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Messages Upon Request 2501-3000

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2501 WN070809 Predestination: Making Yourself Do Right And Stop Sinning- The Inner Man Makes The Outer Man Quit Cursing, Smoking, Drinking, Losing Your Temper And Looking At Women You Shouldn't - In Time 

2502 SM071209 Prophecy: The Things That Come To Mind When Studying Prophecy- Saul's Rebellion- Out To Kill David Because Of Envy- The Arrow Incident 

2503 SN071209 Spirits In Prison: Millennium (Chilia) Begins With The Binding Of Satan At Pentecost And Lasts 2000 Years Till Satan's Little Season- The Time Of New Testament Gentile Israel 

2504 WN071509 Prophecy: The End Of Time- Its Relationship To Israel's History- Introducing Samuel (Heard Of The Lord) 

2505 SM071909 Predestination: The God Of The Bible Is Not Who Religious America Thinks He Is- The God Of The Bible Is A Domineering, Tyrannical Dictator- His Word Is Final, Without Question- He Answers To No One 

2506 SN071909 Spirits In Prison: The Errors Of Preterism- The Kingdom (The Church) Is Feminine Gender- "Her Generation (Descendants) Shall Not Pass Away" 

2507 WN072209 Predestination: Jesus Did Not Die For Everybody, He Died For His Wife, The Church (Eph. 5:25)- Limited Atonement To The 144,000, The Redeemed 

2508 SM072609 Prophecy: It Is About Israel Sinking Into Wickedness Beginning With Saul- He Wants To Kill David "Without A Cause"- Psalms And The Life Of David In I and II Samuel 

2509 SN072609 Spirits In Prison- "Put To Death In The Flesh, Quickened By The Spirit" Is The Daily Resurrection (The Gospel)- The Means By Which Peter In Acts 2 Preached To The Jews From Every Nation- They Would Then Take This Back To The Gentiles (Spirits In Prison) 

2510 WN072909 Prophecy: The End Time Chapters Of Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 17, Luke 21 Resulted From Israel's Departure From God As A Nation (I Sam-II Chron)- Saul Kills 85 Priests Of God- Abiathar Is The Lone Survivor- David Flees Saul 

2511 SM080209 Prophecy: The Beast- How It Evolved From Babylon Into The Roman Catholic Church- The Beast And Its Mark Are Dirt- Roman Catholicism Is Political Correctness (Toleration)- Dirt Is The Reason Men Hate The Daily Cross- They Love It 

2512 SN080209 Spirits In Prison: The Origin Of Gog And Magog In Gen. 10 (The Table Of Nations)- Gog And Magog (Ezek. 38) Attacking Israel In The End Of Chilia (So-Called Thousand) 

2513 WN080509 Predestination: Ye Must Be Born Again- Jehovah Means Self Existence- Jesus Means Jehovah (Self Existent) Saves- If You Can Cause Your New Birth By Accepting Christ Or By A Sinner's Prayer, That Makes You Jesus 

2514 SM080909 Predestination: The Gospel, Jesus, The Cross, Resurrection- What Does This All Mean- The Verbal Law Of The Jews, Twisted Knowledge 

2515 SN080909 Spirits In Prison: Spiritual Israel (The Church), The Time Of All Men (All Flesh), Kingdom Of God (Light), The Gentiles Coming To Light, The Time Period Of Binding Satan, Chilia- All Are One And The Same- Finger Of God 

2516 WN081209 Prophecy: Baal (Hercules) And The Grove (Venus), The Fire And Tree Worship For Which God Scattered Israel Is Without Doubt The Same As Tyre, Babylon, Pergamos, And Rome (Catholicism) 

2517 SM081609 Prophecy: It's About The Covenant Of The Land Given To Abraham- Israel Broke The Covenant Going After Baal (Hercules) And The Grove (Venus)- They Were Scattered (II Kings 17) For 2600 Years Becoming A Nation May 14, 1948 

2518 SN081609 Spirits In Prison: The Jews Are The Circumcision, The Gentiles Are The Uncircumcision- Preaching To The Gentiles (Spirits In Prison) By The Resurrection (Gospel) 

2519 WN081909 Predestination: Faith, The Gift Of God- Not Only To Believe, But Also To Suffer For His Sake- Add To Faith Uncorrupt Knowledge- No Guile, No Con, No Frowardness 

2520 SM082309 Predestination: Faith And Prayer Changes Nothing- Prayer Bows To The Will Of God, Faith Crucifies Self And Also Bows To The Will Of God- God Has Ordained All Events And Their Timing (Job 14:25 & Acts 17:26) (Charismatic Series) 

2521 SN082309 Spirits In Prison: Prison Is Babylon (Darkness)- The Way Out Is Baptism Of Repentance (Death To Self) And Daily Resurrection 

2522 WN082609 Prophecy: The Purpose Of All Prophecy Is Israel's Apostasy In Going After Other Gods (I Sam - II Chron)- The Reason For The Judges- Introduction To Saul's Rebellion (I Sam 13-15) 

2523 SM083009 Prophecy: Israel Carried Away Into Captivity By The Beast- The Babylonian Lion, The Persian Bear, The Grecian Leopard And The Beast With Iron Teeth- The 7 Heads Are 7 Mountains (Capital Cities) 

2524 SN083009 Spirits In Prison: Jesus Will Preach To The Spirits In Prison By The Resurrection Of Christ In Us Daily As We Preach The Gospel To The Gentiles- We Preach By Being Baptized (Blood Baptism Is Martyrdom) For The Dead (Elect) That Have Not Believed Yet 

2525 WN090209 Predestination: A Man Can Do Nothing (Of Himself) To Be Saved, Not Even Believe- God Puts Faith In A Man's Heart And Causes Him To Go Through Fire & Tribulation Growing In Faith- After Many Trials You're A Man That "Knows" (Sees) He Is Saved 

2526 SM090609 Predestination: The Inner Man, Christ- The Outer Man, Self- Seeing Self Die- Two Witnesses Of Jewish Law Are Two Witnesses Of Rev. 11- Seeing With Christ (Conscience) Is Dying With Christ (Bearing Witness)- John MacArthur Does Not Tell The Truth 

2527 SN090609 Spirits In Prison: Light And Darkness- Gentiles To Light (Isaiah)- Wealth (Armies) Of Sinner (Israel) Laid Up For The Just- Spiritual Israel Which Is The Spirits In Prison (Gentiles) 

2528 WN090909 Prophecy And History: The Story Of Israel- The Children (Sons) Of God From Seth (Abel) To Israel (Jacob)- The Covenant- The Land- Abraham, Isaac, Jacob- One Flesh (Genes) 

2529 SM091309 Prophecy And The History Of Israel: The Story Of A Family- A Father, Jacob (Israel), 4 Wives (Leah, Rachel, Bilhah, Zilpah) And 12 Sons (Brothers)- Jacob Leaves And Comes Back To The Land Fearing Esau's Revenge (Gen 1-35) 

2530 SN091309 Spirits In Prison: Bringing The Gentile Church To Maturity From Darkness To Light- Suffering For Well Doing Not Evil Doing 

2531 WN091609 Predestination: The Time And Events Between Gen 1:1 And Gen 1:2- This Is The Reason Man Cannot Will His Salvation- He Is Made Of Corrupt Dust- He Only Has A Will To Sin 

2532 SM092009 Predestination: Conforming To The Image Is Death To Self And Resurrection Of Christ In You- Adopted Sons Are By The Will Of God- Last Will And Testament Is Blood Baptism- The Earnest (Partial Payment) Of Our Inheritance Is Affliction, Tribulation, And Blood Baptism (Overclothing) 

2533 SN092009 Spirits In Prison: Preaching The Gospel (Death And Resurrection) To The Gentiles- Baptism Is Blood Not Water- Baptized "In"-- Why Jesus Was Baptized- Baptism Is Death To Self- It Is A Daily Cross 

2534 WN092309 Prophecy And History: Timeline Of Israel (Gen.36-38)- The Scepter Shall Not Depart From Judah- Proof: Tamar Seduces Judah- Athaliah Attempts To Kill All Her Grandsons 

2535 SM092709 Prophecy And History: Israel, A Nation, A Family- Judah And Tamar- Athaliah's Treachery- The Scepter Of Judah Is Passed Through Jehoiachin (Coniah, Jechonias) Not Zedekiah's "Daughters" (No Anglo Israelism) 

2536 SN092709 Spirits In Prison: Put To Death Then Quickened- Maturing Daily We Preach To The Dead Elect Wading Through The Swamp Of Vessels Of Wrath To Find One Predestinated Elect (Baptized For The Dead) 

2537 WN093009 Predestination: Love! What Is It?- Love Your Neighbor, Love Your Enemy, God Is Love- What Does This Mean- Adopting Sons- They Do The Will Of Their Father 

2538 SM100309 Predestination: God Places Sons (Adoption) To Be Heirs By His Will- We Have Obtained An Inheritance By Predestination- To Be Joint Heirs Equals 1071- 7 Men Catch 153 Fish- The Mathematical Arrangement Of The Universe 

2539 SN100309 Spirits In Prison- Prison Is Darkness To Light- Forgiveness Is Pardoned From Prison- In Light God Defends Us And Gets All The Glory For Doing All Things Including Evil- In Darkness We Fight Our Own Battles Taking The Glory 

2540 WN100609 Prophecy And History Of Israel: A Synopsis (Brief General Review) Of The Books Of The Old Testament 

2541 SM101109 Prophecy & History: Christmas Is The Feast Of Saturn, The Old Testament Idolatry Of Baal (Hercules) And The Grove (Venus)- Dec. 25, Mithra's Birthday- The Swastika, The Fire Wheel Of The Year (The Big Dipper)- Queen Of Heaven 

2542 SN101109 Spirits In Prison: The Last Will And Testament Is Drinking The Cup Of The Spiritual Passover- Jesus Bequeathed To His Church To Be "Put To Death In The Flesh And Quickened By The Spirit" Dying Daily Seeking The Dead Elect 

2543 WN101409 Predestination: God Birthing His Children By His Own Will And Causing Them To Behave Themselves By The Scourge- It's A Family Thing- Parents Correct Your Children With The Rod- It Will Not Kill Them 

2544 SM101809 Predestination: God Will Chastise "His" People Causing Them To Conform To Jesus's Likeness- Jeremiah Suffers Affliction And Wanted To Quit But Couldn't 

2545 SN101809 Spirits In Prison: Good Tidings Of Great Joy To All People Is Preaching The Gospel To The Gentiles Is The Resurrection Is Being Put To Death In The Flesh And Quickened By The Spirit 

2546 WN102109 Prophecy, History, Christmas, The 70 Weeks Of Daniel, Tongues, And Predestination Are All Related In Scripture- Joseph A Type Of Christ- Sold Into Egypt- The Plan Of God There 

2547 SM102509 Prophecy And History Of Israel: The Barbarians And Their Holidays Have Corrupted The Church- Halloween, Saturnalia, Mardi Gras, Ishtar 

2548 SN102509 Spirits In Prison- Put To Death And Quickened- The Resurrection- The Gospel- Strong Meat And Mature Or Crucify Christ Afresh- Impossible To Renew Repentance- Agape Is The Perfect 

2549 WN102809 Halloween And The Druids- Saturnalia (Christmas) And The Romans- Baal (Hercules) And Grove (Venus) In Israel, Passing Children Through The Fire- They Are All The Same 

2550 SM110109 Prophecy: Israel's Paganism- Baal & The Grove- Israel Is Supposed To Worship The God Of Light- (March/April- Sept/Oct), The Harvest Months- Pagans Worshipped Darkness (Oct 31-March 25), Halloween, Christmas, Mardi Gras, Easter 

2551 SN110109 Spirits In Prison: Light And Darkness- The Gospel- Resurrection- Put To Death And Quickened- Baptism Of Repentance- The "Way" Out Of Babylon- The Prison Of Lusts And Covetousness Serving Dark Or Light 

2552 WN110409 Predestined For The Light Opposing Darkness- Love Is Obedience To The Light- Doing Brings Understanding 

2553 SM110809 Predestination Is A Concept- Inner Man- Outer Man, Daily Cross, Conformed, Like Jesus, The Slothful Man, Faith Works, He Must Increase, I (Self) Must Decrease 

2554 SN110809 Spirits In Prison: Textual Criticism, Textus Receptus vs Westcott And Hort, Difficult Verses- Mark 16:9-20, Gifts Of An Apostle 

2555 WN111109 Christmas Is Israel's History- Documenting Paganism- Demons Are Born Dec. 25- Familiar Spirits (Bottle) Are Ancestors- The Assyrian Destroys Israel- Peeping & Muttering 

2556 SM111509 Christmas, Israel And History: Constantine's Xmass, Edict Of Toleration- Constantine And The Mutation Of Christianity By Mixing It With Fire And Tree Worship- Myth Of Mary 

2557 SN111509 Spirits In Prison: The End (Completion) Is At Hand- Charity Is The Completion Of The Gentile N.T. Church, Spirits In Prison, Strangers, Sons Of Men-- 

2558 WN111809 Predestination: Justified By Works- Obedience To The Gospel- Doing Truth & Righteousness- Proverbs- The Slothful Predestinated Elect Will Learn Wisdom & Understanding 

2559 SM112109 Predestination: How Can You Tell If A Person Is Conforming To The Likeness Of Jesus- It's Not What They Say Or The Information They Possess- It's Not Going And Listening To The Preacher And Claiming To Be A Believer- It Is Doing! 

2560 SN112109 Spirits In Prison- Put To Death In The Flesh, Quickened By The Spirit Daily Is Gradual Sanctification, Causing The Gentile Church To Mature And Grow Up- Satan Bound In Prison (Bottomless Pit) 

2561 WN112509 Predestination: Idle Believers Are Tattlers And Busybodies- These Slothful Believers Are Sluggards And Are Froward, Twisting Truth- They Are Lazy And Not Doing Truth- They Are Talebearers Filled With Gossip- God Is Dealing With This Rebellion In His Time 

2562 SM112909 Christmas: What Is It? America Is Crazy- They Are In A Blind Hypnotic State Concerning History And Christmas (Eat Flesh And Drink Blood) They Willingly Live With Their Heads In The Sand, Blinded To Truth- The Mass- The Eucharist- Jesus Is The One Sacrifice Offered "Once For All" 

2563 SN112909 Spirits In Prison: Death / Resurrection, Death / Resurrection, Death / Resurrection, (Dying Daily)-- The Maturity Of The Church-- The End (Completion) Of All Is At Hand (1 Pet 4:7)- Agape The Perfect 

2564 WN120209 Christmas: "Eat Flesh And Drink Blood" Is Not The Roman Catholic Mass Or The Baptist And Church Of Christ "Communion" (Crackers And Grapejuice)-- It Is Partaking Of The Body (The Church) And Drinking The Cup (Death To Self) 

2565 SM120609 Christmas Is Roman Catholicism- It Began In Babylon As A Reinstitution Of Tree Worship In The Garden Of Eden- The Virgin Birth Myth (Of Hercules, Mithra, Adonis, Attis) Is A Corruption Of The True Virgin Birth Of Jesus 

2566 SN120609 Spirits In Prison: The Gentile Church Maturing And Growing Up, Walking In God's Commandments (Agape) Is The Perfect (Complete) 

2567 WN120909 Predestination: "Like Jesus" Is Doing And Not Hearing Only- It Is Visiting The Widow & Orphan In Their Affliction- It Is Bridling The Tongue- It Is Not Slothful, Contentious And Froward 

2568 SM121309 Predestination: God's Will Versus Man's Will (Sin)- Only God Has Free Will- Free Will Believes That "When A Man Is Dead" In Sin He Must Cooperate With God In Order To Allow Himself To Be Birthed In The Kingdom- This Is The Great Delusion Of Free Will 

2569 SN121309 Spirits In Prison- The "So Called" Preterist Verses Actually Point Not To Preterism But To The Time Period Of The Spirits In Prison- These Verses Concern The Birth Of N.T. Gentile Spiritual Israel, The Church And Its Maturity- The End Of all Things, 1 Pet 4:7- Some Shall Not Taste Death- Mat 16:28, Etc., "The Perfect" 

2570 WN121609 Christmas Is An Orgy 

2571 SM122009 Christmas: People Make Excuse To Keep The Customs Of The Heathen When God Says "Don't Do It"- Israel Offers Their Nursing Infants In The Fire In Tophet And Eats Them 

2572 SN122009 Spirits In Prison: Spiritual Jew- The Church- No Pretrib Rapture- No Dispensationalism- No Millennium- The "End" Of All Things- The Mature Church 

2573 WN122309 Christmas: High Points Of Baal & Grove Worship In The Old Testament- Judges 2- Death of Joshua- Judges 6- Gideon Destroys Baal In Israel 

2574 SN122709 Prophecy- Israel Splits Into 2 Nations (I Kings 11) And Comes Back Together At The End Of Time (Isa 11) In The Valley Of Dry Bones (Ezek 37)- All Arab Nations Attack Israel (Ezek 38) 

2575 WN123009 Predestination: The Slothful Believer Is Lazy And Carnal- God Will Deal With Him 

2576 SM010310 Israel's History: The Reason God Destroyed Israel- High Points Of Baal And The Grove Part 2 (Christmas) 

2577 SN010310 Spirits In Prison- Maturity Of The Church -- Not Preterism - World (Aion - Mat 24:3) - Generation (Luke 21:32) - The End (1 Pet 4:7) Is Completion- Not The End Of The Age 

2578 WN010610 Old Testament Christmas: Elijah And Ahab- God Kills Ahab For Marrying Jezebel And Bringing Baal Into Israel- Jehu Kills 70 Sons Of Ahab And All The Priests Of Baal 

2579 SM011010 Predestination: Resting (Spiritual Sabbath) In The Daily Cross, Embracing The Fire By Believing That All The Evil And All Good Comes from God Conforming Us To Christ's Likeness 

2580 SN011010 Spirits In Prison: The Reason Men Believe In Preterism Is Because They Do Not Understand The Meaning Of The Spirits In Prison- Associated Subjects: All Flesh (All Men), Kingdom Of God (Gentile Church), Chilia (Thousand Years), Christmas, Tongues 

2581 WN011310 Predestinated To A Daily Cross And Death To Self Which Is Faith, The Spiritual Sabbath (Daily) 

2582 SM011710 History Of Israel: Christmas In Israel Through The Old Testament- The Story Of Hercules & Venus (Baal & The Grove) And How This Worship Corrupted And Destroyed Israel- High Points Of Baal & Grove Part 4 

2583 SN011710 Spirits In Prison: Preaching The Daily Resurrection (Gospel) To The Gentile Dead Elect (Baptized For The Dead)- The Church Maturing Walking In God's Commandments When The Perfect Is Come 

2584 WN012010 History Of Israel: Valentine's Day Is Christmass - It Is Baal And Grove Worship - Jehu Kills Jezebel And The Sons Of Ahab Because They Have Polluted Israel With Idolatry 

2585 SM012410 Predestination: God Births His Elect By His Will-- God Puts All His Children Through Fire, Trials, Tribulation And Suffering Conforming Them To The Image (Likeness) Of Jesus-- You Are Not A Child Of God If He Does Not Do This, Causing You To Confess (Agree With) Christ Daily 

2586 SN012410 Spirits In Prison: The Gentile Church Is The All Men Of John 3:16 And 2 Pet. 3:9- The "All Men", The Gentiles Who Were In Darkness 4000 Years Are Born By The Preaching Of The Gospel And Matured (Ceasing Sin) By Suffering In The Flesh 

2587 SM013110 Predestinated To Faith, The Daily Cross -- "You" Must Force "You" To Do Right 

2588 SN013110 Spirits In Prison: Good Tidings To All People By The Gospel, The Resurrection, Put To Death And Quickened- 11 & 2- Levites- Priesthood- 4 Beasts- Gold Crowns- 24 Elders 

2589 WN020310 History Of Israel: Christmas, Easter, Mardi Gras, Halloween, 70 Weeks Of Daniel, Man Of Sin, Tongues, Baal And Grove (Sun & Tree Worship) Prophecy- Matt. 24, Mk. 13, Lk. 21, Revelation, End Of Time, Terrorism, World Trade Center, Jihad Attacks On America, Swastika (Big Dipper), Gog & Magog, Eze. 38, Dry Bones, Demons 

2590 SM020710 History Of Israel: Christmas All Year Long- High Points Of Baal & Grove Worship- "A Still Small Voice"- Anoint Hazael, Jehu And Elisha To Kill All In The House Of Ahab, Jezebel, And Their Daughter Athaliah With Her Children- They Corrupted Israel With Baal & Grove 

2591 SN020710 Spirits In Prison: Put To Death And Quickened Is The Resurrection Is The Gospel Is Godliness, Holy, And Righteous- Maturing- No Longer Living After The Lusts Of The Flesh- Is Chambering (Sleeping Together Outside Of Marriage) Acceptable To God? No! 

2592 WN021010 Predestination: The Demon Is You- The True Fast Is Humbling Self- The Likeness Of Christ Is Death To Self- There's No Such Thing As Demons- Blood Baptism Casts Out Demons (Self) 

2593 SM021410 Predestination: Jehovah- Self Existent ("To Be")- Trinity- Jesus Is God ("I Am")- Fellowship With Suffering Only Shapes Us To Jesus's Image- Separating From Unbelief 

2594 SN021410 Spirits In Prison: Tense, Gender, And Definition Prove Who Jesus Was Preaching To In "Prison"- The End (Telos- Wife, Completion) Of All (1 Pet. 4:7) Is The Completion (Maturity) Of The Wife (Church) 

2595 WN021710 The History Of Israel: The "Land"- The High Points Of Baal (Hercules) And Grove (Venus) Worship (Christmass)- "The Still Small Voice"- Hazael, Jehu And Elisha- Destroy The House Of Ahab And All His Seed, Jezebel, Athaliah, Etc. 

2596 SM022110 History Of Israel: Mark 13- Last Trump- 7 Angels- 7 Stars- 7 Trumpets- Israel Scattered For 2600 Years, Christmas 

2597 SN022110 Spirits In Prison: Agape (Charity, Love) Is The Perfect (Complete, Mature)- Gifts Of An Apostle For An Infant Church Shall Cease 

2598 WN022410 History Of Israel: An Outline- How To Teach People About Christmas Being Pagan- Jerusalem Trodden Down Of Gentiles For 2600 Years From 586 B.C. Till June 5-10, 1967-- "Scattered" 

2599 SM022810 History Of Israel: The Gaza Strip And The West Bank- High Points Of Baal & Grove- "The Death Of Athaliah"- Whoever Escapes The Sword Of Hazael Shall Jehu Slay (I Kings 19:17- II Chron. 22:1-9

2600 SN022810 Spirits In Prison: Rioting In The Day Time- Natural Brute Beasts, Spots On The Love Feast Can Not Cease From Sin- Dogs & Sows Are Not Believers 

2601 WN030310 Predestination: Martin Luther And Free Will- Nothing Good In Man- The Slothful Man- Contention And Strife 

2602 SM030710 Predestination: What Is It About?- Martin Luther, No Freewill- Heavenly Jerusalem, Chosen, Holy, Without Blame, Adoption, Inheritance; Last Will And Testament, Bequeath 

2603 SN030710 Spirits In Prison: Put To Death And Quickened- The End (Completion)- Believers Who Hate The Daily Cross- Their End Is Destruction- Resurrection, Gospel, Power 

2604 WN031010 History Of Israel: No Sabbatical Years Equals The 70 Weeks Of Daniel, High Points OF Baal And Grove Worship- The System Called Christmas 

2605 SM031410 Israel's History: Easter, Mardi Gras, Christmas And Halloween- Hercules & Venus- High Points Of Baal & Grove Worship In Israel- The Resurrection Of Tammuz Is Easter 

2606 SN031410 Spirits In Prison: Why Believers Are Unhappy And Have No Joy In Truth-- They Do Not Read Their Bibles- They Have One Foot In The World And One Foot In Truth-- Confessing Faults To One Another- What It Means 

2607 WN031710 Predestination: Martin Luther On "No Free Will"-- God Orchestrates Everything Including "Right Turns"- Pro'orizo Is About Blessed, Heavenly, Chosen, Holy, Without Blame, Adoption, Inheritance And More 

2608 SM032110 Predestination: "All Things" For Good, Trials & Tribulation Eliminate The Carnal (Outer) Man- Groaning Through The Strait Gate Conjunctions Connect The Whole Story Of Predestination 

2609 SN032110 Spirits In Prison: Justified By Grace, Faith, Works, Blood And Spirit- God Working In Us- Works Of The Law And Good Deeds- What Appears To Be Contradictions- What They Mean 

2610 WN032410 History Of Israel: The Barbarian Events That Brought About Christmas In The Church Began In Romania With The Huns And Visigoths- High Points Of Baal & Grove

2611 SM032810 History Of Israel: Why I Quit Celebrating Christmas - I Read The Old Testament - The Still Small Voice - Elisha Slays The King Of Syria 

2612 SN032810 Spirits In Prison- Put To Death In The Flesh Is Casting Out Devils (Self)- Living In Chaos & Rioting- Gen. 1 

2613 WN033110 Predestination: Only God Has Free Will- Man Has No Will To Cooperate With God's Grace- To Be- To Exist- To Will- Jesus Is The "I Am" Of The Old Testament 

2614 SM040410 Predestination: Jehovah, Self Existence- "To Be"- "I Am"- No Free Will, Part 2-- Faith, All It Is And Does- Rainbow, Iris, Eyes As A Flame Of Fire- Faith And Predestination 

2615 SN040410 Spirits In Prison: Using Algebra Axioms In The Bible- "Rioting"- Vexed With Demons (Self)- Mary Magdalene- 7 Devils (Vices)- Legion Was Insane 

2616 WN040710 History Of Israel: Christmas, Voodoo, High Points Of Baal & Grove-- Family Of Athaliah- Story Of Joash- His End 

2617 SM041110 History Of Israel: High Points Of Baal & Grove-- The Trail From Israel To Rome And The Saturnalia (Christmass) 

2618 SN041110 Spirits In Prison: The Power Of God Unto Salvation Is "Put To Death & Quickened" (The Gospel / Resurrection)-- What Keeps A Man From Rest (Spiritual Sabbath) Is His Sin-- Suffering Is The Answer 

2619 SM041810 Predestination: It's Defining & Putting A Bound On The Life Of All Believers-- Spiritual Sabbath Is Resting (Rest Of The Sabbath)- "Sign" Means Definition 

2620 SN041810 Spirits In Prison: Demons Are God/Men Of Mythology (Hercules, Tammuz, Adonis, Etc.) To The People Of The 1st Century- Jesus Said They Are "Self"- How Demons Are "Cast Out" 

2621 WN042110 History Of Israel: The Pagan Equation --- Baal & Grove = Saturnalia = ChristMass = The Big Dipper (The Swastika) In Its Four Phases (High Points) 

2622 SM042510 History Of Israel's Idolatry And Christmass-- They Go Together-- High Points Of Baal & Grove, Nebuchadnezzar And Nebuzaradan, His Commander Set Jeremiah Free To Do As He Pleases (II Kings 25, II Chron. 36, Jer. 39) 

2623 SN042510 Spirits In Prison: Vexed With Demons (Self)- There's No Such Thing As Demons- Demons Are The Greek And Roman gods, Genii, Fairies, Guardian Angels, Genius, Totems, Patron Saints- The Demoniac Of Luke 8 Was Crazy! 

2624 WN042810 Predestination Is The Only Truth- It's The Only Way To Heaven- It Is Faith, Learning Understanding And Doing (Obedience) - It Is Resting In The Spiritual Sabbath 

2625 WN050510 History Of Israel: Josiah, No King Before Or After Him Turned To The Lord With All His Heart, Soul And Might After The Law Of Moses- The Only King To Annihilate Baal & Grove Worship (High Points - Christmas) 

2626 SM050910 Mother's Day Is Worshiping The Queen Of Heaven- It's The Same Old Story - Who Is Our Mother? 

2627 SN050910 Spirits In Prison: How Demons Are Cast Out Binding Satan, The Strong Man (Self)-- There's No Such Thing As Demons 

2628 WN051210 Predestination: It's About Everything In The Bible- All Timing And Events- Of Good And Evil Are Before Appointed By God - All For The Good Of The Elect 

2629 SM051610 Predestination: Entering Into The Sabbath By Faith- What Is The Sabbath?- The Requirements For "Keeping The Sabbath Holy"--Penalty For Defiling The Sabbath- Pharisees Twist Sabbath In Their Halakah (Tradition) 

2630 SN051610 Spirits In Prison: Demons Are Self (Jesus Said So)-- The Man Of The Gadarenes, Comparing Matthew's And Luke's Account (Both In Chapters 8) 

2631 WN051910 History Of Israel: Gen. 1 Through Gen. 14-- An Overall View Of What's In Each Of These Chapters- The Beginning Of Israel 

2632 SM052310 History Of Israel: Melchizedek Priesthood- Aaronic Priesthood- 24 Elders- Gold Crowns- The Tithe Is Carnal (Fleshly) Not Spiritual 

2633 SN052310 Demons: Fairy Tales Began At Babylon- The Lunatic Is "Moonstruck"- Demons, Genii, Fairies, Totems, Etc. 

2634 WN052610 Predestination: Confessing And Denying Christ- Changing The Word Of God With Opinions - Contradicting Definition Makes You Antichrist - Keeping The Commandments Is Guarding Them Against Change 

2635 SM053010 Predestination: Antichrist Is Denying Christ By Changing Word Meanings- Loving God By Walking In His Commandments Keeps God's Law Unchanged 

2636 SN053010 Demons: They Don't Exist- They Are Man's Imagination Beginning At Babylon- Demons Are The Greek And Roman Gods Of The Ancient World 

2637 WN060210 History Of Israel: 400 Years In Bondage From The Covenant Till The Law- 4 Patriarchs- God Calls Things That Be Not (Something Dead) As Though They Were- This Is Resurrecting Isaac From The Dead 

2638 SM060610 History Of Israel: The Central Thought Of Every Chapter From Gen. 1- Gen. 50 

2639 SN060610 Demons = Love Of Money- Demons = gods- Demons = Distribute Fortunes- Demons = Ancestors- Demons = Totems- Demons = Unclean Spirits- Demons = Self 

2640 WN060910 Predestination: Changing The Word Of God Just A Little 

2641 SM061310 Predestination: The Word Of God Is Exact- The Pharisees Change The Word Of God With Their Halakah (Oral Law), The Traditions Of The Rabbis- 

2642 SN061310 Demons Are Unclean Spirits- Fairies And Ancestor Worship- Documentation In Detail Of What Demons Really Are---Self- Mark 5 

2643 WN061610 History Of Israel: Melchizedek In The Garden With Adam Offers 1st Sacrifice To Cover Nakedness- Gen. 5 And Gen. 11- Lineage From Adam To Jacob (Israel) 

2644 SM062010 History Of Israel: Melchisedec, The High Priest Of Spiritual Israel Enters The Holy Of Holies Of The Spiritual Temple And Sprinkles Our Hearts- The Daily Cross, The Spiritual Altar- Spiritual Priesthood, The Church 

2645 SN062010 Demons And Fairies- Lunatick, Moonstruck, Tree Worship Is Moon Worship- Moon Worship Is Self Worship- The Moon Ruled The Darkness- Werewolves And Vampires Love Darkness Rather Than Light- Their Deeds Are Evil 

2646 WN062310 Predestination: The Halakah, The Mosaic Traditionary Law- Matthew 5, The Sermon On The Mount- Jesus Rebukes The Pharisees- "It Hath Been Said"- Understanding The Gospel By Jesus Correcting This Oral Law- H-2 

2647 SM062710 Predestination: The Origin Of "Tongues"- Scattering Israel For Baal & Grove Worship- The Origin For Halakah Was The Scattering Israel For Baal & Grove Worship- "Tongues" Is Halakah 

2648 SN062710 Demons- Lunatick, Moonstruck- "Son Of Sam"- Self Is The Only Problem In The World- All Men Want The Tree 

2649 WN063010 History Of Israel: Through Genesis To Melchizedek (Gen. 14)- The Textus Receptus Versus The Westcott & Hort Text- The Meaning Of Melchizedek 

2650 SM070410 History Of Israel: The Law- Torah Or Pentateuch (First 5 Books Of The Bible)- Aaron, The High Priesthood And Melchizedek, The High Priesthood Of God- Death Of Moses 

2651 SN070410 Demons: Fairies, Totems, Genii, Guardians, gods, Kinfolk, Ancestors, Familiar Spirits, Lunatick, Vampires, Werewolves- This "Kind" Goeth Not Out But By Prayer & Fasting (Death To Self By Blood Baptism) 

2652 WN070710 Predestination And Love Are The Same Thing- The Likeness Of Christ Is Walking In His Commandments- Halakah, The Verbal Law Is Changing The Word Of God- Ezra Interprets The Law 

2653 SM071110 Predestination: Halakah- The Oral Law Of The Pharisees- Who Is My Neighbor? The Parable of The Good Samaritan 

2654 SN071110 Demons Have Different Names In Different Cultures- Fallen Angels Are Not Demons- Sons Of God Are Not Fallen Angels- Sons Of God Marry Daughters Of Men 

2655 WN071410 History Of Israel: Aaron's Family Tree- The Shadow (O.T.) And The Very Image (N.T.)- The Tithe Is Carnal- The Tithe Belongs To The Preacher, Even As The Levites, To Carry On The Preaching Of The Gospel 

2656 SM071810 History Of Israel: Sons Of Aaron- High Priests- Levites- Jesus/Melchisedec- Tribe Of Judah- Saul- Why Gilgal? 

2657 SN071810 Demons Are Sun, Fertility And Water gods- All Of The Pagan gods In The World Are Demons And Began At Babylon In Gen. 11 

2658 WN072110 Predestination Is About Being Like Jesus- He Started And Ended His Ministry Calling Down The Lying False Teachers For Halakah 

2659 SM072510 Predestination: The Likeness Of Jesus Is Calling Down False Teachers (Pharisees) For Twisting The Word Of God-- They Have Halakah 

2660 SN072510 The Formula For "Casting Out Demons" 

2661 WN072810 History Of Israel: The Tithe To The Levite And The Preacher Of Truth- Levi Is Not Numbered With Israel- The 144,000 Is The Church 

2662 SM080110 History Of Israel: Christmas Is The Reason For The Season Of Israel's Baal & Grove Worship- All The Bible Is About Israel--- Nothing Else 

2663 SN080110 Demons: The Doctrine Of Demons Is The Lie Of Distributing To Self- Man Leaves The Doctrine Of Christ- He Departs From Faith (Death To Self) To Fulfill Self- The Prosperity Doctrine Is The Doctrine Of Devils 

2664 WN080410 Predestination And The Traditions Of The Pharisees Correcting The Twisted Doctrines Of False Teachers- America Is Immersed In Halakah 

2665 SM080810 Predestination And The Halakah- "Divorce" Is Not The Unforgivable Sin- "Put Away" And The Bill Of Divorce- Remarry After Divorce 

2666 SN080810 Casting Demons (Self) By Prayer And Fasting- "Afflicting The Soul" On The Day Of Atonement (Baptism)- Demons Go Out By Baptism 

2667 WN081110 History Of Israel: Melchisedec Series- How To Study Romans, Revelation, Acts & Galatians- The Life Of Paul- His 3 Missionary Journeys And His Last Trip To Rome

2668 SM081510 History Of Israel: Melchisedec Series- Understanding The Book Of Hebrews- Believing Jew & Believing Gentile Are One Body, The Church- No Dispensationalism Or Pretrib Rapture 

2669 SN081510 Demons Are "Hairy" Goats 

2670 WN081810 Predestinated To A Daily Cross And Death To Self Which Is Faith, The Spiritual Sabbath (Daily) 

2671 SM082210 Predestination: John 3:16 Says, "God Does Not Love Everybody"- Billy Graham Is A False Teacher- He Perverts The Word Of God Judging Unrighteously 

2672 SN082210 Demons: Noah- Atonement- Blood Baptism, Casting Out Demons By Fasting 

2673 WN082510 History Of Israel: Abraham's Covenant And The Land, Gen. 12-17- Ishmael, Abraham's Son By Hagar 

2674 SM082910 History Of Israel: The Gospel Preached To Abraham- "In Isaac Shall Thy Seed Be Called", "Calling Things That Be Not" Is Raising Isaac From His Father's Dead Loins And His Mother's Dead Womb- Abraham, Gen. 11:26-Gen. 25:8 

2675 SN082910 The Doctrine Of The Devil Is "Good Vibrations", "Calling Things That Be Not" - "Saying To This Mountain"-- "Death And Life Are In The Power Of The Tongue" 

2676 WN090110 Predestination: The Book Of Romans- Every Verse Is Related To Every Other Verse- Setting Good Against Evil 

2677 SM090510 Predestination: Importance Of Parsing (Parts Of Speech), The Translators Messed Up-- "My Flesh Is Meat Indeed" "Determined The Times", Pharisees - Halakah 

2678 SN090510 The Doctrine Of Devils (Demons) Is The Charismatic Doctrines Of The 20th And 21st Century- Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Fred Price, T. D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Etc. 

2679 WN090810 History Of Israel: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob And Joseph- Their Life Story From Gen.11 - Gen.50- Dates And Chapters Of Their Births And Deaths Establish The Timeline Of Israel 

2680 SM091210 History Of Israel: Prophecy- Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast- The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse- Abraham, The Father Of The Jews And Lot In Sodom & Gomorrah 

2681 SN091210 The Doctrine Of Devils (Demons)- The Devil's Angels Are Kenneth Copeland, Fred Price, Creflo Dollar, T. D. Jakes, Rod Parsley, Joyce Meyer And The List Goes On And On 

2682 WN091510 Predestination Is Saved Through Faith Which Is A Daily Cross- This Is Grace "You Can't Go To Heaven Without It"

2683 SM091910 Predestination: “Like Jesus” “That Prophet”- Proselyte Baptism- Why Jesus Was Washed In Water Was Halakah- Bill Of Divorce-,Halakah

2684 SN091910 Demons: Harmonizing The Gospels Concerning Demons Is Directly Related To Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit 

2685 WN092210 History Of Israel: Just Lot Vexed With Wicked Associations At Sodom and Gomorrha- Believers Can Not Think Straight Or Talk Straight When They Hang Around With The Wrong People

2686 SM092610 History Of Israel: Shadows And Types In The Old Testament- 3 Puzzling Chapters- Abraham, Sarah And Pharaoh (Gen. 12)- Abraham, Sarah And Abimelech (Gen. 20)- Isaac, Rebekah And Abimelech (Gen. 26)- Pictures Of God, Christ And The Church

2687 SN092610 The Devil's Angels Preach The Doctrine Of The Devil- Kenneth Copeland, T. D. Jakes, Fred Price, Benny Hinn- The Charismatics Are Lying False Prophets

2688 WN092910 Predestination: “Whosoever Will May Come” Is Not In The Bible- Most People Cannot Hear Or See Truth- Most People Are Going To Hell Because God Wants It That Way- “To Be” (Exist) Is Of God

2689 SM100310 Predestination: Inheritance- A Last Will and Testament (After The Death Of Christ)- How Believers Should Treat One Another, Being Kind And Tender Hearted

2690 SN100310 The Doctrine Of Devils Began At Babylon- It Is Self- This Demon Doctrine Is The False Message Of The Charismatic Movement

2691 WN100610 History Of Israel: Abraham's Two Sons- Ishmael 1st Born, Isaac 2nd Born- 1st & 2nd Borns Of The Bible- Cain 1st Born, Abel 2nd Born- Israel 1st Born- Jesus 2nd Born- Esau 1st Born- Jacob 2nd Born- 2nd Birth Receives Blessing

2692 SM101010 History Of Israel: Spiritual Israel, The Church- Mt. Moriah, The Site Of Offering Isaac (Gen 22), The Site Of David Offering Sacrifice (II Sam 24), The Site Of The Temple (II Chron 3:1)

2693 SN101010 The Charismatic “Positive Confession” Movement Is The Doctrine Of Demons- An Indictment Of Kenneth Copeland, Heir Apparent To Kenneth Hagin's “Throne” Of Mysticism

2694 WN101310 Predestination: Holy, Sanctify- Hallowed Be Thy Name- Lord, Get Rid Of My Name (Opinion, Authority Or Self)- Halakah, A Mixture Of Truth And Opinion (Self)

2695 SM101710 Predestination: Faith Is Believing To Be Saved- The World Has Mixed Their Opinion With The Word Of God And Produced A Tradition (Halakah)

2696 SN101710 The Doctrine Of The Devil Is The “Prosperity Gospel” At The End Of Time – We Are There! This Apostate Doctrine Is Spreading Rapidly Throughout America And The World

2697 WN102010 History Of Israel: Shadows, Patterns, Examples- Abraham Is The Father- Sarah Is Israel- Isaac Is Christ- Eliezer Is The Holy Spirit- Rebekah Is The Church- Camels Are Burdens

2698 SM102410 History Of Israel: Gen. 1 Through Gen. 24- Abraham (The Father) Sends Eliezer (The Holy Spirit) To Secure Rebecca (The Prearranged Wife/Church) For Isaac (The Resurrected Saviour)- Rebecca (Fettered To Christ) Is Seeking Living Water (Truth)

2699 SN102410 Demons: The Reason The World Trade Center Came Down Is Because Israel Celebrated Christmas, Halloween, Mardi Gras And Easter 4000 Years Ago- Demons Are the gods Of Mythology

2700 WN102710 Predestination Is About Obeying God – It Is God's Legalism

2701 SM103110 Predestination: The “Whoopee” Gospel Of The Charismatics – God Hath Not Given Us The Spirit Of Fear – Not By Might Nor By Power- Greater Is He That Is In You – “I Know I'm Saved” Bind & Loose- Two Witnesses

2702 SN103110 Doctrine Of Devils: Tree Demons, Fertility Demons- The Curse Of Iron- Metal Of The Beast, Scorpions (Breastplates Of Iron)- Positive Confession- Copeland Is Evil

2703 WN110310 History Of Israel: God Loved Jacob (The Inner Man) And Hated Esau (The Outer Man) Before They Were Born, Before They Had Done Good Or Evil- The Elder Shall Serve The Younger

2704 SM110710 History Of Israel: Why I'm Teaching Through The Old Testament- Baal And Grove, Dec. 25, Christmass, Roman Catholicism, The KKK, The Masons, Halloween, Mardi Gras, Ishtar (Easter), Swastika, Big Dipper, Queen Of Heaven

2705 SN110710 Demons: The Charismatic Doctrine Is Insane- The “So Called” Preachers Of This “Doctrine” Twist The Bible To Line Their Own Pockets

2706 WN111010 Predestination: Opinion And The Word Of God Mixing Truth With A Lie Is Spiritual Drunkenness- Predestination Is The Same As Raising A Family

2707 SM111410 Predestination: Predestinated To Honesty And Integrity- Anything Less Is Spiritual Drunkenness

2708 SN111410 Doctrines Of Devils Is Mythology- A Convolution Of The Characters Of Scripture- Pat Robertson's Crystal Ball

2709 WN111710 History Of Israel And Predestination: God Loved Jacob And Hated Esau, “Before The Children Were Born, Before They Had Done Any Good Or Evil”- Levi & Simeon Kill Shechem Over Dinah- Jacob And His Sons Do Evil

2710 SM112110 History Of Israel: Jacob & Esau- “I Will Have Mercy On Whom I Will Have Mercy”- God Hardened Pharaoh's Heart To Make His Power Known

2711 SN112110 Doctrine Of Devils: Charismatic Liars Mutter Their Mantras- “Positive Confession” Is Far Eastern Mysticism- “Say To This Mountain”

2712 WN112410 Predestination: It's Very Simple- It's About Family- God's Will- Fire & Trial- Like Jesus

2713 SM112810 Predestination: The Bible Means What It Says In The Textus Receptus (The Original Greek Text), Not In The English Text- Preachers Have Changed The Meaning Of The Word Of God (Halakah-Tradition)

2714 SN112810 Demons: The Lie That Is Called Positive Confession Saying To This Mountain “Be Cast Into The Sea” – What This Really Means

2715 WN120110 History Of Israel: The Birthright & Blessing Of God- The Firstborn- Isaac Knows What Jacob Is Doing When He Pretends To Be Esau

2716 SM120510 History Of Israel: Christmas, Tongues, Swastika, Priests Of Baal, Tall White Pointed Hats (Like The KKK), The Covenant, Birthright, The Promise, Heir, Inheritance, Isaac Blesses Jacob, One Flesh- All Flesh, All Men, Evangelize, Good Tidings- Wise Men & Shepherds

2717 SN120510 Doctrine Of Devils: Departing From Death To Self (Obedience To God)- Giving Heed To Doctrines Of Fulfilling Self (Demon)- Denying (Contradicting) Christ And Confessing (Agreeing With) Self

2718 WN120810 Predestination, Daily Cross, Faith, Narrow Way, Obedience – They Are All The One And Only Way To Heaven

2719 SM121210 Predestination Is A Daily Cross- Stop Fighting For Your Rights-- You Have None- Shut Your Mouth, Like Jesus

2720 SN121210 Doctrine Of Devils: “Mountain”-- What It Really Means

2721 WN121510 Israel's History Is The Reason For Telling The Truth About Christmas- Tracing Christmas Back In Time Through The Middle Ages, To The Nicene Council (Constantine – 325 A.D.), Back To Israel's Fire & Tree Worship- Baal & Grove

2722 SM121910 History Of Israel: Jesus “Is Not” The Reason For The Season – The Reason For The 70 Weeks, Tongues And “All People” (All Men) Is That Israel Went After Christmas (Baal & Grove) 3000 Years Ago

2723 SN121910 Doctrine Of Devils: The Charismatic Preachers Are The Most Outrageous Liars In The World- The Fig Tree

2724 WN122210 Predestination Is Faith- Word Derivatives- Swearing An Oath To The Boundary Of God

2725 SM122610 Predestination: Honesty Needs No Swearing- Yea Yea And Nay Nay- Guile And Diversion In The Believer's Life Is Lying

2726 SN122610 Demons: How To Study- Definition, Context, Information, Resources (Encyclopedia, Historians, Etc.), Parsing Words (Grammar- Parts Of Speech), Analysis (Comparing Verses With Verses)

2727 WN122910 History Of Israel: God Loved Jacob And Hated Esau Before They Were Born- Barren Women Of The Bible, A Picture Of The Resurrection

2728 SM010211 History Of Israel: A Complete Concise Summary Of The Old Testament (Abraham-Isaac-Jacob-Joseph-Bondage-Moses-Nation-Scattering-70 Weeks-Nehemiah-400 Silent Years To Matthew)

2729 SN010211 Doctrine Of Devils: T.D. Jakes Preaches These Doctrines- Mk 11:23 (What It Actually Says)- Fig Trees- Leaf Season- Time Of Figs- Mountains- Saith- False Doctrines Of The Charismatics

2730 WN010511 Predestination: Job- Evil Comes From God- Preachers Have Changed The Meanings Of Words—They Lie

2731 SM010911 Predestination: Outer Man (Carnal Man)- Fiery Trials- Groaning (Strait Gate)- All Things Work For Good- Whom (His Family)- Foreknow- Conform To Image, Like Jesus (A Summary Of Romans 7 & 8)

2732 SN010911 Doctrine Of Demons Is the Charismatic Lie- False Teachers Billy Graham, John Wimber And Jack Deere- “Saying To This Mountain”- Killing The Fig Tree

2733 WN011211 History Of Israel: Key Points Of Genesis Chapters 1 – 28 - Leah And Rachel Begin The Nation Of Israel By Giving Birth To 12 Sons Of Jacob (Gen. 29 & 30)

2734 SM011611 History Of Israel: The Israel Of God Is The Circumcised In Heart- Israel Is A Man, A Family And A Nation- Jacob Is Israel- His Sons Become The Kingdom

2735 SN011611 The Doctrine Of Demons: The Word Of Faith Is Not “Positive Confession”- Calling Things That Be Not As Though They Were Is Resurrecting The Dead

2736 WN011911 Predestination: Harmonizing The Scriptures- How Do You Love Your Brother And Separate From Him At The Same Time

2737 SM012311 Predestination: It Is NOT God “Wishing” For People To Come To Him – It Is God Predetermining His Family And How They Will Live- They Are The Blessed Ones- The Rest Will Be Damned

2738 SN012311 Doctrine Of Demons: Indictment Of Rodney Howard Brown- Outrageous False Teachers, Smooth Talkers And Con Artists Preaching Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel – Crooks!

2739 WN012611 History Of Israel: Everything In The Bible Is About This Family (Nation), Jacob And His 12 Sons- The Job Of The Prophets Is To Instruct Concerning Israel And All Who Polluted Them

2740 SM013011 History Of Israel: Adam To Jacob (Israel)- 11 And 2- 12 Sons, 3 Distinguished (Levi, Judah, Joseph)- Ephraim Is Samaria (Northern Israel)- Hosea's Prophecies

2741 SN013011 The Doctrine Of The Devil Is All Doctrine That Is Not The Doctrine Of Christ- This Includes Accept Christ And Sinner's Prayer- “Faith Is A Daily Cross”

2742 WN020211 Predestination: To Be Like Jesus- How Believers Ought To Treat One Another

2743 SM020611 Predestination: 3 Types Of Sheep- Vessels Of Wrath- Compassion To The Sheep

2744 SN020611 The Doctrine Of Devils Is “Self” – The Doctrine Of God Is Crucify “Self”- Demons Are Self

2745 WN020911 History Of Israel: Valentine's Day, Lupercalia – The Same As Baal And Grove- Israel's Idolatry- Jacob And Laban, Sheep- Jacob Leaves Padan-aram – Heads Home

2746 SM021311 History Of Israel: What Does Valentine's Day Or The Lupercalia Have To Do With Israel And How Do The Prophets Fit In The Scheme Of Things?

2747 SN021311 Doctrines Of Devils: It All Began In The Garden- Positive Confession- Is Witchcraft- Fig Tree- Word Of Faith- Confess

2748 WN021611 Predestinate, Separate And Sanctify- Two Sufferings

2749 SM022011 Predestination: Faith, Understanding, Learning, Daily Cross, Heart, Blood Baptism, Drink The Cup, Hear, Obey – They Are All The Same- I Will Have Compassion And Choose My House, Israel

2750 SN022011 The Doctrine Of Devils: Positive Confession Of Kenneth Copeland And The Doctrine (Instruction) Of The Man Of Sin (Antichrist) Is The Same- The Moronic Idiocy Of Oral Roberts And Pat Robertson

2751 WN022311 History Of Israel: Israel Is The Family Of Adam And Abel- Gematria Of The Patriarchs – Abram (9), Isaac (10), Jacob (11), Joseph (12)

2752 SM022711 History Of Israel: How The Psalms Fits With The Life Of David (Psalms 3 And Psalms 55)- Absalom (II Sam 14-19)- Where The Prophets Fit Into Israel's History (I Sam – II Chron)

2753 SN022711 Doctrines Of Devils: How The Bible Corrects Error By Changing The Number (Singular/Plural) And Gender (Masculine/Feminine/Neuter)- The Craziness Of The Charismatics And John Avanzini's False Doctrine

2754 WN030211 Predestination: Faith To Faith, Daily Cross To Daily Cross, Deny Self To Deny Self, Tribulation To Tribulation – Like Jesus- Eye For An Eye- Revenge Belongs To God

2755 SM030611 Predestination: It Is A Family And Living Inside The Borders Of A Kingdom – Like Jesus- Living In Light- Revenge Belongs To God

2756 SN030611 Doctrine Of The Devil: The Beast, The Mark, The Garden, The Tree, The Destruction Of Babylon (Rev. 18)- All That Is In The World- Distribute Fortunes

2757 WN030911 History Of Israel: The Old Testament Timeline Ends Just After Nehemiah- Placement Of The Prophets- Jacob Goes Back To Canaan To Meet Esau- He Is Afraid, Sends A Gift To Appease Esau's Wrath

2758 SM031311 History Of Israel: The Pagan Holidays- Easter Is Here Again- It Has Nothing To Do With Jesus – Never Will- The Origin Of The Sunrise Service (Ezek 8)

2759 SN031311 The Doctrine Of Devils Is The Mark Of The Beast- The Beast Rises Out Of The Sea (Daniel 17 – Revelation 13)

2760 WN031611 Predestination: Faith, Daily Cross, Self Denial And All Other Requirements Of A Believer Are All One Picture (Mosaic Or Tapestry) – Like Jesus- Revenge Belongs To God (Rom 12)

2761 SM032011 Predestination: It Is What It Is- Vessels Of Mercy: They Are What They Are- Vessels Of Wrath: They Are What They Are – You Can't Change It Because You Don't Like It- Like Jesus- Halakah Of The Pharisees

2762 SN032011 Doctrines Of Devils And Predestination Are Exact Opposite Doctrines (Fulfilling Self And Crucifying Self)- Mark (Boundary Line Or Name) Of The Beast- Kathryn Kuhlman, False Teacher

2763 WN032311 History Of Israel: God Will Make His People Sick, Kill And Destroy Them For Disobedience- He Made Israel Eat Their Children- Locusts And Famine- Introduction To Joel Chapter One

2764 SM032711 History Of Israel: The Story Of Israel Is The Story Of Halloween, Christmass And Easter (Ishtar)- Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast- The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

2765 SN032711 Doctrine Of The Devil: The Mark Of The Beast Began In The Garden- 7 Heads Are 7 Capital Cities (Mountains)- One Head (Capital City) Wounded To Death- Deadly Wound Healed- Buying And Selling

2766 WN040611 Predestination: If It's True, Why Did Jesus Die On The Cross- Abstaining From Appearance Of Evil, How You Live Can Cause Your Brother To Stumble- Bring Your Body Into Subjection (Enslave Self)

2767 SM041011 Predestination: “Like Jesus”- An Eye For An Eye- The Code Of Hammurabi- How To Balance Scripture- Loving Your Neighbor And Withdrawing From Them At The Same Time

2768 SN041011 The Doctrine Of Devils And The Doctrine Of God- Love (Agape), Truth, The Word, Confessing Is God's Doctrine – Saying With Your Mouth Is The Devil's Doctrine

2769 WN041311 History Of Israel: Jacob's Ladder, Leaving Canaan (Gen. 28)- Jacob Wrestles With Angel, Name Changed To Israel (Gen. 32)- Benjamin Born, Rachel Dies, Reuben's Indiscretion (Gen. 35)- Beginning Joseph's Story (Gen. 37)

2770 SM041711 History Of Israel: Joseph The Patriarch, Ephraim- The Birthright, Valley Of Dry Bones- Onan's Rebellion- Tamar Seduces Her Father-In-Law, Judah – Conceives Pharez In The Lineage Of Christ (Matthew 1)

2771 SN041711 Doctrines Of Devils: Doctrine Is Instruction- False Doctrine Mesmerizes And Puts Christians In A State Of Apathy- Blaspheming Is Attributing Truth To Satan

2772 WN042011 Predestination: “I Create Evil” Is God Destroying Babylon By The Persian/Mede Empire- Cyrus And Josiah Prophesied By Name

2773 SM042411 Ecuador Mission- Scott & Steve Wuori

2774 SN042411 The Doctrine Of The Devil Is Smooth, Flattering Words – It Is A Con- A Flood From The Mouth Of The Dragon- Good Words And Fair Speeches

2775 WN042711 History Of Israel: Working Our Way Through The Old Testament- A Review Of The Law – Then Joshua & Judges- Moving Through Genesis To Joseph

2776 SM050111 History Of Israel: Israel's Story- Genesis 1 to Joseph- Stephen Relates The History Of Israel To The Sanhedrin (Acts 7) – They Kill Him

2777 SN050111 The Doctrine Of The Devil Is The Doctrine Of Self- What Dost Thou Have That Thou Didst Not Receive – If You Received It, Why Are You Taking Credit As Though It Did Not Come From God- Partaking Of The Body (The Church) Of Christ

2778 WN050411 Predestination: God Has Ordered All Things, Predetermining The Timing Of All Events- Stressing Out Is Arguing With God- Feeding Your Enemy- How Believers Are To Treat One Another And How To Accept Life – It Is A Learning Process

2779 SM050811 Predestination: John 3:16 – God “Does Not” Love Everybody- II Pet 3:9 – God “Is” Willing That “Many” Will Perish- What Else Can I Say?

2780 SN050811 Doctrine Of Devils: Demons Are Not What Most People Think – They Are Self!

2781 WN051111 History Of Israel: The Story Of Joseph- Studying The Bible By Outlining The High Points In Each Chapter- Psalms 105- Israel's Story

2782 SM051511 History Of Israel: The Story Of A Nation, Of A Family- Outline Of Genesis Chapters 1-36- The Key Points And Phrases Of Each Chapter- How To Learn The Bible

2783 SN051511 Doctrine Of The Devil: Demons Are Either Ancestor Gods In A Bottle Or They Are “Self”

2784 WN051811 Predestination: You Can't Go To Heaven Without It- “Obedience”, The Only Way To Heaven

2785 SM052211 Predestination: When Believers Murmur And Grumble, They Are Arguing With The Sovereign Will Of God

2786 SN052211 The Doctrine Of The Devil: “God Does Not Mean What He Says”

2787 WN052511 History Of Israel: Geographical Layout Of The Middle East (Ancient And Present Day)- Babylon Is Iraq, Haran, Sumer And Shinar- Joseph Is The Picture Of Christ- Highlights Of Genesis Chapters 39 And 41

2788 SM052911 History Of Israel: Gematria- Sons Of God, Heirs And Fish – 7 X 153- Abram (9), Isaac (10), Jacob (11)- Joseph (12) In Prison- Dreams Of Butler And Baker

2789 SN052911 Doctrine Of The Devil: Casting Out Devils- The Little Book Is The Law Written On Fleshy Tables Of The Heart- The Ungodly Prosper In This World- Vessels Of Wrath Are Marked, Vessels Of Mercy Are Sealed

2790 WN060111 Predestination: If You Do Not Believe It, You Do Not Love God, You Hate Truth, You Cannot Go To Heaven And You Are Antichrist

2791 SM060511 Predestination: The Pharisees Crucified Jesus For Telling Truth- You Must Be Crucified On A Daily Cross In Order To Go To Heaven When You Die – This Truth Will Make You Free

2792 SN060511 Doctrine Of The Devil: Demons Are Smooth Talking Preachers, Con Men And Salesmen Who Use Flattering Words To Make You Feel Good (In Order To Get Your Money)

2793 WN060811 History Of Israel: The Lands (Nations) That Were Significant To Old Testament Israel – What They Are Today- Jesus Is The God Of The Old Testament- The Trinity- Two To Three Witnesses- NIV Is A Corrupt Text

2794 SM061211 History Of Israel: So You've Never Heard That Christmas Is Pagan? Let Me Burst Your Bubble About American History – Thomas Jefferson, His Bible, The Pledge Of Allegiance, The Declaration Of Independence, The Truth About The Founding Fathers, Etc.

2795 SN061211 The Doctrine Of The Devil: Cast Out Devils- Holy Spirit- Unclean Spirit (Demon)- Finger Of God- Kingdom Of God (Israel, The Church)- Preterism Is False Doctrine- 70 A.D.

2796 WN061511 Predestination: Faith And All Its Equals – Understanding, Disciple, Daily Cross, Agape, Truth, The Word, Obedience, Hearing- Living Sacrifice Is A Daily Cross, Blood Baptism, Drinking The Cup

2797 SM061911 Predestination: Grace- Chosen To Work And Suffer Makes You “Special”

2798 SN061911 The Doctrine Of The Devil Is The Antithesis To Predestination- Fulfil The Flesh Opposes Crucify The Flesh- Lying Charismatic Preachers – Kenneth Copeland And Benny Hinn

2799 WN062211 History Of Israel: The Bible Is the Story Of One Picture, One Nation, One Family- Tongues, 70 Weeks, Prophecy, Gentile Church Are A Part Of This Orderly Arrangement- The American Flag

2800 SM062611 History Of Israel: The Definitive Truth About America's Founding Fathers- The Definitive Truth About Joseph, The Type Of Christ

2801 SN062611 Doctrine Of The Devil: Mary Magdalene And Her Demons- Locusts, Scorpions, Smoke, Bottomless Pit- False Teachers Are Proud And Know Nothing

2802 WN062911 Predestination: “Right Turns” Are Ordained By God – Everything Is The Will Of God- Predestination Is What It Is – You Can Not Change Its Meaning With Your Feelings Or Opinion Because You Don't Like It

2803 SM070311 Predestination: The Systematic Way That God Sets Up Our Spiritual Existence- Lamb Slain And Names Written Before World Began- Birth By Will Of God- A Life Of Fire And Trials Until The Likeness Of Jesus

2804 SN070311 Doctrine Of Devils: The Demon Of Self Is Bloodsucking Vampires- Myth In A Bottle (Goat Stomach)- Jesus Says Demons Are Self And Kinfolks- Demons, Genii, Fairies, Totem, Guardian Spirits, Etc.

2805 WN070611 History Of Israel: Joseph, Like Jesus (Predestination)- Humble, Like Joseph- God Puts Us In Authority (Spiritually) When We Accept Everything As His Will- Mystery (The Church)- Revealer Of Secrets- Saviour

2806 SM071011 History Of Israel: A Summary Of The Bible- The Demise Of Southern Judah- The Lineage Of Christ Through Jehoiachin (Jechonias), Not Zedekiah

2807 SN071011 The Doctrine Of The Devil (Demons) Is Taking Thought For Self And Not Others- Crucifying Self, Which Is Faith, Is The Doctrine Of Christ

2808 WN071311 Predestination: Atonement – Jesus Was Our Substitute- He Died For His Wife, The Church (No One Else)- He Took Our Place In Spiritual Death- “My God, My God...”

2809 SM071711 Predestination: Jesus Is The Vicarious Atonement For His Wife, The Church- God Requires Justice “In Place Of” The Elect Believer In The Death Of Christ On The Cross

2810 SN071711 The Doctrine Of The Devil Is Smooth, Flattering Words – Preachers Masquerading As They Change The Word Of God To Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel – A Gospel Easy To Swallow

2811 WN072011 History Of Israel: Shadows, Examples, Figures, Types- Understanding New Testament Is In The Old- Heavens, Throne, 4 Cherubim (Beasts)- Hebrews & Revelation- Israel Is The Church

2812 SM072411 History Of Israel: Joseph, Ephraim- Coat Of Authority (Colours)- Covenant To Joseph Through Ephraim- Kingdom (Israel) Removed From Judah Because Of Solomon's Apostasy- The Stick Of Judah, Which Is Ephraim

2813 SN072411 Doctrine Of The Devil: Casting Out Devils By The Spirit, By The Finger Of God, By The Sabbath, By Circumcision, By The Resurrection, By Faith- The Kingdom Of God Comes

2814 WN072711 Atonement: The Old Testament Temple Equals The New Testament Temple- The Ark And Our Hearts Are Sprinkled – One With The Blood Of A Goat, The Other With The Blood Of Christ (Our Substitute)- Corresponding Furniture Of The Temple

2815 SM073111 Predestination: Atonement Is Substitution – A Covering Of Guilt- Instead Of, On Behalf Of- Jesus Is The Passover Lamb And The Atonement Goat- A Ransom In The Marketplace Buying Back Slaves

2816 SN073111 Doctrine Of The Devil: A Time Traveler Goes Back To The 1st Century To Enquire Of Various Societies “What Are Demons?”- Demons, Genii's, Fairies, Familiar Spirits, Etc.

2817 WN080311 History Of Israel: Joseph And Predestination

2818 SM080711 History Of Israel: Joseph And Simeon (11 And 2) – Adam To Shem (11 And 2) – Arphaxad To Jacob (11 And 2) – Judah To David (11 And 2) – The Apostles (11 And 2), Etc.

2819 SN080711 Doctrine Of Devils: Demons, Ancestors, Gods, Genii, Fairies, Guardian Spirits (Angels), Genius, Totems, Christmas, Easter – All The Same- John Hagee- Death And Life- Power Of Tongue

2820 WN081011 Predestination: The “Whom” Is The Foreknown Wife- Nearest Of Kinsman- Ransom, Redemption, Atonement- Substitute A Clean For An Unclean Firstborn

2821 SM081411 Predestination: Atonement, Justify, Redeem, Redemption, Ransom – It's All For Israel Only- The 1st Born Of Man And Beasts Is Mine (Priest And Sacrifice)

2822 SN081411 Doctrine Of Devils: Demons And The Love Of Money Are The Same Thing- The Rich Oppress The Poor- The Believer Is Rich In Faith

2823 WN081711 History Of Israel: God's Orderly Arrangement- Joseph's Brothers Do Evil- Potiphar's Wife Does Evil- Pharaoh's Butler Forgets Joseph- God Said, “I Did All Of This For Israel's Good”

2824 SM082111 History Of Israel: Christmas- Predestination- Joseph – All Evil In His Life God Preordained For Israel's Good- Jesus's Murder Was Predestined By God- Jesus And Joseph Sent By God – God Preordained Their Acts Of Evil

2825 SN082111 Doctrine Of Devils: Demons And Fairies- Trolls, Dwarfs, Leprechauns, Pixies, Brownies, Elves, Etc.- Light & Dark Fairies- Comments On McClintock & Strong “Fairies” Section

2826 SM082811 Predestination And Atonement: The Suffering Servant Is Jesus- “The High And Lifted Up”, He Suffered “Our” Affliction – In Our Place As Our Substitute- A Study Of Isaiah 53

2827 SN082811 Doctrine Of Devils Is The Charismatic Doctrine- I Do Not Like False Teachers Who Cheat Little Widow Ladies Out Of Their Last Dollar- Joyce Meyer Is A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Along With Kenneth Copeland, T.D. Jakes, Fred Price, Etc. – They Steal From The Poor And Needy

2828 WN083111 History Of Israel: Joseph- “All Things For Good” (Thomas Watson)- To Them That Love God And Are The Called

2829 SM090411 History Of Israel: Joseph- The Bread And The Cup- How Joseph And Jesus Were Alike- Joseph Reveals Himself To His Brethren

2830 SN090411 The Doctrine Of Devils (Self) Is The Exact Opposite Of Faith (Death To Self)

2831 WN090711 Predestination And Atonement: The Day Jesus Died, The Cross, Our Hearts Equals The Day Of Atonement (Lev 16), The Brazen Altar, And The Ark Of The Covenant

2832 SM091111 Predestination And Atonement: Ransom- Ruth And Boaz- Priesthood- Sons Of Aaron- Nadab And Abihu Slain By God – Sin Has A Penalty- Jesus The Passover Lamb And Atonement Goat

2833 SN091111 Doctrine Of The Devil: Departing From Faith, The Daily Cross (Death To Self)- Giving Heed To Doctrines Of Devils (Self)- Faith And Daily Cross Are The Same- Demon And Self Are The Same

2834 WN091411 History Of Israel: Predestination And Joseph, “All Things For Good” – Following Joseph's Example – How Believers Are To Treat And Speak To One Another

2835 SM091811 History Of Israel: Joseph, Like Jesus- He Brings Israel (Jacob) His Father To Egypt- Scripture Lays Out The Children Of Leah And Rachel Coming To Egypt

2836 SN091811 Doctrine Of The Devil And The Doctrine Of Christ- Lists Of Righteousness And Unrighteousness Throughout Paul's Epistles

2837 WN092111 Predestination And Atonement: Debt, Baptism, Guilt, Justify, Reconciliation, Redeem, Ransom, Altar, Ark Of Covenant, Etc.

2838 SM092511 Predestination And Atonement: The Jewishness Of New Testament Atonement- Netanyahu's Speech (Sept 2011)- Prophecy- The Tabernacle/Temple

2839 SN092511 Doctrine Of The Devil: How To Study Demons And What They Really Are And Are Not

2840 WN092811 History Of Israel: Predestination And Joseph- Birth Of Abraham To Jacob's Death 307 Years- Israel 400 Years In Egypt (Gen 47)

2841 SM100211 History Of Israel: The Life Of Joseph- Imhotep (Joseph In History)- Joseph Does More For Pharaoh In Gen 47 Than All His Life – Then He Is Forgotten (Like Jesus)

2842 SN100211 Doctrine Of Devils: Every Subject In The Bible Is Either The Doctrine Of Christ Or The Doctrine Of Devils – Distribute Fortunes, Tree In The Garden, Mark Of Beast, Etc.

2843 WN100511 Predestination And Atonement: Jesus Died For His Wife, The Church, His People – Given To Him By The Father Before The Foundation Of The World

2844 SM100911 Predestination And Atonement: Trumbull On The Blood- Life Of The Flesh Is In The Blood (When The Blood Is In The Flesh)- Jacob's Atonement To Esau- Penalty For Sin – Released From Prison- Jesus Died For The Church

2845 SN100911 Doctrine Of The Devil: Westcott And Hort Versus The Textus Receptus- Demons Are Heathen Idols- The Septuagint Says So, Paul Says So- The Pagans At Mars Hill Say So

2846 WN101211 History Of Israel: The Life Of Joseph, Gen.1 Through Gen. 48- Confirming The Covenant To Joseph Through His 2nd Born Son Ephraim

2847 SM101611 History Of Israel: The Covenant Line- In The Beginning To Adam To Noah To Abraham Isaac Jacob Joseph (Ephraim)- Valley Of Dry Bones- The Whole House Of Israel

2848 SN101611 Doctrine Of Devils: Vexed With Demons And Unclean Spirits- Ecclesiastes- Seeking Self (Demon) Is Vanity And Vexation Of Spirit

2849 WN101911 Predestination And Atonement: Jesus Died For The Whom, His Wife, Israel, The Church, His Body- The Ark Of The Covenant, Elect To Sprinkling Of Blood (Our Hearts)- Blood Baptism- Death To Self- Substitution

2850 SM102311 Predestination And Atonement: Baptism – No Water, No Immersion- Proselyte Baptism- One Baptism – Blood, Not Water- Blood Baptism Is Sprinkling The Ark Of The Covenant (Our Hearts)

2851 SN102311 Doctrine Of The Devil: Joel Osteen Is A Smooth Talking Liar Preaching Doctrines Of Demons- Ecclesiastes- Solomon Reveals At The End Of His Life That Seeking The Things Of Life Is Vanity And Vexation Of Spirit

2852 WN102611 History Of Israel: Joseph- A Murder Story With Simeon And Levi Slaughtering Hamor And Shechem- Israel's (Jacob) Deathbed Last Will For His 12 Sons- Simeon, The Leader, Is Isolated And Levi Is Scattered- Dinah's Story

2853 SM103011 Predestination Is The Exact Opposite Of Halloween

2854 SN103011 Doctrine Of Devils: Solomon Is The Master Of The Demons And Genies (Jinn)

2855 WN110211 Predestination And Atonement: Baptism Is Sprinkling Our Hearts (Spiritual Ark)- Proselyte Baptism- Fellow Citizens With Believing Israel- One Baptism

2856 SM110611 Predestination And Atonement- Baptism- Baptized “In”- Atonement Is Baptizing Our Hearts (Spiritual Ark Of Covenant)- Stop The Circumcision, Stop The Water

2857 SN110611 Doctrine Of Devils: Casting Out Devils- Kingdom Of God- Binding (Forbid) The Strong Man (Satan)- Forbidding To Deceive The Nations (Gentile Church) During The Chilia (2,000) Years- No Millennium

2858 WN110911 History Of Israel: Jacob's (Israel's) Death Bed- Last Will And Testament Concerning His 12 Sons – Concerning Zebulun And Issachar

2859 SM111311 History Of Israel: Christmas Is Roman Catholicism- Tongues, 70 Weeks Of Daniel, Swastika, Priests Of Baal (The KKK)- I Don't Do Christmas – I'm Not A Roman Catholic

2860 SN111311 Billy Graham Is A Lying False Teacher- He Preaches The Doctrine Of The Devil- He Is Roman Catholic

2861 WN111611 Predestination, Atonement And Baptism: God Eliminates The Outer Man Over Time- Martyrdom (Fire And Trials), Called Blood Baptism- Paul Was Not Water Baptized

2862 SM112011 Predestination And Atonement: Baptism – What It Really Means- It Is A Condition, Not A Verb Implying Motion (It Is Not Immersion)- Proselytes- One Baptism- Clothing

2863 SN112011 The Doctrine Of The Devil (Demons) Is Self- Billy Graham Is Satan's Preacher – He Loves The Praise Of Men More Than The Praise Of God- “He Is More Roman Catholic Than Otherwise”

2864 WN112311 History Of Israel: The Geographical Location Of Every Son (Tribe)- Their Significance In Jacob's Deathbed Testimony- Zebulun, Issachar, Dan And Gad

2865 SM112711 History Of Israel: What's Wrong With Christmas? It's Roman Catholicism!

2866 SN112711 The Doctrine Of The Devil: The Most Dangerous Man In America Is Billy Graham

2867 WN113011 Baptism Is Atonement- Baptism Is Repentance- Baptism Is The Gospel- Baptism Is A Daily Cross- Baptism Is Blood- Baptism Is Suffering Martyrdom

2868 SM120411 Atonement And Baptism: What Do These Two Words Really Mean- The One Baptism Is Blood (Holy Ghost & Fire) Not Proselyte (Water)

2869 SN120411 Billy Graham: He's “Nice”- He Loves Everybody – Everybody Loves Him- This Is A Sign Of A False Prophet With Powerful Influence

2870 WN120711 Christmas: The Tilt Of The Earth Axis Is The “Reason For The Season”- The Swastika – The Big Dipper In Its Four Seasonal Phases- Tammuz- “Water gods”- Ten Plagues- God Attacks The gods Of Egypt

2871 SM121111 Christmas Is Paganism- Paganism Is Worshiping Other gods (Than Jehovah), The gods of Darkness- The Gentile Churches Of Paul's Epistles Called From Darkness To Light

2872 SN121111 Doctrine Of The Devil: Billy Graham, The “Sacred Cow” Of American Society- He Is A Friend Of The World – This Makes Him God's Enemy

2873 WN121411 Atonement And Baptism: Illustration Of The Tabernacle And 3 Temples (4 Temples)- 3 Point Process Of Proselyte Baptism And The Ethiopian Eunuch

2874 SM121811 Atonement And Baptism: There Is One Baptism – It Is Blood (Daily Cross, Drinking The Cup, Death To Self)- Baptism Is Not Water- Why Was Jesus And The Ethiopian Eunuch Baptized In Water?

2875 SN121811 The Doctrine Of The Devil: Departing From Everything That Faith Is And Does- Indictment Of Billy Graham And His Friends

2876 WN122111 Christmas: The Swastika, Fylfot, Big Dipper, Wheel Of The Year, Wreath, Yin And Yang, The Masons – It's All Paganism!

2877 SM122511 The Reason For Christmas Is The Big Dipper (The Swastika), The Wheel Of The Year (The Wreathe) – Queen Of Heaven Turns It

2878 SN122511 The Doctrine Of The Devil: Billy Graham And His Friends

2879 WN122811 Atonement And Baptism: Why Did Jesus Have To Die? – We Have All Been Guilty- We Must Be Justified And Declared Innocent By His Blood- Substitution!

2880 SM010112 Atonement And Baptism: Justified By Faith That Works – Justified By His Blood, By His Name, By Grace- Reconciliation

2881 SN010112 Doctrine Of Devils: Billy Graham, Arnold Murray And Other False Teachers Depart From Faith

2882 WN010412 History Of Israel: Israel's Bondage- Birth Of Moses- Moses Meets God At The Burning Bush- God Calls Moses To Deliver Israel

2883 SM010812 History Of Israel: Books Of Samuel, Kings And Chronicles – What They Are About- Moses's Personal Timeline- Moses At 40 Years, 80Years And 120 Years Old- Major Events Of His Life

2884 SN010812 Doctrines Of Devils: Departing From Faith- False Teaching Liars Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer And TBN- Their Money That They Stole From The Needy

2885 WN011112 Atonement: Ransomed From Prison – Everything It's About

2886 SM011512 Atonement: The Elect Belong To God When They Are Born- They Come To The Tree, Go Into Sin (Darkness (Prison))- Before Faith Comes, They Are Protected- They Are Forgiven (Released From Prison), Then Reconciled To God

2887 SN011512 Doctrine Of The Devil: False Teachers- Their “Accept Christ” And “Sinner's Prayer” Is Heresy- Billy Graham, The Great False Teacher

2888 WN011812 History Of Israel: Books And Events Of The Old Testament- How To Place Them In Their Respective Positions- What Prophets Go With With What Books- Finishing Jacob's (Israel's) Blessing On His Sons (Gen. 49)

2889 SM012212 History Of Israel: Blessings And Cursings On Israel's (Jacob's) Death Bed Concerning His Sons- "Benjamin Shall Ravin As A Wolf"- The Levite Of Mt. Ephraim And His Concubine

2890 SN012212 Doctrine Of The Devil: Faith Is Not Wishing, It Is Dying (To Self Daily)- Departing From Faith Is Living For Self In A Strain- The False And Repulsive Doctrines Of Billy Graham And Joel Osteen

2891 WN012512 Atonement: Babies Do Not Go To Hell- Regeneration And Reconciliation – Back To Innocence- Israel Eats Their Nursing Infants

2892 SM012912 Atonement: Babies Do Not Go To Hell- Definitions Of Sin- Babies Cannot Sin- David's Baby- “I Shall Go To Him”

2893 SN012912 Doctrine Of The Devil (Demons): Departing From Faith – Everything It Is And Does- Departing From The Fruit Of The Spirit And From Adding To Faith- Billy Graham, The Ecumenical Leader

2894 WN020112 History Of Israel: Benjamin A Ravining Wolf- The Levite Of Mt. Ephraim- Cutting His Apostate Concubine In 12 Pieces Scattering Her – A Picture Of God Scattering Israel- 11 Tribes Attack Benjamin

2895 SM020512 History Of Israel: Benjamin Will Not Repent, Fights The Other Tribes – Near Annihilation- Wives Restored, King Saul (A Benjamite) Fights Like A Ravening Wolf

2896 SN020512 Doctrine Of The Devil: False Teachers Are Preaching Soft, Easy, Whispering Words- They Preach “Another Jesus”- Billy Graham Is A Witch- He Embraces Roman Catholic Doctrine

2897 WN020812 Atonement: Babies Do Not Go To Hell- Why Adam Had To Sin (Gen. 1:1-2)- What Is Original Sin?- Reconciled- Released From Prison- Back To Innocence Of A Baby- Sin Condemns To Hell- Babies Cannot Sin- Romans 14 and 15- Jews And Gentiles (Not Babies)

2898 SM021212 Atonement: Babies Do Not Go To Hell- Universal Salvation Is Corrupt Doctrine – All Men- All Flesh- John 3:16 Does Not Say “Whosoever Believeth In Him” -- It Says “The Believing All” In The Original Text

2899 SN021212 Doctrines Of Devils Has All The Religious Terminology With No “Specific” Meaning – False Doctrine Is Fuzzy And Unclear

2900 WN021512 History Of Israel: Benjamin Loves To Fight- Abner Kills Asahel- Why Benjamin Is Numbered With Judah- Ehud, A Left Handed Man Of Benjamin

2901 SM021912 History Of Israel: The Sovereignty Of God – Without Jacob Stealing Esau's Birthright, There Will Be No Joseph, No Bondage, No Law, No Passover Lamb, No New Testament Church- Israel Dies- “God Meant It for Good”

2902 SN021912 Doctrine Of The Devil: 1st And 2nd Timothy- Titus- Ephesus And Crete- Paul Warns Of False Teachers And Their Doctrine In These Pastoral Epistles

2903 WN022212 Atonement and Predestination: What Calvinists Believe About The Sovereignty Of God- Jonah- 120,000 That Don't Know Their Right Hand From Their Left (Babies)- Babies Do Not Go To Hell When They Die

2904 SM022612 Studying The Bible- Historians And History- Nimrod, Semiramis- Coregency- Regnal Year- How To Evaluate The Hazy Past Of History And Mythology- In Defense Of Alexander Hislop's Two Babylons- The Bible Does Not Contradict Itself

2905 SN022612 Doctrine Of The Devil: Jeremiah And Ezekiel Condemn The Prophets, Priests, And Kings Of Israel- False Prophets That Brought About Israel's Destruction Are Condemned By These Two Men

2906 WN022912 History: This Is The Old Testament – Gen Thru Deut (Law)- Josh Thru II Chron (Israel As A Nation Under Judges And Kings)- Ezra Thru Esther (Under Persia)- Job (Abraham's Day)- Psa Thru S of S (Poetic)- Major & Minor Prophets (Isa Thru Mal)

2907 SM030412 History: Jehovah “I Am”- We Study Old Testament To Understand The New- Shadows And Very Image (The Body, The Church)- Wrapping Up Genesis

2908 SN030412 Doctrine Of Devils: Departing From Faith And Going To Self- Believers' True Happiness Is In Death To Self- Self Is Miserable

2909 WN030712 Atonement (Kaphar), Ransom (Kopher), Reconciliation (Kaphar), Regeneration (Paliggenesia), Peace (Eirene)- The Definitions Show That Babies Do Not Go To Hell- Sin's Definition

2910 SM031112 Atonement: Babies Cannot Go To Hell Because They Cannot Sin- “Take, Eat, This Is My Body”- There Is One Body – The Body Is The Church- Baptized Into The Body- Eating (Partaking) The Body Of Faith

2911 SN031112 Doctrine Of The Devil: Presumptuous Sin- Lying Andrew Womack- “Wolves” And Other Titles For False Teachers

2912 WN031412 History Of Israel: “Afflicted” 400 Years In Egypt (Gen 15:13-Ex 12:40-Acts 7:6-Gal 3:17)- “Confirming” The Covenant Till The Law Was 430 Years- Moses's Ages – 40 At Killing Of The Egyptian, 80 Speaking To Pharaoh, 120 At Death

2913 SM031812 History Of Israel: The Life Of Moses Before The Exodus According To Josephus- Dates Of Exodus And Moses's Birth- Moses The General Of Egypt- 400 Years In Egypt

2914 SN031812 Doctrine Of The Devil: Departing From The Daily Cross And The Commandments (Imperatives) Of God- Giving Heed To Doctrines (Instructions) Of Self- Timothy And Titus- Blasphemy- Cast Out Devils By Finger And Spirit

2915 WN032112 Atonement- Baptism- Babies- Spirits In Prison- Gentiles- Romans- Light/Dark- All Flesh- Isaiah- Paul- New Heaven And Earth

2916 SM032512 Atonement- Isaiah- Gentiles (Spirits In Prison) From Darkness To Light- Baptize, Anoint, Obtain Are All The Same- One Baptism- Rapture At Last Trump- No Mid-Trib Or Pre-Trib

2917 SN032512 Doctrine Of The Devil Opposes The Doctrine Of Christ- Fulfil Self Opposes Death To Self- Wolves Are False Teachers Teaching Fulfil Self

2918 WN032812 History Of Israel: Textus Receptus Versus Westcott & Hort- Things I Wrestle With- It Depends On The Historian- Fire From The Bush- God's Word A Fire- Two Witnesses

2919 SM040112 History Of Israel: Fire- Two Witnesses- Conscience- Speaking Truth Out Of The Fire As God Spoke To Moses Out Of The Burning Bush

2920 SN040112 The Doctrine Of The Devil: Departing From Faith, The Foundation And Building The House (Which Is Us) Of God By Walking In His Commandments- The Sheepfold- Wolves Are False Teachers

2921 WN040412 Atonement- God Giving His Truth (The Word) To All Flesh, All Men (There Is No “Whosoever Will”)- The Gentiles Of The Roman Church As Well As The Other Gentile Churches At Galatia, Ephesus, Corinth, Colosse, Etc.- Peter's Reluctance To Accept This New Thing- Rom 5:12-14

2922 SM040812 Easter – The End Of Mardi Gras- The Winter Festivals Of Darkness – The Spring Festivals Of Light

2923 SN040812 Doctrine Of Devils: Alexander Hislop's View Of Demons- Ancestor Worship

2924 WN041112 History Of Israel: “Who Am I”- God Does Not Call Men Who Commend Themselves- Moses's First Two Miracles- Rod Into A Serpent- Hand Turned To Leprosy

2925 SM041512 History Of Israel: God Speaks Out Of The Flaming Bush – It Is Not Consumed- We Speak Out Of The Fire And We Are Not Consumed- Holy Ghost Speaks (Part 2)

2926 SN041512 Doctrine Of The Devil: There Is Only One Doctrine Of Christ – All Others That Do Not Agree (Confess) Are The Doctrine Of The Devil Which Deceives The Simple (Innocent)

2927 WN041812 Atonement- The Temple- Holy Sacrifice- Denoted To Destruction- Consecration- Sacred Sacrifices- Herem

2928 SM042212 It Is Blasphemous Heresy To Say That Jesus Was Not Our Substitute- Some Will Say If That Is True, Why Did Men Have To Die In The OT Because Of Certain Sins (Capital Punishment)- The 1st And 2nd Death- David Committed Capital Sins (Murder & Adultery) – He Repented

2929 SN042212 Doctrine Of The Devil: Departing From Death To Self (Faith) Paying Attention (Giving Heed) To Impostors (Seducing Spirits) And Doctrines Of Self (Demons)- What Appeals To Man's Very Nature

2930 WN042512 History Of Israel: God Wants His People To Be “Nobodies” So That No Flesh Can Glory In His Sight (Part 1)

2931 SM042912 History Of Israel: You Must Be Hated By The World- Offscouring Of The World- Jephthah, A Bastard Son- Moses, A Slow Tongue (Part 2)

2932 SN042912 Doctrine Of The Devil: Demon- Love Of Money- Billy Graham, The Most Outrageous False Teacher In America- Wolves & Sheep

2933 WN050212 Atonement And Predestination: Men Do Not Know How Wicked They Are – Their Sin Deserves No Penalty- God Ordains All Things – Our Existence, Good And Evil, Sin, Every Movement Of Life And Matter In The Universe

2934 SM050612 Atonement: Jesus Died For His Wife, The Church- He Is The God Of The Old Testament- He Is Married To The One Body (Jew & Gentile Believers), The One Church (Israel)

2935 SN050612 Doctrine Of The Devil: Departing From Faith Is Departing From Believing In Obedience- Wolves, Scorpions, Serpents Are False Teachers- False Teaching Is All Preaching That Does Not Align With Truth

2936 WN050912 History Of Israel: Moses – “Who Am I”- Man Does Not Commend Himself – Only God Will Commend Him To Work For Him – Man Will Condemn Him

2937 SM051312 Mother's Day: Who Is My Mother? My Mother Is Jerusalem, The Church, Those Who Do The Will Of The Father, The Tree Of Life- Gen. 2:9Rev 22:2- Tree Of Life Versus The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good And Evil (Part 1)

2938 SN051312 Doctrine Of The Devil (Demons): “Hath God Said”- Twisting The Word Of God- Froward

2939 WN051612 Atonement- “The Exclusive Cross Of Christ” – Limited To His Wife, The Church- The Altar Is The Cross- Justified By His Blood- The World Preaches Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel, “Another Cross”

2940 SM052012 Our Mother- “The Tree Of Life” Is The Olive Tree (Israel)- “The Tree Of Life” Is The Seven Candlesticks- The Two Witnesses (Priest & King)

2941 SN052012 Doctrine Of The Devil Is Smooth Words- It Deceives The Simple (Unlearned And Innocent) By Good Words And Fair Speeches- The Devil's (Demon's) Doctrine Is Froward, A Distorting Of Truth

2942 WN052312 History Of Israel: God “Hardened” Pharaoh's Heart – Ex. 4, Rom. 9- “Who Art Thou That Repliest Against God”

2943 SM052712 Our Mother Is A Tree (Of Life) – Length Of Days Is In Her Hand – We Are An Olive Tree – River From The Throne (Ark Of Covenant)- Millennium- No Pretrib Rapture- 144,000

2944 SN052712 Doctrine Of The Devil: Billy Graham, Ravi Zacharias, Tony Campolo Are Froward- They Twist The Word Of God- Froward Men Are Slothful Looking For A Free Ride- They Are Lying False Teachers

2945 WN053012 Day Of Atonement- Forgiveness (Pardon And Release From Prison)- Propitiation- The Joy Of Selfless Giving- High Priest Rejoices At Surviving That Day- The Mercy Seat- Reconciliation

2946 SM060312 Mother – Jerusalem, Church, Tree Of Life, Mountains, Heavens, Horns- Throne Of God (Ark Of Covenant)- River Of Life- Four Beasts (Four Angels)- Revelation- Metaphor And Idioms

2947 SN060312 Doctrine Of The Devil: Froward Men Are Slothful (Lazy) – Twisting Words And Distorting The Word Of God- We Are Not To Embellish One Another's Words- Learning To Keep Our Mouths Shut

2948 WN060612 History Of Israel: Exodus- Moses- Obedience- Confronting Pharaoh

2949 SM061012 Mother – Those Who Do The Will Of The Father- What Is God's Will In Our Lives?- No Pre-Trib Rapture, No Thousand Year Reign- Tree Of Life Is For The Nations (Non Jews Or Gentiles)

2950 SN061012 Doctrine Of The Devil: Depart From “Word Of Faith (Not Wishing)” Which Is Confessing Christ- Of The Abundance Of The Heart The Mouth Speaks- Froward Is Perversion Of This Doctrine (Instruction)

2951 WN061312 Day Of Atonement- We Are The House Of God, The Holy Of Holies- Our Hearts, The Ark Of The Covenant- The Scapegoat Is “Casting Out Devils (Self)”

2952 SM061712 Mother, Jerusalem, Tree Of Life- Kingdom Of God (Heaven)- Man “The Branch”- Leaves For Healing Of The Nation (Non Jews, Gentiles)- Satan Bound (Forbidden) From Deceiving The Nations (Non Jews)

2953 SN061712 Doctrine Of The Devil: Depart From Faith- Separate From World- Forsake Not Assembling With Those Who Believe Truth- Those Who Sin Willingly And Depart From Faith There Awaits Fiery Indignation And Judgment

2954 WN062012 History Of Israel: Let “My People” Go- The Lineage Of Levi, Kohath, Amram, And Aaron- Korah Challenges Moses And Aaron

2955 SM062412 Tree Of Life (Mother) Is The Same From One End Of The Bible To The Other- Rev. 20, 21, 22 Are About The Church- No PreTrib Rapture, No Millennium- Time Element Of Rapture Is “Last Trump”- I Th. 4, II Th. 2

2956 SN062412 Doctrine Of The Devil: Depart From The Cross- Demons, Geniis, Fairies, Totems, Patron Saints- Diabolos And Demons In Matt. 4 And Luke 4 (Sister Chapters Of The Gospels)

2957 WN062712 Atonement And Its Synonyms- Abstract, Concrete, Idioms And Metaphors- Baptize And Its Synonyms

2958 SM070112 Mother, Tree Of Life- Revelation 20, 21, 22 Is About The Church, The Nations (Non Jews), The Bottomless Pit (A Place Of No Knowledge), Binding Satan

2959 SN070112 Doctrine Of The Devil: Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel, “Perverse Words”- Accept Christ, Sinner's Prayer, Prosperity Gospel, Christmas

2960 WN070412 History Of Israel: Sons Of Levi- The Kohathites- Aaron, The High Priest- Philistines Take The Ark- Penalty For Carrying The Ark On A New Cart

2961 SM070812 The Tree Of Life, The Two Olive Trees, Two Witnesses – All Give Wholesome Words, Fruit Of The Spirit- The Tree Of Life Is The Same Throughout The Bible From Genesis Through Revelation

2962 SN070812 Doctrine Of The Devil: Hypocrites, Actors, Scorners, Froward, Slothful- Private Interpretation Of The Word

2963 SM071512 The Tree Of Life Destroys The Bottomless Pit

2964 SN071512 Doctrine Of The Devil Is When There Is No Specific Word Of God, No Doing Truth, No Daily Cross, No Self Denial, No Being Hated By The World

2965 WN071812 Atonement- The Difference Between Self Denial And Daily Cross- How To Live And Treat One Another By Getting Rid Of Self- Learning Not To Answer An Argument

2966 SM072212 What Is The Bottomless Pit? What Ascends Out Of The Bottomless Pit? (Tree Of Life Series)

2967 SN072212 Doctrine Of The Devil: Departing From Faith- Jesus' Roman Cross Ordained By God- What Do You Have That You Didn't Get From God- Shining Above Others- Not Knowing Scripture Errs From The Truth

2968 WN072512 History: What Are gods- God The Trinity- God Attacks Egypt's gods, Turning Their “River-god” (Nile) To Blood- “Turn To Blood” Is An Idiom That Means To Die- Moon To Blood (Not Give Light)

2969 SM072912 Bottomless Pit- The Beast- The Babylonian Lion- Persian Bear- Grecian Leopard (Alexander The Great)- The Beast With Iron Teeth Ascends Out Of The “Place Of No Knowledge”- Christmas Is A Bottomless Pit (No Knowledge Of God)

2970 SN072912 Doctrine Of The Devil: There Is No Such Thing As Demons – Demons Are Self- Repentance Is Being Turned From The Demon Of Self, Being Ashamed And Taking The Blame

2971 WN080112 Difficulties Of Scripture- “Asleep In Jesus”- Two Grinding At The Mill, One Taken, The Other Left- Triclinium – Lie In The Bosom- Mystery, The Church- Baptize Does Not Mean To Immerse- Reconciliation (Atonement Series)

2972 SM080512 The Bottomless Pit: Scorpions And The Beast- Nebuchadnezzar's Image Dan. 2- The Beast (Lion, Bear, Leopard, Iron Teeth)- Dan. 7- The Two Horned Ram (Persia)- The Rough Goat (Greece, Alex The Great)- King Of Fierce Countenance (Man Of Sin)

2973 SN080512 Doctrine Of The Devil: Benny Hinn And His Friends Are “Snake Oil Salesmen”- Pulling Scripture Out Of Context (Deut. 8)- Twisting The Word

2974 WN080812 History: A Basic Outline Of The Old Testament- God Attacks Egypt's gods- The Nile And Frogs- First Two Plagues

2975 SM081212 “Bottomless Pit” Is A Misnomer (Wrong Name)- The Greek Word Is Abussos- It Means A Place Of No Depth Of Knowledge, Not A Pit With No Bottom- Etymology Of The Word

2976 SN081212 Doctrine Of The Devil: Speaking Lies In Hypocrisy- Preachers Are Actors – In Order To Get Your Money

2977 WN081512 Atonement – Baptism – Predestination: All About The Image (Likeness) Of Christ- How Believers Are To Live- Compassion And Sympathy And Much More

2978 SM081912 Revelation: Leaves- Healing Of The Nations (Non-Jews)- Satan Bound- Bottomless Pit (No Knowledge)- Keep From Deceiving Nations (Non-Jews)- 2,000 Years – No Millennium- 7 Angels- Locusts Like Scorpions

2979 SN081912 Doctrine Of The Devil: How Men Are Deceived- Empty Words- Good Words And Fair Speeches That Make No Sense – No Definition- Eve Deceived- Enchantment, Trickery

2980 WN082212 History: Jehovah God Fights The gods Of Egypt- The 3rd, 4th And 5th Plagues- Lice (Mosquitos), Swarms (Flies) And Boils

2981 SM082612 Revelation: Babylon The Harlot (City) Babylon The Beast (Empire) Is Fallen Is Fallen- Scorpions/Locusts- Gentiles- 7 Angels 7 Stars- Euphrates Dried Up- The Things Thy Soul Lusted After- Departed From Thee- Into The Sea

2982 SN082612 Doctrine Of The Devil: What Causes Men To Be Led Away- The Deceitfulness Of Riches- Vanity And Vexation Of Spirit

2983 WN082912 Predestination – Atonement – Baptism: Like Jesus – Compassionate, Merciful- Faith- Doing- Working- Obedience

2984 SM090212 The Beast And Scorpions- Sealed And Marked- The 144,000- 4 Beasts- 24 Elders- 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse- No Universal Salvation

2985 SN090212 Doctrine Of The Devil: Accept Christ, Sinner's Prayer, John 3:16 Does Not Say “God Loves Everybody” – These Are All The Devil's Doctrine- Easy Gospel- Born Again Is Not Something Man Does

2986 WN090512 History: The Ten Plagues- God Kills- God Makes His People Sick Because Of Sin

2987 SM090912 Revelation: Context Definition- Bottomless Pit (No Knowledge) = The Sea- Euphrates (Economy) Dried Up- Kings Of The East

2988 SN090912 Doctrine Of The Devil: Departing From “Rest” (Spiritual Sabbath)- Living In A Strain

2989 WN091212 Predestination – Atonement – Baptism: God Picks Out His Family, Births Them, Sets The Rules, Spanks Us – We Work And Obey- Boaz And Ruth- No Oppressing The Poor

2990 SM091612 Revelation: “Signifying”- Scorpions, False Teachers Steal Truth- Stings- The Foot, The Walk- Seek Death And Not Find It- Hair Like Women, Teeth Like Lions

2991 SN091612 Doctrine Of The Devil: False Teachers Pull Verses Out Of Context And Twist Them- They Pervert Word Meanings For Advantage – All For Money- They Are Evil Men

2992 WN091912 History: Moses Before Pharaoh- The Last Ten Plagues- The Death Of The Firstborn- The Passover

2993 SM092312 Revelation: Heavenly Jerusalem- The Beloved City- “Coming Down Out Of Heaven” (Born Again)- Gog And Magog Attacks Israel (The Church)

2994 SN092312 Doctrine Of The Devil: Preaching Against It- Flattery- Buying The Spirit- Trying To Destroy Truth (Jer. 36)

2995 WN092612 Predestination – Atonement: What We Are Predestined Unto – Christ Likeness- Paul's Account Of Spiritual Likeness- Gal. 5- How We Are To Live

2996 SM093012 Revelation: “New Heaven (The Ruling Class) And Earth (The Ruled)”- Heaven Is Israel, The Gentile Church

2997 SN093012 Doctrine Of The Devil: God's Doctrine Is Astonishing (Dumbfounded)- Satan's Doctrine Is Smooth And Easy With No Specifics

2998 WN100312 History: Passover, The First Literal (Ex. 12) And The 2nd Literal (The Lord's Supper)- Now We Are In A Spiritual Passover

2999 SM100712 Revelation: 21st Chapter Is New Heavens, Heavenly Jerusalem, The Church- Coming Down Out Of Heaven Is Born Again

3000 SN100712 Doctrine Of Devils: “Speaking The Truth In Love”