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Messages Upon Request 2001-2500

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2001 SN040206 Revelation - The Morning Star, The Pleiades, The Seven Candlesticks Are "The Eyes Of The Lord" - Light In The Pupil Refined

2002 WN040506 Predestination: The Sensual Man Is Into Himself - He Is Contentious, Envious, Jealous And A Talebearer

2003 SM040906 False Doctrine: The Jews Are Caused To Cease Building The Temple - Enter Haggai And Zechariah

2004 SN040906 Revelation: The Morning Star - Jesus - Pleiades - 7 Stars - 7 Angels - The 7 Candlesticks - 2 Olive Trees - 2 Witnesses - The Church

2005 WN041206 Predestination: The Sensual Man -- I'm Talkin’ To You!

2006 SM041606 False Doctrine: Christmas - Mardi Gras - Easter - The Resurrection Is Daily, Not Once A Year

2007 SN041606 Revelation: The Two Trees Of The Garden - Jesus, The Morning Star - The Fruit Of The Tree Of Life

2008 WN041906 Predestination: Carnal Believers - Envy, Jealousy, Contention, Strife, "Intrigue" - They Desire To Show Off

2009 SM042306 False Doctrine: The 70 Weeks - Israel Ceases Building The Temple Because Of Opposition - Haggai, Zechariah And Ezra Rebuke Them

2010 SN042306 Revelation: The 7 Candlesticks Are The Eyes Of The Lord - The 4 Cherubim - The Babylonian War Chariots

2011 WN042606 Predestination: Doing The Will Of The Father Like Jesus - Carnal (Fleshly) Christians Involve In Contention, Envy And Strife - The Will Of The Flesh

2012 SM043006 False Doctrine (Instruction): Outline Of The Book Of Ezra - The 3rd Decree - Rebuilding And Supplying The Temple - Ezra Finds Israel Has Married Idolatry

2013 SN043006 Revelation: How To Think When Studying - Conceptual - Wherever You Find The Four Faced Beast, The Bow Of God (The Eyes Of The Lord) Will Be Present

2014 WN050306 Predestination: The Sensual Man Worries About Material Things - The Spiritual Man Thinks On Spiritual Things

2015 SM050706 False Doctrine Of The Tree: Israel's Great Apostasy - Intermarrying Truth To A Lie

2016 SN050706 Revelation: The Two Things Always Present Together - 1. The 4 Faces Of The Covenant - The Lion, The Eagle, The Ox And Man- 2 . The Bow (Iris) Of God's Eye

2017 WN051006 Predestination: God's Israel Jew & Gentile - The Context Of The Book Of Romans - Children Of Abraham By Faith

2018 SM051406 True Doctrine: Introduction To The 70 Weeks Of Daniel - The First Decree - The Regnal Year (Ascension To The Throne) Of Artaxerxes

2019 SN051406 Revelation: Four Faced Beast - Wheel In A Wheel, Sealing The Saints In Their Forehead

2020 WN051706 Predestination: Strife And Contention Is Unlike Jesus

2021 SM052106 The 70 Weeks Of Daniel: The Beginning Of End Time Prophecy - The 4th Decree To Rebuild Jerusalem In Nehemiah 2

2022 SN052106 Revelation: The Eyes Of The Lord Upon One Stone - The Wheel In A Wheel - The Babylonian War Chariots - The 4 Faced Cherubim

2023 WN052406 Predestination: Jehovah Saves By His Freewill - He Is "Self Existent" - The Sensual Man Is Envious

2024 SM052806 The 70 Weeks Of Daniel: The Street And Wall Shall Be Built Again In Troublous Times - Opposition To The Rebuilding Of The Church (Heavenly Jerusalem)

2025 SN052806 Revelation: The Sacred "Circular" Dance - The Eyes Of The Lord - The Protective Mark Of God

2026 WN053106 Predestination: The Eros (Carnal) Man And The Agape (Spiritual) Man - Their Nature And Character

2027 SM060406 70 Weeks Of Daniel: Opposition Of The Rich Jewish Believers - Building Jerusalem (The Church)

2028 SN060406 Revelation/Ezekiel: The Rainbow, The Warbow Of God - Ezekiel Performs God's Contracts - Ezek. 1-8

2029 WN060706 Predestination: Self, The Outer Man Is Filled With Jealousy And Tale Bearing --It Must Die!

2030 SM061106 70 Weeks: Sanballat And Tobiah, The Enemies Of Nehemiah - They Try To Trap And Snare Him, Accusing Him Falsely

2031 SN061106 Revelation/Ezekiel: The Man With The InkHorn - The Mark (Seal) Of God In The Forehead - The 144,000, The Church (Firstfruits)

2032 WN061406 Predestination: The Character Of The Outer Man Will Cease A Little At A Time - Gossip Is Throwing Stones

2033 SM061806 70 Weeks: Baptism (Death To Self) - "Called Out" (The Church) Of Babylon Building Jerusalem, The Body Of Christ

2034 SN061806 Revelation/Ezekiel: The Mark (Signature) Of God And The Mark Of The Beast

2035 WN062106 Predestination: Conscience - The Inner Man (Christ) The Outer Man (Self) - The Two Witnesses - Self Dies - Our Knowing - Whispering, Gossip

2036 SM062506 The 70 Weeks: Building Jerusalem, The Church, The Body, The Wife, By Nehemiah, The Consolation Of Jehovah (Holy Spirit)

2037 SN062506 Revelation/Ezekiel: The Beast - The Lion, Bear And Leopard

2038 WN062906 Predestination: "Envy" - Character Of The Outer Man

2039 SM070206 True And False Doctrine: A July 4th Message - The Truth About Thomas Jefferson, Predestination And Christmas

2040 SN070206 Revelation/Ezekiel: Ezek. 9 Equals Rev. 7 - The Mark, The Seal, The Name Of God

2041 WN070506 Predestination: The Outer Man Is Envious And Froward - He Twists And Perverts The Word Of God

2042 SM070906 70 Weeks: Building The Church (Jerusalem) And Persecuted By The Religious "Right" (Pharisees)

2043 SN070906 Revelation/Ezekiel: The Mark, Seal Of God Upon The 144,000 - Gematria

2044 WN071206 Predestination: The Baby Believer Is Carnal - The Carnal Man Is Envious - The Envious Man Is Froward (Distorted In His Thinking)

2045 SM071606 False Doctrine: Middle East Threat - Sign Of The End - Nehemiah - Ezra Reads The Book Of The Law

2046 SN071606 Revelation/Ezekiel: The 144,000 (The Church) - Sealed with God's Mark - Robes Of White - The Church Of Sardis - Some Have Defiled Garments

2047 WN071906 Predestination: God's Equation - Envy Is Not Like Jesus

2048 SM072306 False Doctrine: Nehemiah 9-12 - Thou Art Just In All That Is Brought On Us - Israel Takes An Oath To God

2049 SN072306 Revelation: Mark Of The Beast - Blood Baptism - Clothed In White - Sardis Defiling Garments, Burning Clothing

2050 WN072606 Predestination: The "Boundary" Of Israel - If God Can Pick Few For O.T. Israel, He Can Pick Few For The N. T. Church. Shadow-Very Image

2051 SM073006 False Doctrine: Every Lie Has An Element Of Truth-A Mixed Religion (Nehemiah 13)

2052 SN073006 Revelation/Ezekiel: Review Of The Beast - Palms, Gematria - Robes White In Blood - Wife Made Ready

2053 WN080206 Predestination: "I Must Decrease" To Be Like Jesus - The Froward, Envious, Contentious, Striving Man Must Die

2054 SM080606 False Doctrine: 70 Weeks - Preterism (Why It Is Not True) - The Sacrifice And Oblation Ceases In 70th Week - Kingdom Of God

2055 SN080606 Revelation: The Mark Of God - The Cockcrow Watch - The Temple Guards At Night - Clothes Being Burned

2056 WN080906 Predestination: Preachers Are Froward - They Twist The Word Of God

2057 SM081306 False & True Doctrine: Why Are The Arabs Declaring A Jihad (Holy War) Against America? The "Land" Of Israel - Who Does It Belong To?

2058 SN081306 Revelation: The Mark Of The Beast - "Sin Is The Transgression Of The Law"

2059 WN081606 Predestination: Faith Believes And Obeys God - It Does Not Heal Physically

2060 SM082006 70 Weeks: Jihad Against Israel - Gog And Magog Attacks Israel (Ezek. 38)

2061 SN082006 Revelation: The False Prophet And The Beast And The Dragon - 3 Frogs From Their Mouths Are Demons - (Distribute Fortunes)

2062 WN082306 Predestination: Self (Auto) Is The Outer Man

2063 SM082706 False Doctrine: The Destruction Of Gog - The Man Of Sin - The Son Of Perdition - The King Of Fierce Countenance

2064 SN082706 Revelation: The Seven Head Beast, The Two Horned Beast And The Image Of The Beast

2065 WN083006 Predestination: Daemons, Geniis, Fairies, Guardian Angels, Genius, Totems Are All Self

2066 SM090306 False Doctrine: There Is No Pretribulation Rapture - We Shall Be Changed "At The Last Trump"

2067 SN090306 Revelation: The Man Of God Calls Fire From Heaven, Not False Prophets - (The 2nd Beast Of Rev. 13)

2068 WN090606 Predestination: "Possessed With Demons" Means To Be Insane (Crazy) Or Full Of Self

2069 SM091006 The 70 Weeks Of Daniel - The 70th Week - The 7 Years Of Tribulation - Two Signs: The Apostasy - The Man Of Sin Revealed (II Thess. 2)

2070 SN091006 Revelation: You Cannot Change A Man's Name

2071 WN091306 Predestination: Fairies Are Demons

2072 SM091706 False Doctrine/True Doctrine: Perilous Times Have Come - The End Of Time Is Near - The Gentile Rule Of The Jews Is Over

2073 SN091707 Revelation/Jeremiah/Isaiah: Babylon, Euphrates Dried Up, Fruit Destroyed, Burnt Mountain, Cast Into Sea - Shadow And Image

2074 WN092006 Predestination And Demons

2075 SM092506 The 70 Weeks - Osama's Revenge - American Jihad - The Church Under Attack In The 70th Week (42 Months, 1260 Days)

2076 SN092406 Revelation: Understanding The 2 Beasts Of Rev. 13 - Goes Back To The Garden Of Eden

2077 WN092706 Predestination: I Don't Believe In Demons, Faith Healing Or Pentecostal Tongues - Casting Out Demons - What It Means

2078 SM100106 The 70 Weeks: Literal Israel Is A Time Clock - Spiritual Israel, The Church - The Sacrifice And Oblation Cease

2079 SN100106 Revelation: The 2nd Beast (Rev. 13) - Back To The Garden - False Doctrine Of The Tree

2080 WN100406 Predestination: Possessed With Devils Is Reincarnation - The Doctrine Of Devils (Demons)

2081 SM100806 70 Weeks: The Arab Terrorists Are Attacking America Because Israel Celebrated Halloween, Christmas, Mardi Gras And Easter

2082 SN100806 Revelation: How I Think In Studying - The Incense And The Beast

2083 WN101106 Predestination: Superstitious, A Fear Of The Gods/Demons - Virgin Birth Of Fire Worship

2084 SM101506 False Doctrine Of The Tree Is Sin - Halloween And The Swastika

2085 SN101506 Revelation: Leviathan Is The Beast (Satan)

2086 WN101806 Predestination: All Evil Is One Word (Outer Man)- All Good Is One Word (Inner Man)

2087 SM102206 False Doctrine: Baptism, Christmass, Passover, Crackers And Grape Juice - Preachers Are Blind And Can't See The Truth

2088 SN102206 Revelation 13 - The 2nd Beast - False Prophet - Fire From Heaven - The True Prophet - Fire From The Mouth Of 2 Witnesses - Cloven Tongues Of Fire

2089 WN102506 Predestination: The Demon In You Is You

2090 SM102906 False Doctrine/True Doctrine: Tongues (Glossa And Dialects) - Pouring Out Of God's Spirit In The Last Days (Not Pentecostalism)

2091 SN102906 Revelation: The Mark Of The Beast - The Dragon - Smooth And Fascinating Words - The Mark Of God - Words Of Fire

2092 WN110106 Predestination: Preachers Are Scaring Baby Sheep With Long Invitation Hymns, Accept Christ And The Sinners Prayer - This Makes Me Angry

2093 SM110506 False Doctrine: Christmas Veneer Is Hypocrisy - Looking At The Outward Appearance

2094 SN110506 Revelation: The "False Prophet"

2095 WN110806 Predestination: Excuses For Not Serving God - Academics Of The Bible Is Not Believing The Bible

2096 SM111206 Christmass: The Tree Goddess, Aphrodite, (Mediatrix), Queen Of Heaven, The Christmass Tree

2097 SN111206 Revelation: The Beast And False Prophet - Those Who Deceive And Lead Astray Must Die

2098 WN111506 Predestination: Part Time Believers (Immature) Only Want Part Of The Word Of God

2099 SM111906 Christmas: A Witches Holiday - No Wise Men At The Manger - The Birth Of Jesus (Luke 2)

2100 SN111906 Revelation: The Beast And Locusts (Scorpions) Out Of The Bottomless Pit - The Dragon Bound In The Bottomless Pit - The Image (Representative) Of The Beast

2101 WN112206 Predestination: "Ask" Of God Is A Legal (Lawful) Term

2102 SM112606 Christmass: Good Tidings (Preach The Gospel) To "All People" - Good Will Toward Men

2103 SN112606 Revelation: False Prophets And True Prophets - The Image Of God And The Image Of The Beast

2104 WN112906 Predestination: "All"

2105 SM120306 Christmass: "Good Tidings Of Great Joy" Is Preaching The Gospel Of The Kingdom - It Is Not For Everybody

2106 SN120306 Revelation: Fire From Heaven - The Prophet Of God - No Fire Is False Prophet And Reprobation

2107 WN120606 Predestined To Repent And Change Over A Lifetime Of Fiery Trials And Be Like Jesus

2108 SM121006 "Good Tidings" Is Preaching The Gospel

2109 WN121306 Predestination: Immature Believers Are Self Important - They Do Not Like The "Few Things" Of God

2110 SM121706 The Christmass Tree - The Ashtaroth - Josiah And The Greatest Revival In Israel's History

2111 SN121706 Revelation: False And True Prophets - "Sons Of Men" - "That Prophet"

2112 WN122006 Predestination: The Carnal Believer Is Envious, Contentious, Filled With Strife, Talebearing, Froward And Lazy (Slothful)

2113 SM122406 Christmass: Preaching The Gospel To Abraham - Good Tidings Is The Promise To The Fathers - Isaac Raised From The Dead

2114 SN122406 Revelation: The False Prophet Has Many Names - Witches, Scorpions, Wolves, Serpents, Etc.

2115 WN122706 Predestination: Lazy Believers Are Tattling Busybodies, Meddling In Others Affairs, Unemployed, With Too Much Time On Their Hands - They Should Not Eat

2116 SM123106 Good Tidings Of Great Joy Is Not Christmass - It Is Preaching The Gospel That Brings False Accusation And Persecution

2117 SN123106 Revelation: The Beast (Of Iron) And The False Prophet (That Deceives) Are Not Future - They Have Been Here From The Beginning

2118 WN010307 Predestination: Being Faithful Is Throwing Cottonballs At The Wall

2119 SM010707 Good Tidings To All People - "All Men" Is Not Every Individual - It Is Not Freewill Or Universal Salvation

2120 SN010707 Revelation: The 2nd Beast (Rev. 13:13, 14), The False Prophet (Rev. 19:20) Deceives By False Miracles

2121 WN011007 Predestination: Separating From Unbelief - God Hates Esau And Workers Of Iniquity

2122 SM011407 The Spirits In Prison - All People, All Men, All Flesh - The Gentiles Coming To The Light

2123 SN011407 Revelation: Opposing Types - The Beast Opposes God - The False Prophet Opposes Jesus - The Image Of The Beast Opposes The Image Of God (The Church)

2124 WN011707 Predestination: "Little Faith" - Lazy, Immature Believers Do Not Understand The doctrine Of God

2125 SM012107 The False Doctrine Of Universal Salvation - "All Men" - The 3 Feasts - Spirit On "All Flesh"- Tongues - Pentecostalism Is Wicked

2126 SN012107 Revelation: Different Titles For The False Prophet - His Words Are Always Smooth And Feel Good - God Kills Him

2127 WN012407 Predestination: A "To Do" List On How To Do The Truth, Talebearing And Slothful Men

2128 SM012807 Pentecostalism Is False Doctrine - Tongues And Faith Healing - All Men, All Flesh - The Gentile Church

2129 SN012807 Revelation: False Prophet - Jeremiah, The True Prophet, Tells A Truth That Israel Doesn't Want To Hear

2130 WN013107 Predestination: Busybodies, Gossip - The Cause Is Envy And Ignorance - The Oral Law, Halakah (Tradition), Midrash, Mishnah, Talmud - The "Neighbor" Is The Good Samaritan, Jesus

2131 SM020407 The End Of The World Is Coming - Nuclear Suitcases - The Gentile Church (All Men) Is Falling Away From Truth

2132 SN020407 Revelation: How Can You Identify A False Prophet - He Twists The Word Of God - No Fire From Heaven, No Fire From His Mouth

2133 WN020707 Predestination: Doing Truth - Working Faith, Obeying God - Employed By The Truth - No Time For Busybodying

2134 SM021107 False Doctrine Of The Pentecostals - Tongues Of Fire, Glossa And Dialects - The Perfect (Agape) Causes Tongues To Cease - Nuclear Suitcases Part 2

2135 SN021107 Revelation: The False Prophet Deceives By Changing The Word Of God - The Halakah - Bath Kol - The Word From Heaven

2136 WN021407 Predestination: Pharisees And The Halakah- The Baptists, Church Of Christ, Pentecostals, etc. With Their Traditions, Have Changed The Word Of God

2137 SM021807 Tongues (Foreign Languages And Dialects): The Means By Which God Pours Out Of His Spirit (Truth/Word) On All Flesh (Gentiles) - Jesus Did Not Go To Hell And Preach To The Spirits In Prison

2138 SN021807 Revelation: The False Prophet - Who Killed Jesus And Why? - The Pharisees - He Came To Destroy Their Tradition (Oral Law)

2139 WN022107 Predestination: The Get, The Divorce Decree According To Halakah- Faith Works- Employed By Anointing

2140 SM022507 False Doctrine: Confusion Of Tongues Began At Babel (Babylon) - The English Translation Of The Bible Is Confusion - Pride Breaks & Scatters Abroad, Understanding

2141 SN022507 Revelation: False Doctrine Feels Good - True Doctrine Feels Bad

2142 WN022807 Predestination: Changing The Word Of God- The Traditions Of The Baptists, Church Of Christ, Pentecostals, Charismatics, etc.

2143 SM030407 False Doctrine: Tongues (Acts 2) Three Feasts- Pilgrims, Devout Men- Jews From Every Nation- Diaspora Synagogues- Lost Jesus- Compendia

2144 SN030407 Revelation: False Prophets- Locusts (Scorpions) Blind Immature Believers By Smoke (Pride) From The Bottomless Pit (Place Of No Knowledge)

2145 WN030707 Predestination: The Traditionary Law Of The American Preachers - Water Baptism - Crackers & Grape Juice- Do Truth

2146 SM031107 True Doctrine: O.T. Passover - N. T. Jesus The Passover Lamb - O. T. Pentecost At Mt. Sinai - N. T. Pentecost In Acts 2 - "Pour Out" Spirit - The Glossa (Tongues) Of I Cor 14

2147 SN031107 Revelation: False Prophet - Twists The Word Of God - Sounds Good, Looks Good - Why The Pharisees Hated The Samaritans - How To Identify The False Prophet

2148 WN031407 Predestination: Tradition Of The Pharisees- It Hath Been Said, But I Say -- Faith Works- Employed By Truth (Anointed)- Do, Work, Obey

2149 SM031807 Tongues: Spirits In Prison (Gentiles) - Forgiveness - Pardon And Release From Prison - Spiritual Israel, The N.T. Gentile Church Called From Darkness To Light - (The Horizon - Predestinate)

2150 SN031807 Revelation: False Prophecy Changes The Word Of God - The Halakah Of The Pharisees (Synagogue Worship), The Baptist, Church Of Christ, Charismatics, Etc.

2151 WN032107 Predestination: 400 Years Between O.T. And N.T.- The Halakah (It Hath Been Said--) Of The Pharisees Changed The Will Of God- The Believing All

2152 SM032507 Tongues: The Political Reason That Babylon Attacked Israel- Glossa & Dialects- The Word Of Knowledge By The Same Spirit

2153 SN032507 Revelation: 7 And 4- The Mark Of The Beast- Buying And Selling- False Doctrine Of The Tree- Love Of Money

2154 WN032807 Predestination: Halakah- The Last Passover- Meat Is Doing The Will Of God- Faith Is Doing The Will Of God- Doing Is Employed By Anointing

2155 SM040107 Tongues: Acts 2 And I Cor. 14 - How They Differ - Gifts Of The Spirit

2156 SN040107 Revelation: The False Prophet Comforts You And Rots Your Thinking- The True Prophet Discomforts You And Cuts You To The Heart

2157 WN040407 Predestination: Spiritual Passover And The Tradition Of The Pharisees

2158 SM040807 The True Story Of Easter (Resurrection Of The Carnival) Tongues And The Resurrection Of Jesus (In The Church)

2159 SN040807 Revelation: False Prophets Preach Tradition- The Baptism Of Jesus

2160 WN041107 Predestined To Do The Will Of God- Baptists, Church Of Christ, Pentecostals, Charismatics Are The Pharisees Of The 21st Century- They Have A Tradition

2161 SM041507 False Doctrine Is Easter, The Resurrection Of Adonis- True Doctrine Is The Resurrection Of Christ, Daily (In The Church)

2162 SN041507 Revelation: Out Of The Mouth Of The False Prophet- Unclean Spirits, Demons, Self -- They Preach A Counterfeit Repentance

2163 WN041807 Predestination: The Passover Is Spiritual - It Is Daily - It Is Not Crackers And Grape Juice Or Eating The Mass (Literal Flesh & Blood)

2164 SM042207 Tongues: Glossa And Dialects- I Cor. 14- Problems With The Church At Corinth- The Perfect Causing The Tongues To Cease

2165 SN042207 Revelation: The False Prophet Is The Counterfeit Jesus- He Looks & Sounds Like The Real Thing- The Difference Is The Message

2166 WN042507 Predestination: Faith Is Doing- Understanding Is Doing- Changing The Word Of God (Tradition) Is Not Doing (Unemployed)

2167 SM042907 Tongues: With Men Of Other Tongues And Other Lips - The Siege Of Israel By Assyria (I Cor. 14, Isa. 28)

2168 SN042907 Revelation: The False Prophet And Apostasy- False Doctrine Feels Good- True Doctrine Hurts

2169 WN050207 Predestination: The Prodigal Son- Employed By Self, Unemployed By God Till God Puts Him In The Pig Pen (Pit)

2170 SM050607 Tongues: Glossa - The Only Sign To The Unbeliever - "Resurrection" - Here's Your Sign

2171 SN050607 Revelation: How To Recognize The Doctrine Of The False Prophet

2172 WN050907 Predestination: How I Study The Words Of The Bible- Faith, Strife, Tale Bearing, Contention, Slothful, Etc.

2173 SM051307 Mother's Day Is A Confusion Of Tongues

2174 SN051307 Revelation: The False Prophet Contradicts (Denies) The Word Of God Saying, "It Doesn't Mean What It Says"- The True Prophet Says & Does Truth (Confess)

2175 WN051607 Predestination: Man's Heart Is So Evil, He Deserves Nothing But Hell- Work Equals Pay!

2176 SM052007 Tongues: Baptism - Holy Ghost And Fire Is Life - John The Baptist Is Elijah

2177 SN052007 Revelation: The False Prophet, Billy Graham

2178 SM060307 Baptism: Holy Ghost, Tongues, Spirit (Pneuma) And Fire (Pur) - Life - "IN"

2179 SN060307 Revelation And The False Prophet: False Doctrine Is Always Flattery and Always Feels Good - This Leads Astray

2180 WN060607 Predestination: Grief And Sorrow Comes With Wisdom And Knowledge- Smile And Be Happy Doctrine Denotes Ignorance

2181 SM061007 Baptism & Tongues: Inspire (Breathe In) And Expire (Breathe Out) The Holy Spirit - Filled With Holy Ghost Is To Speak Truth Boldly

2182 SN061007 Revelation 12 And Gen 1:1,2 - Michael Casts Satan Into The Earth - A Flood Of False Doctrine From The Mouth Of The Dragon

2183 WN061307 Predestination: "DO"- Employed By God- It's Not Talking About Where You Work

2184 SM061707 Tongues: Pentecostalism Is Blaspheming The Holy Spirit - Factoring The Word Of God To Find Out What It Means

2185 SN061707 Revelation: Identify The False Prophet By Mixed Religion - Constantine - Toleration - Deception - Counterfeit Jesus

2186 WN062007 Predestination: Faith Is The Work Of God- God Will Destroy The Slothful Man (Self)

2187 SM062407 Baptism Is The Means By Which Israel Must Repent Of Christmas- Blood Baptism Opposes Water Baptism

2188 SN062407 Revelation Is A Jewish Book- The Answers Are Found In The Old Testament

2189 WN062707 Predestination: To Form Or Shape The Mind- To Teach And Instruct By The Daily Cross

2190 SM070107 Baptism, Tongues, All Flesh, Demons- Synonyms Of The New Testament- Anoint- Holy Spirit- Truth- Word- Light- Obtain Salvation

2191 SN070107 Revelation: The False Doctrine Of The Beast Is A Drunken Elixir- Very Close To The Real Thing

2192 WN070407 Predestination: The Names Written In The Book Of Life Before The Foundation Of The World- The "Whom"- Busybodying (Chat) From House To House

2193 SM070807 Baptism: One Baptism- Blood, Not Water- Why Jesus Was Baptized In Water

2194 SN070807 The False Prophet, The Beast, The Sea, The Bottomless Pit, The Waters- Deceiving Doctrine

2195 WN071107 Predestination - God Does All Things - You Can't Go To Heaven Without Doing The Will Of God- You Can't Do Right -- But You Must Do Right

2196 SM071507 Predestination: God Ordains All Evil And All Good- He Fits Certain Men For Hell And Grants Repentance To The Vessels Of Mercy

2197 SN071507 Revelation: The Heads (Mountains / Capital Cities) Of The Beast- The Parallel False Doctrine Of The Tree And Babylon

2198 WN071807 Baptism And Predestination- Peter And The Gentiles- Proselyte Baptism-Not The Water Forbid

2199 SM072207 Proselyte: Paul And Peter Agree: "Stop The Circumcision- Stop The Water"

2200 SN072207 Revelation And Daniel: The 4th Beast With "Iron" Teeth- The Locusts/ Scorpions With Breastplates Of

2201 WN072507 Predestination: God Shall Supply All Your "Need" In Order To Conform You To His Image- You Need Bankruptcy, You Need Sickness, You Need Foreclosure, Etc.

2202 SM072907 Predestination: To Do And To Be Employed In Truth- The Slothful Sluggards Are Looking For A "Free Ride"

2203 SN072907 Revelation: Heavens, Horns And Mountains- The Ruling Class

2204 WN080107 Baptism: Proselyte Baptism- The Ethiopian Eunuch- Water Was The Eunuch's Idea, Not Philip's- Water Was Nailed To The Cross

2205 WN080807 Predestination: Chosen By God, Birthed By His Will To "Do" The Works Of God When He Conforms Us To Christ's Image

2206 SM081207 Predestination: If You Are Not Doing Truth, You Have Not Been Born Again

2207 SN081207 Revelation: New Heavens, The Ruling Class, The Church

2208 WN081507 Baptism- Entering Into The Holiest By "Blood Baptism" Through The Veil- His Flesh Which Is The Truth

2209 SM081907 Baptism: 7 And The 153 Fish = 1071- The Bread And Worthy- Fellowheirs (Rom. 8)- It Was Good Or 17 (Gen. 1)

2210 SN081907 Revelation: "Seven Heads" And "Ten Horns" Of The Beast

2211 WN082207 Predestination: Slothful Young Preachers Looking For a "Free Ride"

2212 SM082607 Predestination: The Wife, That God Foreknew, He Bought And Gave To His Son. He Will Lose None Of Her

2213 SN082607 Revelation: The 10 Northern Tribes Are The 10 Horns. They Give Their Power And Kingdom To The Beast

2214 WN082907 Baptism Is About Seven- Add To Your Faith

2215 SM090207 Baptism And 7- The Numerical Orderly Arrangement Of The Bible- 11 And 2

2216 SN090207 Revelation: Babylon Is God's Razor Strop- The 10 Horns Destroy Babylon

2217 WN090507 Predestination: Knowledge Without Obedience Puffs Up- Love Is Obeying The Knowledge

2218 SM090907 Predestination: It's The Only Way To Heaven

2219 SN090907 Revelation: The 10 Horns (Israel) Give Their Kingdom To The Beast Through Disobedience- Athaliah- Constantine And Visigoths- Babylon Burned With Fire

2220 WN091207 Baptism, 7 And Gematria:  The Heir, The Fish, The Sons Of God- The Bread, Worthy, Josiah- (1071)- 7X153- Factorial- Trinity Function- Jesus- 888

2221 SM091907 Sons Of God- 7X153- Adam To Israel Equals 7000- Gematria

2222 SN091607 Revelation: The 10 Horns- Israel Gives Up Their Kingdom, Power And Strength To The Beast Through Disobedience- Asa Believes God

2223 WN091907 Predestination: Jim's Notes- How To Study The Bible- Where We Are In The Predestination Series- Slothfulness- How We Got To This Point

2224 SM092307 Predestination: How To Study The Bible- Jim's Notes Reviewing The Greek Alphabet, Plainness Of Speech -- Doing

2225 SN092307 Revelation: Predestination, Christmas (Paganism), And Revelation Are Directly Related In Scripture- The Ten Horns And The Dragon Give Power And Strength To The Beast

2226 WN092607 Baptism And 7: Methuselah, The 8th From Adam- Man Of Piercing- Obedience To Mother And Father Brings Long Life (1071- 7X153)

2227 SM093007 Baptism And 7: Sons Of God (Descendants Of Adam Through Seth)- Gen. 5 And Daughters Of Cain) Gen. 4- Truth Marrying A Lie

2228 SN093007 Revelation: Review- 7 Angels- 7 Stars- Mark Of The Beast- The Ten Horns- II Kings 17, 18, 19

2229 WN100307 Predestined- Jim's Notes For Message 2229- Anoint, Baptize, Truth, Holy Spirit, The Word- How To Study

2230 SM100707 Predestination Is Simple: Men Do Not Know How Wicked They Are- That Is Why They Don't Believe In Predestination

2231 SN100707 Revelation Is A Summary Of The Bible- Review Of 24 Elders & "Casting Crowns"- Ten Horns- The Assyrian 185,000 Destroyed

2232 WN101007 God's Orderly Arrangement Of John 3:16- Sons Of God Marry Daughters Of Men- Truth Has Married A Lie- 1071 = 153 X 7- 8 - The Pierced Church- Gematria

2233 SM101407 Gematria Is Predestination: God's Mathematical Numbers- The Fish (153)- The Beloved (2X14)- The Hand (14)- Humble (140) Under The Hand (Evil Men) Of God

2234 SN101407 Revelation: Israel Destroys Babylon (O.T.)- The 10 Horns Burn Babylon With Fire

2235 WN101707 Predestination: How To Study- The Slothful Outer Man Is Looking For A Free Ride With No Desire To "Do" Truth

2236 SM102107 Predestination: Conceived By The Seed (Sperma- The Word) And Birthed By The Will Of God

2237 SN102107 Revelation: The 10 Horns- Israel Removed And Scattered By The Beast Because Of Idolatry

2238 WN102407 Sons Of God Marry Daughters Of Men "As It Was In The Days Of Noah"- Truth Marries A Lie- Sons Do The Will Of The Father

2239 SM102807 Christmas Is The Sons Of God Marrying The Daughters Of Men- It Is Truth Mixed With A Lie

2240 SN102807 Revelation: 10 Horns- Israel Gives Their Power Away To The Beast- The Wars Of Israel Over The Last 60 Years

2241 WN103107 Predestination- Rom. 8:29 (Predestination) Is About The Two Men Of Rom. 7- The Outer Man Is Slothful- The Inner Man Is Christ

2242 SM110407 Predestination: God Is Putting Those Irritating People And Events In Our Lives To Get Rid Of The Slothful Man In Us

2243 SN110407 Revelation: 10 Horns- Power Of The Beast- Elijah And Ahab

2244 WN110707 Sons Of God Are God's Children Marrying Daughters Of Men Who Are Idol Worshipers- It Is Adding And Subtracting From The Word Of God- Gen. 24, Judg. 1-3, Ezra 9

2245 SM111107 Christmas Is Demon And Ancestor Worship

2246 SN111107 Revelation: Ten Horns- The Power Of The Beast- You Cannot Stop The Preacher Of God- Elisha, Jehoram And Benhadad

2247 WN111407 Predestination: The Slothful Man's DNA Profile- Froward Is Twisting The Word Of God

2248 SM111807 Predestination: Let Us Make Us A "Name" Is The Character Of The Froward, Slothful Believer- God Must Destroy Our Name With His Name

2249 SN111807 Revelation: The 10 Horns Give Power And Strength To The Beast (Rev. 17:13)- The 10 Horns Destroy Babylon (Rev. 17:16) - Persia Destroy Babylon (Isa. 13:17-Jer. 51:19-26)

2250 WN112107 Christmass: The Passover- The Eucharist- The Mass- Persecution Of The Church

2251 SM112507 What Is So Bad About Christmas- It Is Sin Worship Of The Tree- It Denies (Contradicts) Christ And Is Antichrist

2252 SN112507 Revelation: The Power Of The 10 Horns- David Numbers Israel And Is Punished By God- Power Is Not In Numbers

2253 WN112807 Predestined To Conform- Sin Deforms Us In Chaos Like The Earth, Gen. 1:2- Without Form, Void And Darkness- 6 Days, The Works Of A Potter, Not Creation

2254 SM120207 Christmas Is Hell's Doctrine- What It Is-- Halloween, Saturnalia, Mardi Gras, Ishtar- It Is Tree Worship

2255 SN120207 Revelation: "Pointers" (Signs)- Scorpions (False Teachers)- Bottomless Pit (Know Nothing) Smoke (Proud)

2256 WN120507 Christmas: Predestination- The Slothful, Froward Man- Perverting The Passover

2257 SM120907 Christmas Is Cannibalism- The Doctrine From Hell

2258 SN120907 Revelation: The 10 Horns Destroy Babylon- The 10 Horns Destroy The 3 (Rev. 18:12-14)

2259 WN121207 The Truth About Eating Of The Body Of Christ- It Is Not Christmass- The Bread Is The Body Is Jesus- The Body Is The Church- Eating Of Truth, The Word- Spiritual Passover

2260 SM121607 Christmas And The KKK- The Swastika Is The Wreathe- The Passover Is Not The Mass (Eating Human Flesh) Partaking Of The Body (Church)

2261 SN121607 Revelation: The Purpose Of The Beast Is For The Good Of Israel- Causing Them To Repent In Order To Destroy The Beast

2262 WN121907 "Merry" Christmas- Foolish Christmas- DBN- Bullies In The Pulpit- The Table Of The Lord- The Spiritual Passover

2263 SM122307 The Christmas Tree - Dec. 25, Demons And The World Trade Center

2264 SN122307 Revelation: Scorpions Are Hirelings And Wolves- The "Iron" Of Roman Catholicism- The 10 Horns- Pontifex Maximus- The Little Horn

2265 WN122607 The Passover Is Not The Roman Catholic Mass- The 10 Plagues- Moses's Slow Tongue- The Triclinium Table Debunks The DaVinci Code

2266 SM123007 The Passover Is Spiritual: 1. The Lamb Is Christ 2. Unleavened Bread Is The Church (Body) 3. The Cup Of Blessing Is Death To Self 4. Bitter Herbs Is Fiery Trials 5. Leaven Is Believers Walking Disorderly 6. Whited Sepulchers Is Pharisees, Hypocrites

2267 SN123007 Revelation : The 10 Horns Of Dan. 7- The Ancient Of Days- The Everlasting Kingdom- Israel

2268 WN010208 Predestination: The Slothful Man Is Froward- He Has A Perverted Understanding- He Will Not "Do"

2269 SM010608 Predestination: The Horizon, The Light- God Creates Sin And Evil- Justified By Working Faith- How You Know You Are Saved- The Slothful Man Will Not Work

2270 SN010608 Revelation/Daniel: The Beast, The Ten Horns- The Little Horn- The Beast Burned With Fire- The Man Of Sin Revealed

2271 WN010908 The Passover And Predestination: Last Will & Testament Is For Sons- By The Will Of God- Whited Sepulchers (Pharisees)- Partaking Unworthily Of The Bread (The Body- The Church) And The Blood (The Cup- Daily Cross)

2272 SM011308 Passover: The Whited Sepulchers Are Hypocrites Pretending To Believe God- Stay Away From Them- They Will Make You Spiritually Sick- Breaking Legs- The Day Jesus Died

2273 SN011308 Revelation/Daniel: The Vision Of Dan. 7 Is Revealed To Daniel- The Beast With Iron Teeth (Rome) And The Little Horn At War With The Saints

2274 WN011608 Predestination:  John 3:16 & 2 Peter 3:9 Are Predestination Verses- God Does Not Love Everybody- He Only Loves His Wife- The Church, And He Died Only For Her- He Is Not Willing That Any Of Us (The Flock, The Church) Should Perish

2275 SM012008 Predestination: The Hidden Mystery "Ordained Before" (Pro'orizo) The World, But Revealed Unto Us- Becoming Spiritually Strong In The Fellowship Of This Truth

2276 SN012008 Revelation/Daniel: The Beast- Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome- Lion, Bear, Leopard, Beast With Iron Teeth- Dan. 7 & 8- Daniel's Visions- Gabriel Interprets 2 Horned Ram- Goat With Great Horn- The Little Horn

2277 WN012308 Passover: Eating Of The Body, The Church, The Bread, The Flesh, The Veil, The Truth, The Word, The Holy Spirit- Entering The Holiest- The Head Of The Body Is Christ

2278 SM012708 Passover: The Death Meal- The Last Will & Testament- Jesus Bequeaths To Us No Sin, No Guile, Revile Not, Threaten Not, Commit To Him, By Whose Stripes

2279 SN012708 Revelation/Daniel: The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- The Bridge Of All Prophecy From Old Testament To New- The Sabbatical Years

2280 WN013008 Predestination: Pro'orizo- 6 Times In The New Testament, The Timing Of All Times Is Ordained

2281 SM020308 Predestination: Years Of Tribulation And Trials From God Causes Us To Be Thankful For The Fire And To Be Willing To Make Ourselves Repent And Do Right

2282 SN020308 Revelation/Daniel: The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- "The Land"

2283 WN020608 The Spiritual Passover: Eating Of The Bread, The Body, The Church- I Cor. 12-- Charity Is Drinking The Cup, Daily Cross, Death To Self, The Perfect, I Cor. 13

2284 SM021008 The Passover Contract: Charity (Agape) of 1 Cor. 13 is Drinking The Cup- Contrasting The Gifts (The Bread) Of 1 Cor. 12 With The Cup Of 1 Cor. 13

2285 SN021008 Revelation/Daniel: The 70 Weeks (70 Sevens)- Determined Upon The Jews And Jerusalem- 6 Points Of Dan. 9:24 Will Refine And Complete Israel

2286 WN021308 Predestination Is True- To Deny It Is To Be Froward And Distort The Word Of God

2287 SM021708 Predestination: God Has Set The Bound And Fenced In His Family Before The World Began

2288 SN021708 Revelation/Daniel - The 70 Weeks Of Daniel Are The 70 Sabbatical Years Never Kept By Israel - How The 69 Weeks And The 70th Week Are Measured Out In Scripture

2289 WN022008 "Drink The Cup"Because James 1:15 "When Lust Is Conceived It Bringeth Forth Sin And Sin, When It Is Finished, Bringeth Forth Death" Do Not Err My Brethren. Drink The Cup

2290 SM022408 The Passover, The Cup, What Is Love? - Covenant/Testament, Heirs, Predestination, "Go Between" - Preordained To Good Works, But Not Works Of The Law. (Ritual)

2291 SN022408 Revelation/Daniel: The 70 Weeks - Dan. 9:24 Spiritual Circumcision - The Gentile Jew - The Church - Anoint The Most Holy (The Hearts Of The Elect) - God's Israel - The New Creature

2292 WN022708 Predestination: God Creates Evil And Sin - "It Is The Lord, Let Him Do What Seemeth Him Good" - God Is Orchestrating Everything In The Universe - It Is Good When He does Evil

2293 SM030208 Predestination: "Whom" He Did Foreknow - "Whom" - A relative Pronoun - A Hinge Word That Is Inclusive Concerning The Jew & Gentile Elect At Rome - Anglo Israelism - Babies Don't Go To Hell

2294 SN030208 Revelation/Daniel: 70 Weeks Of Daniel - What The 70 Weeks Are For And How They Are Laid Out - Why There Must Be A Gap Between The 69th And 70th Week - Why They Cannot Begin With Cyrus' 1st Decree

2295 WN030508 Spiritual Algebra - Spiritual Passover - Old Testament Is Equal To The New Last Will And Testament - Rebuking My Family And Withdrawing From Them

2296 SM030908 Testament- Passover- Drinking The Cup: Idioms, Metaphors, And Definition

2297 SN030908 Revelation/Daniel: 70 Weeks - Daniel In The Lion's Den - The Unchangeable Decrees Of The Persian/Medes - Haggai And Zechariah - Opposition To Rebuilding The Temple

2298 WN031208 Predestination: "To Whom It May Concern" - Them That Love God - The Called Who Are Going Through The Strait Gate - The New Creation Groaning Together

2299 SM031608 Predestination: Review Separating From The World - Romans - Every Chapter Related To Every Other Chapter

2300 SN031608 Revelation/Daniel: The 70 Weeks Of Daniel - 3rd Decree - Darius - 520 BC - Tatnai Does A "Tap Dance" For The King Of Persia

2301 WN031908 The New Last Will & Testament - Drink The Cup - Predestination - The Inheritance - The Kingdom Of Heaven (The Church) - Kingdom Of Light - Forgiveness

2302 SM032308 "Easter Is The End Of Mardi Gras"- The First Sunrise Service - Ezek. 8:13-16 - Weeping 40 Days For Tammuz (Lent) - The Fertility God

2303 SN032308 Revelation/Daniel: The 70 Weeks - The Unalterable Decrees Of The Persians - Artaxerxes, Ezra And The 3rd Decree

2304 WN032608 Predestination: In Romans 1:1-5 God Lays Out The Formula Of Romans 8:29 - Declared Son Of God By Resurrection Of The Dead (Daily)

2305 SM033008 Predestination: "I Just Don't Believe God" - - How A Banana Pie And The Formula For Salvation Are Alike

2306 SN033008 Revelation/Daniel: The 70 Weeks - The First 3 Decrees - Ezra Brings Back The 3rd Decree And Finds Israel Intermarrying With The Idolatrous Worshipers Of The Land

2307 WN040208 Passover- The True Resurrection- How To Know The Spirit Of God- Confess That Jesus Is Come In The Flesh

2308 SM040608 Passover - The Day Jesus Died Was On A Friday - The Day Of Preparation (The Erubhick) - The Sabbath, An High Day - Passover Lamb, No Bones Broken

2309 SN040608 Revelation/Daniel: The 70 Weeks Of Daniel Must Begin With The 4th Decree. Mathematics And The 360 Day Lunar Year Forbids The 70 Weeks From Beginning With Any Of The First Three Decrees

2310 WN040908 Predestination: I Can't Believe God -- I Can't Hear -- I Can't Obey -- I Can't Take My Cross -- I Can't Understand

2311 SM041308 Predestination: The Southern Baptist Convention Is "Anti Christ" - They Are Leaders In The Apostasy (The Falling Away)

2312 SN041308 Revelation/Daniel: The 70 Weeks Begins With The 4th Decree In Nehemiah 2 - Nehemiah's Enemy, Sanballat, Comes To Destroy The Work

2313 WN041608 Passover: Jesus Was Crucified On Friday - No Legs Broken - Buried Before Sundown - Sabbath A High Day - 3 Days In The Tomb (Not 72 Hours) - Arose "On" Sunday (1st Day Of Week) Instituted By Jesus To Gather & Break Bread

2314 SM042008 Passover: The Swastika Is The Big Dipper And The North Star (Polaris) In It's Seasonal Positions- Why Is It Important To Know Which Day Of The Week Jesus Died?

2315 SN042008 Revelation/Daniel: The 70 Weeks- The Bridge To New Testament Prophecy In Matt. 24, Mark 13, And Luke 21:20-24

2316 WN042308 Predestination- I Can't Believe God- I Hate The Daily Cross, I Hate Obedience To God, I Hate Instruction

2317 SM042708 Predestination: I Can't Believe God Would Do That-- People Who Say This Are Stupid!

2318 SN042708 Revelation/Daniel: The 70 Weeks- Until The Times Of The Gentiles Be Fulfilled- The False Doctrine Of Preterism- "This Generation"

2319 WN043008 Passover: The Day That Jesus Died- The Harmony Of The Gospels- The Events Following The Last Passover

2320 SM050408 Passover: The Death Of Jesus On The Day Of Preparation For The Weekly Sabbath (An High Day)

2321 SN050408 Revelation/Daniel: America Is Babylon, The Beast - Its Doctrine Is Pride (Self) - The 70 Weeks - The Two Nations Of Israel Become One

2322 WN050708 Predestination: The Most Important Doctrine In The Bible- Complaining Is Griping About The Sovereign Will Of God- He Has Ordained All Things- We Must Be Content

2323 SM051108 MOTHER'S DAY MESSAGE - Predestination: If You Say I Can't Believe That - You Hate Your Mother

2324 SN051108 Revelation/Daniel: Two Gods, Two Gospels, Two Truths - Apostasy Is A Parallel Gospel With No Daily Cross - Preterist Doctrine Is False Doctrine

2325 WN051408 Passover: To Redeem (Buy Back) Israel (The Church) - The Day Jesus Died - Resurrected The 1st Day Of The Week, "The Third Day", Harmonizing The Gospels

2326 SM051808 Passover: Harmonizing The Gospels- The Cock Crow Watch- Defile And Burning Garments- Robes Made White In Blood Of Christ- Crucifying Christ To An Open Shame- Lay Down Cross

2327 SN051808 Revelation/Daniel: The False Doctrine Of Dispensationalism- The Church Is Spiritual Israel- Literal Israel And Her Miraculous Wars

2328 WN052108 Predestination- Being Angry At False Doctrine Is Love- We Do Not Murmur And Complain Toward The Church- We Are Commanded To Be Angry At False Teachers

2329 SM052508 Predestination: The "List" Of Your Frustration - Crucify Self - Daily Cross - God Has Arranged The Timing Of All Things - God Is Working All Bad Things In Your Life For Your Good

2330 SM052508 Revelation/Daniel: Prophecy - Israel Split Into Two Nations - Brought Back Together Into One At The End Of Time - "The Valley Of Dry Bones"

2331 WN052808 Passover: Its Relationship To Pentecost - The 50 Days Between - The Purpose Of Jesus' Death - To Redeem Us From Darkness Ransom (Or Buy Back) , Atonement, Reconciliation

2332 SM060108 Passover: The Day Of Preparation- The Day Before The Sabbath, The Day Jesus Died, The Sabbath "Drew On"- Judas Repented And Went To Hell-- Spoken By Jeremy The Prophet Which Was Actually Zechariah- Pharisees Lie

2333 SN060108 Revelation/Daniel: The 7 Trumpets (Rev. 8, 9, 10)- The Last (7th) Trump- Jesus Conquers All His Enemies (Including Death) When He Changes Our Bodies (Rev. 10:7, 11:15- Phil. 3:21- I Cor 15:26)- No Pretribulation Rapture

2334 WN060408 Predestination: God Ordains Men For Hell- God Creates Evil For The Good Of The Elect

2335 SM060808 Predestination: Sheep Go To Heaven (None Will Perish) Goats Go To Hell (They Are Vessels Of Wrath And They Can't Go To Heaven)

2336 SN060808 Revelation/Daniel: Changed At The Last Trump- The 7th Trumpet- The Time Element Of Jesus's Coming

2337 WN061108 Who Killed Jesus And Why? The Babylonian Pharisee Rabbis- It Was Over Their Halakah- The Traditionary Law- Passover Series

2338 SM061508 The Passover: Jesus Dies On "Preparation", Another Name For The 6th Day Of The Week (We Call It Friday)- Harmonizing The Gospels- Why You Need To Learn The Greek Alphabet

2339 SN061508 Revelation/Daniel: The 70th Week Of Daniel- Last 7 Years Of Time Will Come When The Church Goes Under Attack- When Men Change The Laws Of God- Truth And The Daily Cross Shall Cease

2340 WN061808 Predestination: "For Whom"

2341 SM062208 Predestination: God Is Not Who The World Thinks He Is- God Does Not Love Everybody- He Loved Jacob And Hated Esau Before They Were Born- Jacob Was A Scoundrel

2342 SN062208 Revelation/Daniel/Prophecy: Time Factor Of The Rapture- Last Trump- The Sun Turned To Darkness, Moon Turned To Blood, Stars Fall To Earth

2343 WN062508 Why Were They Killing Jesus- Matt. 5- The Blessed Ones & Pharisees- Haggadah, Halakah, Midrash, Mishnah, Gemara, Talmud, Tradition, Etc.

2344 SM062908 The Gospels- Tradition Of The Pharisees- The Tradition Of The Baptists, Pentecostals, Church Of Christ, Etc.

2345 SN062908 Revelation/Prophecy- The Last Trump, The 7th Trump, After The Tribulation- The Coming Of The Lord, The Man Of Sin Revealed, The King Of Fierce Countenance

2346 WN070208 Predestination: The Inner Man (Christ) Must Increase- The Outer Man (Self) Must Decrease

2347 SM070608 Predestination: Man Has No Free Will- He Has A Self Will To Sin- That's All! He Cannot Make A Right Turn Or Desire Chocolate Ice Cream Except By The Will Of God

2348 SN070608 Revelation/Daniel: Prophecy- The End Of Time- No Mid-Trib Rapture- Intricate Interpretation Of Luke 21

2349 WN070908 The Gospels: The Babylonian Rabbis Killed Jesus- He Rebuked Them For Traditions That Would Later Become Their Talmud

2350 SM071308 The Gospel: How To Remember The Scriptures- The First 13 Chapters Of Matthew

2351 SN071308 Prophecy: Are We Close To The End- Christmas, The Only Sin Of The Bible, No Answer For The Palestinian/Israeli Problem- The Land

2352 WN071608 Predestination: Pro'orizo And Aphorizo- Preordained To Get Our Minds Off Ourselves And To Begin Thinking Of God And Others

2353 SM072008 Predestination: Fighting The Good Fight- Agonizing Over Sin Is Winning The Battle

2354 SN072008 Prophecy: The Land Of Israel- Trodden Down Of The Gentiles Until 1948 and 1967

2355 WN072308 The Gospels: Matt. 14-16 - A Summary Of All The Main Points- John The Baptist Beheaded, Feeding 5000 And 4000- Jesus Walks On Water- Pharisee Traditions- Syro Phoenician Woman- "Show Us A Sign"- Leaven Of Pharisees-(Peter's) Keys To Kingdom-Bind & Loose

2356 SM072708 The Gospels: Matthew 17- Jesus Transfigured- Jesus Verifies That Elijah is John The Baptist- The Lunatick Son- Tribute Money

2357 SN072708 Prophecy- The Earth Is Heating Up And There Is No Answer- The Judgments Are Here Till The End Of Time

2358 WN073008 Predestination: How To Teach The Immature Believer That He Is Slothful- His Character Is Envy, Strife, Contention, Froward (Twisting God's Word), Talebearing, Empty Words, Etc.

2359 SM080308 Predestination: Envy And Jealousy- Characteristics Of The Immature Slothful Believer- The Tithe Is Carnal, Not Spiritual

2360 SN080308 Prophecy: How Roman Catholicism Has Seduced All Other Religions- Tracing The Sun & Tree Worship From Israel To Rome

2361 WN080608 The Gospels: The Lunatic Of Matt. 17- The Myth Of Demons- They Are Not Real- They Are The Result Of Man's Imagination- Genies, Fairies, Totems, Guardian Angels, Vampires, Werewolves, Familiar Spirits, Etc.

2362 SM081008 The Gospels: Demons Are Self- The Man Of The Gadarenes Was Insane

2363 SN081008 Prophecy: Christmas, Tongues, The 70 Weeks And The Swastika Are All Part Of The Same Picture

2364 WN081308 Predestination: God, Destroying The Old Man- Envy Gossips About Man's Froward (Perverted) Thoughts

2365 SM081708 Predestination: Elect Unto The Sprinkling Of Blood

2366 SN081708 Prophecy: How The Believer Can Know That We Are Close To The End Of Time- The Four Judgments- Four Horsemen

2367 WN082008 The Gospels: Demons Are Guardian Angels- They Are The Gods Of Mythology- They Are Not Real- They Are Man's Imagination

2368 SM082408 The Gospels: Demons And Christmas- Jesus Never Said Men Had Demons- Guardian Angels, Fairies, Geniis and Totems- Man's Imagination

2369 SN082408 Prophecy: No Answer To "Land" Problem Between The Palestinians And Israelis- Why Ahmadinejad Is Going To Attack Israel

2370 WN082708 Predestination: "The Sinner's Prayer" And "Accept Christ" Are Deceptive Apostate Doctrines- I Hate These Lies- They Are A False Sense Of Security And Confuse Baby Sheep

2371 SM083108 Predestination: A Word That Belongs To The Elect Only- The Tithe- Part Of Conforming To The Image

2372 SN083108 Prophecy- Josiah's Revival- Killing Priests Of Baal- Why God Was So Angry With Israel- The System Of Christmas

2373 WN090308 The Gospels: A Study Of Demons- Man Invented Them- How Demons Are Cast Out- By Prayer (Bowing To The Will Of God) And Fasting (Humbling Self)- Isa. 58

2374 SM090708 The Gospels: Demons Are Unclean Spirits (Self)- Cast Out By Prayer & Fasting- By The Finger Of God- The True Fast Is Giving Up Self

2375 SN090708 Prophecy: Review Of Revelation, Daniel & The 70 Weeks- Conflict In Israel And Threat Of Jihad And Al Fatah In America

2376 WN091008 Predestination: The Program Of God Is A Pogrom, An Organized Persecution And Massacre Of The Demon Of Self, The Outer Man

2377 SM091408 Predestination: You Do Not Believe It If You Want The Knowledge And Information Without The "Doing" Of It- Holy, Godly, And Righteous Are An Absolute Requirement

2378 SN091408 Prophecy: The Events That Brought About The 70 Weeks Of Daniel From Genesis To Israel's Deportation Into Babylon

2379 WN091708 The Gospels: How To Recognize Doctrines Of Devils- Men Depart From Faith (Death To Self)- They Distribute Fortunes To Self, Conscience Is Seared And They Are Acting Hypocrites

2380 SM092108 The Gospels: Demons Are Fairy Tales, Casting Out Demons By Prayer And Fasting, By The Spirit, The Word, By The Finger Of God- The Kingdom Is Come Unto You

2381 SN092108 Israel In Prophecy- The Evening News In 2008- The 70 Weeks- Terrorism- The End Of Time

2382 WN092408 Predestination: Love Is Obedience To The Commandments Of God Written In The Heart Of The Elect By God- God Hates All Others

2383 SM092808 Predestination: No Doing, No Understanding, No Learning, No Disciple, No Daily Cross, No Truth, No Confessing, No Belief- This Is Denying And Antichrist

2384 SN092808 Prophecy: The Earth Is Heating Up- The Economy Is Falling Apart- Babylon Is Destroyed By Persian/Mede Empire

2385 WN100108 The Demon Of Self

2386 SM100508 The Gospels: Demons, Genii, Fairies, Totems, Etc.- Christmas, Easter, Mardi Gras, The Swastika (Big Dipper)- Palestinian Arabs And Israel With No Answer- No Way Out Till Jesus Comes

2387 SN100508 Prophecy: Nuclear "Shoot Out" In The Middle East- Nuclear Suitcases, WMD's Are Inevitable- A Showdown Between Israel & The Arab World

2388 WN100808 Predestination: The Only Way You Can "Understand" Who Is Telling The Truth Is To "Do It"

2389 SM101208 Predestination: The Spiritual Sabbath- Entering Into Rest By Belief Which Is Obedience To The Word

2390 SN101208 Prophecy: Ezekiel's Message Concerning Israel's Apostasy

2391 WN101508 Demons, Predestination And Prophecy Are All Parts Of The Same Picture- Fairy Tales, Eudaemonism, Tutelary gods, Utilitarianism

2392 SM101908 Demons, Christmas, Mark Of The Beast, The Tree In The Garden, 3 Wishes

2393 SN101908 Prophecy: Isa. 11- A Little Child Shall Lead Them. Ezek 37- Israel Becomes One Nation Again- The Last Kings Of Southern Judah- Jehoiachin, The Lineage Of Christ

2394 WN102208 Predestination: How Do You Know If You Are A Vessel Of Mercy Or A Vessel Of Wrath?- How Do You Go To Heaven When You Die? By The Will Of God Through New Birth, Tribulation And Trials. It's Not Easy.

2395 SM102608 Predestination: Man Has No Free Will To "Let God" Do Anything In His Life- "Love" Is Of God (Not Free Will)- Without Love (The Commandments) A Man Does Not Know God

2396 SN102608 Prophecy: On The Verge Of Nuclear War In The Middle East- Israel

2397 WN102908 Demons Follow A Multitude To Do Evil- Vexed With Unclean Spirits, Rioting In The Day Time

2398 SM110208 Demons, Christmass And The Ku Klux Klan, Priests Of Baal With Their Tall White Pointed Hats And White Sheets- The Swastika Is The Big Dipper In The Four Seasons

2399 SN0110208 Prophecy Begins In The Old Testament- Genesis To Judges- Joshua, Othniel, Ehud The Lefthanded Man- Deborah "A Woman"- Jael Kills Sisera With A Nail In The Head

2400 WN110508 Predestination: The Shadow And Very Image Of The Law- The Spiritual Sabbath Is Every Day- The Tithe Is Carnal Not Spiritual- No Ritual With The Tithe

2401 SM110908 Predestination: Groaning- All Things Good- Conforming- Ceasing The Orge, Entering Into God's True Sabbath

2402 SN110908 Prophecy: The Man Of Sin Will Be Popular Throughout The World- He Will Change The Laws Of God- Cause The Sacrifice And Oblation To Cease

2403 WN111208 Demons And Christmas: The Gentiles Offer Sacrifice To Demons- Baptism And Demons

2404 SM111208 Christmas Is What's Wrong With The World- How To Explain The Pagan Origins Of Christmas- Key Words- A Brief History Of Israel In One Or Two Words At Each Juncture

2405 SN111208 Prophecy: How To Tell We Are At The End Of Time- Israel In Captivity For 2600 Years- No Cure For War, Disease And Famine (The Earth Heating Up) And The Economic Collapse

2406 WN111608 Predestination: Jesus Did Not Finish The Work That He Is Going To Do In His People On The Cross. God Is Going To Perfect His Wife

2407 SM112308 Predestination: Believing God In Opposition To Your Feelings And Emotions- All Evil In Your Life Is For Your Good- Rest In It!

2408 SN112308 Prophecy: The Last Week Of Daniel's 70 Weeks- 7 Trumpets- Last Trump- "Changed" At The End Of Time- Church Complete- Enemies Destroyed- The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Lie

2409 WN112608 Christmas Is The Antithesis To Predestination- God Tells Israel Ahead Of Time (Lev. 26, Deut. 28) What He Will Do (II Chron. 36) If They Disobey Him (Judges 1, 2)

2410 SM113008 Christmas Is The Evolution Of Sin Through Slow Change- It Has Been Made Easy For "Evangelical Christians" To Swallow In The 21st Century

2411 SN113008 Prophecy: The 70 Weeks Are Based On The Sabbatical Years- The Abomination Of Desolation- The Sacrifice And Oblation Shall Cease In The Temple In The Middle Of The 70th Week

2412 WN120308 Predestination: God Creates Murder And Kills Innocent People- He Creates Evil And Sin, Yet He Is Not A Sinner Or A Murderer

2413 SM120708 Predestination: Like Jesus- Love Your Enemies (This Does Not Mean "Like" Them)- Pray For Them- God's Will, Not Our Will Toward Them- Getting Over Self- Learning To Quit Hating Them

2414 SN120708 Prophecy: Man Of Sin- Abomination Of Desolation- Antiochus Epiphanes- Hanukkah, A Day Of God's Victory Over Paganism (Christmas)

2415 WN121008 Christmas Is Roman Catholicism- It Denies Christ And Is Antichrist- The Jesus Of Christmas Is Satan- Billy Graham, The Great Compromiser

2416 SM121408 Christmas: The "Mutant Church"- Fire & Tree Worship In The Church- Old Testament Must Be Understood In Order To Comprehend The Covenant, 70 Weeks, Tongues (Acts 2) And Much More

2417 SN121408 Prophecy: The 70 Weeks- Man Of Sin- King Of Fierce Countenance- The Most Popular Man In The World

2418 WN121708 Predestination: From The Beginning Chosen To Salvation, Through Sanctification Of The Spirit And Belief Of The Truth- Christ Revealed In Us

2419 SM122108 Predestination (Crucify Self) Is In Opposition To Christmas (Fulfill Self)- You Must Go Through Persecution And Affliction And You Must Live Godly Or You Are Not Going To Heaven When You Die

2420 SN122108 Prophecy- The Sacrifice & Bread Offering (Oblation) Ceasing In The True Temple Of God (The Church) At The Halfway Point Of The 70th Week- Man Of Sin, Antiochus Epiphanes, Hanukkah

2421 WN122408 Christmas: Things, Events, And Doctrines That Relate To It In The Bible- 70 Weeks- Universal Salvation- All Men- One Flesh As Opposed To All Flesh

2422 SM122808 The Christmas Tree Is Venus, The Mary Of Roman Catholicism- The Deadly Wound To The Head Of The Beast Is How This Queen Of Heaven (Aphrodite, Mylitta) Made Its Way Into The Roman Church

2423 SN122808 Prophecy: Daniel's 70 Weeks- Signs We Are Headed Toward The 70th Week- It Will Take The Full 70 Weeks To Refine Spiritual Israel (The Church)- 3 ? Years Of Persecution

2424 WN123108 Predestination: What It Is- What It Is Not- You Are Not Going To Heaven If God Does Not Deal With You Daily To Quit Your "Little Sins"

2425 SM010509 Predestination: Before The "Children" Were Born, God Loved Jacob And Hated Esau- If You Don't Believe In Predestination You Are Antichrist

2426 SN010509 Prophecy: Israel's 2600 Year Captivity- War On Israel At The End Of Time- Nuclear Suitcases- The Islamic Threat On America

2427 WN010809 Christmas: Understanding It Brings To Light Complex Doctrines Of Scripture Including The Covenant, The 70 Weeks Of Daniel, Demons, The Beast, Tongues Of Acts 2 And More

2428 SM011109 The Study Of Christmas (Fire & Tree Worship) Leads To The True Understanding Of Tongues Of Acts 2 (Not Pentecostalism) By Way Of The 70 Weeks Of Daniel

2429 SN011109 Prophecy: The 70 Weeks Of Daniel- The 70th Week Cannot Follow Immediately After The 69th Week- Anoint The Most Holy Through The Veil, His Flesh

2430 WN011409 Predestination: Israel Provokes God With Wrath From God

2431 SM011809 Predestination: The Spiritual Sabbath- Rest- Belief- No Sabbath- No Rest (Worrying & Stressing All The Time)- Unbelief (No Resting In All That God Is Doing)- Staggering At God's Promise (Calling Things That Be Not)

2432 SN011809 Prophecy: A Verse By Verse Exposition Of Israel's Breach Of The Promises And Covenant That Led To The 70 Weeks Of Daniel

2433 WN012109 Christmas: Spirits In Prison, All Men, Gentile Elect Church, Spiritual Israel, The Mystery Revealed To Sons Of Men- God Is Willing That Men Should Perish (II Pet 3:9)- Part 1

2434 SM012509 Profile Of A False Teacher: "99% Of The World Loves Billy Graham"- Billy Graham Is Like Sara Lee, Nobody Doesn't Like Billy Graham, Except Those Who Believe Truth

2435 SN012509 Prophecy: The 70th Week Of Daniel's 70 Weeks- Errors Of Preterism- God Is Jesus, The King Of Israel, The Church- Why The 70th Week Must Be At The End Of Time

2436 WN012809 Predestination: Faith Is Entering Into The Sabbath (Rest)- Increased Faith By The Fiery Trials Decreases Our Stress So We Can Cease Our Worry- Faith

2437 SM020109 Predestination: Faith Is A Gift From God- Faith Is The Foundation That God Builds Upon In Our Lives- Adding The Circular Dance To Faith

2438 SN020109 Prophecy: The Fundamentalist Arab Threat To America, (Al Fatah) Leading Up To The Beast (New World Order), Preterism & Its Fallacies

2439 WN020109 "Whosoever" Is The Gentile Church- Whosoever Is "All Men", The Predestinated Elect- It Is Those Who Call On The Name Of The Lord In The Last Days- The Sceptre And Judah- Judah & Tamar

2440 SM020809 A Story: Israel's Apostasy, Fire & Tree Worship- 3 Festivals- Acts 2, Dialects And Glossa- I Cor 14 (Glossa)

2441 SN020809 Prophecy: 70 Weeks- A Subversive World- The Abomination, Sacrifice And Oblation, The Temple Of God, Jesus, The One Sacrifice, Man Of Sin (Image) Antiochus Epiphanes (Shadow)

2442 WN021109 Predestination: What Is Faith?- Understanding, Hearing, Obedience, Learning By A Daily Cross- These Must Increase By Adding To Faith The Circular Dance Of Seven

2443 SM021509 Predestination: Add To Faith (1+7)- The Salt, Choreography (Circular Dance)- 7 Stars- Pleiades- Morning Star, Job 38:31- Amos 5:8- Rev. 2:28- Rev. 22:16- II Pet. 1:19- Day Star- Fruit Of The Spirit- 7 Churches- 7 Angels (Stars In Right Hand)

2444 SN021509 Prophecy: 70 Weeks- The Beast, False Prophet Is The Two Horned Beast, The Image Of The Beast, The Man Of Sin

2445 WN021809 Christmas To 70 Weeks To Tongues- What's Wrong With The Preachers In America- They Have No Interpretation Of Tongues- I Cor 14- No Definition Of Words

2446 SM022209 Christmas To Tongues: When Tongues (Glossa Or Dialects) Are Preached The Resurrection (The Gospel) Is Preached- Tongues Are The Only Sign To The Unbeliever- The Only Sign Is Resurrection (I Cor. 14)

2447 SN022209 Prophecy: The 2nd Coming Of Christ With Eyes As A Flame Of Fire- Destroying The Man Of Sin With The Brightness Of His Coming

2448 WN022509 Predestination: Faith Is Death To Self- Add To Faith- Add To Understanding, Learning, Disciple, Daily Cross, Telling Truth- Salt (Sodium Chloride) Add 1 To 7, The Circular Dance Of Electrons

2449 SM030109 Predestination: Salt Crystal (Cube) Add 1 To 7- Hexagons- Star Of David- The 7 Candlesticks Are The Eyes Of The Lord- 7 Churches- 7 Angels- Pupil Of The Eye- Wheel In A Wheel- Rainbow- Iris

2450 SN030109 Prophecy: The Man Of Sin Will Charm The World And Attack The Church For 1260 Days, 42 Months, 3 ? Years Or A Time, Times, And Dividing Of Times- The Two Witnesses, The Church, Priest & King, Two Olive Trees

2451 WN030409 Israel's Apostasy Leads To Assyria Slaughtering Israel And Leading Them Into Captivity- This Is The Explanation Of Tongues In I Cor. 14:21 And Isa. 28:11

2452 SM030809 No Title- Power Out At 21 Minutes

2453 SN030809 Events Of O.T. Israel That Lead To The Tongues Of N.T. Acts 2 And I Cor. 14- Signs Of An Apostle- Healing The Sick, Raising The Dead, Bitten By Deadly Serpents, Other Tongues (Glossa- Foreign Languages)

2454 WN031109 Predestined To Be Angry At False Doctrine: You Can't Go To Heaven Being Somebody And Famous. In Order To Go To Heaven You Must Become A Nobody And Infamous

2455 SM031509 Predestination: "Whom" Is The Family Of The Father That He Foreknew- He Has Predestined (Set Boundaries) How They Shall Live- God Will Conform Them To The Likeness Of Jesus- From Babies To Maturity (Arete- Manliness)

2456 SN031509 Spirits In Prison- The All Men- The Gentile Elect Church- Darkness To Light- Isaiah The Old Testament Paul- Gentiles Come To The Light By The Resurrection

2457 WN031809 Prophecy: The Reason I Quit Celebrating Christmas- Going Through The Old Testament Verses On Baal And The Grove- It Scared Me That We Were Still Involved In Roman And Greek God Worship

2458 SM032209 Prophecy: Idolatry Is Alive And Thriving In America- The Roots Of Christmas (Baal And Grove- Fire And Tree Worship) Is The Reason For All Sin- God Scattered Israel For 2600 Years For Seeking This Babylonian Harlotry- God's Judgments Have No Remedy- The Man Of Sin Will Not Fix Them- 70 Weeks Of Daniel

2459 SN032209 Spirits In Prison- Paul, The New Testament Isaiah Preaches To The Gentile "Spirits In Prison" Churches, Calling Them From Darkness To Light (To Forgiveness, Pardon & Release From Prison)

2460 WN032509 Predestination: Predestinate Being A Past Tense Verb Must Have A Direct Object- The Direct Object Is The Infinitive "To Be Conformed" (Verbal Noun)- Conforming Is Being Sevened- Adding 7 Things To Faith- The 7 Churches Each Had A Deficiency That Must Be Perfected

2461 SM032909 Predestination: You Are Going To Hell If God Does Not Birth You By His Will And Cause You To Tell Truth And Be Hated For It, Resulting In A Daily Cross- In Order To Go To Heaven, This Is A Must!

2462 SN032909 Spirits In Prison: All Men, All Flesh, Spiritual Israel, The Gentile Church- "The All" Of John 3:16 And "Any" Of II Pet 3:9- Gentiles To The Light

2463 WN040109 Prophecy: Why Benjamin Netanyahu Is Going To Attack Iran- The "Land"- Israel Says It Is Theirs- Palestinians Say It Belongs To Them- Jewish Law- It Cannot Be Bought, Sold Or Given Away

2464 SM040509 Prophecy: Israel's Sun & Tree Worship- The Celtic Samhain (Halloween), The Roman Saturnalia (Christmass), The Franco Mardi Gras (Easter/Ishtar)- All One And The Same

2465 SN040509 Spirits In Prison- "All Men" Does Not Mean Every Person, But Men Of Every Nation, Tongue And Tribe- Universal Salvation Is A Lie- Peter Struggles With Accepting The Gentile- Darkness To Light- Spiritual Jew

2466 WN040809 Predestination: God Is The Potter, We Are The Clay- He Makes Vessels Of Wrath And Vessels Of Mercy- Man Cannot Reply Against God- Knowledge Without Doing Puffs Up And Makes One Conceited

2467 SM041209 Predestination: Faith Is Death To Self- "Is There Unrighteousness With God"- "Why Doth He Yet Find Fault, Who Hath Resisted His Will"- These Questions Verify God's Words

2468 SN041209 Spirits In Prison- The Gentiles Coming To Truth By Blood Baptism (Sprinkling Of Blood)- "Baptism Doth Also Now Save Us"

2469 WN041509 Prophecy: How I Study To Teach- Using Your Concordance- God Promises To Destroy Israel Before They Come Into The Land- The gods They Went After

2470 SM041909 Prophecy And The Old Testament: Israel Started Off On The Wrong Foot Asking For A King- High Points Of Baal & Grove Worship- Judges 2, 6, I Kings 11, II Kings 10

2471 SN041909 Spirits In Prison- The Gentile Church, "The All"- Shadow, Literal Israel- Very Image, (Spiritual Israel) Two Handwritings, Tables Of Stone And Of The Heart- One Is Blotted Out

2472 WN042209 Predestination: Faith (Death To Self) Works By Love (Agape- Walking After God's Commandments)- Knowledge Without Doing Puffs Up And Makes You Conceited

2473 SM042609 The Spirits In Prison: For The End Of All Things Is At Hand (I Pet 4:7)- Charity (Agape), The Perfect Is Come- The Maturity Of The Gentile Church

2474 SN042609 Predestination: An Absolute Necessity If Men Are Going To Be Born Again (Of His Own Will- John 1:13) And Live Righteously- Adding To Faith The Commandments (II John 6)- Fruit Of The Spirit Is Singular (One)

2475 WN042909 Prophecy: The Sun gods (Fire gods- Baal) And Moon goddesses (Tree gods- Grove) Of The Old Testament- Elijah Faces The Prophets Of Baal- The God That Answers By Fire Is The True Fire god

2476 SM050309 Prophecy: I Quit Celebrating Christmas Because Of The Babylonian gods That Were Round About Israel- They Sought After And Worshiped Them- This Is Old Testament History

2477 SN050309 Spirits In Prison: Spiritual Proselytes- Law Written On Tables Of The Heart- Cast Out Devils By The Finger Of God- Hearts Sprinkled- Love Shed Abroad In The Heart- Different Ways For Saying The Same Thing

2478 WN050609 Predestination: Crucify The Works Of The Flesh (The Outer Man) So That The Inner Man May Produce Fruit Of The Spirit- Maturing Faith

2479 SM051009 Predestinated To Honour Our Father, God And Our Mother Jerusalem- The First Commandment With Promise- Our Mother Is "A Tree Of Life"- Length Of Days And Long Life Is In Her Hand

2480 SN051009 Spirits In Prison: The Mystery Hidden Through The Ages- The Gentiles, Fellowheirs Of The Same Body- Kingdom Of God (Heaven) The 2000 Years Of The N.T. Church

2481 WN051309 Prophecy: Only One Timeline Throughout Scripture- Every Story And Incident Points To This Timeline

2482 SM051709 Prophecy: Christmas- Israel's Apostasy- World Trade Center- Jihad- The End Of Time- Other Gods- Elijah Runs For His Life After Killing 450 Of Jezebel's Prophets Of Baal- Elijah Says, "I Quit, I've Had Enough"- Elijah Hears Still Small Voice- Anoint Hazael, Jehu And Elisha

2483 SN051709 Spirits In Prison- The Mystery Hidden For 4000 Years, Revealed To God's Predestinated Elect Is The Gentile Church Which Is The Reign Of Christ In Us- Gentiles Come From Darkness (Adam To Christ) To Light (Christ To The End) During What Has Been Misinterpreted As The So Called "Millennium"

2484 SM052409 Predestination: "God Does Not Love Everybody"- John 3:16- What It Says In The Original Greek Text- "Look And Live"

2485 SN052409 Spirits In Prison: The Last 2000 Years- No Millennium After End Of Time- The Last Trump - Our Bodies Changed When God Destroys Death, His Last Enemy

2486 WN052709 Predestination: John 3:16 Does Not Say That God Loves Everybody- It Is Referring To Numbers 21 And The Serpent Of Brass- Choose Whom You Will Serve- Choose Life

2487 SM053109 Predestined To Be Like Jesus- Adding True Knowledge To Increase Faith- Perverting The Word Of God By Your Reactions- Loving The Brethren With Gentleness And Understanding- Slow To Speak

2488 SN053109 Spirits In Prison: The Last Days, The Mountain Of The Lord's House (Isa 2:2)- New Heavens And New Earth (Isa 5:17) There Is No Thousand Year Reign But A 2000 Year Time Of Gentile Spiritual Israel

2489 WN060309 Prophecy: The Beast (4th Judgment- The World Order) Is The Reason For The Current Events In The Middle East- The 1st Three Judgments During Israel's Reign As A Nation- Asa, example As A Reign Of Righteousness

2490 SM060709 Prophecy And History: Christmas And Its Origins- If All This Information Is True, What Are You Going To Do About It- If It's Not True, I Am The Biggest Liar In America With The Most Outrageous Imagination

2491 SN060709 Spirits In Prison: Jesus Is The God Of The Old Testament- He Has Always Been King Of The Jews, The Bible Says So- He Is The Husband Of Old Testament Believing Israel And The New Testament Church, Which Is One Wife, One Body- Melchisedec Order

2492 WN061009 Prophecy And Israel's History: The Reasons That God Destroyed Israel As A Nation Beginning With Jacob, Then His 12 Sons- The Time Period Of The Judges- Saul, The First Man/King Starts Humble And Progresses Into Arrogant, Disobedient Rebellion

2493 SM061409 Predestination: What Must I Do To Be Saved? "Believe" On The Lord Jesus Christ- Belief Is Imputed (Assigned) To The Elect- He Must Have Faith- He Has No Choice

2494 SN061409 Spirits In Prison: Baptized, Drink The Cup, Believe For Remission (Aphesis- Pardon And Release From Prison)- Dispensationalism- The Great Perversion- No Pretrib Rapture Or Premillennialism- Satan Bound- Bottomless Pit

2495 WN061709 Predestination: Birthed By The Will Of God, Then Put Through Affliction Causing Us To Be More Like Jesus Through Time- Imputing Faith And Righteousness

2496 SM062109 Prophecy: The Biblical Events That Point To An Approximate Time Of The End- It All Began With Israel's Rebellion Against God As A Nation (1 Sam - 2 Chron) Saul Hates David And Tries To Kill Him

2497 SN062109 Spirits In Prison: The Church Is Israel, Israel Is The Church- The Time Period Of "Millennium" Is From Acts 2 Till The End Of Time (A Two Thousand Year Period) Dragon Bound In "Bottomless Pit"

2498 WN062409 Prophecy: Christmas- The Sun (Son) Of Saturn Is Dying- He Needs To Come Alive And Be Born Again After His Death At The Winter Solstice, Dec. 21- We Will Give Him The Birthday Of Dec. 25- It All Started With Israel's Rebellion- Saul Wants David Dead

2499 SM062809 Predestination: Love God- Keep Commandments- To Be Like Jesus- Giving More Honour To The Uncomely Parts Of The Body (Church) Without Respect Of Persons

2500 SN062809 Spirits In Prison: Gentiles In The Dark Come To Light- Mistranslation Of The King James Bible- The "Millennium" Is Chilia, The 2000 Years From Jesus To The End Begins With The Binding Of Satan