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1501 SN102702 Israel's History – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (And Esau) Through The Books Of The Kings

1502 WN103002 Preachers Hate Predestination, But It's True - It's About Our Being Changed To The Likeness Of Jesus - The Bible Says So!

1503 SM110302 Christmas - Israel Eats Their Children (Cannibalism) Passing Their Firstborn Through The Fire - The Reason For The 70 Weeks Of Daniel

1504 SN110302 Jehoshaphat Had An Ahab In His Life, Because He Wanted The Advantage Of Being Liked By The World.

1505 WN110602 Predestination - "Denying The Lord That Bought Them" - What Does It Mean? The Invitation Hymn (Freewill) Is Roman Catholicism

1506 SM111002 Christmas Is A Perversion Of The Passover - The Last Supper Was Passover, Not Crackers And Grape Juice

1507 SN111002 Jehoshaphat, Jehoram, And The Kings Of Edom Meet Elisha Through The King Of Israel's Servant

1508 WN111302 Predestinated To Be Compassionate Toward The Brethren

1509 SM111702 A Picture Of Christmass (Tree & Fire Worship) Partaking Unworthily Of The Passover

1510 SN111702 Elisha And The 3 Kings - Trusting In The Lord And Leaning Not To Our Own Understanding - Digging Ditches

1511 WN112002 Predestination: To Be Like Jesus Is To Forgive Repentant Murderers, Adulterers And Harlots

1512 SM112402 Christmas And The Passover - Eating Flesh And Drinking Blood - Shewing The Lord's Death - Partaking Unworthily

1513 SN112402 Elisha Sets An Example - Widows And Orphans - Faithful Over Few Things

1514 WN112702 Predestinated To Forgive Jacob For His Devious, Underhanded, Lying Treachery

1515 SM120102 "Merry'' Christmas, Passover, The Lord's Supper, The Day Of Preparation, The Day Of The Week That Jesus Died

1516 SN120102 TITHE

1517 WN120402 Predestination: How Sheep Are To Treat One Another - With Compassion, Gentle, Mercy, Meek, Etc.

1518 SM120802 The Passover Verses Christmas - The Week Jesus Died - The Day Of His Death

1519 SN120802 The Tithe - The Law - Alive And Well!

1520 WN121102 Predestinated To Be Hated And Persecuted By Your Family And Friends -- Like Jesus

1521 SM121502 Yule - A Swastika Christmas

1522 SN121502 Tithe - These Ought Ye To Have Done

1523 WN121802 Predestination - Like Jesus - Poor, Mourning, Hungering, Groaning, Desiring Our New House

1524 SM122202 The Christmas Jesus Is Artificial - He Is A Product Of Marrying Truth And A Lie

1525 SN122202 The Tithe - Still In Effect - Ritual Is Nailed To The Cross

1526 WN122502 Predestination: Like Jesus - Confess Christ "Daily"

1527 SM122902 Why I Hate Christmas So Much And Preach Against It All Year Long

1528 SN122902 The Tithe Of The Law - Two Witnesses

1529 WN010103 Predestination: Why Are People Mad At Me For Saying What God Said

1530 SM010503 Let Us Make Us A Jesus - All The World Is Drunk

1531 SN010503 The Spiritual Day Of Atonement - Entering Into The Holiest By The Blood Of Jesus (Tithe Series)

1532 WN010803 Predestination: God's Mercy Is On Them That Fear Him

1533 SM011203 The Spiritual Drunkard Is Proud And Cannot Pay Attention. He Has Spiritual Hypothermia

1534 SN011203 The Tithe - Jots And Tittles - The Law Is Still Here.

1535 WN012203 Predestination: Like Jesus And Paul, Men Will Envy You And Desire To Kill You

1536 SM012603 The Church In America Has Made Itself A "Name" - Redefining, Adding And Subtracting From The Word Of God

1537 SN012603 Preachers (Priesthood) That Ministers Of Holy Things Are Partakers Of The Tithe Of The Altar

1538 WN012903 Predestination: Sheep "Hear" The Voice Of The Shepherd - Goats Can't Hear

1539 SM020203 In The Name Of Jesus - Jehovah, The Name Of God Means "Self Existent" - To Be!

1540 SN020203 The Tithe - Two Parts Of The Law - The Letter And The Spirit

1541 SM020903 Babylon Is Fallen (Literal) Is Fallen (Spiritual) Charismatics Have Made Themselves A Name With The Faith Healing Doctrine

1542 SN020903 The Tithe - What It Was Used For - The Preacher Of The Gospel Is The New Testament Priesthood

1543 WN021203 Predestination: Tame (Meek) Like Jesus - Ruling With A Rod Of Righteousness

1544 SM021603 The Charismatics Have Made Themselves A "Name" (Doctrine) - Calling Things That Be Not - Is Resurrection

1545 SN021603 The Law And The Tithe - The Spirit And The Letter - The Law Is Still Here Because Sin Is Here

1546 WN021903 Predestination: When The "Perfect" Is Come - The Church Maturing To "Full Age"

1547 SM022303 The Name Of The Lord - What It Means! It Opposes "Let Us Make Us A Name"

1548 SN022303 The Tithe And The Law - Circumcision (Jews) and Uncircumcision (Gentiles)

1549 WN022603 Predestination: God's Works Were Finished From The Foundation Of The World - Before The World Began

1550 SM030203 Whosoever Shall Call On The "Name" Of The Lord - Only Believers Call On God's Authority In Prayer

1551 SN030203 God's Israel - God's Law - God's Jew Dispensationalist View Of The Jew (Tithe/Law Series)

1552 WN030503 Predestination: The Sheep Of God's Flock - Given To Jesus - Not One Will Perish

1553 SM030903 "Ask" In The Name Of Jesus - Keep His Commandments - Do Things Pleasing In God's Sight

1554 SN030903 The Law - Anglo Israel - The White Supremacist View Of The "Jew"

1555 WN031203 Predestination: What We Believe It Is!

1556 SM031603 Easter Is The Death And Resurrection Of Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday) The God/Goddess Of Spring

1557 SN031603 The Lost Sheep Of Israel - Sheep Without A Shepherd - Anglo-Israelism

1558 WN031903 Predestination: God Has Free Will Because He Is A Heretic - Hanging Around "Self Will" Makes You Dirty

1559 SM032303 Easter Is Not The Resurrection - Jehovah Is The Fertility God

1560 SN032303 The Fallacy Of Anglo-Israelism - The Throne Of Israel Is Preserved Through Jehoiachin, Not Zedekiah

1561 WN032603 Predestination: Patient And Longsuffering Through The Fiery Trial - It Is A Must In The Life Of The Elect

1562 SM033003 Information (Knowledge) - It Exposes Sin - Men Hate It

1563 SN033003 Twisting Scriptures - Anglo Israelism - KKK Doctrine

1564 WN040203 Predestination: God Creates And Possesses Sin - He Places It On Vessels Of Wrath Fitted For Destruction

1565 SM040603 Resurrection Is Death To Self

1566 SN040603 Anglo Israel Klan Doctrine - Spirits In Prison - God's Gentile Israel

1567 WN040903 Predestination: "I Know I'm Saved" - Knowing Is Dying

1568 SM041303 The Resurrection Is The Gospel, The Baptism Of Repentance - Prepare The Way Of The Lord--

1569 SN041303 Where The Klan Doctrine Began -- The Sons Of God Married The Daughters Of Men

1570 WN041603 Predestination: Conscience Toward God, Death To Self, Comes By Voting With The Inner Man

1571 SM042003 In The Bible - Two Baptisms - Water And Holy Spirit - Now There Is One Baptism

1572 SN042003 Anglo Israelism - A Perverting Of Scripture To Justify Their Doctrine

1573 WN042303 Predestination: Resting In The Sabbath - Contentment - To Ward Off Self

1574 SM042703 Baptism - "IN"

1575 SN042703 Anglo Israelism - Outrageous Doctrine

1576 WN043003 Predestination - "Pro" From Eternity - Rest In The Spiritual Sabbath

1577 SM050403 Baptism And Vampires

1578 SN050403 What God Means By Intermarriage and Why Not (Anglo Israel Series)

1579 WN050703 Predestination: "Ordained"

1580 SM051103 One Baptism - Holy Spirit

1581 SN051103 KuKlux Klan Doctrine - Giving In Marriage

1582 WN051403 Predestination: Why Men Believe In Freewill - They Don't Know How Wicked They Are

1583 SM051803 Baptism And John The Baptist

1584 SN051803 A Chosen Generation - Anglo Israelism

1585 WN052103 Predestination: Entering Into The Sabbath (Rest) By Belief

1586 SM052503 Baptism Comes From Our Mouths -- Baptism Is The Washing Of Clothing

1587 SN052503 British Israelism

1588 WN052803 Predestination: Sunday And The Sabbath

1589 SM060103 Baptism: Entering The Kingdom By The Finger Of God - The Spirit - The Word

1590 SN060103 Back To Israel - A Review Of The Kings

1591 WN060403 Predestination: Sanctify Is To Consecrate - Conceptual Thinking

1592 SM060803 Baptism: Tongues Of Fire - Filled With The Holy Ghost Is Speaking The Truth

1593 SN060803 Elisha Begins The Miracles Of His Ministry - Waterholes Raising The Dead Death In The Pot

1594 WN061103 Predestinated To Repentance And Be Like Jesus

1595 SM061503 Confusion Of Languages - 3 Feast Pilgrimages To Jerusalem - Jews From Every Nation Under Heaven

1596 SN061503 All The Bible Points To Israel As A Nation (I Sam - II Chron) - Elisha And Naaman

1597 WN061803 Predestination: How We Know The Bible Is True - By The Orderly Arrangement Of God

1598 SM062203 Baptism - Tongues - "Utterance" - Easy To Understand

1599 SN062203 The Kings And Priests Of Israel - Judging Righteous Judgment - Offering Acceptable Sacrifice

1600 WN062503 Predestination: God Created Sin - He Wants It To Happen

1601 SM062903 Baptism: The Last Days - The Gentile Elect

1602 SN062903 Israel Review And Naaman's Baptism

1603 WN070203 Predestination: Answers For Those Who Object To God Creating Evil And Sin

1604 SM070603 Tongues - Understanding Acts Chapter 2 - Tongues Are "Dialects" Of The Koine

1605 SN070603 Israel's Wives And Biographical Sketch Of Naaman

1606 WN070903 Predestination: When God Says "I Create Evil And Sin", Men Argue With God When They Don't Believe It

1607 SM071303 Confusion Of Tongues Is A Confusion Of Definition With No Answers

1608 SN071303 A Review Of David & Saul - The Little Maid Of Israel

1609 WN071603 Predestination - God Does Everything, Creating Evil And The Feminine Orge (Wrath/Vengeance) In Man

1610 SM072003 Preachers Have A Confusion Of Tongues With Their False Doctrine - Stand For Truth Against A Lie

1611 SN072003 Review Of II Samuel - Naaman A Picture Of The Proud Being Humbled

1612 WN072303 Predestination: How To Study - Setting Up Sections Of Scripture

1613 SM072703 Proselyte Circumcision And Baptism Blotted Out - Now It Is Spiritual

1614 SN072703 Questions And Answers About Israel And Its Characters

1615 WN073003 The Prosperity Gospel - The Prosperity Lie

1616 SM080303 Tongues: Miracles Were To Verify Jesus - Sun Turned To Darkness - Word Of Knowledge (Gnosticism)

1617 SN080303 A Review Of I Kings - Naaman Dips 7 Times

1618 WN080603 Predestination: Sections Of Scripture - How To Deal With People When Confronting Them With The Bible

1619 SM081003 Tongues - The Gifts Of The Spirit - As It Pleased God - Agape - The Perfect

1620 SN081003 Review Of Gideon And Other Judges - Naaman Baptized Confesses Jehovah

1621 WN081303 Predestination: Chastened And Scourged By God

1622 SM081703 Gnosticism - A Word Of Knowledge - Gifts Of The Spirit (Tongues Series)

1623 SN081703 Review I Kings - Rehoboam And Jeroboam - Naaman Washes Seven Times, The Number Of Divine Refinement

1624 WN082003 Predestination - Sections Of Scripture - The Hearing Ear - The Seeing Eye - The Circumcised Heart - The Stupid Man

1625 SM082403 Gnosticism: The Colossian Essene Heresy - A Parallel Gospel

1626 SN082403 Review Of History - The Kings - Seven Candlesticks - Divine Refinement

1627 WN082703 Predestination And Election: Sections Of Scripture Who Are The Elect? What Is Election? What Are We Elected Unto?

1628 SM083103 Tongues: The Sign To Preach The Gospel (Resurrection) To The Gentiles, The Spirits In Prison

1629 SN083103 A Review Of The Kings - Elijah Gets Weary And Wants To Die

1630 WN090303 Predestination - Will, Counsel, Purpose, Tithemi, Keimai

1631 SM090703 Tongues: Resurrection, The Gospel, The Only Sign To The Unbeliever

1632 SN090703 A Review Of I Samuel & I Kings, Saul & Ahab

1633 WN091003 Predestination: Adding And Diminishing The Word Of God - Horizo Put To An Oath In The Border

1634 SM091403 A Confusion Of Tongues In America - You Must Be Hated And Persecuted In Order To Be A Godly Man

1635 SN091403 A Review Of Elijah And Elisha - Passing Of The Mantle

1636 WN091703 Predestination: The Last Will And Testament Of Jesus Christ, Our Example

1637 SM092103 Tongues: A Voice With A Certain Sound - I Cor.14

1638 SN092103 7

1639 WN092403 Predestination Is Not Respect Of Persons

1640 SM092803 The Two Jesus's Of The Bible - Two Truths, Two Gospels

1641 SN092803 7 - Blood Baptism And 4

1642 WN100103 Shadows (Rituals) Of The Old Testament, Very Image (Spiritual) Of The New - Day Of Atonement, Ark Of Covenant, The Veil, And More

1643 SM100503 The Other Jesus, The Spirit, Anti Christ, Another Truth - Greater Is He That Is In You

1644 SN100503 Seven - Revelation 1

1645 WN100803 Predestination: The Orderly Arrangement Of The Rituals In Old Testament And The Spiritual In The New - Circumcision And Uncircumcision - The Spiritual Jew

1646 SM101203 Another Jesus, The Christmas Jesus, The Easy Jesus

1647 SN101203 7 Churches - 7 Candlesticks - 7 Stars - 7 Angels - 7 Spirits - The Glossary of Rev. 1

1648 WN101503 Predestination: The Passover - The Shadow - And Very Image

1649 SM101903 Christmas Is Apostasy - It Removes The Daily Cross And Self Denial

1650 SN101903 7 - The Seven Angels With Seven Trumpets - The Refined Church Sounding The Truth

1651 WN102203 Carey Yates and Mike Lyda Fill In For Jim On Wednesday Night

1652 SM102603 Christmas Is A Convolution of the "Real" Jesus- The Swastika and Santa Claus

1653 SN102603 Revelation Is A Book About the New Testament Church Patterned After The Old Testament Temple- 24 Elders, Golden Crowns And the Four Beasts

1654 WN102903 Predestination: God's Arrangement Of The Literal (Ritual) And The Spiritual Passover

1655 SM110203 Christmas Is The Mass Of Roman Catholicism - "Eat Flesh And Drink Blood" Is Telling Truth And Partaking In A Slaughter

1656 SN110203 Seven - Revelation, A Picture Of The Temple, Its Ministry And Services - The Altar Of Incense And Prayers Of The Saints

1657 WN110503 Predestination: God Is Doing Everything We Are To Rest In The Spiritual Sabbath (this is not Saturday or Sunday).

1658 SM110903 Christmas - Jehovah Is The Fertility God - Good Tidings Is Preaching The Gospel, The Daily Resurrection

1659 SN110903 Seven - The Spiritual Euphrates, The Fall Of Spiritual Babylon

1660 WN111203 Predestination: The Spiritual Sabbath (Rest) Is Believing God - No Sabbath Is Unbelief

1661 SM111603 Christmas: Cannibalism - Israel Ate Their Children

1662 SN111603 Seven - The 2nd Trump - Babylon, A Burnt Mountain Cast Into The Sea

1663 WN111903 Predestination: Keep Sabbath Holy - Honour Father And Mother - Enter Rest By Believing God

1664 SM112303 Constantine Mixed Pagan Sun Worship With Christianity And Called It Christmas (Xmass)

1665 SN112303 Seven - Revelation - The 7 Stars - Pleiades - The Morning Star - Jesus

1666 WN112603 Predestination: Entering The Spiritual Sabbath By Taking No Thought For Your Life

1667 SM113003 Christmas: The Tree And Fire Worship Of Israel Trace Back Through Tyre, Babylon, Pergamos Then To Rome - It is The Mass Of Rome

1668 SN113003 Seven - A Review Of Revelation Chapter 1 Through Chapter 6

1669 WN120303 Predestination: The Older We Get, The More We Rest In The Sabbath

1670 SM120703 Christmas: Man's Excuse For Doing That Which God Says Not To Do

1671 SN120703 Seven: Revelation Israel, The Lineage Of Adam The Sevened Church

1672 WN121003 Predestination: Faith Is Believing In The Predestination Of God - It Is Resting In His Sabbath

1673 SM121403 Christmas Is Pagan - Two Babylons Documentation - Withdraw From Sin Or Get Dirty

1674 WN121703 Predestination: God Has Preordained The Vessels Of Mercy - Vessels Of Wrath - All Events And The Timing Of Everything That Will Ever Happen

1675 WN122403 Predestination: Entering Into Rest (The Spiritual Sabbath) By The Faith Of Abraham

1676 SM122803 Christmas: The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On Humanity - It's A Family Thing

1677 SN122803 Revelation: 7 The End Of Time In Chapters 6, 8, 10,11, 14, 16, 18, 19 - The 144,000

1678 WN123103 Predestination: Believers Go Back To Their Sin

1679 SM010404 Spiritual Channukah - Cleansing This Temple - Separating From The World

1680 SN010404 Revelation: A Book Of 7's - The Bottomless Pit, Scorpions, Two Witnesses And Binding Satan

1681 WN010704 Predestination: Vessels Of Mercy Hemmed In And Protected Unto Faith - Vessels Of Wrath Protected Till Sin Slays Them

1682 SM011104 Preachers Are Teaching False Doctrines; Democracy And Capitalism, Good Words And Fair Speeches, Supposing Gain Is Godliness

1683 SN011104 7 Of Revelation: The Two Witnesses - The Two Olive Trees, Priest and King - The Two Anointed Ones Standing Before The God Of The Earth

1684 WN011404 Predestination: Self Is Unbelief - No Sabbath - No Rest - Death To Self Believes God And Enters Into His Rest

1685 SM011804 1 cor 10

1686 SN011804 Seven of Revelation: Scorpions And The Bottomless Pit

1687 WN012104 Predestination: Unbelief Is No Rest, Staggering, Doubting - - It Is Self

1688 SM012504 False Teachers: Contradicting God And Arguing With His Prophet Ends In Death

1689 SN012504 Seven - Revelation: Joint-heirs (7 x 153) - Factorial 3 - The Trinity Function - 7 Trumpets - Satan Bound In The Bottomless Pit

1690 WN012804 Predestination: Getting Rid Of Self

1691 SM020104 False Doctrine of Baptists, Pentecostals and Charismatics

1692 SN020104 7 Of Revelation - The 7 Angels - The 7th Trumpet - The Mystery Of God Complete - God's Enemies Destroyed

1693 WN020404 Predestination: Good And Evil Come From God - We Can Rest In That

1694 SM020804 False Doctrine Of The Charismatics - "The Word Of Faith" - What It Really Means

1695 SN020804 7 of Revelation - The 7 Heads Of The Beast Are 7 Capital Cities (Mountains)

1696 WN021504 Predestination: Biblical Algebra - Adding To Faith Is Adding To Your Sabbath Rest

1697 SM021504 False Doctrine: - Charismatic Chaotic Doctrine

1698 SN021504 Revelation - 7: Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib, or Post-Trib Rapture? At The Last Trump!

1699 SM022204 False Doctrine of the Charismatics- Death and Life in the Power of the Tongue- Saying to this Mountain--

1700 SN022204 Revelation and 7- Rapture: The Time Factor- No Pretrib, No Midtrib, No Preterism- "This Generation" (Luke 21:32)

1701 WN022504 Predestination: Who Is The Killer Of All Men? God!

1702 SM022904 False Doctrine: "He Healeth Our Diseases" - Afflicted, Persecuted And Pierced By The Rich

1703 SN022904 Revelation - 7: Rapture, When? Kingdom Of God/Heaven "At The Last Trump" Christ Revealed Man Of Sin Revealed

1704 WN030304 Predestination: God Caused The Pharisees To Kill Jesus Over Their Halakah (Traditions)

1705 SM030704 Charismatic Doctrine Is False - No Distinct Meaning Of The Word "Binding And Loosing" - "Hundredfold Blessing"

1706 SN030704 Revelation And 7: Seven Angels - Rapture - Last Trump - Millennium - 2000 Years - The End Of Time

1707 WN031004 Predestination - God Kills Using Evil Men As A Weapon - He Used The Pharisees To Murder Jesus - It Was All About Their Halakah (Tradition)

1708 WN031704 Predestination: Who Killed Jesus? The Pharisees Over The Traditions Of Their Fathers - Who Is My Neighbor?

1709 SM032104 Charismatic Doctrine - Leading The Sheep Astray - "Praise And Worship" - Praise Is Confessing (Fully Agreeing With) Christ And Our Sins

1710 SN032104 Revelation And Seven - Seven Angels Clothed In White - The Song Of Moses - 7 Vials - 7 Plagues

1711 WN032404 Predestination: God Does Everything, Including Evil - He Withdrew Job From His Purpose And Hid His Pride From Him

1712 SM032804 Charismatic False Doctrine Of "Praise" and Worship - Giving In Marriage

1713 SN032804 Revelation - The 7 Angels With 7 Trumpets And 7 Vials - The 10 Plagues Of Egypt

1714 WN033104 Predestination: God Creates Evil - Mothers Killing Babies, Serial Killers, Slaughter, Rape, Cannibalism, Illicit Sex And Adultery

1715 SM040404 Charismatic Liars - Touching The Lord's Anointed Doctrine - The Poor Widow's Mite - The Fallacy Of Giving To Get From God

1716 SN040404 Revelation And 7 - The Seven Angels With 7 Trumpets And 7 Vials (Cups) - The Cup Of God's Fury And Rage

1717 WN040704 Predestination: God Creates Evil - Babylonian Vessels Of Wrath Will Persecute The Vessels Of Mercy (The Church, Spiritual Israel) - Babylon Destroyed Israel

1718 SM041104 Easter Is Not The Resurrection Of Jesus - The Resurrection Is Daily

1719 SN041104 Revelation And 7 - Taking An Oath - Being "Sevened" - Rapture (No Pretrib) - Last Trump, No Millennium, But 2000 Years

1720 WN041404 Predestination: Jesus, The Saviour Of "All Men" - The Universal Salvation Fallacy - "The All" - The Whole Of Mankind - Gentile Church - Spirits In Prison

1721 SM041804 Charismatic Doctrine Is Making The Church Apathetic - "Mighty To The Pulling Down Of Strongholds" - "Generational Curses"

1722 SN041804 Revelation And 7 - The Beast (Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome) Was And Is Not--And Is 7 Heads - 7 Capital Cities - The Bottomless Pit

1723 WN042104 Predestination: The Reason God Creates Evil - He Uses Evil Men (Babylon) To Whip His Children (Israel) Into Repentance

1724 SM042504 The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil

1725 SN042504 Revelation And 7 - The Beast That Was, And Is Not, And Yet Is - One Of Its Heads, Wounded To Death Was Healed

1726 WN042804 Predestination: Questions Men Ask When They Don't Like Predestination - Why Did Jesus Die And Why Preach If Men Are Going To Be Saved Anyway?

1727 SM050204 Charismatic False Doctrine - Jesus Does Not "Like" You If You Do Not Keep His Commandments

1728 SN050204 Revelation And 7 - David Is Sevened - The 28 (4 x 7) of Revelation 18

1729 WN050504 Predestination: Horizon - The Light, The Truth - Tempted And Tried By Vessels Of Wrath - God Will Draw Us To Himself

1730 WN052604 Predestination: God Has Made Evil Men - Evil And Preordained - The Exact Timing That They Shall Perform Evil

1731 SM053004 Stupid, Idiots And Demons

1732 SN053004 The 10 Horns Of The Beast Is Israel (The Church)

1733 WN060204 Predestination: Everything Is The Will Of God - God Ordains Babylon To Commit Sin Against Jerusalem And Judah

1734 SM060604 False Doctrine: Demons In The Gospels - What Does It Mean?

1735 SN060604 Revelation 7 - The 7 Candlesticks, The Eyes Of The Lord - Satan Bound In The Bottomless Pit

1736 WN060904 Predestination: Nobody Is Going To Heaven Without A Daily Cross, Self Denial, And Suffering For Telling Truth - You Cannot Give Your Heart To Jesus

1737 SM061304 False Doctrine: Objective Truth, Demons And Covetousness

1738 SN061304 Revelation 20: Exposing The False Doctrine Of Dispensationalism - No Thousand Years

1739 WN061604 Predestination: It Doesn't Sound Like Freewill To Me

1740 SM062004 False Doctrine: Godly Anger And Ungodly Anger

1741 SN062004 Revelation: Rapture, 2000 Years, Last Days

1742 WN062304 Predestination: The Way Of The Chosen Between Pre And Destiny

1743 SM062704 False Doctrine - America Is Living In A Haze Of Self Deception

1744 SN062704 Revelation: The False Interpretation Of Scorpions, Smoke, Bottomless Pit, Millennium And Rapture

1745 WN063004 Predestination: Adoption - Sons Have Ears To Hear - They Obey And Groan Conforming To The Image Of Jesus

1746 SM070404 False Teachers: Fuzzy Unimportant Words - The Doctrine Of Demons

1747 SN070404 Revelation And 7: The Rainbow (War Bow), The Iris, The Pupil - Eyes As A Flame Of Fire

1748 WN070704 Predestination Is Doing

1749 SM071104 False Teachers, Smooth Talkers, Doublespeak and Gobbledygook

1750 SN071104 Revelation And 7 - Millennium Is 2000 Years - The Third Day (Third 2000 Yrs) I Will Raise Thee Up

1751 WN071404 Predestination: The Carnal Mind Is Hostile To God

1752 SM071804 False Teachers: If You Don't Believe In The Daily Cross And Tribulation, You're Not Going To Heaven When You Die - Calling Names Of Lying Preachers

1753 SN071804 Revelation And 7: 2000 Year "Millennium" Heaven And Earth - The Gentile Church, Israel

1754 WN072104 Predestination: God Cannot Transgress His Laws Of Condemnation (Vessels Of Wrath) And Redemption (Vessels Of Mercy)

1755 SM072504 False Doctrine: If You Are At Ease In The World With No Tribulation, You Are Going To Hell

1756 SN072504 Revelation: The 2000 Year "Millennium" The Time Of The Heavenly Jerusalem, The Holy City, The Church, The Spiritual Jew

1757 WN072804 Predestination: Man Cannot Choose Christ - God Has Not Made Himself Available To All Men - Hearing And Seeing And John 3:16

1758 SM080104 False Doctrine; False Teachers: We Are To Separate From Preachers, Family And Friends Who Preach False Doctrine

1759 SN080104 Revelation: Kings And Priests For 2000 Years - The Beast - The Mark - The 1st And 2nd Resurrection - 1st And 2nd Death

1760 WN080404 Predestination: For God So Loved The World - - - But He Didn't Love The Snakes

1761 SM080804 False Doctrine: When You Hang Around False Teachers, You Get Dirty

1762 SN080804 Revelation: Satan's Little Season - Gog & Magog

1763 WN081104 Predestination: John 3:16 - God Does Not Love Everybody - The Kosmos

1764 SM081504 False Doctrine: Another Instruction, Another God- Kill Thy Brother, Thy Son, Thy Daughter, Thy Wife And Friend

1765 SN081504 Revelation: God & Magog Attack Israel

1766 WN081804 Predestination: John 3:16 - "The All" - II Peter 3:9 - Not Willing That "Any Of Us" Should Perish - The Sheep

1767 SM082204 False Teachers: Make No Friendship With An Angry Man Lest Thou Learn His Ways - Evil Teachers Suppose Gain Is Godliness

1768 SN082204 Revelation: The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast - Gog & Magog

1769 WN082504 Predestination: Jesus Died For "The All" of John 3:16 - All Men, All Flesh, The Gentile Church

1770 SM082904 False Doctrine: A Man Cannot Go To Heaven Without The Doctrine (Instruction) Of God

1771 SN082904 Revelation: The Doctrine Of Chiliasm And Spiritual Israel, The Kingdom Of God (Heaven)

1772 WN090104 Predestination: The Sheep, The Body, The Church, The Wheat, The Vessels Of Mercy, "The All"

1773 SM090504 False Doctrine: Satan Is Another Jesus

1774 SN090504 Revelation: Signs Of The End - Global Warming - Gog And Magog Attack Israel

1775 WN090804 Predestination: The Reflection Of Jesus In Us -- The Pollution Of John 3:16 - "Only Begotten"

1776 SM091204 False Doctrine: Preachers Preach For Money

1777 SN091204 Revelation: Distress Of Nations With Perplexity - No Answer - No Remedy - King Of Fierce Countenance - Global Warming

1778 WN091504 Predestination: Quickened By The Spirit, The Flesh Profiteth Nothing - God Working In Us

1779 SM091904 False Doctrine: Simple Minded Believers Are Deceived By Smooth Words

1780 SN091904 Revelation: Gog & Magog Attack Israel, Judah And Ephraim - One Stick

1781 WN092204 Predestination: God Will Make His Elect To Conform And Do Right - Choose Life, Compel Them

1782 SM092604 False Doctrine: The Way To Recognize False Teachers - Christmas Is Baal Worship

1783 SN092604 Revelation: 7 Incurable Reasons Why We Are At The End Of Time - The National Geographic Says So

1784 WN092904 Predestination: Sovereign Super God - God's Purpose Driven Life And Timing

1785 SM100304 False Doctrine: Daily Cross, Christmas, The Swastika, The KKK, The Masons - Good Tidings Of Great Joy

1786 SN100304 Revelation: Signs Of The End Of Time - Global Warming, Famine, Disease, Gog Attacks Israel, Jerusalem No Longer Trodden Down By Gentiles

1787 WN100604 Predestination: God Is A Racist - God Is Prejudiced - God Is A Heretic - God Doesn't Love Everybody - Not Lip Service But Doing

1788 SM101004 False Doctrine: Christmass Is Zagmuk Or The Festival Of Saturn - Eat Flesh And Drink Blood - Sons Of God (Believers) And Daughters Of Men (Unbelief)

1789 SN101004 Revelation: The 4 Judgments Of God - Disease And Global Warming - The 70 Weeks Of Daniel - The Sacrifice And Oblation Cease

1790 WN101304 Predestination: Pro'Orizo And Aphorizo (Separate) - God's Will Is Unchangeable

1791 SM101704 False Doctrine: Christmass Is One Of The Many American Lies - Answering Col. 2 And Rom. 14

1792 WN102004 Predestination: Joseph, The Image Of Jesus

1793 SM102404 False Doctrine: Tracing The Christmass Tree And Sun Worship From Israel Through Tyre, Through Babylon, Through Pergamos, To Rome

1794 SN102404 Revelation: Gog Attacks Israel - The Time Factor - "After Israel Is Brought Back From The Sword" - When Israel Is One Nation - 20th Century

1795 WN102704 Predestination: To Be Like Joseph, Accepting Everything In Our Lives As The Will Of God Without Complaining - "God Meant It For Good"

1796 SM103104 False Doctrine: Billy Graham, The Fallen Idol - Hannukah, Throwing Christmas Out Of The Temple

1797 SN103104 Revelation: Prophecy - Gog, Magog And Israel - The Right Hand Of Blessing On Ephraim

1798 WN110304 Predestination: Joseph, A Picture Of Jesus - Two Wives Of Jesus, Israel And The Gentile Church

1799 SM110704 False Doctrine: Christmass - Jesus, The One Sacrifice Offered Once For All (The Elect), Fatima And Stigmata

1800 SN110704 Revelation: Prophecy - Jerusalem Falls By The Sword From Their Captivity In 586 B.C. Until The 6 Day War Of 1967

1801 WN111004 Predestination: What Was Jesus Like? Mercy, Compassion, Gentle, Patient, Etc.

1802 SM111404 False Doctrine: The Passover Is Not Christmass - One Doctrine - "Eat Flesh And Drink Blood" - The Flesh=The Bread=The Body=The Church=The Word=The Truth=The Holy Spirit, Etc.

1803 SN111404 Revelation: A Thumbnail Sketch - Isaiah 11 - Wolves And Lambs

1804 WN111704 Predestination: Joseph - God Has Intricately Designed Every Detail Of Our Lives Including Affections, Envy, Jealousy, Sin, Thought - God Meant It For Good - Leah & Rachael

1805 SM112104 False Doctrine: Measured Against True Doctrine - Christmas, The Passover, The Sop, The Triclinium Table (Resting In The Bosom) - Eat Flesh And Drink Blood (Fowls Of The Air, Beasts Of The Field)

1806 SN112104 Revelation: Table Of Nations - Genealogies Of Shem, Ham, Japheth - Gog & Magog - Gen. 10, Ezek. 38, Isaiah 11

1807 WN112404 Predestination: The Sins Of Evil Men Work Together For The Good Of The Elect - Joseph The Picture Of Jesus

1808 SM112804 False Doctrine: Christmas Versus The Passover - The Performance And The Witnesses Of The Jewish Contract (Testament)

1809 SN112804 Revelation And Prophecy: How To Study The Prophets - What Prophecy Is All About

1810 SM121204 False Doctrine: The Passover Is Not The Christmass Or Crackers And Grape Juice - Eating And Drinking Unworthily - I Cor. II

1811 WN121504 Predestination: Elect & Chosen Like Jesus - Like Joseph - God Creates Sin In Our Lives To Drive Us To Jesus

1812 SM121904 False Doctrine: The Mixing of Passover and Saturnalia Called Christmass- How We Partake (Eat) of the Body (the Church) 1Cor.12

1813 SN121904 Revelation: In the "Last Days" the Mountain of the Lord's House (the Church) Will Beat Their Swords Into Plowshares And Spears Into Pruninghooks (Isa. 2, Isa. 65)

1814 WN122204 Predestination: When Believers Murmur About Their Lives They Are Complaining About The Will Of God And His Sovereignty

1815 SM122604 False Doctrine: Why Men Will Not Cease Christmass And Other False Teachings - - They Love Themselves More Than God

1816 SN122604 Revelation And Prophecy: The Battle Of The Two Mountains - Babylon And Zion

1817 WN122904 Predestination: Affliction Of The Saints - "All Things For Good"

1818 SM010205 False Doctrine: Why Can't Other Men Find These Verses - The Spiritual Passover - Not Christmass And "Communion" - The Bitter Herbs

1819 SN010205 Revelation: Jerusalem, City, Mountain, Church, Building - The Foundation

1820 WN010505 Predestination: It Is Not Sacrifice When It Costs Nothing

1821 SM010905 False Doctrine: Sign Of A Preacher Of Truth - They Despair Of Life When They Preach The Daily Cross"

1822 SN010905 Revelation And Prophecy: The Sign To Whom The Gentiles Seek - The Resurrection (Isaiah 11:10)

1823 SM011605 False Doctrine: Preachers Who Redefine The Word of God Are Bringing About The Apostasy

1824 SM012305 False Doctrine: Tongues, Christmas, Passover And Handwriting Of Ordinances

1825 SN012305 Revelation And Prophecy: Isaiah's Message To The Gentiles

1826 WN012605 Predestination: Jacob Have I Loved, Esau Have I Hated - Before These Two Sons Of Rebecca And Isaac Had Done Any Good Or Evil

1827 SM013005 False Doctrine: Prosper - The "Way" Into The Holiest - The Shadow And Spiritual - Blotting Out The Ritual

1828 SN013005 Revelation: New Heavens - New Earth - The Ruling Class And The Ruled - Rev. 21

1829 WN020205 Predestination: - - To Them That Love God

1830 SM020605 False Doctrine: The Last Will And Testament Of Jesus

1831 SN020605 Revelation: The Sceptre Of Righteousness And The Morning Star (Pleiades)

1832 WN020905 Predestination: 11 And 2 - The Mathematical Arrangement Of Scripture

1833 SM021305 False Doctrine: New Testament - The Cup, Baptism "IN", Believe For Remission

1834 SN021305 Revelation: The Revelation Of Jesus - The Man Of Sin Revealed And Destroyed By The Brightness Of Jesus's Coming

1835 WN021605 Predestination: Joseph - Types And Gematria - 144, The Number Of The Total Church - 153 Fish - 7 People Fishing

1836 SM022005 False Doctrine: Astonished (Strike Out) At The Doctrine Of Jesus

1837 SN022005 Revelation Is Abstract Not Concrete - It Is A Jewish Book

1838 WN022305 Predestination: You Don't "Love God" As Much As You Think, When You Will Not Walk After His Commandments

1839 SM022705 False Doctrine: Covenant And Testament - Token And Sign - Circumcision, Sabbath And The Bow Of God

1840 SN022705 Revelation: The 7 Angels And 4 Beasts - Sword, Famine, Pestilence And Beast

1841 WN030305 Predestination: Babies "DO NOT" Go To Hell By The Systematic Arrangement Of God

1842 SM030605 False Doctrine: What Is True Doctrine? - Believe (Faith), Salvation, Saved, Regeneration, Born Again, Fiery Trials

1843 SN030605 Revelation Is A Jewish Book - Fire From Heaven - Two Witnesses, Two Olive Trees, Priest And King

1844 WN030905 Predestination: God Creates Vessels Of Wrath, Vessels Of Mercy, Evil, Sin And Everything And Event In The Universe - Gematria - 153

1845 SM031305 False Doctrine: Testament - God's Contract With His People - Homologeo (Confess) - Saying And Doing The Performance Of The Contract

1846 SN031305 Revelation: Locusts And Scorpions - Flags And Beacons

1847 WN031605 Predestination: Justified By The Faith Of Abraham

1848 SM032003 False Doctrine: Charismatics - - The Last Will And Testament - - The Letter Killeth (O.T.), The Spirit (N.T.) Giveth Life (II Cor 3)

1849 SN032005 Revelation: "Signified" - - Parables, Signs, Flags, Beacons

1850 WN032305 Predestination: The Foreordained Wisdom Of God Written Only In The Hearts Of The Elect Chosen Of God - The Spiritual And Sensual Man

1851 SM032705 False Doctrine: Easter - What Is It? Sunrise Service - - Where Did It Come From?

1852 SN032705 Revelation: Satan's Deception - - Disguised As Jesus - Hell, Hades, Sheol, Gehenna And Tophet

1853 WN033005 Predestination: The Foreknowledge of God-- God Knows His People And All Events Because He Ordained It All

1854 SM040305 False Doctrine: Testament (Last Will), Promise, Letter And Spirit Of The Law, The Seed

1855 SN040305 The Revelation Of Jesus Christ - Hell Is Forever

1856 WN040605 Predestination: "Anointing" --The Need Of the Elect Conforming To The Image Of Jesus

1857 SM041005 False Doctrine: The Shadow (Ritual) And Very Image (Spiritual) - - Melchizedek And The Tithe

1858 SN041005 Revelation: The End Of Time - The Bride Goes Out To Meet The Bridegroom In Robes Of White

1859 SM041705 False Doctrine: The Tithe Is Still In Effect - The Gentile Tithe - The Tithe To The Preacher - The "Cheerful Giver"

1860 SN041705 Revelation: Jesus Revealed At His Coming - - The Tabernacle With Men - Living Water

1861 WN042005 Predestination: God Loves His Race - Joseph Reveals Himself To His Brothers

1862 SM042405 False Doctrine: The New Testament Tithe Is Carnal (Not Spiritual)

1863 SN042405 Revelation: The Beginning And End Of Chilia (Thousand Years)

1864 WN042705 Predestination: Complaining And Murmuring Against The Sovereign Will Of God

1865 SM050105 False Doctrine: The New "Last Will" And Testament - Patterns, Examples And Shadows (Heb. 8) - A View Of The Spiritual Ark Of The Covenant (Ex. 25)

1866 SN050105 Revelation: How To Study The Book - The 7 Stars In The Right Hand - The Pleiades - The Day Star - Jesus, The Morning Star - 7 Stars In Amos 5:8 - He That "Overcometh"

1867 WN050405 Predestination: God Chose A People For Himself Before The World Began

1868 SM050805 False Doctrine: Patterns Of The Old Testament - - The Table Of Shewbread, Sheaves, Winnowing, Sifting, Lump (Dough), The Body, The Church

1869 SN050805 Revelation: The "Gates" Of The City - Rev. 21:13

1870 WN051105 Predestination: The Purpose Of God For The Inner Man And Outer Man

1871 SM051505 False Doctrine: The Sacrifice And Oblation - The Salt And The Savour

1872 SN051505 Revelation: Studying The Book - How To Think - Satan Cast Out Of Heaven (Rev. 12) - Between Gen 1 & 2 - Foundation Of The Apostles - Faith (Rev. 21)

1873 WN051805 Predestination: The Statement Of Faith Of Grace & Truth Ministries

1874 SM052205 False Doctrine: True Doctrine - The Spiritual Holy Of Holies - Spiritual Day Of Atonement - Baptism And Reconciliation

1875 SN052205 Revelation: The "Foundation" Of The Bride, The Lamb's wife, Holy Jerusalem, The Church - Revelation 21

1876 WN052505 Predestination: Statement Of Faith Part 2

1877 SM052905 False Doctrine: True Doctrine - Spiritual Atonement Is "Blood Baptism"

1878 SN052905 Revelation: The Eyes Of The Lord - Colours

1879 WN060105 Predestination: Our Statement Of Faith - Part 3 - Things The Calvinists Do Not Believe

1880 SM060505 False Doctrine: Casting Out Demons By Baptism - By Prayer & Fasting

1881 SN060505 Revelation: The Bride - The Tabernacle - The Holy City - The Church - The Foundation - The Names Of The Apostles

1882 WN060805 Predestination: Our Statement Of Faith Part 4 - We Believe In Obeying God

1883 SM061905 False Doctrine: True Doctrine - Good Conscience - Death To Self By The Inner Man - "Knowing" Is Seeing Self Die Over A Lifetime Of Fiery Trials

1884 SN061905 Revelation: The Church Militant - The Construction Of The Bride, The Lamb's Wife

1885 WN062205 Predestination: Statement Of Faith - Part 5 - We Do Not Believe Babies Go To Hell

1886 SM062605 True Doctrine: Conscience And The Two Witnesses

1887 SN062605 Revelation: 21st Chapter - Foundation Stones Of The New Jerusalem (The Church) - Amethyst And Iron

1888 WN062905 Predestination: Statement Of Faith - Part 6 - We Believe The Elect Must Be Persecuted, Go Through Tribulation, Be Hated, And Reproached

1889 SM070305 False Doctrine/True Doctrine: Conscience Is "Knowing" - The Inner & Outer Man (Jerry Falwell Rebuke)

1890 SN070305 Revelation: Chapter 2 - The 7 Churches Of Asia - Ephesus Leaves Her First Love

1891 WN070605 Predestination: The Book Of Acts - A Preview - Chapters 1 - 12- Introduction Of Paul Chapter 13

1892 SM071005 False Doctrine/True Doctrine - Testimony Of Conscience - Talking The Talk And Walking The Walk

1893 SN071005 Revelation: The Church At Pergamos - Cyrus Conquers Babylon - The Chaldean Magicians Move The Seat Of Satan To Pergamos

1894 WN071305 Predestination: "Whom" He Did Foreknow - Not What He Foreknew - Despairing Of Life

1895 SM071705 True Doctrine Versus False Doctrine: Young Children Learning Torah (The Law) From Swaddling Clothes - Civil And Religious Structure Of The Jewish Communities (Diaspora) Conscience Series

1896 SN071705 Revelation: Ephesus, The First Church Of Asia - Ravening Wolves Enter In After Paul Is Gone

1897 WN072005 Predestination: Them That Love God, The Called, The Whom - Conformed To Christ's Image By Persecution - Acts 13 Paul's First Missionary Journey

1898 SM072405 True Doctrine/False Doctrine: Separating From Rebellious Believers (Presumptuous Sin) And Goats - Being Longsuffering Toward Immature Believers - How To Deal With This

1899 SN072405 Revelation: The "Nicolaitanes" At Ephesus And Pergamos

1900 WN072705 Predestination: God Chastens And Scourges His Children, Conforming Us To His Image - Paul's First Missionary Journey To Galatia - The Jews Run Him Out Of Antioch

1901 SM073105 True Doctrine Opposes False Doctrine: Every Word Of Scriptures "Spiderwebs" Together - The "Penalty" God Brings On Repentant Believers When They Fellowship With Rebellious Believers

1902 SN073105 Revelation: The 7 Stars In The Right Hand Of Christ, The 7 Angels In the Right Hand, The Little Book In The Right Hand

1903 WN080305 Predestinated To The Gospel - Paul Being Persecuted In Galatia (Antioch, Iconium And Lystra)

1904 SM080705 True Doctrine/False Doctrine: When You Hang Around Sin, You Get Dirty

1905 SN080705 Revelation: A Review - Ephesus And The Tree Of Life

1906 WN081005 Predestination: As Many As Were Ordained To Eternal Life Believed (At Antioch) - Paul In Galatia

1907 SM081405 True Doctrine/False Doctrine: Have No Fellowship With Unfruitful Works Of Darkness - - What Concord (Symphony) Hath Christ With Belial

1908 SN081405 Revelation: Chapters 2:7 And 22:2 - The Tree Of Life Is Our Mother, Jerusalem, The Church

1909 WN081705 Predestination: The Potter - Vessels Of Mercy - Vessels Of Wrath - What It Really Means - Paul And Galatia - Acts 13 - 15

1910 SM082105 False Doctrine/False Teachers - Presumptuous Sin - Premeditated Sin, Rebellion Against God, Not Listening To The Preacher Of Truth

1911 SN082105 Revelation: The 7 Churches - Smyrna - They Say They Are Jews And Are Not - They Are Of The Synagogue Of Satan

1912 WN082405 Predestination: The Greek Culture, Galatia, And Circumcision

1913 SM082805 True Doctrine - Marrying False Doctrine: Truth Marrying A Lie - Ezra 9 And 10 - Separate From The World

1914 SN082805 Revelation: The 7 Churches - Smyrna, The Crown Of Life - Pergamos - The Seat Of Satan - The Temple Of Aesculapius

1915 WN083105 Predestination: The Lightning, Snow, Tornadoes, Floods And Hurricanes Come From God - - God Creates Evil And Brings It On Evil Men

1916 SM090405 True Doctrine VS False Doctrine: Meddle Not With Them That Are Given To Change - Your Children Will Not Be Able To Understand Truth

1917 SN090405 Revelation: The Temple And Israel Is The Meaning Of The Book

1918 WN090705 Predestination: Evil Conforms Us To The Image Of Christ - Even Hurricanes

1919 SM091105 False Doctrine Is Traditions - The Verbal Law Or Man's Opinion - "Respecting Persons"

1920 SN091105 Revelation: Vampires Are Demons - The Doctrine Of Balaam At Pergamos

1921 WN091405 Predestination: Believe The Bible Whether It Makes Sense Or Not - Then Study! (Lincoln & Kennedy)

1922 SM091805 False Doctrine: Opinion, Judging Unrighteously, Respecting Persons, Being Partial Is Sin

1923 SN091805 Revelation: The Problem At Pergamos - The Doctrine Of Balaam Who Loved The Wages Of Unrighteousness

1924 SM092505 True Doctrine: The Daily Cross

1925 SN092505 Revelation: Pergamos - The Madness Of The Prophet Balaam (He Loved Money)

1926 WN092805 Predestination: That Boulder In Our Pathway Is The Will Of God - Accept it

1927 SM100205 True Doctrine: Bringing Our Bodies Into Subjection (Forcing Oneself To Do Right)

1928 SN100205 The Revelation Of Jesus Christ - Jesus Reveals Himself To His Elect

1929 WN100505 Predestination: Why This Truth Should Be Preached To The Believer

1930 SM100905 True Doctrine: The Daily Cross Is Faith (Death To Self) No Cross Is Apostasy (No Death To Self)

1931 SN100905 Revelation: The Tree Of Life (Fruit Trees) And The Pleiades - The Shadow - The Tree Of Life (Spiritual Fruit) And The Morning Star (Jesus) - The Spiritual

1932 WN101205 Predestination: God Creates Evil And Sin Calling His People Out Of Babylon

1933 SM101605 True Doctrine - The Table Of The Lord - Eating Of The Word, The Truth, The Name

1934 SN101605 Revelation: Pergamos, The Road To Rome

1935 WN101905 Predestination: People Think They Are Going To Heaven And They Are Not - - Paul's Example - Tribulation

1936 SM102305 True Doctrine: The Sheep Are Anointed With Truth (The Holy Spirit) By The Daily Cross, Which Is Faith

1937 SN102305 Revelation: Pergamos - The Origin Of The "Seat Of Satan"

1938 WN102605 Predestination: The Church (Wife) "Given To Jesus" By The Father

1939 SM103005 False Doctrine: Christmas Is Halloween

1940 WN110205 Predestination IS The Daily Cross

1941 SM110605 False Doctrine: Christmas Is Worshiping Sin

1942 SN110605 Revelation: "Sevened" - Committing Fornication And Eating Things Offered To Idols

1943 WN110905 Predestination: Complaining And Grumbling Is Arguing With The Sovereignty Of God

1944 SM111305 False Doctrine: Halloween Christmas, Mardi Gras, Easter And Demons

1945 SN111305 Revelation: The Problem At Pergamos - Eating Things Offered To Idols And Committing Fornication Is The Problem With The Church Today

1946 WN111605 Predestination: Synonyms For Conforming To The Image Of Jesus

1947 SM112005 False Doctrine: Christmass - Man's Excuse For Adding This False Information To The Word Of God That God Commands Us Not To Do - The Baal & Ashtaroth Worship Of O.T. Israel

1948 SN112005 Revelation: The Two Mysteries That God Reveals Only To His Elect - The Mystery Of Christ And The Mystery Of Iniquity

1949 WN112305 Predestination: God Ordained Evil Men To Do Their Sin

1950 SM112705 False Doctrine: Constantine, Roman Catholicism, And The Christ Mass

1951 SN112705 Revelation: Overcometh, Victory, Faith - Being Sevened

1952 WN113005 Predestination: The Self Will Of Man And The Free Will Of God

1953 SM120405 False Doctrine: The Christmas Jesus Is The "Other Jesus", The Devil In Disguise

1954 SN120405 Revelation: Revealed To The Predestinated Elect - The Seeing Eye And Hearing Ear

1955 WN120705 Predestination: Complaining And Murmuring Against The Will Of God (Num. 14)

1956 SM121805 False Doctrine: Christmass And The Doctrines That Are Deceiving The Church

1957 SN121805 Revelation Is A Jewish Book - The Hidden Manna

1958 WN122105 Predestination: God Has Your Life Planned Out - It Can't Be Changed - Rest And Quit Complaining And Trying To Fix It

1959 SM122505 Christmas Is False Doctrine - The Tree And Fire Worship Of Old Testament Israel

1960 SN122505 Revelation: "Overcoming The World" By Faith

1961 WN122805 Predestination: When Man Does His Will, It is The Will Of God From Eternity (Even When He Sins)

1962 SM010106 False Doctrine: The 4 Judgments - Sword, Famine, Pestilence, Beast - The Penalty Upon Israel For Serving Baal And The Grove (Christmass)

1963 SN010106 Revelation: The Church Is "Sevened" By Adding To Their Faith The 7 Things Of II Peter 1:5-7

1964 WN010406 Predestined To Do Our Duty

1965 SM010806 False Doctrine: Christmas - The Baal And Grove Worship In Israel - God Scatters Them With The Beast

1966 SN010806 Revelation: Eyes As A Flame Of Fire

1967 WN011106 Predestination: Crucifying The Sensual Man

1968 SM011506 False Doctrine: Fire & Tree Worship - Israel Seeks This "Christmas" Doctrine - God Causes Them To Eat Their Children

1969 SN011506 Revelation: Thyatira - The Prophetess, Jezebel, Seduces The Servants Of God

1970 WN011806 Predestination: The Flesh Judges Unrighteously By The 5 Senses

1971 SM012206 False Doctrine: Christmas Is The Prosperity Gospel - Hosea Marries A Wife Of Whoredoms

1972 SN012206 Revelation: The Curse Of Jezebel And Ahab

1973 WN012506 Predestination: Like Jesus Doing The Will Of The Father - Crucifying The Senses, Which Is The Lust Of The Flesh

1974 SM012906 False Doctrine Of Israel: Christmass - Feast Of Saturn - Baal And The Grove - Judah Carried Captive (II Kings 29, 25 - II Chron. 36 - Jer. 52)

1975 SN012906 Revelation: Jezebel Seduces Israel, The Church

1976 WN020106 Predestination: Getting Rid Of The Sensual Man - Not Judging By What We Think We See

1977 SM020506 False Doctrine: Tree Worship Is Self Worship - Israel Is "Scattered"

1978 SN020506 Revelation: Roots Of The Word Seven - Jezebel And The Death Of The House Of Ahab

1979 WN020806 Predestination: Duty - What We "Ought" To Do - The Spirit Opposes The Flesh

1980 SM021206 False Doctrine: Renaming Paganism - Making It Respectable - Valentines Day And Christmas - Assyrians Destroy Northern Israel (Isa 28) Jeremiah's Prophecy

1981 SN021206 Revelation: The Destruction Of The House Of Ahab And Jezebel

1982 WN021506 Predestination: America Is Being Seduced By The Senses

1983 SM021906 False Doctrine: A Timeline Of The Bible - Israel's Apostasy - God Calls The Gentile Elect Church - Tree Worship Is Self Worship Or Sin!

1984 SN021906 Revelation: Jezebel Corrupts Israel - The Church - Jehu Kills All The Priests Of Baal

1985 WN022206 Predestination: The Natural Man Thinks With His Senses (The Flesh) - Think The Word Of God And Separate From The World

1986 SM022606 False Doctrine/True Doctrine: An Outline Of The Old Testament - Every Book And Its Purpose

1987 SN022606 Revelation: Thyatira - Athaliah Finishes The Work Of Her Mother, Jezebel

1988 SM030506 False Doctrine: Systematic Instruction Of Old Testament - Minor Prophets - First Decree Leading To Daniel's 70 Weeks - Written By Cyrus (The Unalterable Law Of The Persians)

1989 SN030506 Revelation: Finishing Up Jezebel - Jeroboam And The Golden Calves - The Title Deed To The Throne Of Northern Israel

1990 WN030806 Predestination: The Potter - We Are All The Work Of Thy Hands - Treading Down The Clay

1991 SM031206 False Doctrine: The 70 Weeks Of Daniel - The 6 Points Of Daniel 9:24

1992 SN031206 Revelation: Thyatira - Committing Fornication - Eating Things Sacrificed To Idols - An Explanation Of Rev 2 - Acts 15 - I Cor 8,10

1993 WN031506 Predestination: The Potter And The Clay - Like Jesus - Whispering And Talebearing

1994 SM031906 False Doctrine: Judah Carried Into Babylonian Captivity - Ezra Begins 1st 3 Decrees Preceding Daniel's 70 Weeks

1995 SN031906 Revelation: Thyatira - He That Overcometh Will Receive The Morning Star - Jesus, The Candlesticks, The Tree Of Life, Our Mother, Jerusalem, The Church

1996 WN032206 Predestination: Being Like Jesus By Crucifying The Senses

1997 SM032606 False Doctrine: Tree Worship Is Self Worship - The 70 Weeks Of Daniel - Come Out Of Babylon - Rebuild The Temple By Baptism (Isa. 40:3) - Blood Not Water

1998 SN032606 Revelation: He That Overcometh By Faith - Pleiades, The Morning Star - The Fruit Of The Spirit - Orion - The Evening Star - Foolishness And Famine

1999 WN032906 Predestination: Judging By The Senses - "Train Up" A Child In The Way He Should Go--

2000 SM040206 False Doctrine: Doctrine Of The Tree - Judah Returns From Captivity - Opposition In Rebuilding The Temple