance (Man Of Sin)- The End Of The Kingdom Of The Beast- Four Judgments- Perplexity

3431 SN082315 Statement Of Faith, Part 10:  Believers Are Supposed To Be Depressed- Suffering Persecution, Tribulation And Being Hated By The World- Paul, Elijah, Jeremiah

3432 WN082615 Inheritance:  Bitter Herbs Of The Spiritual Passover

3433 SM083015 Prophecy:  Two Events Before Jesus Comes Back – 1) Falling Away (Apostasy), And 2) Man Of Sin (Son Of Perdition) Revealed

3434 SN083015 Statement Of Faith, Part 11:  We Do Not Believe In Freewill, Demons, Water Baptism Or Christmas- We Do Believe That All Right Turns Are Ordained By God

3435 WN090215 Inheritance:  Every Word In The Bible Is Related To Every Other Word In The Bible- Cain, The Bastard Son, Had No Inheritance – Conceived When Adam And Eve Were In Their Sin

3436 SM090615 Prophecy:  “Man Of Sin”- Son Of Perdition- David- Apostasy- Divorce- Revelation 20- First Resurrection- End Of 2,000 Years- Amillennialism

3437 SN090615 Statement Of Faith, Part 12:  The Tithe

3438 WN090915 Inheritance Is Death To The Flesh- Joint Heirs- 1071=7x153 (Fish)

3439 SM091315 Prophecy:  The Bondage And Captivity- Gog, Another Name For The Man Of Sin, Attacks The Church Throughout The World

3440 SN091315 Statement Of Faith, Part 13:  Lazarus, An Example Of The Predestinated Elect, Made Alive By God's Will- Tongues Will Cease When The Church Is Mature

3441 WN091615 Inheritance:  The “Amazing 153”, A Narcissistic Number (Into Itself)- The Fish Of John 21:11

3442 SM092015 Prophecy:  “Apostasy”, A Sign Of The End (70 Weeks Of Daniel Series)

3443 SN092015 Statement Of Faith, Part 14:  All Things For Good- God Creates Evil For Our Good- English Is A Confusion Of Tongues

3444 WN092315 Inheritance:  If God Does Not Deal With You To Cease “Sleeping Around” (Whore Mongering), Stealing, Homosexuality, All Sin, You Are Not A Son, You Are Not Going To Heaven- “And Such Were Some Of You”

3445 SM092715 Prophecy:  Gog And Magog- The Final Conflict- God's Fury Destroys All His Enemies

3446 SN092715 Statement Of Faith, Part 15:  Pentecostal Tongues Is Man's Imagination (I Cor 14)- The Reason For Tongues (Glossa) Is To Get The Gospel To The Gentiles (All Flesh)

3447 WN093015 Inheritance:  Arise, And Be Baptized, And “Wash Away” Thy Sins- Giving Up Sin (The Outer Man) A Little At A Time- This Message Will Hurt You

3448 SM100415 Prophecy:  Gog And Magog- The End Of Time- Jews Become A Nation May 14, 1948 After 2,600 Years Of Captivity- Ezekiel Preaches To The Dry Bones- God Breathes Life Into Them (Ezekiel 37)

3449 SN100415 Statement Of Faith, Part 16:  “Pentecostalism” Is A Downright Lie- The Tongues Of I Cor. 14 Is A Confusion Of Languages- America Is A Confusion Of Languages- They Do Not Know What Anything Means- Suggested Study Books

3450 WN100715 Our Inheritance:  Suffering In This World, Drinking The Cup- Growing To Maturity- Misery At Times- Losing Friends And Family- Joy With The People Of God- No Easy Way To Live The Christian Life

3451 SM101115 Prophecy:  The Reason The World Trade Center Came Down Is Because Israel Celebrated Christmas Under Another Name 3,500 Years Ago

3452 SN101115 Statement Of Faith, Part 17:  God Has Ordained Everything, Including Evil And Sin – All Events, Happenings And People And Their Actions

3453 WN101415 Inheritance:  Lawful Portion- Steward- Law Dispenser- Eating Of The One Body (The Church)- Law- Prescribed Sheep Food- Blood Baptism

3454 SM101815 Prophecy:  Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel And The Prophets Preach The Same Message- Jeremiah's Account Of Judah's (Southern Israel) Destruction- Jeremiah Is Set Free

3455 SN101815 Statement Of Faith, Part 18:  The Real Meaning Of Tongues- There Is A Confusion Of Tongues In American Pulpits – No Definition- Christmas Is Accept Christ, Sinner's Prayer And Much More (I Cor. 14)

3456 WN102115 Jesus Is God, The “I Am” Husband Of Israel (The Church)- The Holy One- The King Of Israel (The Church) In Old And New Testaments- We Enter The Kingdom Through Tribulation

3457 SM102515 Prophecy:  God's Judgments – Famine, Pestilence- Greenhouse Global Warming- Two Babylons Is Fallen, Euphrates Dry In Old Testament And New Testament

3458 SN102515 Statement Of Faith, Part 19:  God Is Not “Wishing” We Will Conform To Christ's Likeness, He Has Predetermined It- The Vessels Of Wrath Are Born To Be Destroyed- The Part Of Predestination That Men Do Not Like

3459 WN102815 Inheritance Of The Saints In Light- Predestinate Is To Predetermine The Horizon- Prison, Forgiveness, Light, Dark, Spirits In Prison

3460 SM110115 Prophecy:  The Branch (Jesus) Of Isaiah 11- The Wolf, Lamb, Serpent, Lion, Bear, Leopard- The Same As The Dry Bones Of Ezekiel 37- The End Of Time

3461 SN110115 Statement Of Faith, Part 20:  American Preachers: Confusion Of Tongues- They Do Not Understand The English Bible- They Have No Definition Or Meaning- What Does “Confess” Christ Mean?

3462 WN110415 Inheritance:  Those Not Predestined- God Does Not Birth Or Change Them (Their Hearts, The Way They Live)- Not Of Works, But Of God Working In His People

3463 SM110815 Prophecy:  Mountains And Hills

3464 SN110815 Statement Of Faith, Part 21:  God Creates Evil And Kills People – With Men Of Other Tongues (I Cor 14, Isa 28)

3465 SM111515 Prophecy:  Old Testament Equals New Testament In Shadows- Euphrates Dried Up- Babylon Destroyed- “Anointed” Releases God's People From Babylon (Isa. 44, 45 and Rev. 9, 16, 18)

3466 SN111515 Statement Of Faith, Part 22:  “Humble” And “Love”- A Confusion Of Languages- You Cannot Be Humble To Man And God At The Same Time

3467 WN111815 Inheritance:  Justified (Rendered Innocent)- Faith By Blood, By Works- Before The Foundation Of The World

3468 SM112215 Prophecy:  Heavens, Horns, Mountains- The Beast With 7 Heads And 10 Horns- The 10 Horns Are The 10 Tribes Of Northern Israel Giving Their Power To The Beast- The 10 Horns Destroy The Harlot Of Babylon

3469 SN112215 Statement Of Faith, Part 23:  Confusion Of Tongues- Preachers Hate Adjectives And Adverbs- God “Does Not” Love Everybody (John 3:16 And 2 Peter 3:9)

3470 WN112515 Inheritance:  Predestination- T-U-L-I-P

3471 SM112915 Prophecy:  The End Of Israel's Captivity- One Nation After 2,600 Years (May 14, 1948)- Christmas- Catholicism- Wheel Of The Year- Queen Of Heaven- Preachers Have Twisted The Word Of God To Fit Their Lifestyles

3472 SN112915 Statement Of Faith, Part 24:  Preachers In America Do Not Understand English Words- Whatsoever Ye Shall “Ask” In “Prayer”, “Believing”, Ye Shall Receive- You Cannot Trust “Nice” People

3473 WN120215 Inheritance:  Predestination- “All Things For Good”- Joseph And David- The Evil And Sin In Their Lives Work For Our Good

3474 SM120615 Christmas Is The Feast Of Saturn- The Worship Of The Big Dipper (The Swastika)- Partaking Of The Body Of Christ Is Not The “Mass” Of Roman Catholicism- Documenting Pagan Origins Of The Christmass

3475 SN120615 Statement Of Faith, Part 25:  Tongues- When The “Perfect” Is Come, “Signs Of An Apostle” Will Pass Away

3476 WN120915 Inheritance:  Predestination- T-U-L-I-P (Part 2)- Election Favors The Inner Man- Respect Of Persons Favors The Outer Man (The Surface Or Face)

3477 SM121315 What's So Bad About Christmas? – It's The Most Evil Thing In The History Of The World- America Was Founded On Roman Catholic's Racist “Doctrine Of Discovery”

3478 SN121315 Statement Of Faith, Part 26:  Review Of Tongues- Pentecostalism Is An Evil False Doctrine – It Blasphemes The Spirit (Truth)- Confessing And Denying Christ Are Direct Opposites

3479 WN121615 Inheritance:  T-U-L-I-P- Unconditional Election- “Chosen”

3480 SM122015 Christmas Is The Reason The World Trade Center Came Down- Christmas Is The Reason Hitler Killed 6 Million Jews- It Is The Reason For The Collapsing Economy And Terrorism- America Was Founded By The Roman Catholic Christopher Columbus On The Racist “Doctrine Of Discovery”

3481 SN122015 Statement Of Faith, Part 27:  Defining Words Is Everything Confessing Is Doing- Without Definition There Is A Confusion Of Tongues (Languages)

3482 SM122715 Christmas Is “Let Us Make Us A Name”, The Mother Of All Evil In The World- The Sceptre Will Not Depart From Judah

3483 SN122715 Statement Of Faith, Part 28:  Instruction By Definition- Tongues In Acts 2 And I Cor. 14- Tongues Are For A Sign To The Unbelieving Elect- Peter Preached At Pentecost The Sign Of Jonah- Resurrection (The Gospel)

3484 WN123015 Inheritance:  T-U-L-I-P- Election- Without An Inner Man And Outer Man You Will Be In Hell Someday

3485 SM010316 Christmas:  The Cause Of All Evil- The Theft Of America By Roman Catholicism- Racist Annihilation Of The American Indian

3486 SN010316 Statement Of Faith, Part 29:  Words And Definitions- Any Other Doctrine- “godspeed” Confusion Of Tongues In America

3487 WN010616 The Lies In The Bible And The Liars (The Word Of God Is True)- How To Read The Bible

3488 SM011016 Roman Catholicism And Islam- Man Of Sin, King Of Fierce Countenance- Understanding Dark Sentences- Sword, Famine, Pestilence And Beast- Perplexity- Mixed Religion- Tolerance (Political Correctness)- Justifying Wicked For Reward

3489 SN011016 Statement Of Faith, Part 30:  No Faith Healing, No Calling Things That Be Not As Though They Were- No Demons, Geniis, Fairies, Guardians Or Totems- How I Study The Bible

3490 WN011316 Heritage, Election And Respect Of Persons

3491 SM011716 Prophecy:  The End Of Time- “Groaning”- All Things For Good- Predestined To Conform- New Bodies At His Coming

3492 SN011716 Statement Of Faith, Part 31:  God Is Doing Everything

3493 WN012016 Inheritance:  Greek Word Construction- Prefixes And Little Words- “In”- T-U-L-I-P- Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement

3494 SM012416 Prophecy:  Locusts, Scorpions (False Teachers), Wolves, Bottomless Pit (Know Nothing), Sword, Famine, Pestilence, No Rain, Too Much Rain, Smoke (Pride/Conceit)- Israel Offers Children To Moloch And Eats Them

3495 WN012716 Inheritance:  God Is A Heretic- Truth Is God's Heresy

3496 SM013116 Prophecy:  The Original Borders Of Israel Are The Approximate Borders Of Eden- Babylon Was The Origin Of Evil- Demons, Geniis And Fairies Were Born On Dec. 25- Demons Were Ancestors Made Into gods

3497 SN013116 Statement Of Faith, Part 32:  Word Definition Will Explain The Bible- The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, The 144,000, The 24 Elders- Answers Are In The Old Testament

3498 SM020716 Prophecy:  Creation- Covenant And Chronology Of Adam- And They Begat Sons And Daughters- God Reserves Rain For The Flood In Genesis 1- It Had Never Rained Before Noah

3499 SN020716 Statement Of Faith, Part 33:  The Doctrines I Do Not Believe- I Hate These The Most, “Accept Christ As Your Personal Saviour”, “Git Saved”, “Let Jesus Come Into Your Heart”, “Sinner's Prayer For Salvation”- Believe (A Verb Showing Action) Is God's Method Of Salvation (Confusion Of Tongues Series)

3500 WN021016 Unconditional Election To Obedience And Sprinkling Of Blood (Death To Self)- Getting Attention Of Self And Focusing On God And Others- Faith Increasing To Maturity